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“Master, you are thin!” Looking at Gao Yue’s almost faltering figure, Yang Chen said with a distressed heart.

“Yang Chen!” Gao Yue finally confirmed that standing in front of her was really Yang Chen,it was not a dream, not an illusion, but a real Yang Chen, she don't know how, but her heart suddenly loosened, people seem to be tall when floated into the sky, her legs could no longer hold her weight and fell softly.

“Master!” Yang Chen was shocked. He hurried forward and helped the soft body of his master. With both of his hands, his master was lifted by her waist and rushed into the room, carefully placed her on the bed.

Because of the surprise, Gao Yue had fainted. Yang Chen carefully diagnosed and found that it was just a psychological attack. It was not a big problem, and he was relieved.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Yang Chen directly peeled off a Profound Yang Fruit and gently sent it into the mouth of Gao Yue. Then, a large cup of Four Seas Mysterious Coral liquid was carefully poured into the mouth of Gao Yue.

His master was definitely anxious, just let her take a chance to sleep a long time, and Yang Chen of the province also had to explain the origin of Four Seas Mysterious Coral liquid everywhere.

Listening to his master's breathing had slowly become normal, Yang Chen took a deep breath and was completely relieved. At this time, Yang Chen had time to carefully look at his master’s pretty face.

Compared with a decade ago, Gao Yue lost a lot of fat. For a person who cultivated, it was not easy to change the face. Gao Yue was as thin as the average person. It was obviously the result of psychological and physical exhaustion.

Looking at his master's face that finally calmed down, Yang Chen's heart was filled with tenderness, and he could not help but put his hand on his master's pretty face.

The figure of his master’s maid appeared outside the door, and Yang Chen turned to the maid and smiled and said hello. The maid just heard the movement and came over. Suddenly, Yang Chen and her greeted each other. It was like she was immobilization by witchcraft. She stood in the same place, stunned and could no longer move.

Shaking his head, Yang Chen smiled a little. It seemed that he suddenly came back to make many people feel unbelievable. This also showed how correct it was to get back in time. If he went to the demon continent before coming, he wouldn't know how his master would look like by then.

After a while, the maid responded and apologized to Yang Chen again, but the color of her face also showed that she was happy to see Yang Chen return safely.

Yang Chen told her to guard his master, then he got up and went to visit the Palace Master Zhang Jiao. In the past ten years, it had been enough to make the palace master extremely anxiously.

Almost the same as most people who saw Yang Chen’s reaction. When Yang Chen appeared in front of himself, the first reaction he made was to blink and rub his eyes.

He could not be blamed for it, this thing was really amazing, being chased by a master of the late dacheng stage, not to mention that Yang Chen, was a junior in the foundation stage, even if he was a master of the Yuanying stage, he was not necessarily able to come back alive. After thinking about it for ten years, Yang Chen was still living in front of him, how could he not be surprised?

“Greetings Palace Master Zhang Jiao.!” Yang Chen was still the same as before, so that the head of the palace was quickly awakened from his state of shock.

After all, it was a master of the Yuanying stage, and his mentality was also high, and the speed of acceptance was also fast. The Palace Master Zhang Jiao even refused to say anything. Now he stepped forward and took Yang Chen to look at him up and down. After a long time, he believed that he was not mistaken, but he couldn't help but ask “Are you okay?”

“This disciple is fine!” Yang Chen smiled and replied “Thank you for your care!”

“It’s okay if you are fine!” The Palace Master Zhang Jiao finally responded, and his face smiled and blossomed immediately “Come, come and ask all elders to come to the chamber of deliberation !”

Soon, the elders rushed to the Chamber of Deputies, and when they saw Yang Chen, all of them were shocked completely. Yang Chen's return made the elders not know how to describe their feelings. In particular, Yang Chen's master ancestor Wang Yong was simply so happy that he almost jump up, without the demeanor of  a Yuanying stage master.

“Yang Chen,where is Luo Yuan who chased you?” After the people sat down, they immediately asked questions that everyone wanted to know.

Although the Pure Yang Palace destroyed the Luo clan, but never relaxed one day, Luo Yuan was a master of the late dacheng stage. Once he returned, and he found that his family was destroyed and would never give up. Pure Yang Palace even wanted to use the resources of the 100,000 mountains, and hire a master.

“The disciple is back.” Yang Chen smiled and replied in an understatement: “He naturally can’t come back anymore.”

Boom, although the vague people already had this hunch, but when they heard the news from Yang Chen, they were still full of shock, no one dared to believe.

It's not that everyone doesn't trust this disciple. It's really a big gap between the two, so big that people can't believe that there would be any miracles.

When Elder Wu Xiong was in Immortal Falling Well, he could control a flying swords of a certain foundation stage to kill the flying sword master without even having to come forward. The huge difference in this level was definitely not compensated by luck.

Luo Yuan was very unlucky. He encountered a foundation stage junior who’s spiritual awareness cultivation base was in the middle of the Yuanying stage. Not to mention Yang Chen's flying sword, and being able to track Yang Chen's location, it's already a good fortune. Even the attack of his spiritual awareness had no effect on Yang Chen. His own flying sword could not catch up with the speed of the shuttle. It could be said that he was consumed by Yang Chen.

Next, naturally, Yang Chen told the elders about his life in the process of fleeing, especially how he used the force of Lan Yiny to kill Luo Yuan, and everyone who listened looked at each other in dismay.

Was this OK? One couldn’t defeat themselves, and he flee to the domain of a master. The two naturally had conflict, and the person who was chasing was killed. How was this not heaven defying?

Not to mention that Yang Chen also witnessed Lan Ying's tribulation and ascending, and also got the demon power crystal of Lan Ying as a gift after the tribulation. All these things happened to Yang Chen. Yang Chen this disciple, the elders, had already become shocked. There was nothing they could say.

When Yang Chen took out the demon power crystal of Lan Ying, it made the rest of the people moved. Especially the old tree demon Gui Shanyou, who belonged to the same demon beast lineage, this demon power crystal, directly let him see a lot of things.

At such a point, when the Pure Yang Palace was willing to offend a master of the late dacheng stage for Yang Chen, it was impossible to say that Yang Chen was not moved when he learned that they destroyed the Luo family.

“Please forgive this disciple for holding back what i knew from you!” After Yang Chen saluted to the elders again, he said slowly “Before leaving, this disciple had explored an Immortal’s Cave left by a martial art sect that was destroyed ten thousand years ago. It is more suitable for the mountain gate of my Pure Yang Palace.

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