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"Greetings Sect Master Lu! Greetings Elder Shi!” When Sect Master Lu arrived, Yang Chen of course had to pay his respect. Accompanying Sect Master Lu was also the law enforcement Elder of the Blue Cloud Sect, Elder Shi Yanhe, who was in the dacheng stage.

“You don’t have to be overly courteous!" Sect Master Lu faced Yang Chen and looked very easy going. She currently had a smile on her face. If this look was seen by the cultivators who knew of the Sect Master Lu's illustrious prestige, they would definitely be shocked. Why would Sect Master Lu, who was almost the same as the ghost god, treat a young man of the younger generation so kindly?

Here, Sect Master Lu and Elder Shi just sat in the first position according to their identity. Elder Shi immediately asked Yang Chen “Yang Chen, there is a question we wish to ask you.”

“Please enlighten me elders!” Yang Chen said respectfully. Shi Yanhe has always been a hot-tempered person and has long been in charge of the law enforcement hall, they have the habit of speaking with such a straightforward approach, so Yang Chen was not surprised.

“The last time the Island Master of the Green Jade Immortal Island went to the Blue Cloud Sect.

It seems that an agreement was reached with the Pure Yang Palace. Do you want to use the Questioning Inner Heart Pills in exchange for fire seeds?” Shi Yanhe did not beat around the bush and went straight to the point, “Is there such a thing?”

“Yes!” In the face of Sect Master Lu and two elders of the dacheng stage, Yang Chen did not deny it, and directly answered with affirmation.

Hearing Yang Chen's answer, the opposite Sect Master Lu and the Elder Shi and Elder Hua were not very surprised. This point, Yang Chen also understood what was going on, so there was no hidden plan at all.

Although Shi Yanhe used it in the words, it also had the taste of inquiry in the tone, but Yang Chen knew that if they were not sure about this kind of thing, how could the Elders ask him? Groundless accusations were not something that a master of the dacheng stage would do.

“However, it is not only to use the fire seeds to exchange for the Questioning Inner Heart Pill.”

After Yang Chen answered, he added: “The medicinal ingredients are provided by the Green Jade Immortal Island Fairy Shi. This younger generation junior is only refining, this kind of fire seeds, It's some compensation for the younger generation.”

“Those medicinal ingredients of that girl Fairy Shi, was it the ones you obtained together when she went on a journey with you?”  Elder Hua also seem to know a lot of inside secrets, and she asked with a pleased face.

“Yes.” Yang Chen also did not hide it, and still gave an affirmative answer “That journey’s luck was quite good, we found some ten thousand years Spirit Medicine, and it just happened to be able to be refined into the Questioning Inner Heart Pill. This younger generation junior and the Fairy Shi, divided it in half at the time.”

“Shhh, that fairy Shi is quite lucky.” Shi Yanhe listened at the side and could not help but mutter, but she did not say anything else, after all, Yang Chen also traveled with Sun Qingxue, and their harvest was also quite rich.

Of the bodies of the fifteen Yuanying Stage praying mantis, except for the three that were decapitated, the other 12 were still intact. Even the Pure Yang Palace could successfully refine them, how could the Blue Cloud Sect be lacking such a master. The value of the twelve Yuanying stage praying mantises would never be lower than those of the ten thousand years Spirit Medicine's.

However, relatively speaking, the Blue Cloud Sect has a total of twelve Yuanying stage puppets, and the strength of the entire sect was not as obvious as that of the Pure Yang Palace. When it comes to the development potential, it was still more exciting for those who could refine the Questioning Inner Heart Pill with the ten thousand years Spirit Medicine. Yang Chen has already promised to refine the Questioning Inner Heart Pill, and the Green Jade Immortal Island could get at least twenty pills. They might be able to add at least twenty masters of the dacheng stage.

If there was no Questioning Inner Heart Pill in this matter, these ten thousand years Spirit Medicine could create a few Yuanying stage masters. It would then be that the Blue Cloud Sect would have it easier. But since there was a Questioning Inner Heart Pill, it seemed to be a little different.

“If my Blue Cloud Sect can find the “ten thousand years Spirit Medicine” materials that could refine the Questioning Inner Heart Pill, I don’t know if you would be able to help refine it?” After Elder Shi and Elder Hua asked one sentence each, Sect Master Lu finally asked the main topic.

Sect Master Lu plus Elder Hua and Elder Shi, these three could almost say that they could monopolize a corner of the cultivation world. If you count the strength of the “sect”, they could definitely occupy at least one-tenth of the “Dao Sect”. But at this moment, the three predecessors looked at Yang Chen with eager eyes and waited for Yang Chen's answer.

One couldn't do anything about it, now who else could refine the Questioning Inner Heart Pill? Except for Yang Chen, there was no one else. The Blue Cloud Sect, Green Jade Immortal Island, even the Greatest Heaven Sect and the Five Elements Sect, were trying to solve the problem of how to refine the Questioning Inner Heart Pill. But no matter how hard they worked, they couldn’t solve the mystery of the refining of the Questioning Inner Heart Pill.

Yang Chen, the alchemy master, was unique at the moment. No one could replace Yang

Chen's position. Even if Yang Chen still only had his early Jiedan stage cultivation base, nobody could easily kill Yang Chen, of course, this was what they thought.

“This younger generation junior of course has no problem with it.” Yang Chen smiled and replied, but he still did not forget his own “sect" and reminded them, “but the seniors still have to ask for the thoughts of the Palace Master about it first, this younger generation junior is the Pure Yang Palace disciple, you can’t forget this.”

This actually was to make the Blue Cloud Sect and Pure Yang Palace make certain trades once more. However, neither Sect Master Lu or Elder Hua and Elder Shi thought that Yang Chen had gone too far. Always remembering to ask for benefits for your own “sect”, this was the duty of being a disciple of a “sect”. Such a disciple, they really didn’t know what kind of dog shit luck the Pure Yang Palace had to get him.

It was said that Chu Heng, a traitor to the Pure Yang Palace, had been suppressing Yang Chen with dissatisfaction, and had never taught Yang Chen what he really learned. All of what Yang Chen knew was learned by himself.

If only they knew of this before. If the past Blue Cloud Sect could step forward and take Yang Chen into their sect, wouldn't many of the great benefits be for the Blue Cloud Sect? It's a pity that it's hard to predict the future. It's estimated that Yang Chen and the Blue Cloud Sect did not have this fate.

“Do you still want the fire seeds?” Elder Hua asked again, to determine Yang Chen’s request.

“I want the fire seeds.” Yang Chen nodded heavily and added “The fire seeds of the third grade, fourth grade and fifth grade, not the one below those, those ones this younger generation junior already have.”

This requirement was very normal. According to the Blue Cloud Sect informant, the Green Jade Immortal Island also had the same condition which showed that Yang Chen was not biased to one side.

At this point, the two sides had basically confirmed the “transaction”. However, the Blue Cloud Sect and the Pure Yang Palace still needed to discuss between the “sects”. It was not that Yang Chen could decide it all now.

After the matter was over, both sides also relaxed. Elder Hua began to curiously ask “Yang Chen, your Wood Type spirit power is very pure, but what is the reason?”

As a wood attribute dacheng stage master, Yang Chen's pure First Wood True Essence aura, how could Elder Hua not feel it? Just before they were talking about business, she didn't have time to talk about it. Now Elder Hua finally asked after they finished.

When Elder Hua mentioned this, even Sect Master Lu and Elder Shi began to be curious. They clearly remembered that Yang Chen was a fire attribute cultivator. How could there be a strong wood attribute spirit power on his body?


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