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These figures were very familiar, clearly, they were the few leopards that chased Yang Chen before he jumped in the pool. They were the three Yuanying realm ancestors and the one in the Jiedan realm master.

However, they did not have the ability of Yang Chen, and couldn't sway freely in the First Wood True Essence. As soon as the figures fell into the lake, they made sad and pitiful screams. After a few sounds, they were invaded by the terrifying First Wood True Essence, and could no longer withstand it, eventually detonating.

The flesh and blood of the four leopard head monsters quickly turned into dust that could not be seen again. The voice of the city lord who just spoke, was heard again, “little friend, can you be satisfied with this account?”

He didn't move at all, and the masters who chased him were thrown away by the city manager in front of him. If Yang Chen said that he was not satisfied, then it would be a bit too much.


Yang Chen's face was full of smiles, “very satisfied.”

“Being satisfied is good,” the voice of the big city lord came again.

“I don't know what the city lord wanted to command me for?”

Yang Chen's voice eased a lot this time, but the First Wood Spiritual Solution at his foot was still in kind of a posture of drawing the bow and not discharging the arrow, he did not dare to relax.

“Commanded? Not at all!”

The big city lord seemed to know that it was impossible to trust Yang Chen at this time. He directly replied, “there is nothing to tell, you are free to practice here. However much of First Wood Spiritual Solution you can absorb, will be based on your skill. When you feel enough, you can come out, we will not hinder you.”

“I can absorb it all?”

Yang Chen immediately realized what he was saying and asked loudly.

“You can absorb it.”

The voice of the second city lord came from the other side, “It is your chance, you grasp it yourself, if you can do it.”

After this, the two city lords made no more sounds, and it seemed that they were no longer there. However, Yang Chen knew that they were always monitoring this place.

From the attitude of the two, Yang Chen guessed that this First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution Lake should have caused a lot of trouble for them.

Sometimes, delicious food was not just food. When it exceeded a certain amount, it may become poison. Similarly, the same was true for the First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution.

Perhaps at the beginning, this First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution was still the most wonderful tonic in the city, but when the amount exceeded a certain limit, it became a disaster for the whole city.

Now the whole city was located on this huge First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution Lake. Once there was any static explosion in it, the whole city would be turned into flying ashes. It could be said that the city in this tree was in a crisis of facing a cataclysmic explosion at any time.

As the city lords, the two monster cultivators of the Dacheng realm were also helpless. They couldn't think of a way out of it, but even if they were the Wood Type Monster Race with the highest cultivation base, or even a tree demon in the late Yuanying realm, they would inevitably be immersed in the body by the First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution till detonation. Not to mention the other cultivators of different attributes.

In this regard, the two city lords had always been unable to do anything, but they could not easily move the array here, they could only be brave and secretly frightened while maintaining the city.

Yang Chen's movements alerted them. They suddenly discovered that some people could not care about this First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution at all and absorbed it without a care in the world. This suddenly made them see hope.

Especially when Yang Chen said that he had a magic weapon that could restrict the First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution, the two monsters almost started to shake their brains.

If this magic weapon was in their hands, there would have been no need to worry about this scourge? However, Yang Chen was too careful. When he found their aura, he immediately controlled the First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution to edge of detonation. If there was any movement, everything here would disappear with him.

This was rather a jade and not a complete pie, it stunned the two city lords, and they did not dare to act rashly. Of course, soon they knew how Yang Chen came in. After all, the matter had been publicized extensively, and many people saw it.

In order to calm Yang Chen's anger and comfort him, the two did not hesitate to sacrifice the three Yuanying added Jiedan realm leopard monsters. Compared with solving the scourge, what few masters of the Yuanying realm matter? Disposing of them, not only could stabilize Yang Chen, but also bring good reputation to the city lords. So why not?

Yang Chen was quiet again, but he knew that the two city lords must be staring at him all the time without rest. He did not care and continued to sit on top of the First Wood flying sword, silently absorbing the First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution.

There was too much First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution, even after Yang Chen's cultivation base reached the Jiedan stage, speeding up the absorption of such a huge and deep First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution lake was a futile attempt.

The city lord let Yang Chen absorb it at will, and he certainly would not let such an opportunity pass. However, even if he could try absorbing all of it, how much could he absorb?

Suddenly, a thought appeared in Yang Chen's mind. Since the First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution had now been condensed into a liquid, then as the wine gourd could hold any liquid, could it also be loaded with this solution?

The gourd was in his hand, but Yang Chen began to hesitate. After all, in the gourd, was a lake of Four Seas Mysterious Coral liquid with a lake of distiller's yeast. For Yang Chen, it could be said to be incomparably precious. If he accidentally damaged the gourd, it would not be worth the loss.

Fortunately, this did not prevent Yang Chen from experimenting with a little bit of First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution. If he could control the amount, the absorption should be very safe.

Carefully holding the gourd, Yang Chen's consciousness instantly immersed in the gourd and began to control the gourd carefully to gather a little First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution.


A green shadow flew directly from the First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution lake, and into the gourd. What made Yang Chen very surprised was that the gourd did not show any hesitation, the solution did not change, and there was no explosion. This fully showed that Yang Chen could easily collect the First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution completely.

With this understanding, Yang Chen did not rest, and began to control the gourd to absorb the First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution. A green water chain began to emerge from the First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution lake, flying fast toward the gourd mouth.

Under this time, the speed of the absorption was almost doubled. In a short period of time, the moisture absorbed by the gourd had reduced the depth of the lake by more than one inch.

In the gourd, another place had opened, like a brand-new deep pit. The deep pit held this dark green First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution without any unstable aura or explosion.

Seeing this scene, Yang Chen's face once again showed a smile, "So such a vast First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution Lake is finally my own."

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