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Chapter 276
Both the Ask Inner Heart Pill and Heaven Seizing Pill were said to be the medicinal pills that enable the masters of the Dacheng stage to break through the realm . However, strictly speaking, the Heaven Seizing Pill was still stronger .

The Heaven Seizing Pill could make the masters of the peak Dacheng stage ascend . It was directly relied on the pill spirit and formidable drug efficacy to help crossing the tribulation and ascending . Ask Inner Heart Pill helped in stimulating the real potential of the cultivators allowing them to improve their mind’s cultivation base . So, Ask Inner Heart Pill did not directly help the cultivator to improve their cultivation base, the cultivator still had to rely on his talent .

However, the advantage of the Ask Inner Heart Pill was that it could be adapted to almost everyone . One didn’t have to worry about a life-threatening situation after the promotion of his cultivation .

The Two Revolutions Ask Inner Heart Pill was more refined; the effect was completely different . In terms of value, it was infinitely close to the Heaven Seizing Pill .

Gong Sunling realized that she had taken the Two Revolutions Ask Inner Heart Pill in a situation where even she, herself was unsure, she felt like getting stabbed through her heart . If she had known of this, she would not have taken it even if she was dying .

“A little medicinal pill, why should senior sister worry about it?”

Yang Chen looked at Gong Sunling’s expression and held back his smile .

“Do not worry about it? That is the Two Revolutions Ask Inner Heart Pill! Ah! Two Revolutions Ask Inner Heart Pill! Ah!!”

Gong Sunling still did not hold back, rebuking Yang Chen .

“No matter whether it was Two Revolutions or Three Revolutions, wasn’t it refined by me?”

Yang Chen smiled and said, “it is not something that I can’t refine again in the future . I don’t have to worry about it, my sister!”

Gong Sunling suddenly thought this time . This medicinal pill was made by Yang Chen . However, this was the Two Revolutions Ask Inner Heart Pill which could almost move a master of the Dacheng stage, why would Yang Chen give it to herself?

In her mind, she suddenly remembered a scene of herself and Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness double cultivation . To be able to cooperate with Yang Chen, her legs were placed on his waist, and the scene of being in Yang Chen’s arms with her hands on his neck appeared again . Gong Sunling’s face became red, but she couldn’t say anything anymore .

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It seemed that after having spiritual awareness double cultivation, Gong Sunling herself felt that he did not need to be so careful . Since it was Yang Chen’s own creation, no matter how precious, he had complete authority over its use .

Thinking of this, Gong Sunling’s anger seemed to have been thrown into the clouds, and her emotions calmed down . Just a bit of resentment remained; “You should have at least told us of its origin!”

“I certainly will remember it for next time . ”

Yang Chen smiled and promised . He then began to ask about the results of Gong Sunling’s progress in her cultivation and the feeling she felt after taking the medicinal pill .

Gong Sunling and Yang Chen spoke alone and discussed their respective results one after another . That was all so that Yang Chen could use them as a reference .

Gao Yue had not yet gone out, Yang Chen and Gong Sunling had also not left, they cultivated in the same place . The two continued to wait for almost half a year, only then did Gao Yue finally reacted .

It wasn’t that Gao Yue woke up from the seclusion but on her body suddenly an imposing aura burst out which made the surrounding spiritual power begin to madly concentrate on her .

This situation had been experienced by Yang Chen once before . Naturally, this was the process of Gao Yue entering the Solidifying Core stage . Speaking of it in another way; this was Gao Yue’s victory over Yang Chen’s other spiritual powers as she got her second spiritual power to enter the stage of Solidifying Core .

Yang Chen had been consolidating his cultivation base since his fire attribute’s spiritual power got promoted and did not think that he could promote other the spiritual powers in a short time . This was not that Yang Chen was not diligent enough, but if the Yin and Yang Five Elements Secret Art wanted to reach the Solidifying Core, ten Jiedan, would never be so simple, no chance, it was impossible .

Unless there was anything similar like the Fifth Earth True Secret Art and Tenth Water True Secret Art, the success chance of the cultivation may be enough to achieve a complete promotion . As for whether to bring all the other spiritual powers to the Solidifying Core stage, he was still unsure . If he wanted to rely on hard work as the way to reaching Solidifying Core stage for all the ten spirit powers, even with Yang Chen’s postnatal spirit root’s full potential, he still had to wait for at least a few decades .

The process of Gao Yue’s core solidification lasted for more than a year . After achieving it, Gao Yue swallowed the Two Revolutions Ask Inner Heart Pill, and again started cultivation for six more years . The consolidation of the cultivation base, combined with her core solidification was then finally completed .

Gao Yue had now successfully achieved Jiedan realm with her water attribute spiritual power . From the Qi Refining to the foundation realm and then to the Jiedan realm, it took her less than seventy years . Although she had taken the Two Revolutions Ask Inner Heart Pill, the speed of promotion could still be regarded as astounding .

After Gao Yue completed her core solidification, she asked the same question as Gong Sunling . The question about the origins of the medicinal pill she consumed . When she heard that it was the Two Revolutions Ask Inner Heart Pill, she didn’t have the surprised reaction of Gong Sunling . It seemed that the master accepted the filial piety of her disciples, which was a matter of righteousness .

The retreat of the three had now reached its goal . It had been 30 years since the start till the present . This could be regarded as a long-term retreat .

Even if Yang Chen did not mention it, Gao Yue and Gong Sunling would still insist on going out . Since, they had already achieved core solidification, there was not much significance in staying here for secluded cultivation . It was more appropriate to go out to gain experience . Although they could also fight with the monsters here, Yang Chen said that this kind of battle cultivates the consciousness and battle instinct, the real enemy though, were the other cultivators .

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Yang Chen, Gao Yue and Gong Sunling, collectively going out, surprised the master of the palace and several elders . Yang Chen had said that, if he did not reach core solidification, he would not go out . Now the three people have gone out to gain experience, they had all reached the Jiedan realm in just 30 years . The sect now had three more Jiedan masters . This was a happy occasion .

Asked about the three-person process, naturally knowing their respective time of condensation, everyone was surprised . Looking at the talent of these three, one would be affirmed that they were one of the most talented geniuses around . No one was worse than the Green Jade Immortal Island’s Fairy Shi .

Pure Yang Palace suddenly had three cultivation geniuses . The master of the palace was so happy that he laughed loudly . Not only the palace master, but even a few elders also had that pleased look .

The happiest ones were Wang Yong, master of Yang Chen’s master, Gao Yue, and Gao Shiyan, Gong Sunling’s master’s master . Their descendants’ excellence also elevated their positions among other several elders . Especially Wang Yong, the eagerness of his disciple and the grand disciple to compete was a matter of great pride .

However, all the happiness and pride was replaced with utter shock when Yang Chen took out twenty medicinal pills wrapped in a talisman .

“What kind of medicinal pills are these?”

Asked the master of the palace with curiosity . Generally medicinal pills came packed in jade bottles, rarely were they ever wrapped in a talisman .

“Two Revolutions Ask Inner Heart Pill . ”

Yang Chen answered very casually .

“Two Revolutions Ask Inner Heart Pill?”

When they heard Yang Chen’s words, all the elders present jumped . Was he kidding? Ask Inner Heart Pill of Two Revolutions?

Gao Yue and Gong Sunling just heard about the name of the Ask Inner Heart Pill, but they didn’t really see the Ask Inner Heart Pill before they took it, and they heard only some of the scraps that were occasionally heard . Even so, they heard It was also shocking .

However, the reaction of the two women was not half as exaggerated as of any elder who was currently present . Hearing the name, Two Revolutions Ask Inner Heart Pill, no one could sit still .

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The Ask Inner Heart Pill, could make a great Dacheng realm master break through the mid stage bottleneck and now there was this Two Revolutions version . Now everyone understood why Yang Chen would use the talisman to firmly wrap these medicinal pills . This level of medicinal pill, if not so preserved was simply a crime .

Yang Chen had seen that in the secret plane, all the medicinal pills had turned into dust with the passage of time . It was natural to be cautious and careful to preserve the Two Revolutions Ask Inner Heart Pill, this way .

The elders all came around in an instant, staring at the twenty small jade boxes that Yang Chen placed on the table, and kept their eyes on it . Yang Chen said that in the past, he would open another furnace in 30 years . It took some time for the retreat, but when everyone saw the Two Revolutions Ask Inner Heart Pill, the difference between it and the One Revolution Ask Inner Heart Pill was that of heaven and earth!

If you say that the One Revolution Ask Inner Heart Pill would be able to let the masters of the middle stage break through the bottleneck, then the Two Revolutions version may as well could let the master of the peak stage to increase the assurances in crossing the tribulation faced at ascension .

Even the Dacheng stage masters could use it, they were the masters of the Yuanying stage, naturally they could also . In the same year, for the Hundred Thousand Mountains, a total of 13 Ask Inner Heart Pills had been disbursed to nine Dacheng stage masters, the remaining two were given to Wang Yong, one given to the palace master . Even though both have not been willing to take it .

Now there were a total of twenty Ask Inner Heart Pill, even if one was given to every person in the room, there were still a lot left . Everybody thought of getting one; the Dacheng stage was expected, and everyone’s hearts would be restless .

Yang Chen was now taking out the other things, which were intended to be handed over to the sect’s benefit . The Palace Master and the elders decided that the sect resources would be used by Yang Chen . Yang Chen had no need to ask the sect any more for whatever he needed to use at any time . As for how to use these Two Revolutions Ask Inner Heart Pill, Yang Chen was no longer concerned . He only had to worry about his master and the elders .

“So, it just happens to be able to strengthen the prestige of my Pure Yang Palace . ”

The palace master finally suppressed his excitement and said .

Yang Chen, Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling had some doubts, they didn’t know what the Palace Master meant . Wang Yong was very interested in introducing them to the changes in the Pure Yang Palace during their retreat .

The most obvious change was that the disciples recruited by the Pure Yang Palace had increased several times more than before . Every year, hundreds of people joined the Pure Yang Palace . Pure Yang Palace seemed to have gained the same appeal as the big sects .

Naturally, because of the operation of the Hundred Thousand Mountains, the Pure Yang Palace was also on the rise . The monthly cases of disciples have multiplied, and the cultivation of all the disciples was gradually improving .

The overall strength of the Pure Yang Palace had also improved a grade in the past few decades . If the former Pure Yang Palace was only at the bottom of the second-rate sects, it was now at least at the middle second-rate sects .

The growth of the martial arts sect had also led to other changes . In recent years, Pure Yang Palace has also held auctions within the sect . Of course, because of the income from Hundred Thousand mountains in the form of precious materials . The sect had been using the surplus for the auctions .

Just recently an external auction was going to be organized by the sect and there were no finale items available . Yang Chen’s Two Revolutions Ask Inner Heart Pill, naturally, would be the best one to use for it .

“Just kidding! How can I ask whether Two Revolutions Ask Inner Heart Pill was available for auction?”

After the palace master had been waiting for Wang Yong to introduce it, this was just a taste .

“What does the Palace Master mean?”

Wang Yong did not understand what the palace master wanted to do and could not help but ask .

“Yang Chen respected you and I have a Ask Inner Heart Pill . I know that you old guys are not willing to use it . I have not been willing either but this time it could be used for the external auction’s finale item . ”

The Palace Master said in a rare joking tone to Wang Yong . The group looked at that batch of Two Revolutions Ask Inner Heart Pills on the table . Then the palace master suddenly said to Yang Chen: “Since you take out these things, we also rely on the seniority to sell the older one, do you have any objections?”

“The Palace Master can handle it anyway he desires!” Yang Chen smiled and replied, he didn’t want to manage it when he took it out . How to deal with it was to be decided by the elders .

Everyone could take Two Revolutions Ask Inner Heart Pill, excited looks appeared on their faces . The Palace Master did not care, and directly threw one for each person, and at the same time collected one for himself . Then said, “the rest of these will be sent to the sect’s Secret Pavilion for safe keeping . It will thus, serve as a reward for people who will make great contributions in the future . ”

Naturally, no one had any opinions on such a decision . The one who asked the palace master and Wang Yong’s turn in the One Revolution Ask Inner Heart Pill, quickly took it to prepare for the auction .

Yang Chen had retired for more than 30 years . Naturally, he also needed to re-recognize the sect’s style . At the same time, he also had to visit old friends and thus, asked to be excused .

However, though the three were familiar in the Pure Yang Palace, the finale item of this auction; the Two Revolutions Ask Inner Heart Pill of the Pure Yang Palace, was the news, which had already passed along with the exchange of Wine Immortal House and other rogue cultivators all over the cultivation world .

In order to allow most people to hear the news, the Pure Yang Palace even postponed the time of this auction, which was now scheduled to be half a year later .

Since, Hundred Thousand Mountains’ matter, almost fifty years had passed, thus, there was no need for secrecy anymore . Moreover, the masters of the Green Jade Immortal Island and Blue Cloud Sect also consciously or unconsciously told some old friends about the matter of the Ask Inner Heart Pill . Thus, the Ask Inner Heart Pill was already known to be a precious thing in the cultivation world, but it couldn’t be had .

There were going to be Ask Inner Heart Pills in the auction, and the time had aroused the interest of countless people . Whether it was a big or a small sect, martial sect or rogue cultivators, whether it was a master of the Dacheng realm or a patriarch of the Yuanying realm, or a master of the Jiedan realm, as long as they felt that they could afford, they began to wonder about seizing some at the auction .

Some Alchemist Masters and some big sects began to think about whether they could take Ask Inner Heart Pill, to carefully study the ingredients and alchemical techniques used so that they could also imitate it .

The auction of the Pure Yang Palace had not been started yet, and its hype had already spread far and wide .

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