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When he finished gathering the  Third Fire True Essence into the jade bottle, Yang Chen couldn't believe that he had such a good luck. In a few years, he not only received the Tenth Water True Essence,, but also got the Third Fire True Essence. The smoothness was simply unbelievable.

In the past five years, Sun Qingxue had also been cultivating. After a period of battles, Sun Qingxue seemed to have a lot of experience on how to fight the monsters on the same level as her. During the practice, she also comprehended many parts of it that  she didn’t comprehended before. In just two years, it seemed to let her cultivation reach the upper level of the foundation stage.

Although Sun Qingxue still stayed in the middle stage of the foundation stage, the overall small level was upgraded. Compared with the previous years she spent in the Blue Cloud Sect, it was definitely better to build up experience. Sun Qingxue has even made up her mind, she would continue to carry out such battles in the future to enrich her experience.

The gathering of the Third Fire True Essence was more difficult than that of the Tenth Water True Essence. There was the jade cup, and the Tenth Water True Essence would be collected automatically, but the Third Fire True Essence could only be collected by himself.

In the previous years, it took scarface a decade to collect the Seventh Metal True Essence when in the realm of Yuanying stage. Yang Chen's previous life’s fire was extremely good. With such experience, it still took him five years to complete it with the help of the spiritual pulse.

“Yang Da Ge!” Watching Yang Chen finally put away the jade bottle, Sun Qingxue knew that Yang Chen must have completed all the gathering work. She didn’t know how, Yang Chen completed this, but Sun Qingxue was very happy, and called Yang Chen cheerfully.

"Have you found any good things?" Yang Chen also smiled at Sun Qingxue. During these five years, Sun Qingxue continued to look for treasures in the palace. At least the entire palace was cleaned spotless by Sun Qingxue, and it was no longer like the scene when the  dust covered everything by a few inches thick.

“No!” Sun Qingxue also laughed. There were fifteen corpses of Yuanying stage praying mantis, and it was already a big profit. Sun Qingxue didn’t expect more benefits. The process of searching was just a pastime when she was bored and alone. Although there was no gain, Sun Qingxue still had a happy look with a smile.

“Keep your current state of mind!” Yang Chen smiled and reminded: “At any time, don’t be confused by the things outside you.”

“I know, Big Brother Yang!” Sun Qingxue in front of Yang Chen, was absolutely well-behaved, if not that Yang Chen had memories of his past lives, and knew how the Snow Dance Fairy Maiden was so powerful, and now saw the performance of Sun Qingxue , he wouldn't believe that this was the same person.

Everything here had been searched and scraped, and the only thing left was the underground Spiritual Pulse. This thing could not be moved, Yang Chen allowed Sun Qingxue to cultivated on top of it, and then fully replenished the spiritual power of the net bottle medicine garden, then the two finally had to embark on the road of leaving.

In the vicinity of the entrance, Yang Chen took the key of the secret plane and he reminded Sun Qingxue that both of them should be ready to launch their protective magic weapons. Then Yang Chen activated the key for them to leave, and the figure of the two people appeared in the air outside. .

When they appeared in the clouds, Yang Chen suddenly noticed a bit of hostility, and did not want to think about it, Yang Chen called out the flying shuttle, and collected himself and Sun Qingxue . The shuttle instantly draws an arc and disappears into the sky.

Between the electric light flint, a huge and unparalleled spiritual awareness swept over directly and swept over the flying shuttle. Brush, a figure appeared in the sky lazily, and seemed to be amazed, then rushed in the direction where the flying shuttle escaped to.

When the spiritual awareness swept over, Sun Qingxue felt like she was in an ice cave, her whole body became chilly. She was only swept by it, but her whole body had been suppressed by the powerful Spiritual Awareness and she could not move, even her small finger could not be lifted.

Until the flying shuttle escaped the scope of the spiritual awareness, only then was Sun Qingxue slightly eased from the shock and fear, but still asked with infinite fear: “Yang Da Ge, who is that?”

“I don’t know!” Although Yang Chen was not affected by the spiritual awareness, he was also shocked by the other’s cultivation “It may be those that destroyed the martial art sect previously. They were waiting here, they wanted to know where the secret plane was.”

This guess was a very reasonable. The place was originally a very remote place, and spiritual power was not enough here. Therefore, there was no such reason for there to be such a terrifying expert here. The only explanation was to wait to see if anyone was looking for the secret plane.

“But, the martial art sect has already been extinct thousands of years ago!” Sun Qingxue asked incredulously. It was incredible that the enimies from 10,000-year-ago was still in the present.

“It may not be the people of that year, but their descendants.” Yang Chen also knew that it would be impossible for that person to live for about thousands of years . He guessed: “they know that there is something they need, so I have been guarding it.” .”

“What was the cultivation of that person just now? Big Brother Yang!” Sun Qingxue was really frightened this time. She had never really faced the extreme pressure of a master, and she was almost scared. If Yang Chen was not there, maybe she would have fallen into the hands of the other party.

“The Dacheng stage!” Yang Chen also felt somewhat unbelievable, the other party turned out to be a master of the Dacheng stage, which made him unbelievable “Master of the late Dacheng stage !”

“The late Dacheng stage?” Sun Qingxue's face had revealed an unbelievable look. Whe she thought that a master of the late dacheng stage was actually chasing them, two foundation stage younger generation juniors unexpectedly. This sounded so incredible that it felt like a bit of an illusion.

“His cultivation base has reached the bottleneck, and he needs the Third Fire True Essence to really break through the bottleneck, and then he can achieve the peak dacheng stage and even ascend.” Yang Chen had found the main point from the little bit of clues “he had never been able to find the secret plane.So, he couldn’t get the Third Fire True Essence.”

Just after saying this sentence, the incomparable spiritual awareness had been swept over again. Sun Qingxue had fallen into a state of confusion and could no longer speak.

Although Sun Qingxue had already suffered the pressure of Shi Yanhe, but Shi Yanhe was still facing the disciples from her sect and showed mercy, but the other side obviously had no such idea, but directly releases the strongest spiritual awareness he could release, if one does not pay attention to the spiritual awareness, the person would be wounded as result of being shocked by the spiritual awareness.

Bang, he didn’t want to think about it. Yang Chen shot directly and knocked out Sun Qingxue. Then the shuttle was almost driven to the limit by Yang Chen, and madly fled in the direction of the Blue Cloud Sect .

Sun Qingxue, who was unconscious, would not feel the fearfulness of the other party, nor would she have to bear the terrifying pressure . But Yang Chen has already begun to complain, and the other party had been chasing them up wildly.

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