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Yang Chen had already looked through Luo Yuan's Qiankun bag. In addition to some advanced materials, there were some spirit stones.

It could be seen from the things inside the Qiankun bag. This guy was someone who had a heart for cultivation, and he was still a very determined person. Otherwise, he would not be able to wait around the small sect for so many years, and also followed Yang Chen, chasing him for millions of miles in a five-year journey.

Originally, Yang Chen regretted that he could not find the Third Fire True Secret Art, but after a while, Yang Chen adjusted to it. How many secret manual there was, was no more exciting than being able to live. As long as people were still alive, there would always be opportunities in the future.

If he couldn't afford it and let it go, it would be the correct mentality. Otherwise, if he stick to a foreign object, he would push himself into a corner.

It was kind to say that Luo Yuan was like this. When he believed that there was only something that could make himself breakthrough his cultivation base, he actually puts a shackle on himself. There should be many kinds of solutions, but he was limited to one direction, and the final road would only get narrower and narrower.

Yang Chen, who had his previous life experience in cultivation, would never let himself fall into the limits of this cultivation path.

After Lan Ying ascended into the blue sky, Yang Chen began to decide whether he should return to his original road, or if he should go to the Demon Beast Continent to make a turn.

He had never been to the Demon Beast Continent before, but Yang Chen still heard some major events from some of the fellows who ascended from there. If he calculate it now, there was really nothing big happening in the recent Demon Beast Continent, and it would take hundreds of years to happen.

Yang Chen deliberately wanted to go to the demon continent to hone his skills, but after weighing the balance, he still gave up this plan for the time being. His own cultivation was not enough to hold sway in the demon continent. Secondly, when he was chased for so long,his master would definitely be anxious, he had go back and let her master feel better.

Looking for the direction, Yang Chen called out the shuttle, still rushing in the direction at the highest speed. On this road, it would take at least five years to reach the land, Yang Chen was not planning to waste time.

The formerly collected Tenth Water True Essence was given to Lan Ying. On the road, he must use the Sea Pouring Jasper Cup to collect some and use it for his own cultivation. Moreover, during the past five years of escape, he had been spending it in tension, and he had not cultivated to improve himself. He would just have to cultivate on the way back.

Presumably after this cultivation of chasing and returning, his current cultivation could be consolidated very thoroughly. After going back, he could concentrate on cultivating, and attack the peak foundation stage and even the Solidifying Core..

With the demon power crystal of Lan Ying, Yang Chen could rest easy in the sea. However, since there was the Sea Pouring Jasper Cup, Yang Chen directly collected the demon power crystal.

Anyway, other monsters couldn’t find him with spiritual awareness, and he doesn’t have to hold the demon power crystal that was condensed by an ascended expert. Perhaps he would encounter a strong guy who was courageous to make a move, maybe he would even try to snatch it, it would not be great.

Along the way, after the waves were received, Yang Chen received enough water to really care about the things in the ocean. After setting the direction, Yang Chen sat cultivating in the shuttle. After the cultivation, he read the jade slips that was obtained, which was very fulfilling.

Time flew, and five years came in a moment. In front of Yang Chen, he had already seen the land that appeared in the distant horizon. For ten years, Yang Chen has been in the sea for ten years and finally returned to the original world.

Back on the land, Yang Chen did not stop, and rushed directly to the Pure Yang Palace. His master was estimated to be flustered by now, he should let her know firstly that he was still safe.

“Yang Chen?” Everyone in the Pure Yang Palace, upon seeing Yang Chen firstly, rub their eyes as if by prior arrangement, confirming whether he was real, and then they became surprised and screamed.

Being chased by a guy in the late dacheng stage, everyone thought that Yang Chen would never come back. Unexpectedly, after more than a decade, Yang Chen actually appeared in front of them.

Yang Chen refused to talk to the people until he met his own teacher, and rushed to the small courtyard of Gao Yue. He haven't seen his master for more than a decade, and he didn’t know how his master was doing now.

From far away, Yang Chen felt his master’s aura. After the aftermath of the wind tribulation, Yang Chen's scope of exploration had not changed by much, but the sensitivity had increased rapidly. It used to be a very subtle aura ,Now it's like a torch in the dark. Bright.

“Master!” Yang Chen’s voice rushed directly into the ear of Gao Yue that was retreating, giving her a very unreal feeling.

Since knowing that Yang Chen was chased by Luo Yuan who was in the late dacheng stage, Gao Yue's heart has been hanging in the air and never let go. This had been the case until now.

Until the day before more than five years ago, the head of the palace was angry and issued an order to kill his family. Gao Yue has never had a moment that she wanted to kill so much, her anger could reach sky, letting her become the first person to enter the Luo clan, all the family members seen in front of her eyes, were like enemies she hated to the bone, an object of killing.

On the day of the killing of the big family in the Luo family, Gao Yue's performance even made many people who were familiar with her afraid. Her previous temper was a little bit hot, but it was a little mild and suddenly she became a god of killing. When she came out from the Luo family, Gao Yue's whole body was blood red.

After returning, Gao Yue retired and did not see outsiders. Only she knew that she was in retreat, but she had no retreat.

It seemed that she still had a lot of words,she wanted to tell Yang Chen and there were many things that she wanted to share with Yang Chen, but it seemed to be all too late. Everyone understood that a kid who was in the foundation stage was chased by a master of the late dacheng stage, what would be the result.

If she knew this early, she wouldn’t have been guarding against Yang Chen like she did. Although Gao Yue had already felt that her heart had been stolen by her own apprentice after she had a double cultivation with Yang Chen, she had always forced herself to suppress herself and did not show it.

If Yang Chen could appear in front of herself again, Gao Yue would tell Yang Chen that no matter what Yang Chen wanted to do, she would not hesitate to agree.

“Master, I am back!” Yang Chen's voice once again appeared in Gao Yue's ear. This time Gao Yue listened clearly, it was real, not a dream.

“Yang Chen!” Gao Yue didn’t even have time to open the door . She broke the door directly and rushed out. Standing in front of Yang Chen, looking at Yang Chen with a smile on her face in the yard,her tears could no longer be helped but flow out.

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