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Although the active consciousness of the avatar was killed, the remaining avatars did not dissipate, an instinctive consciousness remained.

However, this had no threat to Yang Chen. In his sea of consciousness, such a strong consciousness of the Dacheng realm was simply an excellent supplement.

The control of the five females and their respective one-sixth part of the active consciousness could make the five women directly promote a small realm stage. Not to mention that Yang Chen personally refined the remaining one-sixth of the active consciousness in his mind plus all instinct awareness.

The spiritual awareness grew like a crazy growth hormone. The benefits of this kind of door step delivery, were not meagre. Yang Chen had now reached the realm of Jiedan. There were no worries about his spiritual consciousness splitting for a long time. The avatar consciousness of this Immortal World Great Principle Golden Immortal was soon under the formidable Three Purities Secret Art, completely reduced to nothingness.

The original spiritual awareness of Yang Chen was highly concise; however, the avatar consciousness was from a Great Principle Golden Immortal. From the peak of Yuanying realm, it broke through to the early stage of the Dacheng realm and continued till the early apex of the Dacheng realm. Only then did the growth of the spiritual awareness stopped.

The sea of consciousness narrowed to 150-mu, the sea of consciousness had once again expanded and returned to the size of two hundred acres. Whether it was the Fifth Earth layer or the Penglai Divine Wood or the Niutou Bridge or the Yin-Yang Burning Heavenly Fire Dragon, they all increased in proportion and became sturdier.

Within the Dacheng realm, Yang Chen could almost control all the magic weapons on his body, including the golden bell, the jasper cup and the shuttle.

This refining took a whole month for Yang Chen. When he finished it, he drove the shuttle and immediately discovered that the speed of the shuttle had increased by 50%. When Luo Yuan was chasing Yang Chen at that time and if the shuttle had such speed, he could even stop and rest for one or two hours every day, waiting for Luo Yuan to catch up slowly, otherwise Luo Yuan would have lost him.

He leisurely rushed back to the Pure Yang Palace. As the first thing Yang Chen went to the sect warehouse; meeting the Elder Zheng Feng and returning the materials he had borrowed before.

Yang Chen's borrowed things still needed to be returned but Elder Zheng Fend didn't really care about them. However, on Yang Chen's insistence, Elder Zheng Feng could not refuse and opened the door to let Yang Chen put the things on his own. Zheng Feng laughed and helped Yang Chen to collect the materials. He then directly took Yang Chen straight to the Pure Yang Palace main hall.

“Ha ha ha ha!”

When they had not arrived, he could hear the unscrupulous laughter of the master of the palace, as if there was a great event going on in the Pure Yang Palace.

Yang Chen certainly knew why the master of the palace would laugh. For so long, even if the Greatest Heaven Sect blocked the news, it should still have been passed over. However, he still quietly followed Elder Zheng Feng into the hall.

Among the halls, it seemed that apart from Wang Yong, who was retreating, several elders were all in the same place. Gui Shanyou of the Hall of Eccentrics was also there, as if they were waiting for Yang Chen. Looking at this posture, Yang Chen naturally understood what it meant.

“The Greatest Heaven Sect also has today!”

Several restrictions were placed, and the Palace Master screamed the first sentence, and laughed again.

“Yang Chen, you came back!”

There were restrictions, and several Elders were unscrupulous. Gao Shiyan was simply happy to inform Yang Chen, “today, I received a message that the Greatest Heaven Sect was attacked. The outer sect faced destruction, tens of thousands of disciples' servants lost their lives, including four Yuanying realm masters and 80 Jiedan masters. The mountain gate got half ruined, and we are excited!”

Originally this was a high-level meeting of the Pure Yang Palace, still Yang Chen presence didn't raise any red flags. This was the default of several elders and the master of the palace. From now on, Yang Chen would be used as an heir.

“It was so ruthless?”

Yang Chen knew that his work would have definitely caused a chain reaction at the Greatest Heaven Sect, but he did not expect that there would be such brilliant results. This time he was also overjoyed.

The most basic goal of Yang Chen was to completely foil the descent of the consciousness clone and to cut off the channels of the Greatest Heaven Sect with the Immortal World. The second was to destroy the Greatest Heaven Sect plans. He didn't have much expectations, but he got such an impressive result. How could it not let Yang Chen rejoice?

“There are many tigers in the mountains!”

Zhu Chentao said with a happy smile, “the Greatest Heaven Sect has been overbearing for so long, and they always offend people who should not be offended. Under them, my and others' sects' gates were completely destroyed. Finally, theirs has also suffered the same fate. Someone has revenged for us!”

The Palace Master and the Elders were simply celebrating happily. This secret celebration was the same as in other Dao Sects.

However, in their capacity, they couldn’t make such performances publicly. They could only hide and do them secretly. In public, they must show serious support for the Greatest Heaven Sect. Otherwise it was easy for people in the Greatest Heaven Sect to guess that they already knew the truth of Liang Shaoming.

Even now, the Pure Yang Palace still could not bear the cost of dealing with the Greatest Heaven Sect. Some advantages could still not be taken. This was the sorrow of the weak. When strength was insufficient, even when facing the enemy, one could only bear the torment.

But in any case, their happiness was certain, the big shots and Yang Chen were concealed. Yang Chen took out the jade dragon wine and celebrated with it in the hall of the Pure Yang Palace.

It was rare to meet this kind of matter worthy of celebration. Everyone even put down their haughty manner that was high on ordinary days and let go of it. After enjoying a lot of jade dragon wine, they were amazed, and drunk. Soon they disbanded and returned. Within the halls, only the master of the palace and Yang Chen were left behind.

When Elder Zheng Feng was drinking and was about to leave. Yang Chen took the chance to help him and supported him along. After a while, he returned to the hall.

Even with the few restrictions. The master of the palace felt that it was not secure enough for discussions with Yang Chen. He directly brought him to his own medicine garden. Then he asked, “Yang Chen, what is it?”

He did not know where the master of the palace was hiding Wan Qian, he did not see her when he came in. Of course, Yang Chen and Zheng Feng would not be rude to open their spiritual awareness to explore in the site which belonged to the Palace Master.

When listening to the master of the palace, Yang Chen said, “Palace Master, Elder Zheng, the disciple wanted to ask the elders to hold the auction soon. Refine the materials again which this disciple had borrowed before. Sell them as soon as possible.”


Elder Zheng Feng asked awkwardly, still not realizing the hidden message inside.

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