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What About the Destined Weapons?

Shi Shanshan that was following behind the Tantai Island Master had obviously saw the whole incident that had happened in the hall. Since it would be inappropriate for all the seniors to be explaining it to Yang Chen, Shi Shanshan hinted Yang Chen instead. "Those are the destined weapons of the experts from the Greatest Heaven Sect, I don't think you will be able to keep them."

"Are they not the compensations that the Greatest Heaven Sect left behind?" Yang Chen smiled mischievously. "That is the fact that they can't deny about. The flying swords here are just perfect for us publicize about what had happened."

"Why is that so?" Shi Shanshan asked directly as she didn't understand why did Yang Chen wanted to spread the news of what had happened. It wasn't merely Shi Shanshan who didn't understand the meaning to his words, even the seniors of Green Jade Immortal Island and Pure Yang Palace didn't know what was the intention of Yang Chen.

"If there's one day where they find out that they can't retrieve their destined weapons, they can't be blaming us for that." Yang Chen smiled once again and said suddenly, "Didn't everyone see that all their magical treasures have flew away just now?"

Everyone was dumbstruck. Flew away? It was obvious that Yang Chen had just kept all the flying swords, since when did the flying swords flew away? Guan Yueying on the other side had her eyes brightened up and asked suddenly. "Is it possible that you actually have an idea to destroy their destined weapons?"

"I will give it a try!" Yang Chen didn't give a confirmative answer, yet he expressed his intention of trying to do so.

This time, the Greatest Heaven Sect had even came up to the sect and tried to threaten the Pure Yang Palace. This incident had caused everyone of Pure Yang Palace and those from Green Jade Immortal Island to feel extremely disgusted by their act. Since Yang Chen might have an idea to let them suffer from a huge loss, naturally everyone was very supportive. No matter what it was, it would be a great idea to disgust them, even a little.

Obviously, no one was actually counting on Yang Chen to destroy their destined weapons successfully. They were merely planning to disgust them by spreading the news of what had happened. Thus, everyone agreed on the plans of Yang Chen.

However, Shi Shanshan had some different opinions on Yang Chen's words. Yang Chen normally wouldn't give any ideas that he was unsure of, since he gave the idea of destroying their destined weapons, he might actually be able to do so. Of course, she wouldn't be mentioning anything about it at the moment. The current Shi Shanshan was busy feeling embarrassed by the decisions made by the Island Master where she would be marrying Yang Chen, becoming his wife.

Fortunately, Yang Chen wasn't in the hall and he didn't hear the conversations either. Otherwise, Shi Shanshan wouldn't know how to deal with Yang Chen any longer.
Since both parties had their deal achieved, it was also time for everything to end. Since the Island Master of the Green Jade Immortal Island showed up and supported the Pure Yang Palace, it had even more secured the cooperation between the two sects. With Pure Yang Palace feeling thankful for them, the Green Jade Immortal Island could definitely get more benefits later on.

The Tantai Island Master didn't get too caught up in the matter regarding the marriage of Shi Shanshan and Yang Chen, and left very soon. This could also be an excuse for both parties to have more closed discussions in the near future.

Yang Chen on the other hand was focusing on the flying swords that he kept in his Medicine Garden. He now had a new idea as to set up a trap for the people from the Greatest Heaven Sect.

If those flying swords were to be destroyed in the Pure Yang Palace, the Greatest Heaven Sect would definitely hold a grudge towards the Pure Yang Palace. Nevertheless, that would be a different story if those flying swords were destroyed in their own territory. By then, none of it would be related to the Pure Yang Palace and they wouldn't even have the excuse to be blaming the Pure Yang Palace instead.

Naturally, Yang Chen had to brief the Palace Master about his planned, so that everything could be cover up, even if things went wrong. On this occasion, they had even fooled those of the Greatest Heaven Sect easily by refining the high graded materials into sword embryos.

In fact, those sword embryos were only being refined and kept into the consciousness sea of the Jindan stage disciples recently. Despite that, those sword embryos had been refined by the Yuanying stage experts with extra care and thus they seemed to have some foundation in them.

All the actions of Jindan stage disciples were true, including the withdrawal of their destined weapons from the consciousness sea. Just that there were some flaws in regard to the years that they took to refined them. All the seventeen disciples were the core disciples that had passed the loyalty test, and they were currently cultivating in the QingQiong Mountain's Legendary Abode. Withdrawing their destined weapons didn't dealt much of an impact to them and they felt only a slight uncomfortable on the scene when they were withdrawing their destined weapons. Naturally, they would recover in a few days time.

The abilities of Skyhowl was way beyond than what Yang Chen saw at the moment. Since it could devour all the fragments of magical treasures without any spirit awareness, naturally it could devour those destined weapons too. Skyhowl was already drooling the moment it saw all the destined weapons in the Medicine Garden.

A perfect destined weapon, with the spiritual awareness linking to its owner, all of them were without doubt tastier than the spirit from the fragments of magical treasures. If it wasn't for Yang Chen who was controlling Skyhowl, it would have already pounced on them and devour them directly into its stomach.
Soon, the night fell and even the Pure Yang Palace had gotten quiet. In the middle of the silent night, suddenly there was a tremendous movement happening in Pure Yang Palace. More than ten destined weapons that were shining in different colors suddenly flew from the Pure Yang Palace into the sky and flew collectively to a certain direction, drawing a ray of bright light in the dark sky.

The ray of light was flying very quickly and it soon left the area of the Pure Yang Palace. Not even two hours had past and the destined weapons had already flew out of the territory of Pure Yang Palace.

About two thousand miles away from Meiqing Mountain, Ming Guangruo, Mao Qi and all those from the Greatest Heaven Sect were sitting on a hill quietly, waiting for their destined weapons to return.

As for why destined weapons were called so, it was mainly because the weapons were connected mentally to the owners. Even if they were ten thousands miles apart from each other, although it couldn't be controlled to attack, the owner could still control them to return to their sides.

The destined weapons had already been flying for almost half the total journey back to their owners, and the experts from the Greatest Heaven Sect could even sense the distance left for the destined weapons to reach them. With roughly another two hours, all these destined weapons would be reaching back to the side of their owners.

With such a large crowd coming over to the Pure Yang Palace, although they had wasted two of the magical treasures of Elder Ming, it had at least proven that the Pure Yang Palace wasn't involved in the ushering spell formation as well as the explosion of their own sect.

If it wasn't for the sudden appearance of the Tantai Island Master of the Green Jade Immortal Island, perhaps they wouldn't even have to pay the price of two magical treasures. On the other hand, they could even pressured the Pure Yang Palace, telling them that they were merely a small sect even with the profits from the Hundred Thousand Mountains. What a pity! Everything that they planned was in vain.

Nevertheless, they had still achieved their main purpose for visiting the Pure Yang Palace. Even their doubts on Pure Yang Palace regarding the secrets on Liang Shaoming and the detonation of their sect had completely vanished. Having a confirmative answer on their doubts, they no longer have to worry that it might affect their planned on the other sects.

Seemingly, only another thirty minutes were needed and the destined weapons would be coming back in no time. Out of sudden, one of the Yuanying ancestor frowned and jumped up directly before he shouted. "My magical treasure! Why can't I sense the location of my destined weapon?"

With the first one shouting out loud, naturally there would be a second one. Just when the first Yuanying ancestor finished his words, the second Yuanying experts jumped up and said. "Mine too!"

The following that had happened was a series of panic. All fourteen Yuanying experts, none was excluded. Just when their destined weapons were about to reach their owners, they could no longer sense the location of their destined weapons out of sudden, as if they had vanished completely.

"Don't panic!" Looking at all the fuss, Ming Guangruo shouted. "Wait a little longer until I retrieve my flying sword. Then, we will go and have a look on what is happening."

Just when he finished his words, Ming Guangruo trembled and showed a facial expression that was filled with doubt. "Who is so daring?"

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