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To the top ranking members of the Blue Cloud Sect, the news of Elder Hua, sounded out like thunder. What kind of high class family, would think of the Four Seas Mysterious Coral liquid as a drink? If these Four Seas Mysterious Coral liquid fell in the hands of the Blue Cloud Sect, they could used for unlimited things “Ah!”

“Sister, you watched those two young people to ruin such a rare treasure?” Sect Master Lu also had a bitter smile: “You couldn’t take it on the spot?”

"Hmm!" Hua Wanting sighed and said the things at the time, and then sighed: "He is good for Little Xue. Is it that as an elder and her master, if I still have to seize things from him a junior won’t it be inadequate?"

“Yes, but after all, it is the Four Seas Mysterious Coral liquid!” The elder opened her mouth, with sadness on her face,it seemed that she had lost something that she loved dearly.

"Not right!" Sect Master Lu said suddenly "Where was Yang Chen before coming to the Blue Cloud Sect?"

“I heard that he was going out to sea!” With Elder Hua Wanting’s relationship with Sun Qingxue, she would naturally pay attention to Yang Chen, and probably knew that he had been out to  the sea before.

“Going out to sea? This is right!” Sect Master Lu nodded slightly and said: “He must have discovered a group of one mil­len­nium Mys­te­ri­ous Coral, otherwise how could there be so many Four Seas Mysterious Coral liquid.”

Everyone had a look of a sudden realization, this explanation was reasonable. If he found a group of one mil­len­nium Mys­te­ri­ous Coral, it would explain why Yang Chen has so many Four Seas Mysterious Coral liquid, and would explain why Yang Chen would rather let Sun Qingxue drink it than to use it for alchemy.

As long as this group of one mil­len­nium Mys­te­ri­ous Coral was still there, Yang Chen could collect a lot of Four Seas Mysterious Coral liquid every other year, of course, it was best to strengthen the body at first.

“Really, he is very good to Lit­tle Xue!” Sect Master Lu immediately reached another conclusion, killing Yang Chen was willing to misunderstand the conclusion.

“A group of one mil­len­nium Mys­te­ri­ous Coral, sovereign, we want to..”. Shi Yanhe was not a good person, as the master of the Law Enforcement Hall, the people in the Sect knew her character, it was needless to say that she had many foreign means,and immediately asked.

When these words were spoken, Hua Wanting's face changed. The others became spirited and waiting for the decision of the lord.

“No!” Sect Master Lu's head shook and said “Since he can be so good to Little Xue, this matters we must urge Pure Yang Palace Palace Master Zhang Jiao. At that time, without hurting, we can still divided the Four Seas Mysterious Coral liquid in the same old way.”

“Is he a fool or a madman?” Shi Yanhe still didn’t understand Yang Chen’s approach “If there is such a good thing, is it not good to hide it, he didn’t give it to his sect, but to an outsider?”

“How do you know that Pure Yang Palace doesn’t know?” Sect Master Lu then analyzed and said “Maybe it was told to Yang Chen  that Pure Yang Palace has a long-term cooperation with us. There are Four Seas Mysterious Coral liquid, who knows pure How many magic weapons and high-level medicinal pills will there be in the Pure Yang Palace? How many hidden and powerful disciples will there be? In the future, all the disciples will be bound, and the relationship with the Pure Yang Palace must be maintained, remember!”

The people frequently nodded, Yang Chen was even more powerful, and it was impossible for one person to take all the good fortune in the world. There was no such thing as a singular shot. The 100,000 mountains has already stated that the Pure Yang Palace has begun to slowly reveal its shackles and was embarking on the road to raising.

“If this is the case.” Shi Yanhe suddenly sighed: “the Pure Yang Palace really has a concealed it’s hand!” Shi Yanhe could not help but sigh, even the Blue Cloud Sect, may not have held so many Four Seas Mysterious Coral liquid,that they could drink some.

“There is also anyway, I will wait and see if Yang Chen wants to buy anything.” Having decided how to treat Yang Chen and the Pure Yang Palace,Sect Master Lu looked at everyone, and suddenly proposed.

Everyone had no objection, the group then entered the auction floor and occupied the largest box. They discussed it for a long time outside,that they have already started auctioning.

“What did Yang Chen buy?” asked Shi Yanhe when she entered.

The Sect Master and all the Elders arrived, naturally they wanted to know what they missed. Soon everyone learned from the auction site that Yang Chen spent 50 pounds of Middle grade spirit stone before buying a vein of Spirit Spring.

"What did he buy the Spirit Spring for? Alchemy?" The first reaction of the elders was for alchemy, Yang Chen's alchemy level was already very deep in people's hearts. So the first thing the ones around him would guess is alchemy.

“That Spirit Spring is suitable for alchemy.” Carefully looking at the introduction, everyone also recognized Elder Shi's guess. If they knew that Yang Chen bought the Spirit Spring for winemaking, it was not known what they would do.

This auction would sell a lot of things, but Yang Chen seemed to have no interest in the other things in the auction except for the Spirit Spring. There were more than a dozen things in succession, no matter whether it was a magic weapon or other materials, Yang Chen did not make a move.

“Let me hear what this little guy wants.” The auction house in sect, for these big shots, it was almost undefended, if they wanted to know anything, there was nothing to stop them. The words of Yang Chen and Sun Qingxue would quickly spread into the ears of everyone.

“If i buy this Earth Pole True Fire, my Dan fire can be more than one, and I will have more choices in alchemy.” No surprise, Yang Chen stopped for a while and immediately began to express his intentions.

"fire? interesting! All the things he bought were related to alchemy. It seems that the little guy is bent on alchemy wholeheartedly. “Elder Shi was very supportive of this choice of Yang Chen. They also appreciated Yang Chen's speech.

No one has found that when they started to discuss outside, and when they were talking now. These was such a thin Spiritual Awareness thread near them that no would never pay attention to. He heard what they said, all their words, Even under the restrictions of Elder Shi, it was passed into Yang Chen's ears without any hindrance.

It seemed that one of the purposes of exposing the Four Seas Mysterious Coral liquid has been reached, which made Yang Chen very satisfied. In addition to giving it to  Sun Qingxue to clean her body, he wanted the Blue Cloud Sect to be unclear about the Pure Yang Palace. At the moment, the effect looked good. Pure Yang Palace was not as strong as Blue Cloud Sect and Green Jade Immortal Island, and could only use this way to add some Mysteries.

“Notify all the disciples at the auction site, including those of the guest, they are not to argue, let them give up the Earth Pole True Fire to Yang Chen!” Sect Master Lu boldness was astonishing, decided to win over and be on good terms with Yang Chen,and almost spared no effort to support him. And considered it as payment for when he gave Little Xue the Four Seas Mysterious Coral liquid

The order of the sovereign was immediately passed down. Apart from Yang Chen and Sun Qingxue, everyone was notified soon. No one would violate the intentions of the Sovereign, and even the guests were no exception.

There was a mysterious smile on Yang Chen's face.

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