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That was to say, during the time when Yang Chen collected the First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution in the first half of this year, the two city lords actually dismissed the entire city's Monster Race cultivators, leaving only the masters of the Yuanying realm. It seemed that they wanted to seize Yang Chen in one fell swoop.

“Greetings to the two city lords.”

Finding this arrangement, Yang Chen did not care. He came out of the pool, took a few steps forward, and then stood in a place where he could see both old men at the same time. Arching his hands to the two, he greeted, “many thanks to the two seniors! This younger generation junior thanks you.”

“It may be worthwhile.”

The old man on the left smiled.

“Everyone is the same in the Monster Race lineage, and mutual correlation is appropriate.”

The old man with a cane on the right followed his companion. He was the second city master.

“This younger generation junior had been practicing here for a while and did not dare bother the two predecessors. So now this younger generation will take his leave.”

Yang Chen once again said to the two men and turned to leave.

Yang Chen always kept the First Wood True Essence in an unstable state. The two city lords did not block him at this time. Just pointed at Yang Chen and nodded, standing in the same place, watching him leave.

They waited till Yang Chen went far through the entrance of the city. Those Yuanying realm masters could still be detected by him, but they were all outside a certain distance.

According to the spiritual awareness of the Jiedan realm, it was absolutely impossible for Yang Chen to find these Yuanying realm masters outside. To be on the safe side, those Yuanying realm masters were even hidden outside the scope of the exploration of the masters of the Yuanying realm, that was how much they were afraid of him.

No one knew, that Yang Chen actually had the spiritual awareness of the Dacheng realm. Even if these Yuanying realm monster cultivators were careful, everything was clear in his mind.

Standing at the exit of the city, Yang Chen turned his head and glanced at the city again, then stepped through the exit. In a flash, Yang Chen's figure appeared above the Ten-thousand Trees Forest.

The First Wood flying sword appeared directly at the foot of Yang Chen. His figure was like an arrow shot from a bow, flying rapidly towards the centre of the Ten-thousand Trees Forest.

After a few breaths, the figures of the two city lords appeared in the place where Yang Chen had just come out. Subsequently, dozens of Yuanying realm ancestors were behind them.


The second city owner seemed to be able to sense the direction of Yang Chen’s escape. He sneered and asked, “is everything ready?”

“City lord, everything has been arranged properly.”

A monster cultivator of the Yuanying realm replied respectfully behind him.

“Good, wait until he leaves the Immortal’s cave to get a thousand miles away.”

The second city lord said, the people shook and disappeared.

The big city lord just stood there and did not move. The Yuanying realm masters behind him, stared at him while awaiting orders. The big city master was silent for a while, then jerked his head, and the dozens of Yuanying realm masters showed a happy colour on their face.

Brush! Their figures flew around and vanished in a moment.

Seeing the departure of the crowd, the big city lord stood in the same place for a long time, and then slowly turned around. His body shape disappeared, but he did not move to catch up with Yang Chen but returned to the Immortal’s Cave.

The two city lords must always oversea the Immortal’s Cave. Otherwise, others would take advantage of it. For the Monster Race, it would absolutely be a disaster.

Yang Chen's figure had already entered the Ten-thousand Trees Forest. After the flying sword flew away from the big banyan tree for a hundred miles, the aura of Yang Chen's body suddenly changed and became a scent of the Second Wood aura. Then he sank and disappeared directly under the dense canopy of the forest.

The second city master that had been chasing after Yang Chen did not expect this move from him. He subsequently lost the First Wood spirit power aura. When he hurriedly explored with his spiritual awareness, he discovered that Yang Chen's figure had long been drowned in the forest, even if he tried his best, he could not find the trace.

Letting a descendant of the Jiedan realm get rid of him right under his own eyes, how could the face of the second city master who was a master of the Dacheng realm continue to hang on? He almost went crazy, directly driving his magic weapon into the place where Yang Chen disappeared, and his spiritual awareness went wide open, looking for any trace.

The many Yuanying realm masters had already laid down the Formation in the Ten-thousand Trees forest. When Yang Chen absorbed the First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution below, the city lords began to arrange it, demobilizing all the residents in the city, and at the same time arranging the formation in the Ten-thousand Trees forest.

The array method had only two functions. First, if there was no specified token on the body, it will appear in the battle formation. And the tokens of such Yuanying realm masters could get guidance and point out the direction of Yang Chen’s escape. Another function was to control the explosive power of the First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution within a range without affecting too large a region.

The second city lord was a little angry out of shame. People disappeared in his surveillance. In the end, they had to rely on the array of the masters of the Yuanying realm to find him. This was simply a shame.

However, no matter how the second city lord let go of his spiritual awareness to search, they could not detect the traces of Yang Chen. He seemed to have turned into a tree or shrub himself, disappearing from the space of all people’s vision and exploration.

Fortunately, the well-arranged array method had finally started, which dozens of Yuanying realm masters had spent half a year to arrange the array, which was still very surprising.

The absorption of the First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution took Yang Chen half-years' time, allowing the two city lords to have enough time to arrange it. In this array, anyone with no token and a cultivation base over Jiedan realm would be displayed precisely.

The direction of Yang Chen was displayed on the token of everyone. Unanimously, the second city master and all the Yuanying realm masters simultaneously rushed in that direction.

The second city master almost chased after him while gnashing his teeth. This time, if Yang Chen was able to flee under this heavy encirclement, the face of this master of the Dacheng realm would definitely be squeaky.

What everyone didn’t think of was that they chased and soon saw Yang Chen’s figure. However, Yang Chen did not have the panic that they imagined, nor the kind of jade that burned in jade, but stood quietly above a huge canopy over, as if waiting for them to come.

“I don’t dare about the city master and all the seniors' hard work, this younger brother is leaving.”

Yang Chen’s voice came from far away, and it was as clear as one speaks near someone's ear.

Later, everyone saw that Yang Chen's figure began to shoot at a distance. Everyone used all their horsepower to catch up, but only looked at his going farther and farther in vain. No one could catch up.

Looking at the distant Yang Chen gradually fading into a smaller figure, the second city master suddenly bit his lips, his body swayed, suddenly turning into a hundred zhang long goshawk with double wings. He then suddenly followed.

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Editor: Skizlock

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