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A blue-green coloured Dan was taking shape in the lofty dantian of Yang Chen. Dripping and swaying, exuding a pure First Wood aura.

This was the formation the golden Dan of Yang Chen's Great Yin and Yang Five Elements Secret Art. At this moment, the surrounding space even trembled a bit. A thick layer at the bottom of the First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution was directly absorbed into the body of Yang Chen and filled into the First Wood Golden Dan.

The First Wood Golden Dan almost instantly absorbed this large quantity of the First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution, and then swelled like a balloon, quickly surpassing the Third Fire Fourth Fire Golden Dan, becoming the biggest one.

Just this time, it directly made the First Wood spirit power cultivation base surpass Third Fire Fourth Fire, becoming the dominant spiritual power. Yang Chen's body had also begun to change. He was originally a cultivator who was fire attributed. Now, with a glance, it was certain that Yang Chen was a cultivator who was wood attributed.

During this phase of Dan condensation, the sea of consciousness began to change again. This time he was promoted to Golden Dan. Not only did the sea of consciousness not increase, but it narrowed somewhat.

Everything that built the sea of consciousness was directly condensed again, narrowing down a few points and becoming the original four-fifths size. The level of the Spiritual Awareness density was higher than before, the whole structure was also more stable than before.

After shrinking, it seemed that with the increase of Yang Chen's spiritual awareness began to slowly change back to its original size. His spiritual awareness had also climbed to the limit of the peak of the early Dacheng stage. Only a step away from middle Dacheng stage.

After Yang Chen condensed the Dan, the wood attribute dominated and began to spontaneously absorb the First Wood True Essence. Although the speed was not as horrifying, it was several times faster than Dan condensation.

Because Yang Chen's cultivation base had improved, the speed of the First Wood flying sword, Medicine Garden and Penglai Divine Wood absorbing the First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution also correspondingly doubled. Yang Chen even had an illusion that his own First Wood spirit power had become the First Wood True Essence.

Amid this, Yang Chen had a feeling that he could let these pieces of First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution suddenly burst and destroy the surrounding land.

All around it was the First Wood True Essence, and Yang Chen seemed to have expanded a lot in this environment. Soon, he was keenly aware that someone was staring at him with hostility.

With Yang Chen's sensitivity to this murderous aura, he understood that the culprit had never existed before, but had just arrived recently.

The Yuanying realm masters were not willing to explore this place with their spiritual awareness. There only was one possibility that it could be discovered by the managers of the entire city.

The city was jointly controlled by two masters of the Monster Race in the Dacheng realm. This city was an Immortal's Cave, which could also be collected by the powerful.

However, Yang Chen could be sure that they did not refine this Immortal's Cave. It was left by an ascended master; without the right technique, it could never be refined. Forcibly refining could only lead to one's end, that is to be destroyed indiscriminately.

The reason why Yang Chen was so sure about this was the First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution under his foot. In fact, there were so many accumulations of it here that if one was not careful while refining it, the above city would be directly blown into scattered ash by the outbreak of the First Wood True Essence.

If the real Immortal's Cave had been already refined, with so many of the First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution, it would simply be the greatest treasure of one's life. How could it be so easy for Yang Chen to enter it.

These were the things that came to his mind immediately after noticing the other's presence. Being stared at with hostility by one or two Dacheng stage masters was not a fun thing.

At the foot of Yang Chen, the First Wood Spiritual Solution Lake suddenly began to sway, and the originally stable lake surface seemed to have had an agitation. The turmoil on the surface of the liquid seemed to have something coming up to surface soon.


Yang Chen shouted, but his body shape did not move.

“Little friend don't be alarmed!”

A strange voice suddenly came out, but there was no pressure or huge momentum accompanying it at all. Talking like an ordinary old man, he then said with overwhelming confidence, “we are not malicious."

We? Yang Chen's mind immediately flashed a thought, there were more than one master. It seemed that only the two Dacheng realm masters, who manage the city could appear here.

At the foot of Yang Chen, the First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution boiled more and more, showing an extremely unstable state. It seemed that the next moment, the huge First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution lake would suddenly erupt.

Two masters of the Dacheng realm with their spiritual awareness appeared here, to say that they did not envy possessing this First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution, Yang Chen would never believe it.

“Don't misunderstand!”

With Yang Chen's reaction, the two Dacheng realm city owners suddenly panicked. Once Yang Chen noticed that something was wrong and detonated the entire First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution lake, perhaps the two masters of the Dacheng realm would be spared. But hundreds of thousands of the Monster Race in the entire city would be directly smouldered, leaving no residue.

The alarmed master was another city lord of the Dacheng realm. At this time, they also refused to take care of this First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution, to calm down Yang Chen.

“We are not malicious.”

Later the city owner said quickly, “we just found that the atmosphere was unusual, so we came to investigate. We have no other meaning. This is your chance, we will never interfere.”

“My chance?”

Yang Chen suddenly sneered, “if I still have a magic weapon that can restrict this First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution, here is my place of burial.”

“We know that you were forced to come here. About who chased you, we will give you a thorough confession.”

The city owner heard the voice of Yang Chen's resentment and promptly replied.


Yang Chen was still kind of disdainful and said, “what is a confession? How will it be made?”

“Wait a moment,” the big city owner directly dropped a sentence, and then went silent.

However, Yang Chen did not dare to relax. Under the spying of the two masters of the Dacheng realm, he had to maintain absolute caution. At the same time, his heart was also guessing what the two city owners were planning.

With so much First Wood Spiritual Solution, they could only see that they had no ability to collect it. They were also afraid that refining in bulk may cause an explosion. This thus, became leverage for Yang Chen.

Amid thinking, a moment had not passed, and there was a sound of chaos on the top of his head. Yang Chen looked up and subconsciously saw several figures falling like dumplings from the liquid above, falling directly into the lake.

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