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Yang Chen had already set his heart, his cultivation base must be upgraded. Otherwise, there would be many things that cannot be dealt with during the foundation stage.

As for the problem of splitting the spiritual awareness, if the spiritual awareness double cultivation with his master couldn't completely solve it, Yang Chen would also go all out and let the spiritual awareness split. At most, it would take a little more time to improve in the future. It was not something that cannot be solved at all.

In cultivation, where there was a good thing, a little bit of twists and turns, a little more tempering, was also a tempering of oneself, was only good with no harm.

After thinking about it, Yang Chen was not so entangled like at the beginning. After sending away his master, Yang Chen began to sit quietly and first explore the changes in his sea of consciousness.

To put it bluntly, the change brought to the sea of consciousness by this double cultivation was not obvious, but the sea of ​​consciousness was reduced by a certain degree of reduction has been reduced to some extent.

This situation was not the first time, and this was not necessarily a bad thing. After this process of shrinking after becoming bigger, Yang Chen’s sea of consciousness converging would be strengthened, and the cohesiveness of the spiritual awareness would be higher, which meant that the quality of the spiritual awareness would be higher.

Now Yang Chen understood the true role of the Highest Mystery Yin-Yang Heart Sutra. In addition to the double cultivation could improve the understanding of the spiritual awareness faster than the single cultivation, there was also an important aspect, that was, consolidating the sea of consciousness and improving the quality of the spiritual awareness.

He believed that Gao Yue's spiritual awareness was also very different from before. This was definitely a good thing for Gao Yue. In the future, it seemed necessary to do more with his master.

The wonderful feeling of close contact with his Master had still made Yang Chen feel good. After a long break, Yang Chen came out completely from that aftertaste.

This was the change caused by the nine hundred and eighty-one First Grade Fire Seed. Yang Chen had at least several times more Fire Seed.

It was a must to merge the flames into the Yin-Yang Heaven Burning Fire. This kind of flame was a legendary flame. In Yang Chen's past life, almost no one could collect it. Even if there was such a strong presence as the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord, there was no such legendary flame.

Many low-level Fire Seed were almost non-existent in the Spirit World Immortal World, and as long as the ordinary fire seed entered the spiritual world, the powerful spiritual power would cause the fire seeds to go out. It was simply impossible to ascend from a mortal world with a low-level fire seed.

The contradiction was precisely here, the fire cultivator that could ascend, almost no one had a low-level fire seed. In the mortal world, no one had the means of fire seeds to achieve the integration of various flames. After ascending, they had the ability, but found that there was no fire seeds to absorb, which was why the Yin-Yang Heaven Burning Fire never appeared.

Different from Yang Chen, the chance of rebirth was unique. In the mortal world, there was an unparalleled methods of controlling fire, which could fuse so many low-level flames. This kind of opportunity was simply tailor-made for the Yin-Yang Heaven Burn­ing Fire, if Yang Chen was let such an opportunity go waste, then he would be the biggest fool.

These low-level flames on his body, Yang Chen must integrate with it. After a simple cultivation for a few days, after consolidating the results of this double cultivation, Yang Chen began to absorb the fire seed again.

There were nearly a hundred kinds of first grade fire seeds. This time, it took almost half a year. Another change occurred after the fire seeds was all over eighty.

The first grade fire seeds collected before were very average, and there were more than 80 kinds of third and fourth fire seeds. When Yang Chen thoroughly absorbed and merged them, the yin and yang flame finally changed qualitatively.

The original two flames in his body, a mixed third grade fire seeds, a mixed fourth grade fire seeds, entangled together at this moment, like two fire dragons, intertwined with each other, forming a very regular double helix flame.

Whether it was the firepower of the third fire or the power of the fourth fire, all of this had begun to rise wildly. The spiritual power of the underground spiritual pulse was absorbed into the body by Yang Chen like a black hole, and began to strengthen the power of the flames. Yang Chen's side exuded a frightening heat.

The double-spiral flame, through this spiritual nourishment, instantly changed color. The third fire began to became a beautiful purple, and the fourth fire became a pure blue, intertwined, it was particularly eye-catching. Of course, this scene was only visible to Yang Chen.

At this point, the Yin-Yang Heaven Burning Fire was really at the prototype stage, and had the possibility of developing towards the final accomplished stage. After the embryo molding, the rest, was for Yang Chen to continuously absorb more flames to strengthen amd supplement it.

The third fire and the fourth fire spirit power was directly promoted here, the third fire spirit power directly upgraded to the eight layer of the foundation stage, and the fourth fire even rushed to the ninth layer of the foundation stage, only one step was left and it could reach the peak of the foundation.

The spiritual power of the other attributes, under the promotion of the two spiritual powers of the fire attribute, also began to improve in jointness. Except for the spiritual power of the Tenth Water and the spiritual power of the Seventh Metal, all others were upgraded to the level of seven layer of the foundation stage.

At this point, all the spiritual power of Yang Chen finally entered the level of the late stage of the foundation stage. And the three kinds of spiritual power, the Fifth Earth, Seventh Metal and Tenth Water, all of them were the spiritual power of the most original.

The flames twinkling like stars in his sea of consciousness were also merging, like the flames in Yang Chen's body, forming two colors of fire dragons, purple and blue intertwined, winding around the Penglai divine wood, just like a towering sky. There were like two more guardian heavenly dragons on the column.

The strange thing was that his sea of consciousness has not expanded again, but it has been further compressed. It seemed that there was a powerful force that had compressed a lot of his sea of consciousness. The space had also changed from 200 square meters to 150 acres.

Yang Chen was worried that his spiritual awareness would not rise again, but with the compression of his sea of consciousness, Yang Chen's spiritual awareness was also compressed crazily.

In the middle stage of the Yuanying stage, under the power that Yang Chen could not explain, his spiritual awareness began to slowly reduce and fell to the early Yuanying stage.

Although the cultivation of the spiritual awareness had been significantly reduced, Yang Chen did not feel that his strength had declined. No matter whether it was the control of a sword or the scope of the exploration of the spiritual awareness, it had not been lowered, but it had been slightly improved.

Originally, Yang Chen released his spiritual awareness to explore the movements within a hundred miles. But now, Yang Chen felt that he could easily reach about 120 miles. This could only show that the conciseness of the spiritual awareness brought more than just a simple fall of the realm of the spiritual awareness. Perhaps this was the effect of the Three Purities Secret Art that he had never seen before.

Anyway, this change made Yang Chen very happy. The control of the spiritual awareness had greatly enhanced, and it had temporarily lifted the fear of splitting the spiritual awareness. It was definitely a good thing in the end.

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