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There was a Kacha sound, as if something broke after Yang Chen spent another ten days refining the crystal wall of the crystal ball medicine garden. It cracked open, and then broke into pieces.

The cracked pieces, when touched anything in the medicine garden, whether they be herbs or trees or mud, became instantaneous waves, as if being part of the medicine garden.

A relatively unfamiliar force to Yang Chen swept across the entire medicine garden. It was mixed with a huge spiritual power, such as the same strong wind, blowing from his medicine garden to the newly added space.

Yang Chen was outside, but his spiritual awareness was paying attention to the medicine garden all the time. He immediately understood that this was because the space of the two medicine gardens had just merged, but the concentration of spiritual power on both sides was obviously different, so this kind of spiritual flow was normal.

As for the unfamiliar spirit power, Yang Chen still couldn’t figure out what was going on. The looming portal in the centre of the pure bottle medicine garden suddenly turned into a cockroach that saw food, it formed a huge attraction and absorbed the sudden burst of spirit power into it.

Then, the portal showed further change. It originally had a soft edge, but now it began to harden to become a real entity.

However, this process was not completed in an instant, but started from one corner of the portal and little by little spread to other areas of the portal.

Seeing this scene, Yang Chen suddenly realized that perhaps this force was the power of space integration which was absorbed by the portal and saved the trouble of sacrificially refining it.

Now that the portal was still slowly forming, Yang Chen couldn’t see the result yet. However, with the combination of the two medicine gardens, he could carefully count what good medicinal materials he now had.

The medicine garden expanded by almost 100 acres. Compared to the original medicine garden space, close to one-third of the area was added.

In this part of the area, there were countless kinds of herbs. Although it was not as neat as the pure bottle medicine garden, it was also not chaotic. At least a variety of medicinal materials with similar properties were basically planted in the same area.

The level of the crystal ball medicine garden was still relatively low, and the ability to simulate various environments was far less powerful than the pure bottle medicine garden. There were things like extreme thunder, such as Thunder Pomegranate, that can’t be grown in it.

Even so, Yang Chen saw many precious herbs in it. The Profound Yang Fruit in Yang Chen's medicine garden, also happened to be in it, but their maturity level was only a few hundred years, far less than the ones in the pure bottle medicine garden.

However, there were also some medicinal materials that Yang Chen’s pure bottle medicine garden couldn’t match. At least a large ginseng, Polygonum multiflorum, was a precious material that looked like four or five thousand years old. Although Yang Chen's medicinal garden had some, the maturity level was not so good, they were not as strong.

What surprised Yang Chen most were the many precious herbs that only grew in the plains of the beasts. These herbs were very precious to the monster race, and few of them would be traded to the human cultivators after they were collected.

Many of them Yang Chen had heard about but never had seen before. He didn’t expect the second city lord to have such a large batch in his medicine garden.

The scene of second city lord looking at these elixirs in his medicine garden, nonchalantly taking them out and making people break their heads appeared in Yang Chen's mind. The eyes of the masters of the Dacheng realm had by no means an unearned reputation.

There were several kinds of medicinal ingredients, so Yang Chen immediately remembered a kind of medicinal pill that he had seen on that day in a monster race pill recipe. These medicinal materials were enough for Yang Chen to produce a batch of medicinal pills that had been turned into the Inner Sensing Pill by the monster race.

Inner Sensing Pill of the monster race, after taking it, could increase the sensory feeling of the user by ten times. Whether it was the flow of demon power or the various blood movements in the body, the user could clearly perceive it.

The senses increased tenfold, the user’s feelings, all kinds of blood and demon power flow could be slowed down, so that users could have a better understanding of their own body structure.

This kind of medicinal pill that allowed one to thoroughly understand his body’s blood and demon power, could effectively enhance perception of his current realm. At some point, it had the same effect as the Questioning Inner Heart Pill.

However, the material requirements of the Questioning Inner Heart Pill were too high, the materials had to have about ten thousand years of maturity. The Inner Sensing Pill was much simpler, materials with only a thousand years of maturity were enough.

Basically, the Inner Sensing Pill only enhanced the sensitivity to feelings, but the Questioning Inner Heart Pill could also prevent heart demons from appearing. In terms of efficacy, the Inner Sensing Pill was a sub-solution to the body and cultivation of the user, while the Questioning Inner Heart Pill focused on comprehension and thinking about the realm.

Relative to the Questioning Inner Heart Pill, the Inner Sensing Pill had basically no meaning for the a Dacheng realm cultivator. In the Dacheng realm, cultivators were already familiar with their physical and spiritual powers and could no longer be any more familiar with them. If they wanted to improve, they could only improve their minds. Only before the Dacheng realm, would the cultivators need the Inner Sensing Pill.

There was also a shortcoming that because the sensory feeling was magnified ten times, so that in addition to the feeling of the demon power and blood, all other senses were magnified ten times as well. Whether it was pain or itching, or hot and cold, equally all were affected.

After taking this medicinal pill, even if a person touched you gently during the effect of the pill, the user would feel extreme pain. The friction between the clothes and the skin would be considered torture. The changes of temperature in the surroundings would be magnified similarly.

But even with this side effect, the Inner Sensing Pill had the same great benefits to the cultivators. If they could enter the combat training state after taking the medicinal pill, they could still fight normally and endure this degree of pain, basically some of the pain in battle could no longer affect the cultivators.

This was not only a recognition of one’s own body, but also a tempering of one’s will. The benefits were self-evident. However, this Inner Sensing Pill needed some special spirit medicines of the monster race to be refined. Although it was not as precious as the ten thousand years spirit medicine, it was extremely rare. Even in his memory of his previous life, no one in the mortal world had ever owned it.

Now, the pill recipe and the medicinal herbs were all in Yang Chen's possession, and he himself was an alchemy master. This also meant that the Inner Sensing Pill was no longer a patent of the monster race masters. At least people around Yang Chen would have the opportunity to try it.

The monster race did not have a strong alchemy master, so the Inner Sensing Pill was usually only a grade one pill. What Yang Chen was curious about now was that if he could refine the grade two Inner Sensing Pill, how its effects would change?

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