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The Palace Master was gazing at him. He seems to have thought of something. He didn't change his expression mouth and affirmed, “since you say so, then we will do it! Junior Brother Zheng, I will have to trouble you for this hard task, refine those materials. Take the batch out as soon as possible and send it straight to sell it!”

“I will do it!”

Elder Zheng Feng got up, nodded and started to act without any objections. The Pure Yang Palace was now united, especially the top level. It was completely harmonious, there was no more competition for power.

People who followed the path of cultivation, once they found out that they have achieved Dacheng realm success or even hope for reaching the day when they could ascend, who cared about the power of the world?

Everyone at the sect had a Questioning Inner Heart Pill. Everyone had seen the pursuit. Even if the power of the sect was piled up, the elders feel that they were wasting time obstructing their own practice. Who would take the initiative to take such a matter? If there were not some matters that ultimately were under their responsibility, they may have even wanted to quit their position as Elders and concentrate on their cultivation.


Elder Zheng Feng was about to leave but was told to wait by the Palace Master. Elder Zheng Feng hurriedly turned back and looked at the master of the palace, waiting for his command.

“Don’t let go of it.”

The master of the palace thought for a moment, once again said, “let the Jiedan disciples who are good at refining the equipment work hard on it. Use these materials to create a batch of flying swords sword embryos. Let Gao Yue change their shapes slightly and give them to the disciples who would perform well in the near future. Keep the recorded date of refining 20 years ahead of schedule. No matter who asks, tell them that Sect disciple Gao Yue closed up for thirty years and had been refining this batch of flying swords."

Although he didn’t know what had happened to Yang Chen, but Yang Chen was anxious to take this batch of things out, certainly for some reason. Due to some fear that others would find this batch of materials.

The master of the palace also knew that Yang Chen took away a batch of high-level materials, and simply did not want to let go of them. He wanted to use them to help his own sect's disciples, and in turn help Gao Yue. He believed that with the relationship between Yang Chen and Gao Yue, Gao Yue would definitely recognize it.

The sword embryos created by these advanced materials were also enough to become the Life Source Flying Swords of some disciples. Of course, although the sword embryo was good, it still required everyone’s own efforts.

Originally, this level of material was not so easy to release. In case of a problem, they would simply conceal the complete group of faithful disciples and cover up the whereabouts of the materials. Even if someone investigates, there would be no trace.

Elder Zheng Feng looked at the palace master and then looked at Yang Chen again. His face flashed a trace of doubts. His eyes stayed on Yang Chen's face and seemed to be waiting for him to reply.

Facing the eyes of Elder Zheng Feng, Yang Chen nodded his head and seemed to admit what he had done. Elder Zheng Feng laughed twice. Then he said loudly, "I will arrange it this time. I don't need other people to do this. We're a few old guys, and there's nothing wrong with it.”

Sending Elder Zheng Feng away. The master of the palace and with a wave of his main hand, arranged a table and two chairs in the medicine garden. As Yang Chen wanted to explain, the Palace Master shook his hand and stopped him, “wait, take out your jade dragon wine and say it while we drink it.”

Wan Qian, who no knew where she was hiding in the palace, appeared near the table, her hands were mysteriously carrying two dishes that looked delicious. It seemed that the taste of the Palace Master and Yang Chen was the same, they both liked to use the medicines produced in the medicine garden as delicacies.

In Wan Qian's well-behaved service, the Palace Master and Yang Chen sat on one side. After drinking a cup, the Palace Master said, “let’s talk!”

Yang Chen then described his work in this way; Of course, he did not know in detail about the time when the other side started the operation. He just said that he accidentally discovered the array at the gate of the Greatest Heaven Sect and found out what it does in a book. There were two similar arrays that could trigger the same frequency oscillations, which could not be controlled by the spiritual power and eventually lead to an explosion.

The Palace Master heard Yang Chen admitting that he had arranged another similar formation, and then used the spiritual power to smash the Greatest Heaven Sect's formation, which eventually caused the huge loss and heavy casualties of the Greatest Heaven Sect. After hearing such, it was necessary for him to non-stop drink the delicious jade dragon wine and let go of the waves. The dignified and steady master of the palace today acted like a different person.

It was Yang Chen who discovered the conspiracy of the Greatest Heaven Sect. Now he had reported to the sect that the mountain gate had been destroyed. It was still only Yang Chen, but he still did it so beautifully. The Palace Master was so happy that he didn't know how to express it. Knowing that the sect accepting Yang Chen was definitely the most correct matter he has ever encountered in this life.

The only pity was that the master of the palace could only share this happiness with Yang Chen and couldn’t even talk to the other elders. Even if Elder Zheng Feng had vaguely guessed something. Yang Chen had just silently nodded and hadn't admitted anything concrete.

The matter was too great. It was not an exaggeration to describe it as a hole in the sky. Once it got caught by the Greatest Heaven Sect, not to say anything about the strength of the Pure Yang Palace, complete sect destruction would be the only result.

Therefore, whether it was Yang Chen or the master of the palace, they were very cautious. However, such a happy matter could only be stuffed in their stomachs, even the Palace Master was somewhat aggrieved.

But the joyful mood would never change because of this little regret. It was extremely satisfying to see the successor that he had chosen. He was competent, not arrogant, loyal to the sect, repeatedly made surprises, never had a disciple, the master of the palace was very satisfied. For Yang Chen, he was content with his satisfaction.

Yang Chen accompanied the master of the palace to drink the wine for almost a full day. The Palace Master was happy, wasn’t Yang Chen not happy? This time, almost half of the inheritance of the Greatest Heaven Sect was eliminated, the pace of the Greatest Heaven Sect's expansion had been made to slow down for hundreds of years. All of this was a gift outside of his main purpose. How could it not let Yang Chen be happy and excited?

Even if the Greatest Heaven Sect was a big sect with a lot of assets, they couldn’t suffer this kind of blow again and again? Yang Chen was now just like the little ant who had smashed the embankment of a thousand miles and was busy hollowing out the Greatest Heaven Sect little by little. His revenge was now a step closer.

He just didn’t know if this time, his former enemy, Yang Lan, had been directly killed or not. In the subconscious, Yang Chen did not want this kind of end for him. Yang Chen's life and death enemy, the person who made his life unfortunate and caused his master’s dead, it was definitely a cheaper way to end him. Yang Chen still thought that one day, he would cut his head with his own hands.

When they were slightly drunk from the wine, Yang Chen began to start worrying about how to take the benefits of the secret land in his hands and while also concealing his part and the Pure Yang Palace's involvement?

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Editor: Skizlock

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