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Chapter 307: 307
However, at this time, Yang Chen had been unable to consider the effect of the second grade Inner Sensing Pill, because the portal of the pure bottle medicine garden had undergone a complete qualitative change .

Perhaps it was precisely because of the space energy generated by the space fusion that the portal had advanced that much . Now, the looming portal of the pure bottle medicine garden had truly stood in the middle of the medicine garden .

The material of the portal was a non-gold non-jade, white door frame, without a seam . It revealed a beautiful engraved pattern on the top, but the centre of the door frame was black, and nothing could be seen . No matter from the front or the back of the door frame, it was the same, there was no positive or negative .

Where does this dark portal led was estimated to be unknown except to the immortal who had been killed by Yang Chen . He then took back the shuttle, found a safe place and entered the medicine garden .

Standing in front of the portal, Yang Chen was still hesitating whether to go inside . Getting trapped inside the portal in his own medicine garden would be a big joke .

The first layer of the medicine garden was known in the memory of his previous life, so Yang Chen was very relieved . However, now Yang Chen was not sure whether the second layer of the medicine garden left by the immortal was a trap or a bigger advantage .

While he was hesitating, Xiao Tian that had been playing in the medicine garden, suddenly twisted and went into the dark portal . Yang Chen didn’t even have time to block him . He saw a circle on the black portal, and then the figure of Xiao Tian disappeared without a trace .

Xiao Tian was an important partner of Yang Chen . Although he was only discovered inadvertently, Yang Chen did indeed cultivate Xiao Tian as a saviour in times of life-threatening situations . As soon as he saw Xiao Tian, had rushed in . He no longer hesitated and went into the portal .

It was all black in front of him, but it cleared up almost immediately . Yang Chen immediately saw a scene of familiarity . He was in a huge space again .

In front of his eyes was a patch of tidy medicine fields, with just random sweep, Yang Chen recognized that these were definitely the elixir that had aged for more than 10,000 years .

Ginseng, Polygonum multiflorum, which was commonly found in the secular world, were precious medicinal herbs, and it was growing like crops here . Those who didn’t know the goods would definitely think that the nearby ginseng was actually radish . Who could think of all the ginseng here were more than Tenth Grade?

Not to mention any Vermillion Fruit, Arhat Beads or Grave Grass, crazy 10,000-year-old medicines, all neatly planted, like soldiers waiting to be reviewed .

You must know that Yang Chen in his previous life, had just found a Ten Thousand Years Vermillion Fruit and when Yang Xi saw the treasure, he killed the Young Palace Master of the Greatest Heaven Sect to blame it on Yang Chen . But now these things, no matter how much he wanted he could have, how could he not be stunned?

The figure of Xiao Tian, flashed over, and grabbed his arm . Seeing that there was nothing wrong with Xiao Tian, he also felt relieved in his heart . He turned around and glanced behind, the dark and heavy portal was still there, which made him feel a lot better .

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When he was going to take a closer look, suddenly Xiao Tian flashed in one direction . Yang Chen glanced, and his eyes immediately looked in his direction .

“This servant greets the master!”

In the direction of Xiao Tian, two faint figures of girls appeared . The two figures were now facing Yang Chen and prostrating, but their bodies seemed to be shaking nonstop .

Yang Chen was the owner of the medicine garden . He had entered with his body thus, he didn’t feel the need to use his spiritual awareness to explore it . At the beginning, he didn’t find the two girls, but Xiao Tian had made him realize their presence…

After his spiritual awareness swept around, Yang Chen suddenly understood that these two girls were not real people, but Tool Spirits of the medicine garden . It was estimated that this was why Xiao Tian rushed in desperately from outside . Tool Spirits were favourite foods of Xiao Tian . It was quite normal for the two girls to tremble in front him .

It was also due to the shock appearance of Xiao Tian, that made the two girls show up to see the master . Otherwise, if Yang Chen had not paid attention, maybe the two spirits would remain hidden until the day he discovered them .

“Please we ask the master for forgiveness!”

The two tool spirit girls seemed to have one mind, and even their voices were merged together . When Yang Chen came in, they didn’t show up . Naturally, he had not yet been treated as a true master . Being forced to come out by Xiao Tian, of course, they must plead guilty to him .

However, when Yang Chen’s powerful and unparalleled spiritual awareness swept through their shadows, the two tool spirits felt his great aura . They squatted on the ground and dared not to get up .

When his spiritual awareness swept through them, Yang Chen immediately found out that the two girls turned out to be wood attributed Yin and Yang . No wonder there would be two Tool Spirits, First Wood and Second Wood, which contained all the Wood Type medicinal ingredients in the medicine garden . The yin and yang were the same . It was no wonder that all the herbs in this medicine garden were very strong, there were specialized masters taking care of them .

Soon after his spiritual awareness touched the two women, Yang Chen received two thoughts . His heart moved, and the Beast Controlling Secret Art was issued . The two ideas were then clearer . At the same time, two small balls of light flew out from the heads of the two girls and then flew to the front of Yang Chen .

Yang Chen was very familiar with this scene . This was a trace of their Life Source Monster Soul . The two girls presented their Life Source Monster Soul, also as the thought passed down, they recognized him as their master .

Yang Chen did not hesitate to accept the two girls’ Life Source Monster Souls . As soon as the souls entered Yang Chen’s sea of consciousness, he knew everything about the two girls .

The one on the left wearing a light green dress was a Blue Jade Vine with a special solution . On the right, the one wearing pink clothes was a peach tree . It was easy to distinguish the First Wood from the Second Wood .

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“Servant Azhu, meets the master!”

“Servant Abi, meets the master!”

When Yang Chen received their monster soul, the two women had a look of joy . Then they greeted again, but this time they even reported their names .

“Get up!”

Yang Chen told the two women to get up . After standing up, Yang Chen discovered that he didn’t know if the two women did it deliberately or not but the appearance of the two women was the same .

However, the two women were Tool Spirits, even if they stood up, they still looked like nothing, as if there was no entity at all .

His heart moved, Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness directly penetrated the sea of consciousness of ​​the two women’s monster souls . In a moment the two women’s body shape seemed to have substance .

With the strong spiritual awareness of Yang Chen, the shapes of the two women were getting more and more solid . Looking at the past, it was no longer a virtual shadow, but a solid body .

“Thank you master!”

A’Zhu and A’Bi certainly felt the changes in their bodies, and they fell to worship Yang Chen . Then A’Zhu said, “Master, this servant girl has no need for you to consume your spiritual awareness, if the master just supplements us with some spirit power . ”

Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness was already at the peak of the early Dacheng realm . This infusion didn’t cost him much, perhaps even less than one or two percent of it was used, but the two women could no longer bear it .

With spirit power supplement, Yang Chen was more relaxed . A’Zhu was a member of the first wood, he directly controlled an extremely small drop of the first wood true essence in the gourd and sent it into the body of A’Zhu . This time, A’Zhu seemed to have eaten a big tonic, and her face turned red quickly, then her body changed countless times between the girl and a peach tree, and finally became the girl’s appearance again .

With this change, A’Zhu seems to be no different from a real person . Abi next to her looked curious and envious .

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Of course, Yang Chen would not be so thick skinned . With a wave of his hand, a Second Wood spirit power was sent to A’Bi’s body .

Compared with the first wood true essence, the spirit power of the Blood Phantom Vine was not enough, and not pure enough, still for A’Bi, it was a good nourishment . However, the Golden Dan of the second wood had not yet condensed, so it took a lot of effort for Yang Chen to make it .

“My Second Wood spirit power is still lacking, I will find a Second Wood True Essence, and then I will replenish you with more spirit power . ”

Although the spirit power had been added, A’Bi was still lacking in aura compared with A’Zhu . Slightly lacking some of the most original essence . Yang Chen knew why this was the case, so he said those word .

Both A’Zhu and A’Bi had already handed their Life Source Monster Souls to him . Their life and death were now related to Yang Chen and they were definitely one of his own people . Yang Chen certainly would not treat them badly .

“Thank you master!”

A’Zhu and A’Bi once again thanked Yang Chen . Because of the connection with him, Xiao Tian also understood that the two Tool Spirit girls could not be eaten, and he shrank on Yang Chen’s arm . The two women were no longer so afraid, and their trembling bodies relaxed .

Through the Life Source Monster Soul, a lot of thoughts were passed, and Yang Chen soon understood the origins of the two women .

A’Zhu and A’Bi were originally the first two plants transplanted into the medicine garden by the original owner of the medicine garden . Originally, they were spiritual herbs of more than 10,000 years maturity . Because they spent most time in the medicine garden, they were also vigorously cultivated by the original owner of the medicine garden .

Before they were planted in the medicine garden, A’Zhu and A’Bi also had their own intelligence . However, just the beginning of the Spiritual Wisdom was still far from actual monsters . In fact, in the medicine garden, very few herbs had Spiritual Wisdom . This simple artificial spiritual nourishment made it impossible to turn the medicine in the medicine garden into monsters .

The reason why the two women had their own instinct was because they had been tempered by the aura of Heaven and Earth and the quenching of the Heaven and Earth spiritual qi . They had already possessed the qualifications of becoming monsters . This was the beginning of the Spiritual Wisdom under the medicine garden’s enormous spirit power nourishment .

However, it was obvious that the original owner of the medicine garden did not want to have two monsters in his medicine garden, so it was easy to take out their monster soul and refine it together with the medicine garden and thus they became the Tool Spirits of the medicine garden . Of course, because their body was in the medicine garden, the two had not suffered much damage .

As a result, A’Zhu and A’Bi became the people of the medicine garden who took care of all the medicinal materials . When the original owner ascended, the second layer of the medicine garden sealed the two women with it .

If the owner of the new medicine garden couldn’t make it into the second layer of the medicine garden, there was no way to become the owner of the medicine garden in the subconscious of the original owner . Therefore, until Yang Chen entered the second layer of the medicine garden, neither A’Zhu nor A’Bi could take the initiative to establish a relationship with Yang Chen .

When Yang Chen came in, the two women did not want to communicate with him . Because the first one who came in was Xiao Tian, and the Wolf-Dragons were natural enemies of Tool Spirits . It scared the two women on the spot and they did not dare to move . If Yang Chen didn’t appear, the two women would not have dared to show up .

Understanding their origins, Yang Chen naturally did not complain about the two women . Now that the two had submitted to him, he had two more good people taking care of the medicinal materials . After that, the medicinal materials in the medicinal garden would only grow more and better . Yang Chen would not be more satisfied .

Because of the existence of A’Zhu and A’Bi, Yang Chen was now clear about all the kinds of medicines cultivated in the second layer of the medicine garden .

Even with Yang Chen’s Great Principle Golden Immortal mentality, he couldn’t fathom this medicine garden .

The second layer of the medicine garden was much bigger than the first one, almost by a thousand miles . Relatively speaking, it was almost a complete small world .

Near the portal, only the most common elixirs were planted and regarded as general crops . Those which really needed a variety of special circumstances were still far away .

Basically, it could be said that if any medicinal materials were needed in the mortal world, almost all of them could be sourced from here . Not only the rarest, but also some of the herbs used by ordinary people in the world . All could be found here .

However, no matter how common, ordinary herbs, if carefully cared for tens of thousands of years would ultimately become treasures . Even those special ones like gold stones, or Monster Core demon spirits, or medicinal herbs needed for mortal medicinal pills, Yang Chen had almost all of them now, and they were all valuable ten thousand years Spirit Medicines .

Perhaps tens of thousands of years ago, these herbs were very common, not worth it, so the immortal did not bring the medicine garden when he ascended, but only left a chance for the people of the future generations . Who could think that after tens of thousands of years, these ordinary things would become such rare and precious treasures?

Years could make a lot of things rot, but they could also make many things extraordinary, and these carefully treated tens of thousands of years matured elixirs were part of it .

“The medicinal garden is well taken care of!”

Yang Chen sincerely praised . In the first layer of the medicine garden, Yang Chen had not carefully planned it . With A’Zhu and A’Bi, he would just let them take care of it .

A’Zhu and A’Bi could also cross the portal . When they followed Yang Chen to the first layer medicine garden outside, A’Bi saw a lot of ten thousand years Spirit Medicine at first sight . Also, the recently recovered and vibrant blood demon vine .

As for A’Zhu, she was intently staring at the Penglai Divine Woods . She opened her mouth and moved a few times, but she couldn’t say anything .

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