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Gao Yue and Gong Sunling's small retreat lasted for five years. After the Dacheng realm masters Hua Wanting and Min Huafeng took the One Revolution Ask Inner Heart Pill in the past, they had to spend half a year to digest the pill. The two women were just at the early stage of the Jiedan realm, and they took the Two Revolutions Ask Inner Heart Pill, naturally it would take longer.

During this time, Yang Chen did a lot of things. Yang Chen gave Seas Mysterious Coral Liquid to Xiao Tian, no less than ten times, and exhausted its body impurities as much as possible, so that the bloodline of him would be purer.

As for Yang Chen himself, of course, he took no less. He had been promoted to the Jiedan realm, thus, not only some of the original rate of absorption of the body was stimulated, but it also had brought on more impurities.

When Yang Chen practiced the Yellow Turban Strongman Body Refining Technique, he suddenly noticed this. Compared with his earlier cultivation, after the promotion, there was some spirit power which was blocking his posture. This was obviously not because the Body Refining Technique entered the Second Layer.

Fortunately, there was the Four Seas Mysterious Coral Liquid, which could let Yang Chen excrete impurities from his body at any time. Otherwise, so many impure things deposited in Yang Chen’s body would spell big troubles sooner or later.

After enjoying the process of detoxification through the Four Seas Mysterious Coral Liquid, Yang Chen's Golf Strongman Body Refining Technique once again restored the posture of pursuing a Pure Qi. He was also affirmed that for the time being, there would be no such big problems coming his way.

With nothing to do, Yang Chen, tested his current strength, the method used was still the stupid way. After roughly estimating the weight of a large pile of stone, it was then made into a huge stone pillar and waved.

According to Yang Chen's calculations, his current strength was about 500,000-600,000 jin. It was close to 20,000 baht which was more than the effect of practicing the Body Refining Technique's First Layer, it had more than doubled. It could be seen that Yang Chen's body was already outstanding.

The Yin-Yang Heaven Burning Fire was formed and had entered the initial stage. Yang Chen did not waste time. He directly sent the bright ray sword to the purple fire dragon inside his sea of consciousness in accordance with the Life Source Magic Weapon sacrificial refining method and warmed up to the nourishing sacrificial refining.

This would also take decades of hard work for hundreds of years. Nevertheless, Yang Chen had a Blood Phantom Vine flying sword. For the time being, he could also send a handful of thousands of ordinary flying swords out. As long as there was Xiao Tian, it was enough to use any peerless weapon.

The First Wood flying sword had just been formed, and it needed more sacrificial refining and nourishment. At the same time, it needed more materials from the First Wood to strengthen it. Yang Chen's discovery showed that although, it was a real weapon, some high-end refining materials were very lacking. It seemed necessary to strengthen this collection in the future.

Yang Chen had been able to safely cultivate the Three Purities Secret Art. After the Yuanying realm, he had to enter the Dacheng stage, it wasn't small matter. The spiritual awareness of the Dacheng and Yuanying realm had a world of difference, not to mention the Third Grade Fire Seed, even the True Sun Fire and Moon True Fire, the Fifth Grade Fire Seed, were not necessarily able to promote the spiritual awareness from the early Dacheng stage to the peak Dacheng stage. This was the gap.

He had been promoted to the Jiedan realm. For the time being, there was no need to worry about the splitting of the spiritual awareness. Three Purities Secret Art was such a formidable cultivation method that it had to be practiced diligently.

Even Yang Chen had a bit of recollection and the wonderful taste of his master and senior sister's spiritual awareness while undergoing double cultivation. Only in the future would there be opportunities where his master and senior sister would be willing to do it again with him, was still a problem.

For Yang Chen, there was still an important thing to do after going out. The Yin-Yang Heaven Burning Fire must be upgraded. There would be no more Third Grade and Fourth Grade Fire Seeds. The third-grade fire seeds could be exchanged with a large amount of spirit stones. The Fourth Grade Fire Seed required some opportunities. Yang Chen could only go to find it himself or use medicinal pills to exchange it with others.

Everything was for his cultivation base, and if the cultivation base didn't promote, anything would become empty talk. Before Yang Chen met Luo Yuan, he could only flee and escape. This fully illustrated this point. Fortunately, now Yang Chen had been promoted to the Jiedan realm, even if he was not defeated while driving the shuttle, only a few people would be able to catch up. Thus, promotion increased his chances of survival in tough situations.

The golden bell was naturally very powerful. At least, Yang Chen was not afraid of the bell's sound anymore and enemy’s more powerful attacks could now be countered.

Unless one could kill Yang Chen with a single blow, it would definitely be countered by the bell.

The only pity was that even if Yang Chen was in the Jiedan realm, he still couldn’t apply sacrificial refining to the Golden Bell. He really wanted to know how powerful the Golden Bell's resonance would be afterwards.

Of course, Yang Chen had not solidified cores for the nine other kinds of spiritual powers yet. He had to secure any opportunities to cultivate all his spiritual powers to the Jiedan realm, this needed him to always keep an eye out.

Already in the Jiedan realm, Yang Chen still wondered if he could go to the Dragon Palace treasure house and see if he could open one or two more restrictions. The ones that had been obtained, each of them made him pleasantly surprised, and he believed that the remaining ones would bring even more surprises.

Time passed slowly in the process of Yang Chen’s planning for himself and the Pure Yang Palace. Of course, while protecting, he did not forget to consolidate his cultivation base.

The Yin and Yang Five Elements Secret Art was still being practiced to One Heavenly Circulation every day. Similarly, Three Purities Secret Art was also practiced daily. Universe Treasure Raising Secret Art was also practiced occasionally while the Yellow Turban Strongman Body Refining Technique was the focus of his cultivation. Not to mention, the size and shape of his body reminded him to cultivate religiously, otherwise, going out with it would definitely make him joke to the world.

Yang Chen was certainly not afraid of anyone laughing at him, but Yang Chen was afraid that because of him, his master would be pointed out by others. So, what Yang Chen could do was to suffer, work hard and strive to cultivate the Yellow Turban Strongman Body Refining Technique to the third layer as quickly as possible. At that time, his body shape would begin to slowly come back to normality.

Gong Sunling’s current cultivation base was calculated to be higher than Gao Yue’s water attribute spiritual power, so she was faster than Gao Yue at comprehension. After opening her eyes, she realized what she had done. The first reaction was to ask Yang Chen directly, “What was that medicine?”

“Two Revolutions Ask Inner Heart Pill!”

Yang Chen casually replied, his eyes were carefully looking at his senior sister.

“Two Revolutions Ask Inner Heart Pill?”

Gongsun Ling have had heard of the name of the Ask Inner Heart Pill. Once she heard that what Yang Chen actually gave her and Gao Yue to eat was the Two Revolutions Ask Inner Heart Pill, she could not help but scream. The pill that allowed the Dacheng realm masters to break through their realm, she had actually eaten one after she had just solidified her core. Feeling that to waste such natural resources recklessly, Gong Sunling had a feeling of wanting to beat her chest and stamp her feet.

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