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With the addition of the gourd, the absorption speed of the First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution was several times faster. Although the vast lake was hundreds of feet deep, but under the control of Yang Chen, the gourd could gather a zhang worth of depth within a day.

This kind of good thing could be had but not demanded. In the gourd, Yang Chen could use at anytime, anywhere. There was also an old tree demon in the Pure Yang Palace. Next, he will see the little monstrous talent Mu Bai, also Sun Qingxue had wooden attributes. These were unfathomably precious gifts.

However, during the collection process, Yang Chen did not dare to relax his vigilance, and always kept the First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution on the verge of breaking out. The two Dacheng realm city lords, who though had guaranteed that they were not tempted, if tried to go against their claim and tried to snatch the gourd, he could detonate it at any time.

This was also a shock, one couldn't do anything about it, even if the First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution was not useful for the two people, this gourd could gather it, and make the city lords have no worries for the future as well. In any case, the two would not let Yang Chen leave like this.

The more than a hundred feet deep First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution Lake, was gathered in more than 100 days, nearly five months. The deep lake had been reduced inch by inch, till there was only a few feet of depth left.

While the bottle gourd received the First Wood True Essence Spiritual solution, the bottle of the medicine garden did not stop gathering it. The Penglai Divine Woods were maturing every day due to the irrigation of the solution. It appeared as if the absorption would continue endlessly. Every day, the Penglai Divine Woods grew taller and longer, the aura that came out was getting closer and closer to the purest form of First Wood True Essence.

Penglai Divine Wood was the closest to the Essence of the First wood, this First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution was the best catalyst for its irrigation. In just over half a year, even the worst Penglai Divine Wood was now stronger than the one that Yang Chen used to refine for the First Wood flying sword.

The portal in the medicine garden was also becoming more and more dense and seemed to be able to form quickly.

Of course, the First Wood flying sword, which acted as the medium, had also undergone tremendous changes. However, the change of First Wood flying sword was mainly in its aura, not the shape.

Whether it was Yang Chen condensing Dan or the bottle in the medicine garden absorbing the First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution, it was necessary to use the First Wood fly­ing sword as a medium. After such a long time, it had thickened after being refined.

Yang Chen’s First Wood Golden Dan, these days was not idle, it still madly absorbed the First Wood True Essence. This could be compared to Yang Chen refining a small vial of Fifth Earth, Tenth Water and Seventh Metal True Essences, with their respective Secret Arts and the constant cultivation to enhance these spiritual powers.

In just five months, Yang Chen's First Wood Golden Dan once again inflated to a large circle, and the spiritual power level was directly at the peak of the early Jiedan stage. It seemed that he would soon enter the middle Jiedan stage.

However, Yang Chen did not feel particularly rushed. Although these spiritual powers were purely First Wood True Essence, they were not cultivated by himself. If it wasn't natural, he would lack a natural understanding. Only by constantly consolidating it would he be able to completely use these spiritual powers himself.

Seeing that all the First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution here must get absorbed by Yang Chen, he also began to ponder how to leave safely.

With so many First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution, the two city owners would never be willing to watch Yang Chen take it away. In particular, Yang Chen’s gourd could gather the First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution, which could solve the hidden dangers of the city forever, so it was even more difficult for him to leave easily.

Just because Yang Chen was now in control of the First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution that could explode at any time, the two city lords were so tolerant of him. On the one hand, it could be regarded as a temporary solution to the hidden dangers of the entire city. On the other hand, it was a moment to wait for Yang Chen to put his guard down.

In the moment when all the First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution was collected by the gourd and Yang Chen put it into his Achievement Ring. Even if someone killed Yang Chen in this world, it was impossible to get the gourd from the Achievement Ring.

However, Yang Chen's body still had an aura of the First Wood True Essence about to erupt. This kind of aura could also stimulate Yang Chen's own spiritual power.

Without the First Wood True Essence Spiritual solution, there was a huge space around it, and a trace of the First Wood True Essence aura was coming from all directions. Yang Chen understood that this place must be where the Immortal left behind the formation to collect the First Wood True Essence. Because it had been so long, there was too much First Wood True Essence accumulated here, and due to the pressure, it became a spiritual liquid.

Yang Chen estimated that this city was discovered too late by the later Monster Race. In the future, if someone could collect the First Wood True Essence that had been gathered in time and prevent the situation of accumulation of a sizeable quantity, all problems would be solved.

There was no light in the day, Yang Chen's spiritual awareness had been explored, and there was nothing else worthy of his hands anymore. He took the First Wood flying sword and directly flew up into that strange liquid.

In the liquid, Yang Chen's spiritual awareness couldn't explore very far, but Yang Chen believed that even the city lord's spiritual awareness was impossible to pass through these liquids.

Yang Chen was hesitating, if he should also gather some of it. But after thinking for a bit, he finally chose to give up.

Everything here was left by the slain Immortal. Yang Chen had already received the First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution he had left. He had already accepted the reward of the immortal.

If he wanted to forcibly collect these liquids, once the entire city was affected, the Immortal’s cave would probably be destroyed. This kind of practice of taking things without leaving room was not Yang Chen's style.

Even if he was to leave a place for the development and reproduction of the Monster Race, Yang Chen was not afraid. The Daoists, Demons, and Monsters were cultivators between heaven and earth. Since even the Heavenly Court had left a place for the Monster Race, Yang Chen did not have heart to do anything about it.

All the way up, the force that could follow the spiritual awareness to pull people down was long gone. Yang Chen went up smoothly and entered the pool.

As the water pool rose again, Yang Chen would soon be out of the water. However, just after going out of the water, Yang Chen saw two old people, one left and one right, standing on both sides of the waterhole, smiling and watching Yang Chen.

At this time, Yang Chen was not afraid that his spiritual awareness would be attracted, and directly let go of his spiritual awareness to explore the movement around. However, under this investigation, Yang Chen was shocked.

Within the scope of Yang Chen's exploration, apart from the two old people in front of him, there were only monster cultivator masters who had formed an encirclement in the distance, no one else.

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