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Such changes at the end of the day. Even if one was a fool, they would know that something must have gone wrong. However, the people present at the scene broke their heads but could not understand the problem.

Everyone was watching this change, but there was nothing they could do. They didn’t know how to reverse this situation.

Suddenly, a Dacheng realm elder raised his head and looked at the direction of Yang Chen's arrangement of his welcoming array. He suddenly said, "in that direction, there is a spiritual fluctuation that is almost identical to our great array!”


A few of the high-ranking members of the Greatest Heaven Sect almost detonated, “how could this be?”

“Some people have arranged the same method as my sect and cut off the boundaries of my ancestral hall!”

The Elder of the Dacheng realm once again screamed, he turned into a sword light and flew in the direction of Yang Chen.

“Stabilize the array!”

At the crucial moment, the sect master screamed. Several elders who were responsible for launching the formation method stabilized the formation. However, the black line that hung down resisted crazily. It kept shaking, kept getting tangled even more and didn't stop for a moment.

The black line kept drilling into the first disciple of Wan Qian. Yang Chen's heart moved, and the other four female apprentices and the mountain god, flew to the side of the first female disciple and stood quietly.

Yang Chen slowly watched the black hole become more and more round, the black silk thread that was hanging down became thicker and thicker. When the first female disciple had absorbed it for about one-fifth of the time, he suddenly controlled the female disciple to fly into another great array.

The black line was thus interrupted by the great array. It then began to search for the next suitable target. The second female disciple immediately took over the residence of the first female disciple, and the black line quickly found her. Her cherry mouth was smashed in and it quickly went inside.

Looking at it, Yang Chen controlled the third female disciple to take over the second one, followed by the fourth and finally followed by the fifth.

After all the black lines had been drilled into the mouth of the five female disciples, the black hole above Yang Chen's formation had become a full moon. On the other hand, the pattern on the side of the Greatest Heaven Sect had turned into a small crescent moon. If they were combined, it would just be a full circle.


Yang Chen suddenly sighed in his mouth. The five female disciples brushed the area, sat down and began to cultivate.

What they practiced were the small spells that Yang Chen gave them three years ago; Three Purities Secret Art refining Spiritual Awareness. The five women did not have a sense of initiative at all. In fact, Yang Chen controlled their bodies and then practiced the Three Purities Secret Art.

Even if this was the consciousness of a Great Principle Golden Immortal, most of it was lost during the descent. After the descent, only at most it was at the level of early Dacheng stage.

Because of the sudden emergence of the two large arrays and the emergence of a total of six carrier cultivators in the large array, the consciousness that should have entered a carrier cultivator was artificially divided into six.

Yang Chen had five exclusive shares, but there was only one copy for the Greatest Heaven Sect that really needed it. And only one of them was still unusually unstable.

In the five female disciples who entered Wan Qian, there was no active consciousness at all, and the consciousness of the following quickly took the initiative. However, Yang Chen's refining directly sent the avatar consciousness into hell.

Under the influence of the formidable Three Purities Secret Art's refining Spiritual Awareness, the separated consciousness had almost no resistance; it was completely controlled by Three Purities Secret Art, till successively rupturing. The last remaining part disappeared in less than an hour.

The news was not passed down to Yang Chen, but he did not need to know it. His only goals were to destroy the Greatest Heaven Sect's ideology, disrupt the conciseness clone's descent into his realm, and then teach the Greatest Heaven Sect a lesson.

At this point, the first goal had been basically achieved. The ideology of the consciousness clone's descent into the lower realm had its five out of six parts refined. The remaining one-sixth suffered from the sacredness of the spiritual awareness and the instinctive counterattack of the carrier cultivator. It had become nothing but a trinket, not to mention the message.

Yang Chen’s five female puppets, after the refinement of the avatar consciousness, had their spiritual power increased. All of them had improved and promoted a small realm, from middle to the late Jiedan stage.

Could devouring consciousness be able to improve his level? The improvement of spiritual power was very obvious, and even the spiritual awareness had been greatly improved. However, at this moment, Yang Chen had not taken too much notice of it. He quickly returned the five female puppets, back to the medicine garden.

Yang Chen jumped directly into the shuttle and drove it far away to escape.

The black hole above the large array was still spinning slowly. After Yang Chen fled a certain distance, he violently launched another array that had already been arranged next to him.

The array next to it was purely a destructive kind. The moment the formation was launched, a huge spiritual attack hit the center of the large welcoming array.

The entire array shown flashes of light, then flashed a glimmer of light, finally the entire battle formation swayed and trembled.

In a certain position on the array, it slammed open. This small crack began the general progression of falling dominoes. On the whole arrangement of the array, cracks began to appear constantly, and soon the whole array was covered in them.

As if in the same way as Yang Chen’s arrangement of the array, the large array at the gate of the Greatest Heaven Sect began to crack a small crack in the same position, soon the crack became unmanageable.

In a fierce tremor, with a bang, the whole formation burst with an explosion, fragments of the array madly splattered around.

“Not good! Fast! Dodge!”

The Greatest Heaven Sect's few high-level executives and a great master of the Dacheng stage flashed and flew a few miles away.

With the explosion and the fragmentation of the array, the black hole floating above the array also detonated furiously. The huge sound spread hundreds of miles away, a dazzling fire rushed into the sky, and after illuminating it, the black hole burst upwards. A huge shockwave centered on the array exploded, carrying the power of destruction towards the surroundings.

The gates of the Greatest Heaven Sect, the hills where the outer disciples were, and the inner sect, including all the buildings were directly turned into powder in front of this huge force.

The scope of the explosion directly covered a thousand miles, and all the houses around were directly turned into ruins.

Countless Greatest Heaven Sect disciples who had not had time to escape in this crazy destruction became muddleheaded and eventually turned into meat sauce.

Just this explosion had turned the whole Greatest Heaven Sect upside down.

Translator: DonStagy

Editor: Skizlock

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