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Because of Yang Chen's meditation, the flying sword that originally arrived at the back of the scholar has also slightly deviated from the position, which also gave the scholar a chance.

The poison has been dispelled by Yang Chen and A’Bi using the body of the blue jade vine. While sitting and telling Yang Chen about the recent events, the physical and spiritual consumption of the scholar was also recovering. Now he was almost the same as before. This was a good time to get out of trouble.

Yang Chen was somewhat supportive. Just as the scholar himself thought he had controlled the situation, even the opponent's weapons were not lifted. Now Yang Chen made the same mistake.

The two were close at hand, Yang Chen was frowning at this time, his eyes don't know where to look at the scribes, and all the scholar look at it all the time. Suddenly, a sword light was shot from his Qiankun bag, targeting Yang Chen's heart.

Between the electric and the flint, the hands of Yang Chen, which was distracted, caught the flying sword sword edge.

The scholar did not expect Yang Chen to react so quickly. Under the shock, he was also fully motivated by his full power. Yang Chen was only holding his sword with bare hands. As long as it was rotated, Yang Chen's palm could be cut open and not mistake the center of his chest.

He thought it would be successful, but the flying sword in Yang Chen's hands were like it had developed roots, and it didn't move even slightly. Regardless of how the scholar spurred his full power, the flying swords was firmly in the hands of Yang Chen, and even the sword light slammed into the hands of Yang Chen, and there were no signs of breaking the skin.

“There’s some­one re­spon­si­ble for every griev­ance, For every debt there is a debtor, I intended to spare you, but you are looking for a dead end, no wonder.” Yang Chen mouth slowly said, his head was constantly shaking, it seems that the decision of the scholar was a pity .

The scholar’s face was not good at first sight, and he hurriedly flew away, and didn’t they dare to stay in place for a while. Yang Chen mastered his life and death with one hand, standing so close, isn’t that looking for death? Yang Chen was still shaking his head and talking there, just giving the scholar time to escape.

Only, when the person went out, but his head remained in place. First Wood fly­ing sword Sword Light didn’t know when he had bypassed the scholar’s neck. He cut the whole head of the first level and then swayed it, and cut the scribe’s Qiankun bag and sent it to Yang Chen’s hand.

A bloody rattan flew out of the sleeves of Yang Chen, and the body of the scholar was entangled. In just a moment, the body of the scholar  became a headless bone. Yang Chen took a breath, and the bones became powder. As the wind blew, there was no trace.

The Greatest Heaven Sect was doing things, and it was already a bit of an enemy with all the sects, but now Yang Chen still wants to hide in the dark. The skinny camel was bigger than the dead horse, and the masters of the Greatest Heaven Sect were like clouds. The Pure Yang Palace was far from being able to compete with them. Yang Chen also needs to slowly weaken the strength of the Greatest Heaven Sect, and thus achieve the purpose of cutting off the Greatest Heaven Sect.

A small delay of ten days, such a small twist, but this does not affect Yang Chen’s plan to go to the Blue Cloud Sect. Calling out the shuttle, Yang Chen continued to embark on the road to the Blue Cloud Sect.

In less than a month, Yang Chen arrived at the gate of the Blue Cloud Sect. Because of the last time at the auction site, Yang Chen's image has already being kept by all the disciples in charge of the reception, and when Yang Chen was seen, someone immediately came to greet him.

Yang Chen was a dis­tin­guished guest, and Yang Chen didn’t have to wait in the mountain gate for a long time, but Sun Qingxue was still in the process of her seclusion, so Yang Chen was directly brought to the place where Elder Hua Want­ing was.

“With the estimated days, Lit­tle Xue should have almost condensed her golden Dan, so this younger generation junior came to see her!” Seeing Hua Wanting, Yang Chen naturally greeted her according to custom and he also expressed his intentions.

“You have a heart.” Elder Hua saw Yang Chen, and her mood was very good, especially listening to Yang Chen who was concerned about her disciple,also made her happy.

Yang chen said goodbye to Sun Qingxue before his seclusion, this was the first time Yang Chen came to the Blue Cloud Sect after the seclusion. After Yang Chen retired, Sun Qingxue also madly and bitterly cultivated, for fear of being surpassed by Yang Chen in cultivation base. To this end, Sun Qingxue even took the initiative to go to several sinister places, killing a lot of monsters, used to hone her combat skills.

Elder Hua also extremely spoiled and loved Sun Qingxue before she realized it. She only gave Sun Qingxue a few magic weapons to save her life in critical moments. Sun Qingxue was allowed to sway outside. In addition to her Dao protectors, she also honed her cultivation base by fighting monsters.

In just 20 years, Sun Qingxue, with an image of hat­ing the wicked as if they were her per­sonal en­e­mies, and a beautiful and moving image, successfully won the reputation of the Moving Snow Maiden Fairy among the cultivators.

Whether it was the Blue Cloud Sect or the outside sects, it was not known how many young out­stand­ing tal­ent wants to make a relationship with the Snow Maiden Fairy in order to have the opportunity to further develop their relationship. However, Sun Qingxue seems to be not interested in this at all, and refused them all. The glamorous reputation plus the false words, so that countless people were secretly wishing to conquer the snow maiden  fairy.

There were also some disciples inside the Blue Cloud Sect who understand the relationship between Yang Chen and Sun Qingxue, and vaguely reveal a lot. As soon as the news spread, countless people almost hated Yang Chen to the bones. Was the cold plum fairy Shi Shanshan not enough, even to occupy the snow maiden fairy, quested for Sichuan after con­quer­ing Gansu, if they could bear it, what else couldn’t they tolerate?

Yang Chen also succeeded in gaining the hatred of Sun Qingxue admirers after he was hated by the admirers of Shi Shanshan.

After more than 20 years of practicing in the field to gain experience, Sun Qingxue returned to the sect and began her seclusion, and fully attacked the Jiedan realm. There was Yang Chen's Immortal wood and the Eter­nal Spring Wood from Jiu Xian. Her reaching golden Dan could almost be said to be ninety percent completed.

According to the understanding of Sun Qingxue by Elder Hua, Sun Qingxue should also reach golden Dan in this year. It happened that Yang Chen came at this time, indicating that Yang Chen also had a deep understanding of Sun Qingxue’s cultivation.

Not to mention the accuracy of Yang Chen’s half-breaking Sun Qingxue’s cultivation base, just having Sun Qingxue in his heart, it was worthy for Hua Wanting. For Yang Chen, Elder Hua was more satisfied with the more she looked at him.

The only minor de­fect was that Yang Chen was still involved with Shi Shanshan otherwise everything would be perfect. She heard that he also still has a relationship with a female disciple of the Pure Yang Palace, and even attaches great importance to his master. Sun Qingxue couldn’t be treated exclusively, and Elder Hua was still screaming injustice for her disciple.

However, Elder Hua also understand that the background of Shi Shanshan was that Yang Chen couldn't fight. And Yang Chen's talent in alchemy also determines that the sect would vigorously try to win over Yang Chen. If he says no, she could only grieve for her disciple. In fact, now the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island executives have already accepted this kind of compromise. The premise was that Yang Chen could have a good impression on their own sect.

The senior alchemist has always been highly valued in the cultivation world. This was the reality.

What surprised Yang Chen was that he had just wanted to simply visit Sun Qingxue, but he did not expect that it was not long before he met Elder Hua. The Blue Cloud Sect Sect Mas­ter Lu actually came here, and actually came to see Yang Chen.

Translator: DonStagy


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