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After Yang Chen's cultivation was upgraded, the speed of the flying shuttle was much faster than when he was in the early foundation stage. Even if it was Wang Yong, it would be impossible to catch up with the speed of the flying shuttle.

However, the opposing dacheng stage master seemed to be only a bit slower speed than the flying shuttle, and could catch up with it. It seemed that he knew that Yang Chen may have already got the Third Fire True Essence and chased after him unreservedly.

Now the direction of Yang Chen’s shuttle flight was where the Blue Cloud Sect was. The other party was a master of the late dacheng stage, his identity was uncertain, but one thing was clear, that was, the other party wouldn’t care about their identity.

The only way was to escape to the Blue Cloud Sect. Maybe the location of the big sect could make the other party slightly convergent. This was also Yang Chen’s hope of survival. Otherwise, if the other party caught up, the other party would never leave Yang Chen and Sun Qingxue alive as witness.

Fortunately, the speed of the flying shuttle was fast enough, at least compared to the speed of the chasing dacheng stage master. Moreover Yang Chen left first. This opportunity allowed Yang Chen to escape the opponent’s poisonous hands, and the gap was getting bigger and bigger.

The chasing dacheng stage master apparently did not expect that the two juniors in the Foundation Stage did not care about his terrifying pressure, and still fled desperately. This made this dacheng stage master simply annoyed, when did two younger generation juniors of the foundation stage dared to be so arrogant in front of him?

It was originally discovered that Yang Chen took away the Third Fire True Essence that he had dreamed of. Now the other party even dared to run away in front of him. The Dacheng stage master was angry that his lungs wanted to blow up. If he was to let the two little kids to escape. What face would he have in front of his fellow daoists?

Even if it was only for the sake of his face, the dacheng stage would have to hunt them down to the end, not to mention the fact that the Third Fire True Essence was really a rare treasure that would allow him to break through his bottleneck, even if there was any sect, he does not care about those sects.

The terrifying pressure constantly appeared in the shuttle, and Yang Chen was almost invisible in front of the formidable spiritual awareness. To his surprise, Sun Qingxue had already fainted, but Yang Chen did not seem to be affected by him.

This discovery made the dacheng master very confused, but this did not prevent him from checking on Yang Chen and Sun Qingxue.

Sun Qingxue's Qiankun(Cosmos) bag was like an undefended open space in front of such a master, allowing the other spiritual awareness to come and go. Soon, the dacheng master concluded that Sun Qingxue did not have the key to the secret plane, nor did she have the Third Fire True Essence.

What made the dacheng master strange was that Yang Chen's body only had the key to the secret plane, but there was no Third Fire True Essence. This discovery made the anger of the dacheng master slightly weaken a little. As long as Yang Chen did not take the Third Fire True Essence, he had a chance. But what he was scared of was that Yang Chen could ruined the secret key in anger, which was not worth the loss.

The sects that was destroyed was a very strange sect. They even invented a symbolic text to record everything about them. The dacheng stage master didn’t know this rune, and even if the key was obtained, it would be impossible to open the secret plane.

With the master’s cultivation base, he was able to forcibly open the secret plane, but there would be only one result after the forced opening, that was, the space inside would collapse and nothing would be left. This was why he dared not venture into the secret plane.

He discovered that Yang Chen and Sun Qingxue could enter and exit the secret plane. This discovery made the master very amazed, but before he could further react, Yang Chen and Sun Qingxue had once again entered the secret plane. It took five and a half years, and they had not come out once.

He waited until Yang Chen and Sun Qingxue appeared with great difficulty, Yang Chen actually summoned a shuttle to escape. The only explanation was that Yang Chen has already discovered his presence.

This was also good, the master of the dacheng stage thought, if it was very simple to get, then there would not be much meaning to it. It was this kind of cat-and-mouse-like game that was what the master liked.

Yang Chen was just using his foundation stage cultivation base to control the shuttle, how long could it last? The master of the dacheng stage was very confident, and his spiritual awareness kept track of Yang Chen and the shuttle, far behind.

Fortunately, he got several pieces of Top Grade spirit stones. Yang Chen thought in his heart, but he did not dare to neglect it. In his hand he was already holding a Top Grade spirit stone, waiting for the consumption of the other Top Grade spirit stone.

This pursuit continued for a whole month. A month’s time was enough for Yang Chen to escape to enough distance. The gap between the two had further widened.

In front of the blue cloud sect site, Yang Chen directly flew to the core site of the sect. Such a movement, immediately shocked at least three Yuanying stage masters sitting in the mountain gate.

“Who is so daring to rush into the Blue Cloud Sect?” A sound of screaming sounded in front of Yang Chen. Several figures appeared directly on Yang Chen's escape route.

“Be careful, there is a master chasing after us!” Yang Chen certainly would not entrap these Yuanying stage masters of the Blue Cloud Sect, and directly noticed them from afar. However, the shuttle did not stop at all. When it rushed to the nearby master, a light turning point bypassed the three Yuanying stage masters, and still rushed toward the Blue Cloud Sect's main hall.

“Bold!” A master of the Yuanying stage just screamed, and suddenly he noticed the trace of the spiritual awareness behind them, and his face changed.

“Get out of the way, don’t stop my way!” The master who chased them into the Blue Cloud Sect shouted, and there was no means of avoiding it. The man was still in the air, waved his big hand, and the three Yuanying stage masters felt that they were pushed by a powerful force. The formidable strength pushed them to the side and flicked away from the side.

The flash of the shadow rushed past, the huge and fearful pressure let the three know who has just passed. After understanding, the three became shocked. A master of the Dacheng stage had rushed into the sect.

“Danger! Warning! Notify the sect!” No matter what kind of demeanor, one Yuanying stage master waved his arm and shouted loudly.

The following guardian disciples dared not to be slow, and rushed to release the warning.

This time, like a horse cell, the Blue Cloud Sect moved up and down, suddenly flying out were countless figures, crazily in this direction.

The first one was a master of the Dacheng stage. She was also one of those who participated in the Battle of the 100,000 mountains that year, Blue Cloud Sect law Hall Master Shi Yanhe . As soon as she lifted off, Yang Chen's shuttle had already sped off, leaving only Yang Chen's remnant voice "Senior be careful, that is a master of the Dacheng stage ."

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