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“Congratulations to the senior!” Yang Chen was face full of smiles, it was a completely happy look, congratulating Lan Ying.

“Speaking of which, it should be I that should be thanking you for your help.” Lan Ying was also a full smile, and bowed to Yang Chen. This was not the exaggeration of Lan Ying. The power of the tribulation was clear to her. If there was no Tenth Water True Essence and Transformation Secret Art from Yang Chen, this time it may have ended badly , Lan Ying returned the courtesy immediately.

“Bring my demon power crystal!, … floated to the side of Yang Chen, Lan Ying reached out and asked Yang Chen for the demon power crystal.

Yang Chen did not dare to neglect, hurriedly took out the blue bead from his Qiankun bag and handed it over.

Lan Ying took over the beads, and the demon power was emitted. For a long time, the bead emitted a strong ray of light. It was only a moment of time, the bead became a small circle, but the demon power above it was more pure.

“With this, it is estimated that you will not have anything to worry about in the sea, and those fellows will not dare to provoke you.” Lan Ying said as she handed back the bead.

Yang Chen fully believed in this sentence. After all a demon crystallization that has been tempered by a master who has passed the Wind Tribulation and ascending, if the monsters in the sea dared to provoke, then they were purely seeking death. Not to mention the sea, he was afraid that even if he was to return to the earth, there were not many people who would have this guts.

“If you want to go to the Demon Beast Continent, it is best not to violently reveal your dao sect disciple status.” She would be ascending soon, Lan Ying spoke a little more persuasion “The demons there, no matter where you are from,when they meet the dao dect disciples, they will only kill you, they will nothing else …

"Thank you for your reminder senior!" Yang Chen thanked her again, and saw the blue light around her body. He said again

“Congratulations to senior”…

In the surrounding sky, a violent wave of spiritual power came, and the body of Lan Ying had become more and more blurred, slowly disappearing in front of Yang Chen.

On the bottom of the sea where the two were located, a high beam of light rises up and went straight into the sky. With the light column as the center, the huge spiritual power dissipates like a wave and spread around. He believed that within a million miles of the sea any life in it could feel it.

Yang Chen had no idea how to describe his own trip to the sea. On the surface, it seemed that Yang Chen was very distressed, and it was difficult to escape from the chasing of the master. But now, Yang Chen really knew that after the bitter taste came the sweet taste.

Luo Yuan who was chasing after him, whether he was a master of the late dacheng stage , or from an aristocratic family, had now become Lan Ying's meal, and was dead.

The powerful blue-ring octopus Lan Ying, with the help of Yang Chen, successfully passed the Wind Tribulation and ascended to the spiritual world. As Yang Chen said, this was a good karma of the future. Ascending to the spiritual world, and there were several acquaintances, that kind of benefit was not something that mortal people could imagine

Nothing else was said. It was the crystal of the demon power of  Lan Ying, together with Yang Chen's Beast Controlling Secret Art, it was absolutely possible for Yang Zhen to communicate with most of the monsters. The guy who could help the monsters to ascend, even if the monsters hated the Dao Sect(s) people, would they hate him?

Luo Yuan's Qiankun bag was already in the hands of Yang Chen. Before when Lan Ying  was here, Yang Chen was also embarrassed to rummage it. Now that Lan Ying had ascended, and there would be no monsters around for a short time to disturb him,he just looked to see if there was something that he wanted.

What Yang Chen was most concerned about was that Third Fire True Secret Art. Originally, he did not expect to have clues. However, Luo Yuan's pursuit made him test his doubts. In the secret plane, there was no other thing besides the Third Fire True Essence, which could make a guy in the late dacheng stage concerned so much. Of course, the focus of the search was also other cultivation methods like jade slips.

What surprised Yang Chen was that Luo Yuan's Qiankun bag had only a dozen pieces of jade slips. After Yang Chen's exploration with his spiritual awareness, he was disappointed.

Some of these jade slips were recording of pill recipes. Two of them were recording of some refining materials and techniques. The rest seemed to be Luo Yuan's cultivation law. Among them, there was no such thing as the Third Fire True Secret Art that Yang Chen wanted.

Could it be that Luo Yuan was not looking for the Third Fire True Essence? How could this be? Was it true that the Pure Flame True Fire was not worth making a master of the dacheng stage risking the fallout with the Blue Cloud Sect?

However, there was no such thing as a Third Fire True Secret Art in the Qiankun bag in front of him. Maybe Luo Yuan had already memorized the Third Fire True Secret Art, and destroyed the material it was recorded on?

This was quite possible, it could be seen that Luo Yuan was able to wait around a small martial art sect that had been annihilated for tens of thousands of years. It must have been the same thing that was passed down from the ancestors. This kind of thing was destroyed by Luo Yuan. The possibility of falling was really too low.

In any case, Yang Chen wanted to find the Third Fire True Essence, but he couldn’t find it. Under this situation, Yang Chen could only give up. However, as a master of the late dacheng stage, there were still a lot of good things in the Qiankun bag. There was no such thing as a Third Fire True Essence,but these things were also able to interest Yang Chen .

The flying sword that could cut the tentacles of Lan Ying by half was in it. It was already a Life Source Fly­ing Sword. When Luo Yuan was caught in a coma by Lan Ying, the flying sword automatically flew back to Luo Yuan's Qiankun bag, but now it was obtained by Yang Chen.

A powerful Third Fire Flying Sword, with good materials and exquisite refining, made Yang Chen stunned. This was the highest-grade flying sword that Yang Chen had seen in the mortal world. Even the flying swords in the dome hall couldn't match this one.

With Yang Chen’s standard, this flying sword could be applied to the Third Fire fly­ing sword in the Yin Yang Five Phases fly­ing sword that Yang Chen needs. As long as Yang Chen relied on the basis of this flying sword, he would be able to refine it!

However, Yang Chen would not do that. Yang Chen’s fixed flying sword was the bright ray sword that his master refined. The bright ray sword was of great significance to Yang Chen, and Yang Chen would never easily replace it.

Even if this Third Fire Fly­ing Sword was destroyed, and the material of this flying sword is used to supplement and perfect the bright ray sword, Yang Chen would never give up the bright ray sword. Of course, this was the intention of Yang Chen after seeing this flying sword. If Luo Yuan was alive, and he found that his most precious flying sword had become a perfect material for a low-level flying sword. It was not known how much blood he would spit out.

While Yang Chen was looking into Luo Yuan's Qiankun bag here. The head of the Pure Yang Palace was now making a decision that could not be decided easily.

Pure Yang Palace had found that Luo Yuan was a master of a long-standing family, but this didn't not dispel the anger of the Pure Yang Palace. Who ever dared to chase the Pure Yang Palace disciple, should be prepared to bear the anger of Pure Yang Palace.

“Luo clan, destroy the sect!” The master of the palace announced this decision categorically. Even if Luo Yuan came back one day, the Pure Yang Palace should let Luo Yuan know that it was not without any price to chase the Pure Yang Palace disciple.

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