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Yang Chen did not tell the Master of the Palace or his Master what he was doing. He didn’t want to let the Greatest Heaven Sect discover any clues through their expectations or worries. The Pure Yang Palace could not compete with the force behind the Greatest Heaven Sect's facade.

However, when Yang Chen left the Pure Yang Palace this time, he borrowed the Illusion Array Banner from Gong Sunling. After all, the welcoming formation required a large piece of open space, and the violent spiritual fluctuations without the cover of an illusion would be discovered, no matter where it was.

Of course, the location chosen should be far enough from the Greatest Heaven Sect. So even if they found any anomalies, it would be still too late for them to stop it.

Once the Greatest Heaven Sect's formation showed any signs of trouble, it was certain that the spiritual power of the two arrays could be used to find the location of Yang Chen's layout. It must be ensured that when they do arrive, he must not be found anywhere near it.

The open space was very easy to find. The spiritual power had the support of Yang Chen’s top-grade spirit stone; the array would not have any problems. However, before he started to set up the array, he first used the Illusion Array to circle all the large open spaces around and including the selected open space. From the outside, only a raised cliff could be seen in its place, nothing else.

In the illusion, Yang Chen first arranged a Spirit Gathering Formation and a method to isolate the fluctuations of spiritual power to avoid doubt. With the illusion, he was no longer afraid of getting exposed.

Next, Yang Chen began to arrange the welcoming array. This time, he had already studied in the Immortal World. For a while, the Profound Heaven Sect even planned to sacrifice his cultivation to serve as the consciousness avatar for their welcoming array. Therefore, he also studied it very thoroughly, no less than those who practiced the theory.

The array method was extremely cumbersome. Yang Chen was alone, and he must also measure the amount of materials. He must prepare the materials for the array by himself. He also needed to accurately weigh the materials and mold them into the appropriate shapes, they must fit precisely in the right place. Arranging the array method still took a long time, even if Yang Chen was already familiar with the theory.

The huge array of formations was formed little by little, the runes made from the grain materials had been placed in the right positions, and the various key nodes were also connected. At the end, the embroidered troughs were placed. if he loaded and stimulated the top-grade spirit stone spirit, he could successfully start the array.

After doing all this, it took a full three years for Yang Chen. When everything was ready, he stopped.

Yang Chen was afraid to start the formation, fearing that he would resonate with the welcoming array of the Greatest Heaven Sect, and their people would realize something. In the following time, he went to various places, to strengthen his own alibi.

When leaving, Yang Chen placed a sword array protected dome on the welcoming array under the illusion array. In this way, even if someone discovered the illusion array and entered, they still wouldn't be able to destroy the welcoming array. They will have to break the sword array before he arrived.

Then again Yang Chen's figure appeared in various places, he appeared in many squares and cities. Of course, he also appeared in various auctions. In all of them, he only bought two kinds of things; fire seeds and alchemical materials. This made people more and more determined that Yang Chen was an alchemy master.

Of course, Yang Chen would leave immediately after every purchase. He now had a very fast flying magic weapon which was not a secret; driving the shuttle, very few people could block him.

To create some illusions for the Greatest Heaven Sect, Yang Chen even appeared outside the Greatest Heaven Sect once. Sometime in the first two months of starting to arrange the formation in Yang Chen's memory.

Greatest Heaven Sect was identical to what it was in his past life. They began to release news three months in advance. The announcement laid out a plan to rebuild the mountain gate. Shortly after, the number of visitors declined at the original mountain gate site. Guests of the sect started to visit the guesthouse on another side.

The mountain gate has been in disrepair since a long time. It was very normal to repair it every 100 years. Apart from Yang Chen, no one felt something amiss. Even some of the disciples of the Greatest Heaven Sect were so naive that they did not know, the intention of their own sect.

Leaving the Greatest Heaven Sect, Yang Chen quickly rushed to the side of the welcoming array he had arranged. Quietly, he waited for the formation to open.

The place chosen by Yang Chen was inaccessible, and there were no people in hundreds of miles around. One day before the opening, he had already prepared everything. Wan Qian's five female apprentices had already sat down in the corner of the big array. He had begun to count on his fingers, waiting for the formation to open. The arrival of the crucial time.

Time passed into the night, almost to midnight. Yang Chen's right thumb came over on the other fingers one by one and stopped on the index finger.

It was at this time that Yang Chen's left hand had already taken the top-grade spirit stone. He immediately put it on the inlay. Spiritual power instantly began to stimulate the array.


The complete formation was instantly ignited, and the dark ground seemed to suddenly light up like a huge torch, making the surrounding cliffs glow.

A series of electric lights began to swim in the crowded array. In the midnight sky, there seemed to be a black hole in the emptiness. This black hole only appeared above the large array and hovered not far from the top.

If you look at it from a distance, you couldn’t find the existence of this black hole. This was also why the Greatest Heaven Sect and other sects have accomplished the descent of the consciousness clone to their realm without getting noticed.

The shape of the black hole was very bizarre. It looked like a semicircle. A corner of the semi-circle began to slowly descend, a ghastly black thread hangs down from it towards the array. One of the women’s mouth flew open.

The black line made into the woman’s mouth, the semicircle in the sky began to slowly change its shape, becoming rounder, as if it were originally a full circle but half lost. Now it seemed to be recovering.

On the Greatest Heaven Sect's Square, which was thousands of miles away, there were many sporadically standing figures. The welcoming array here was also open, and the same phenomena happened here too at the beginning. However, the moment when the semicircle appeared, all the high-ranking members of the Greatest Heaven Sect frowned while standing next to each other.

What always happened in the past, resulted in a whole circle. How could there be a semicircle this time? No one knew what was going on, everyone looked at each other in worry.

When the semicircle hanged down a black line and entered the mouth of a cultivator, the black line seemed to be frightened and shook.

Then the semi-circle above the big array began to slowly disappear, in a short time it became a crescent moon.

“What is going on?”

The Sect Master of the Greatest Heaven Sect could not help but scream in fear.

Translator: DonStagy

Editor: Skizlock

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