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A close look at a dacheng stage master’s tribulations and ascending, this was what many cultivators dreamed of. Although Yang Chen faced tribulations in his previous life, he had not really seen it from the perspective of a bystander, so he made such a request.

Moreover, if Yang Chen could observe it at close range, the experience from Lan Ying would definitely give great reference to the masters of the Pure Yang Palace, even if it was Yang Chen, it was also very tempting.

For some people to watch the ceremony when they were crossing tribulation, unless they were close relatives or fully trusted people. Otherwise, no one would agree. The reason why Yang Chen said that this was a pre­sump­tu­ous request, it was because of this reason.

Once it was a hostile person, attacking at the time of tribulation would at least reduce the success rate to an unpredictable level. Yang Chen certainly understood this truth, so after saying this request, Yang Chen immediately said something.

“Senior, this younger generation junior gave the senior the Tenth Water True Essence, and gave the senior the Trans­for­ma­tion Se­cret Art, even let the senior to observe the scene of the Heaven Seiz­ing Pill Pill Tribu­la­tion, and improve the cultivation base  of the senior after the calculation of yours.” Talking with the monster, sometimes directly needed one point, no need to turn so many bends, Yang Chen also knew this.

“I didn’t say I disagree.” Lan Ying smiled and showed a huge self-confidence in her look: “But also, I don’t look down on you, but with your cultivation, even if I am crossing tribulation, if want to plot against me it would not be an easy thing.”

After the morning of Yang Chen's acceptance of the bead of Lan Ying, it seemed that the attitude of Lan Ying had changed. Perhaps it was because of the bead, Lan Ying could find Yang Chen’s position anytime and anywhere, no longer the uncontrollable state that Yang Chen could disappear under her spiritual awareness detection.

Yang Chen also knew the deep purpose of Lan Ying for giving him this demon power crystal, but he didn’t say anything,and directly installed it in his own Qiankun bag, so that Lan Ying could find his position at any time. This was a double insurance. Without this, Lan Ying would not fully trust Yang Chen.

“Thank you for your understanding!” Yang Chen hurriedly thanked her. Lan Ying said that she agreed to his own courtesy.

“However, when I am crossing tribulation, I can’t maintain your integrity.” Lan Ying followed by saying “How close you can come, would rely on your strength.”

When the old tree demon passed the Yin Fire Tribu­la­tion, even the elders of the Pure Yang Palace could not come too close. This time, the Wind Tribu­la­tion was more than a hundred times more powerful than the Yin Fire Tribu­la­tion. With his cultivation of the foundation stage, if he desired to observe it at close range, it was indeed difficult.

However, this was not a big problem for Yang Chen. The deeper the cultivation base of the person who was crossing the tribulation, the smaller the scope of control over the Wind Tribu­la­tion. Second, in the deep sea, the power of seawater transmission was limited. Yang Chen had a golden bell body armor, plus in this thick sea water, he believed that he could endure.

Anyway, as long as he was not too close, Yang Chen still has a chance to observe this rare wonder of this world.

Before Lan Ying, was still somewhat disturbed, over the lack of grasping of the tribulation, had been conserving her strength, and waited for the tribulations. At the moment, after these few things were given to her by Yang Chen, it made her full of confidence, just waiting for the coming of the tribulation, but this was expected to come.

The changes in the sky quickly spread to the bottom of the sea. The fierce spiritual shock made Yang Chen unable to stay in the same place again. He took the shuttle and quickly retreated, and he retreated until he felt that it was almost the same. Then he stopped and his spiritual awareness completely recovered. His eyes fixed closely at the movement over there.

Despite being in the deep sea, the mighty power of the Wind Tribu­la­tion was still shining like the day where Lan Ying was located. Even if Yang Chen was so far away, his current eyesight could still saw it clearly.

The first Wind Tribu­la­tion began to fall, and Lan Ying seemed to very easily handle it. Although it took a long time to absorb the Tenth Water True Essence, it had completely transformed her body. It's just this change that made her cultivation base increase by at least half.

Looking at how Lan Ying so easily handled the first Wind Tribu­la­tion, Yang Chen knew that he judged well, and made a distance forward to make himself see more clearly. As long as his spiritual awareness didn't  spread out, he won’t be affected by the Wind Tribu­la­tion. Yang Chen was sure of this.

The second Wind Tribu­la­tion, Yang Chen found that if he relied a bit too far ahead, he would have rushed into the scope of the Wind Tribu­la­tion.

The silent Wind Tribu­la­tion, compared to the mam­moth Thun­der Tribu­la­tion, he did not know how many times greater it was. Even if Yang Chen had already had the experience of crossing tribulation, he was still shocked by how terrifying it was. With his current cultivation, it was indeed a bit of a big burden to observe this level of tribulation at a close range.

Fortunately, the powerful power of the golden bell helped Yang Chen to easily block the aftermath. Yang Chen did not take the risk of direct exploration into the scope of the tribulation. The Wind Tribu­la­tion did not affect Yang Chen, but the aftermath that was swept over, and did not hurt much.

Even so, this kind of Wind Tribu­la­tion from the inside out still washed Yang Chen’s body all over again. At that moment, Yang Chen even thought that he was also affected by the Wind Tribu­la­tion, and in his heart, he almost released his spiritual awareness.

Fortunately, Yang Chen's mentality was strong, and he resisted the discomfort and resisted past it. After the Wind Tribu­la­tion has passed through his body, it felt that his whole body was up and down, as if it had been meticulously massaged once, and his whole body became comfortable.

He didn’t withstand the power of the Wind Tribu­la­tion, but he enjoyed the process of squatting to a Wind Tribu­la­tion that he almost didn’t have. Of course, he felt very comfortable afterwards. At the same time, it was also a process of condensing his cultivation dase and discharging his impurities.

After discovering this, Yang Chen stayed in the place and stopped acting, waiting for Lan Ying to begin to pass the third, fourth, until the ninth Wind Tribu­la­tion.

The power of the following Heav­enly Tribu­la­tion was getting bigger and bigger, but Lan Ying had always been more than enough to handle it. Only in the last one, did the relaxed look of Lan Ying changed a little.

This time, it was also the most powerful. The whole body of Lan Ying seemed to be burned up. In the blazing fire, the body of Lan Ying seemed to be more exquisite. After a dazzling radiance of light, the surroundings suddenly recovered it calm, as if nothing had happened.

Lan Ying in the distance, the blue palace dress on her body had disappeared without a trace, but the body was not damaged. The nine wind tribu­la­tion, only let her lose a set of clothes,she was also a strong person among the strong.

“You are so lucky!” Lan Ying body swayed, it was not known where the change set of blue palace dress appeared from, then slowly floated in front of Yang Chen: “I believe, I can be in the spirit world waiting for you.”


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