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The spiritual power had almost collectively upgraded to a small level, and Yang Chen certainly cannot cope with the consolidation of the realm. Then naturally, he can’t immediately absorb the fire seeds.

There were two basic functions for consolidating a cultivation base. One was to let your body slowly accept the changes brought by the spiritual power advancement, and the other was to adapt yourself through battles and other actions after the spiritual power advancement. This was to lay the foundation for future improvement.

In a short period of time, the realm was continuously improved. It was not a talent, It was a silly return. When the body had not adapted to the influence of the power of the advancement, it would be blindly elevated to a higher level, once and twice, but it would take a longer time to get used to and adapt.

Once such an improvement was made continuously, the end result was that after several consecutive increases, the body could no longer adapt to its own strength. The final result was an abnormally serious injury, or the foundation would be destroyed and could no longer be promoted.

No matter what kind of result, Yang Chen didn’t want it. Therefore, Yang Chen could only temporarily stop to absorb the flames, and honestly adapt to the daily work.

Of course, there was a better way, that was, the painstaking use of spiritual power, so that your body could adapt to the process of changing spiritual power in use.

The refining of magic weapons was also a good way to use spiritual power. Coincidentally, there were still a lot of things on Yang Chen, and they needed to be re-refined.

Profound Spirit Furnace, Medicine Garden, Dome Hall, Bright Ray Sword and Blood Phantom Vine sword, all need Yang Chen refining system. The Sea Pouring Jasper Cup was just collected in a unique way, could only be used simply, and had not experienced any refining.

The Profound Spirit Furnace was the highest quality weapon in Yang Chen’s hand. Yang Chen spent a full half of the time, and then it was difficult to refine the profound spirit furnace to the sixth layer of the Heavenly Spirit Treasure Refining Secret Art and the Earth Fiend Sacrificial Formation Secret Art Eighth Layer. This was also the highest state that Yang Chen was currently able to cultivate to in the Heavenly Spirit Treasure Refining Secret Art and Earth Fiend Sacrificial Formation Secret Art.

The one thousand and eighty Spirit power threads in Yang Chen's body have already been illuminated by one hundred and forty, and the spiritual power increase had reached at least four times. The pure power of spiritual power was no longer at the early Jiedan stage.

Next, it was the refining of the medicine garden. The quality of the medicine garden was high. Yang Chen's refining system was very difficult, and this time Yang Chen was refining the medicine garden and the dome, which was more difficult.

The medicine garden and the dome were magic weapons as a whole. After being refined by Yang Chen, they had been somewhat uncoordinated. Of course, Yang Chen would not continue this way, so he would rather spend great efforts and refine the medicine garden and the dome.

For a whole two years, Yang Chen spent it on the net bottle of the medicine garden. The Heav­enly Spirit Trea­sure Re­fin­ing Se­cret Art had reached the extreme for the medicine garden. With Yang Chen's current cultivation, it was impossible to improve it anymore. The focus of this refining was still on the top of the Earth Fiend Sac­ri­fi­cial For­ma­tion Se­cret Art.

The Heav­enly Spirit Trea­sure Re­fin­ing Se­cret Art was at the second layer, and the Earth Fiend Sac­ri­fi­cial For­ma­tion Se­cret Art was at the fourth layer. This was the result of Yang Chen's refining two years later. The level of the medicine garden and the dome was slightly improved, and the protection of the dome was even better. However, what made Yang Chen happy was the change of the medicine garden.

The space in the medicine garden had increased a lot. However, this increase was the credit of the Tenth Water True Essence. The increased part was like Yang Chen's sea of consciousness. There was a circle of blue sea around the land, all of which were layers of Tenth Water. In this way, some herbs that could grow in seawater could also be transplanted into the medicine garden.

This was not the case, the portal that appeared looming in the medicine garden, this time was more and more clear. He had seen the complete outline, but he still could only see it. It seemed that his cultivation base was not enough, otherwise he would be able to enter the deeper portal. He really didn’t know how many years he had to wait to enter the medicine garden portal.

The Bright Ray Sword and Blood Phan­tom Vine fly­ing sword, Yang Chen was strictly refining according to the highest level of his current Heav­enly Spirit Trea­sure Re­fin­ing Se­cret Art and Earth Fiend Sac­ri­fi­cial For­ma­tion Se­cret Art. These two flying swords basically belong to Yang Chen from the lowest stage of refining, especially the blood demon vine flying sword, but also Yang Chen’s own refining success, carrying out the Heav­enly Spirit Earthly Fiend sac­ri­fi­cial re­fin­ing, with no difficulty.

Even so, the two-handed flying swords took Yang Chen almost a year to complete. In addition to the maintenance of the Uni­verse Trea­sure Rais­ing Se­cret Art , the two-sword flying swords have been upgraded by at least three levels.

He did not say anything else, just after the refining was completed,he threw it to Xiao Tian, and Xiao Tian couldn’t wait for a bite to return to the blood demon vine flying sword, and then it would not rise again on the bright ray sword.

In the past few years of Yang Chen’s seclusion, Xiao Tian also consumed a lot of magic weapon fragments collected by Yang Chen. After simply digesting the dragons qi in the Dragon Palace treasure chest and these broken spirits weapons, the shape of Xiao Tian looks bigger. However, it was still like a child, and it was not too shocking.

In the end, it was the refining of the sea pouring jasper cup. After the full collection, the sea jasper could also be refined. However, the grade of the sea jasper was still a bit high for Yang Chen, even surpassing the medicine garden.

For a full year and a half, Yang Chen spent all of it on the sea pouring jasper cup. Even so, the refining measly reached the first layer in Heav­enly Spirit and the second layer in the Earthly Fiend.

Although it seemed that the result was not very good, Yang Chen was already very satisfied. Although the level of the sea pouring jasper cup refining was somewhat low, after this refining, it was now easy to use. And in a short time, Yang Chen may not be able to use the inverted sea function of the sea jasper, the most it could be used for was to shield spiritual awareness. For Yang Chen, it was enough.

It's just this refining process that cost Yang Chen a full five years. The spiritual power advancement had been consolidated and could no longer be consolidated. At this point, Yang Chen began to continue to absorb the fire seeds.

The Yin-Yang Heaven Burn­ing Fire prototype had been formed, and Yang Chen no longer had to worry too much. The rest of the fire seeds was completely a tonic for the Yin-Yang Heaven Burn­ing Fire prototype. Yang Chen also does not care about the third and fourth fire, in accordance with the order of the third and fourth fire, one by one began to absorb the remaining First Grade Fire Seed.

This time,after he absorbed a First Grade Fire Seed. In addition to letting the Yin-Yang Heaven Burn­ing Fire shine more brightly, there was no other change after the spiritual awareness increased a little. But even after that, after absorbing all the remaining ones, Yang Chen's spiritual cultivation was upgraded to the limit of the early Yuanying stage.

The two fire dragons entangled in his sea of consciousness, they had become thick and strong. Even Yang Chen's fire attribute spirituality had made great progress. Although it has not yet reached the edge of upgrading, Yang Chen had also benefited a lot.

All of the first grade fire seeds on his body were exhausted, and Yang Chen began to take out the fire seeds of the second grade, ready to absorb and fuse it.


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