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The fourteen Yuanying stage masters, under the command of Elder Ming, quickly flew to the area where the flying swords had lost contact. This did not take long for them.

Especially Elder Ming Guangruo, who was almost twice as fast. But when they arrived, they did not find any traces. Originally, Elder Ming thought that there would be an unknown formation here, but no traces of a formation could be found.

Their spiritual awareness had long been released, immediately covering hundreds of miles. In fact, when the flying swords entered this area, Elder Ming had already determined the flight path of these more than a dozen magic weapons.

However, at that time, Elder Ming had not been vigilant. The Life Magic Weapons could always return to the master’s side without incident, even if a great Dacheng realm master comparable to Elder Ming tried to intercept.

But for a moment, their fifteen pieces of Life Source Magic Weapons, seemed to have disappeared into thin air, traces of their aura could no longer be felt. How could this happen?

It was not known how many years had passed since Elder Ming had sweated. At this moment, there were a few drops of sweat on his head. His own Life Source Flying Sword, it had taken hundreds of years to temper, and then during later practice, the whole sacrificial refining for thousands of years, could almost be explained as half of Elder Ming's cultivation base, all went into this formidable Life Source Flying Sword.

Now the Life Source Flying Sword had disappeared silently, and he couldn't even feel a slight aura of it. This was almost equivalent to ruining half of his cultivation base. It was beyond control for Elder Ming to sweat.

The other fourteen Yuanying realm ancestors, including Mao Qi, were all equally frightened.

What kind of power could take fifteen Life Source Magic Weapons in such a short period of time?

Before, when they were not aware of the problem and tried to control the magic weapon to attack, it did not respond to their commands and went silent immediately.

Within a few hundred miles, there were no movements other than the market in the northeast. Even when Elder Ming wanted to break his head, he couldn't understand. How could his own magic weapon have disappeared without a trace?

He was angry and frightened, various negative emotions emerged within him, he couldn’t figure out what had happened in the end. Elder Ming and the fourteen Yuanying realm ancestors felt that their whole body was chilled, even the coldest winter did not let them have this feeling. Was it the Pure Yang Palace's doing?

Impossible, the Life Source Magic Weapon and his own mind was interlocked, any action against it could make its master feel it. The people of the Pure Yang Palace didn’t even touch it more than a few times, and the weapon just stayed there. It seemed that this matter had no relation with the Pure Yang Palace.

No one would know that when those magic weapons flew from the hall of the Pure Yang Palace, they were not flying, but were actually still in the mouth of Xiao Tian. Yang Chen drove the shuttle and flew along with these flying swords.

Apart from Yang Chen, no one could realize the strength of Xiao Tian.

Magic weapon would be fine in other places but once it entered the mouth of Xiao Tian, other people beside Yang Chen absolutely couldn’t control it.

All the actions were planned by Yang Chen, and even included letting everyone see the dozens of flying swords. Among them, there were people from the Pure Yang Palace. Naturally, there were also many rogue cultivators and even the staff of the Greatest Heaven Sect.

Fifteen weapons through this method had already flown far away from the Meishan Mountain. In fact, Yang Chen had not started at the location of the Pure Yang Palace but about somewhat less than three hundred miles away from Ming Guangruo.

When he arrived at that place, Yang Chen just controlled Xiao Tian and allowed him to swallow those magic weapons one by one. The magic weapon that entered the belly of Xiao Tian completely lost connection with its master, and no one could sense its existence.

During the flight, Yang Chen had been covered with the sea jasper, and after launching, no one else could detect him. The magic weapon flew in the air, the speed was not slow. Even if some people were curious, once they couldn’t catch up with the speed of Yang Chen with two dozen magic weapons in tow, the so advanced scene, no one dared to approach easily to avoid any misunderstandings. They couldn’t even see the image of Yang Chen driving the shuttle.

Even the blue-eyed Luo Yuan's spiritual awareness could not detect Yang Chen under the cover of the sea jasper, and it was even more impossible for Ming Guangruo to discover him. At the end, the matter of returning Life Source Magic Weapons to their masters but suddenly disappearing, became a permanent mystery.

It was unclear that what Guangruo with Mao Qi and the others uncovered after digging the surrounding area three feet under like headless flies. Yang Chen had already controlled the shuttle to return to the Pure Yang Palace. The sun had still had not dawned, when he had already returned to the Pure Yang Palace.

It was the first step for Xiao Tian to swallow the complete undamaged magic weapons, the next step was to erase the will of their masters. Obviously, this completely formed spirit tool was to the appetite of Xiao Tian.

What happened yesterday in the Pure Yang Palace began to spread from the first day after the departure of the Elder Ming and the others. The next day, it spread to various directions through various channels. At the same time, there was one more piece of news; countless people had witnessed more than a dozen magic weapons flying in the air in one direction.

Everyone understood that it was the treasures of the Greatest Heaven Sect who were recycling their own Life Source Magic Weapons. Although everyone was a bit sloppy about this kind of behaviour, the Pure Yang Palace, as the victim, did not say much about it. Others had nothing to say either.

Speaking of this incident, everyone had unanimously agreed that the Pure Yang Palace was not as good as people thought. Even if there was explicit support from the Green Jade Immortal Island, they could still not be equal to the Greatest Heaven Sect. So, after receiving two magic weapons, the matter was over. It was not a day or two that the people from the Greatest Heaven Sect started to bully others. Everyone understood this.

This time, the Pure Yang Palace succeeded in shaping an image that they could not compete with the Greatest Heaven Sect. It also completely extracted the Pure Yang Palace from this matter. The matter involving Elder Ming and the others losing their treasures was concealed. Naturally, no one would come down to the Pure Yang Palace for retribution.

The Pure Yang Palace had ceased all activities, but the Greatest Heaven Sect was like a dug open crater. The incident of the bombardment of the sect was not over yet that there were these disasters of the fifteen lost Life Source Magic Weapons, which simply worsened the overall situation.

One more task now was handed over to the disciples of the Greatest Heaven Sect; to madly find the suspects for that incident. Meaning, secret visits to anyone who could refine Life Source Magic Weapon of others.

Of course, the biggest suspect was the Green Jade Immortal Island. That day’s matters happened in front of the Island Master and Elder Huafeng. However, this suspicion's resolution demanded a different approach than explicitly sending masters directly to them like what they did in case of the Pure Yang Palace. They could only rush to seek evidence.

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Editor: Skizlock

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