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Chapter 249

Jiu Xian: Wine Immortal 


Who would have thought that Yang Chen, a younger generation junior, could actually listen to the group of masters of the Dacheng stage,relying on his Spiritual Awareness thread to pass through their restriction and clearly understand the things they discussed?

Of course, it was a bit exaggerated to say it passed through the restrictions . After all, Yang Chen’s Spiritual Awareness thread was first laid out . The restrictions of the several masters was only laid on this, and does not prevent Yang Chen from plainly understanding their movements .

Everything was based on one point, the role of the Three Purities Secret Art and powerful Spiritual Awareness thread . The Grand Supreme Elderly Lord cultivation method was not really what some ordinary Spiritual Awareness cultivation would be comparable to .

Someone was to pay for himself, but Yang Chen couldn’t go too far, otherwise there are things that could make Liu Shichang’s master Shangguan Xian lose a lot of spirit stones .

In order to make everyone to focus on his alchemy image, when leaving the auction, Yang Chen’s body has only three more things . One was the Spirit Spring, the other was  the Earth Pole True Fire Fire Seed, and the other was the material of the alchemy that was finally auctioned, which was not expensive .

Even so, he got the three things after he spent nearly ten pounds of the Top Grade spirit stone . There was nothing he could do about, even if no one competed with Yang Chen for the Earth Pole True Fire Fire Seed, but the base price was still there, just that one, was eight jin of the Top Grade Spirit stone, when Yang Chen opened his mouth to shout the price, he directly increased the base price by one jin . It has been a very cheap increase .

This ten jin of Top Grade Spirit stone was enough to hollow out Shangguan Xian’s pocket . Don’t look at her as the Yuanying stage master of Blue Cloud Sect’s . After centuries of accumulation, she had just this net worth .

When Yang Chen learned that someone had already paid the bill, the fake smile on his face made people want to give him a punch . They have never seen such a guy who acted indifferent while actually getting a profitable deal . Fortunately, this time, everyone could bear it .

The Spiritual Spring was received directly into the gourd . The gourd was really powerful . The spiritual springs with such roots were directly loaded into it . Only a small pond was displayed in it, but it was able to flow out of the spring water .

At the time of the auction, the auction site gave each customer a cup of spring water for them to check to see if they were suitable for their needs . Both Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling tasted it and felt it was good . This was taken .

He didn’t hurry to absorb the Earth Pole True Fire Seed, and it was not even absorbed into the Profound Spirit Furnace . Anyway, it was also very safe in the Achievement Ring , Yang Chen does not want to expose his own Profound Spirit Furnace in the Blue Cloud Sect .

The purpose for coming to the Blue Cloud Sect has basically been fully realized . Now, he would give an account to the Palace Master Zhang Jiao, and he would go around with Sun Qingxue and gain experience .

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However, before leaving, Yang Chen still met an interesting guy .

The Wine Immortal took the initiative to find him, and there was no such thing as a meeting . He put directly out a wine and placed in front of Yang Chen: “Little brother, I found something to match the taste . You taste these wines and see which one is most suitable for reconciliation,Your distiller’s yeast . ”

It has been almost ten days since then, and the wine that has been turned into a small pot has already entered the belly of the wine Immortal . After tasting that kind of wine, the wine immortal couldn’t still drink the so-called wines of the past, and only remembered the taste of the small pot of wine .

He heard that Yang Chen said that it was more appropriate to use alcohol to melt it than to use water . The wine immortal immediately searched around . Also, he was able to find a place . In just ten days, he even found a dozen kinds of wines that he felt was appropriate .

Sure enough, he was not a wine person, but it was very close to Yang Chen’s appetite . Yang Chen did not refuse, picked up the wine, pour it one by one, and started tasting it one by one .

The wine immortal looked at Yang Chen and looked forward to it . The point in his heart was intended to be seen by Sun Qingxue, which means that he would find a suitable wine to melt the distiller’s yeast, and then he could taste another wine .

Finally, Yang Chen tasted it, and then he chose two out of it . This action made the wine immortal very surprised and happy . There are two kinds of wines, which means that he could have two flavors of wine to taste .

“These two are barely okay, the others can’t do it . ” Yang Chen didn’t have much bad feelings about this gambling good Senior . It was just sharing two drops of distiller’s yeasts . For a distiller’s yeasts as huge as a lake, it simply could only be regarded as a drop in the ocean .

Moreover, Yang Chen had another consideration for Jiu Xian . Senior Wine Immortal was a loose immortal, and from the news that Yang Chen learned these days, his reputation in various sects was not bad . Five Elements Sect and Blue Cloud Sect even gave him the qualification of an official guest . With his identity he was very familiar with some of the latest news in the cultivation world, and sometimes even better than those who specialize in inquiring about the news .

As long as Yang Chen tempted him with fine wine, he would get some news from the wine immortal . And the wine immortal was a Yuanying stage master, letting him use the news or some other things to change for the wine, the wine immortal absolutely like it .

This time, Jiu Xian learned cleverly, and every kind of wine was made with jars instead of small hip flasks . After Yang Chen selected, he directly took out two large jars . Looking at the quantity of the jar, each jar could hold at least forty jin .

The wine immortal took out the jar, and he was a little embarrassed to look at Yang Chen . Yang Chen did not divulge on this small point . In every jar, he dropped a small drop of distiller’s yeast as before . Of course, this time was a little bigger than the last time, but it just meets the needs of a jar of wine .

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Soon, the fragrance of the wine spread . The wine immortal couldn’t help but inhale the smell of the wine flavor in the air, but Yang Chen did not move, and he did not have the intention to open his mouth .

Yang Chen took two big jade cups, all of which were as big as three or two cups, and gave one to Sun Qingxue . The little girl had a good alcohol capacity . At the time, she was not drunk with the alcohol qi, and she could drink some .

“Senior feel free!” Yang Chen held a jar of wine and poured some for himself  and Sun Qingxue, respectively, and made a gesture to the wine immortal . Of course, the wine immortal was his own person, immediately took out a cup, and then filled it, and gently touched it with Yang Chen .

Of course, Sun Qingxue would not stroke Yang Chen’s face, but also picked up the glass and touched it with Yang Chen . The three of them were in the small courtyard of Sun Qingxue, slowly savoring the wine .

“Sure enough, it’s delicious! It’s better than the last one . ” After drinking a sip of the wine, the wine immortal’s face had satisfied look and sighed again .

“It’s still a little bit worse . ” Yang Chen smiled and said: “When this younger generation junior brews some auxiliary wines, then I will ask the senior to taste them . ”

“Is there better?” The eyes of the senior the wine immortal lit up on the spot . A good wine person, can’t listen to fine wine, can’t see wine, and now he started scratching his ears . If it was not that Yang Chen still needed to brew, it was estimated that Jiu Xian would directly ask for it .


“Of course, these wines have lost some key things and steps in the brewing process…” Yang Chen nodded and explained “Where the wine is the ultimate, but the spirits are not enough . With my distiller’s yeast It is still a line . ”

Yang Chen was not afraid to talk much, the more the wine immortal listens, the more greedy he would become . Especially after he tasted these two great wines, the result would be even worse .

“What’s missing?” The wine immortal, immediately asked, “do I need to find the spiritual wine brewed by the martial art sects?”

“The secret will not be passed on, Senior, the secret will not be passed on!” Yang Chen stretched out a finger and shook it in front of his eyes . He smiled and said: “This is the secret of this younger generation junior, and it will never be easily leaked . ”

The wine immortal was even more anxious, but it was not too good to force it . He could only accompanied it by a smile and asked Yang Chen: “This little brother, when you brew, can you let this brother open his eyes?”

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A Yuanying stage Senior, was like a child with a grin, squatted in front of her, showing the appearance of a smile and pleading, so that Sun Qingxue could no longer hold back, and laughed out .

“Not at all . ” Yang Chen also laughed out, but he was much deeper than Sun Qingxue, and he was not on the spot: “However, what does the seniors plan to use to trade?”

When Sun Qingxue smiled,the wine immortal was a little embarrassed, but he heard Yang Chen’s tone , and immediately became refreshed . Whether or not he was in line with his Yuanying stage Senior’s identity, he went forward and asked anxiously: “You want do you want?”

“What does the senior have?” Yang Chen would not take the initiative to say what he wanted, so his purpose would not be too strong, maybe it would be self-defeating . Let the wine immortal say it out, that’s appropriate .

The wine immortal was a bit guilty on the spot . He had a good life, most of his things were related to the wine, and there were really not many other things . Even his cultivation dase was due to drinking, just like Shangguan Feng, liked to do business, obsessed with it, and cultivated as nature slowly . For this reason, besides the things related to wine, there were not many things on the wine immortal .

The reason why there was the Eternal Spring Wood, was because of the other characteristics of the Eternal Spring Wood . The wine glass made by Eternal Spring Wood could maintain the original taste of the wine to the utmost extent and would not volatilize . But it was not used by him, but he traded it with Sun Qingxue .

Suddenly, Jiu Xian remembered one thing, and suddenly slapped his thigh fiercely, shouting loudly: “You would certainly like this!” He said, taking two steps, smiled and asked: “If I have some news about a high-level Fire Seed, i don’t know if i can exchange it for your wine?”

“You can! Of course!” Yang Chen’s eyes also lit up on the spot . When he questioned Dan Fang from the beginning, he let go of the words, allowing everyone to use a Fire Seed to exchange for a medicinal pill, and the Pure Yang Palace has been vigorously Collecting Fire Seed, of course, it was fine to exchange it with the wine immortal .

“I know where there is a nether world fire and Earthly Fiend fire . . ” When he heard that Yang Chen agreed to exchange, the wine immortal immediately reported the names of the two flames: “Fifth Grade Fire Seed, how many wines can you exchange it for?”

“It’s just news, not a fire Seed . ” Yang Chen smiled and corrected it . He also brought the wine immortal to the news side more and more: “The news of the Fifth Grade Fire Seed, four hundred jin, what do you think?”

“Deal” Jiu Xian was overjoyed, four hundred pounds of Yang Chen’s fine wine, save a little drink, drinking a pound a day, could support him for more than a year . The two kinds of fire seeds news was eight hundred pounds, which would last more than two years . It was a long time, enough to find some other news .

“Right, can other news be exchanged?” After discovering that the news could be exchanged for wine, the wine immortal immediately realized that he had other sources of information: “Alchemy materials, various kinds of Pill furnaces, would these be ok?”

“Yes!” Yang Chen nodded again, which made the wine immortal happy to the extreme . He doesn’t have many other things, but on the news he had a lot of information, no matter how much was wanted . Doesn’t this mean that he could always find Yang Chen for wine in the future?

“However, Senior, this younger generation junior have not yet brewed the auxiliary wine . ” Yang Chen hurriedly interrupted the pleasure of the wine immortal, and the ugly words said in the front: ” if you want the alcoholic wine to be ready, you need to wait at least one year later . ”

“No problem, it is OK to use these two for the time being . ” The wine fairy certainly knows that brewing takes time, but he was almost inseparable from Yang Chen’s wine now . If these days were broken, it would be a big trouble . can want the short remaining life

“In addition, Senior, we can have words first . ” Yang Chen once again agreed with the wine immortal “If you use some of the news of the past to perfuse, don’t blame this younger generation junior for not appreciating your kindness . ”

“That is natural!” The wine immortal did not dare to boast, and patted on his chest to ensure: “Which one you feel is inappropriate, you can not count . ”

“Good!” Yang Chen finally no longer had other requirements, but seemed to think of something in general,and curiously asked “How will the senior send his own news every time? What if this younger generation junior does not decide?”

“It’s easy!” Jiu Xian was involved in exchanging news among cultivators . Of course, he has his own way: “Every big market has a Wine Immortal House, which is my brother’s industry . There is nothing else in it . If you want the news, go inside and ask the shopkeeper, bring the things, and leave it to the shopkeeper . ”

When he said this, the wine immortal directly handed over a small jade card “Hold this, just look for the shopkeeper, he will tell you what to do . ”

After receiving the jade card, Yang Chen could not help but felt awe . The wine immortal looked like a game dust, but this arrangement was definitely a big deal . No wonder he could easily navigated between several major gates . No one was a fuel-efficient lamp that can live in this world .

“Well, this younger generation will go out and practice in the near future . If the senior need it, you can exchange some to satisfy your cravings . ” Yang Chen also did not forget to remind the wine immortal “When this younger generation returns to the sect, after brewing,I will leave some of it to the sect, even if this younger generation junior is not in the sect, the senior can also exchange for it . ”

This was to let the wine immortal and the Palace Master Zhang Jiao to trade, what news was needed, would be decided by the Palace Master Zhang Jiao . A very easy trick, the news of the wine immortal would be exchanged with the Pure Yang Palace .

“Good!” Jiu Xian felt that this arrangement was good, otherwise if Yang Chen had a retreat for decades he could die . After he applauded, he suddenly remembered a question: “What is the name of this wine, does it have a name?”

“Jade Dragon Wine!” Yang Chen is too lazy to name something too elegant, and directly gave this .

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