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For Sun Qingxue, Yang Chen now treated her as a younger sister. There were many good things that he gave to her. This was the case with the Three Rev­o­lu­tions foun­da­tion stage pills, as well as the immortal good wood.

However, now Yang Chen was a little hesitant, whether he should give the  Four Seas Mys­te­ri­ous Coral liq­uid to Sun Qingxue at this time. Perhaps Sun Qingxue would not have any knowledge of it, but Hua Wanting would know. Once Hua Wanting had other thoughts after seeing the Four Seas Mys­te­ri­ous Coral liq­uid, Yang Chen was afraid that this kind of good intention would bring him more misfortunes.

Sun Qingxue was happy to show her own things to her Master, but it had to wait until Sun Qingxue reached the peak foun­da­tion stage to be able to use it, so Sun Qingxue had a little regret, and it naturally appeared on her face.

At this moment, the kind little girl’s tenderness and excitement was mixed with a little grievance, so that Yang Chen suddenly had a clear understanding. Sun Qingxue's gratitude was pictorial. It was purely good for himself. There was no need to guard against this.

Even if Huan Wanting does know that Yang Chen had the Four Seas Mys­te­ri­ous Coral liq­uid, she also knew that Yang Chen could refine the Ask Inner Heart Pill, compared with the Four Seas Mys­te­ri­ous Coral liq­uid, the latter could make Hua Wanting be more tempted. Since Hua Wanting now had this attitude toward Yang Chen, then there was no difference in taking out the Four Seas Mys­te­ri­ous Coral liquid.

“That was only occasionally , I didn’t know it beforehand.” After thinking about it, Yang Chen's face once again showed a smile, and a jade cup appeared in his hand suddenly, and directed at Sun Qingxue: “This is also a gift that I want to give to you.”

“What is this? Another kind of wine?” Sun Qingxue jumped over and looked at the jade cup in the hands of Yang Chen, and asked in surprise. However, looking at the gift that Yang Chen gave to her, the smile on her face was not broken.

“Take it and don’t say anything, just drink it.” Yang Chen did not di­vulge, just smiled and that the jade cup was sent in front of the eyes of Sun Qingxue.

Sun Qingxue looked at the cup of purple liquid with fluorescent light and widened her eyes, her eyes were full of doubts. It seemed that it was something strange.
Hua Wanting heard Yang Chen's gift to Sun Qingxue and was very happy in her heart. Sun Qingxue was her apprentice, and she favoured her a lot, she was not allowed to be wronged, and she was not allowed to suffer.

Although Elder Huan Wanting believed that Yang Chen would certainly not harm Sun Qingxue, but still subconsciously took a look at what Yang Chen gave to Sun Qingxue.
Looking  past the cup and seeing the purple liquid, Elder Hua Wanting became startled. In her memory, there seemed to be nothing like this purple liquid, that also bursts with fluorescence. She used her Spir­i­tual Aware­ness to investigate it,but there was no spiritual power in it, what was this?

Suddenly, the name of a something raised from the bottom of Hua Wanting’s heart, and Hua Want­ing quickly grasp­ing the mean­ing of some­thing sud­denly. No way? Was this thing the legendary Four Seas Mys­te­ri­ous Coral liq­uid?

It was beyond the control of Huan Wanting for being shocked, the Four Seas Mys­te­ri­ous Coral liq­uid was really too precious, even if it was other people who had a few small drops, how would they put it in such a large cup? But Yang Chen's  jade cup, was almost three or two time as large. And so many of the Four Seas Mys­te­ri­ous Coral liq­uid was placed there, which was so unreal.

If ordinary people had a few drops of the Four Seas Mys­te­ri­ous Coral liq­uid, all of which would be regarded as treasures, unless it was as a last resort, they would add one or two drops in the process of extremely important alchemy or refining. This peerless treasure, Sun Qingxue should drink it? Was that not a ruthless thing that the ruthless creatures would do?

“Holds on a minute!” Looking at Sun Qingxue who had already planned to take it out and drink it, Hua Wanting couldn’t help but hurriedly stop her.

Was she kidding, this Four Seas Mys­te­ri­ous Coral liq­uid, drinking it could only clean up the body’s garbage impurities, but for Sun Qingxue who had the wood spiritual root, the role was relatively small. However, if these Four Seas Mysterious Coral liquid was used in alchemy or refining, it may be possible to refine any peerless medicine or Peerless Grade Magic Weapon. It would be a pity if this was wasted!

“Master, why?” Sun Qingxue turned her head and looked at her Master with doubt. She never doubted that Yang Chen would harm her, but she wondered why her Master would make such a move.

And now the expression of Hua Wanting, a rare dignity, this was something that Sun Qingxue had never seen on her Master’s face before. Quickly, a thought raised in the bottom of Sun Qingxue's heart, was it possible that this purple liquid, was an extraordinary thing?

“Yang Chen, this is too expensive, we can’t take it!” Hua Wanting did not explain to Sun Qingxue, but said to Yang Chen. She doesn’t know how Yang Chen got these things, but no matter in which martial arts sect he sent it, so many of the Four Seas Mysterious Coral liquid would definitely be regarded as a treasure, and he can't easily give it away.

Elder Huan still had a little extravagant hope, that was that, Yang Chen still does not know what it was and what it was used for, just thought it was an ordinary juice that was a little good for the body, and brought it to Sun Qingxue. In this case, she couldn't persuade Yang Chen to take it back.

It was not that Elder Huan was not tempted by this Four Seas Mysterious Coral liquid. It was really that the Pure Yang Palace and Blue Cloud Sect had a close cooperation. The long-term interests of the 100,000 mountains were more important than the Peerless Grade Magic Weapon or some Peerless Grade medicinal pill that could be achieved by using the Four Seas Mysterious Coral liquid.

Of course, if she could use something else to trade to some of the Four Seas Mysterious Coral liquid, the result would be even more perfect. However, it must be the current way, In the case that Yang Chen did not know what it was, he could give it to Sun Qingxue to drink.

“It is just some Four Seas Mysterious Coral liquid, it is not a big deal.” Yang Chen opened his mouth and said, letting Hua Wanting become so scared she almost jump. Just some? Not a big deal? The vocabulary used by Yang Chen was so shocking to the ears of the Elder.

“Is it very precious? Master!” Sun Qingxue did not know, so she asked her master with doubts.

“It is 10,000 times more precious than you think!” Hua Wanting replied without hesitation.

“Ah!” Sun Qingxue did not expect such a result, such a valuable thing, she did not dare to accept it. When she picked up the jade cup, she planned to return it to Yang Chen.

Looking at the performance of Hua Wanting, Yang Chen's heart sighed. Blue Cloud Sect could become a first-class major sect, and it was not a fluke. Even the temptation of the Four Seas Mysterious Coral liquid, Elder Huan could reject it, just this disposition alone, it must be higher compared with Wan Qian by god knows how many times.

“Yang Chen, do you not know the speciality of the Four Seas Mysterious Coral liquid?” Elder Huan looked at Yang Chen, still insisted on returning it “and you still won’t take it back!”

“Thank you for your care.” Yang Chen was still very grateful, but he also has his own plans: “However,Senior do you think that this thing is in the hands of the younger generation, can the younger still retain it?”

Indeed, once people knew that Yang Chen had the Four Seas Mysterious Coral liquid, the enemies that Yang Chen had to face would never have a limit. Even if Yang Chen had tens of thousands of people, it would be impossible to fight against the entire Cul­ti­va­tion World.

Hua Wanting became more and more confused. In this case, why did Yang Chen show this kind of treasure in front of her? Although there was no opening, the issue has been revealed in front of the eyes of Elder Huan.

“Since I can’t keep it, why not use it immediately, and not let others have any other thoughts on it.” Yang Chen smiled slightly and said his reasons.

Listening to this almost absurd reason, Hua Wanting did not know what to say. From Yang Chen's words he was obviously aware of the preciousness of  the Four Seas Mysterious Coral liquid, and it was precisely because of this that Yang Chen made such a decision.

Of course, Elder Huan didn’t know that Yang Chen's bottle gourd had too much which could even be used for bathing and swimming. For a time, she could not find any reason to refute Yang Chen.

She thought of taking it for herself, but this was the gift that Yang Chen gave to her apprentice Sun Qingxue. As an elder, she couldn't be so cheap and greedy.

“More­over, if this younger gen­er­a­tion junior had re­lied on this Four Seas Mys­te­ri­ous Coral liq­uid, my Alchemy Tech­nique would have lit­tle ad­vancement.” Yang Chen said again, this time it sounded more like a reasonable point “As long as this younger generation junior has an Alchemy Tech­nique in hand, and am without these things, what is the difference?”

At this time, even Hua Wanting could not help but be moved by Yang Chen's arrogance. But thinking about it, what Yang Chen said made sense. He was still in the Foun­da­tion stage, and he could already refine the Ask Inner Heart Pill, Heaven Seiz­ing Pill and the Black Tiger Yuan Re­plen­ish­ing Pill. If he had always relied on foreign objects, it would indeed be like what Yang Chen said and his Alchemy Tech­nique likely not improve.

Yang Chen pointed out the fundamental reasons why he would make such a decision. Hua Wanting couldn’t help but admire Yang Chen’s master. He had such an excellent disciple, would there be any worry that his sect won’t progress?

Fortunately, the gift that Yang Chen sent was to her own disciple. After Sun Qingxue drank, it would indeed be a great advantage for her, this was beyond doubt.

The excellence of the disciple was the glory of the Master. Elder Huan also understood this and finally stop it. Pointing at Sun Qingxue, she nodded and motioned for her to drink it according to Yang Chen's method.

Elder Huan still wanted to leave some of it for the needs of the Sect, but seeing that Yang Chen didn’t want to keep it, she couldn't do anything like this. In the end, it was still advantageous to Sun Qingxue, which was also indirectly advantageous to the sect. Elder Hua was comforting herself like this, and then watched helplessly as Sun Qingxue drank the cup of Four Seas Mysterious Coral liquid.

“It has no flavor to taste!” After drinking, Sun Qingxue naughtily said, making Hua Wanting really not know what to say. The Four Seas Mysterious Coral liquid quickly started taking effect, Sun Qingxue felt like seeing clouds in front of her eyes, and only muttered a sentence “I feel so sleepy!” She then fell in her Master’s arms.

Hua Wanting was prepared, and he quickly caught Sun Qingxue. There was flash and their figures were no longer in the room, leaving only her voice that was reverberating in the room “Yang Chen, you can rest here, wait for Qingxue to wake up and look for you.”

There was Hua Wanting watching her, so Sun Qingxue would definitely not have any problems, Yang Chen was very relieved. In the room of Sun Qingxue, Yang Chen leisurely rested for a few days, and did not go out every day. He only cultivated the  Three Pu­ri­ties Se­cret Art Yin-Yang Five Phases Se­crets and Yel­low Tur­ban Strong­man Body Re­fin­ing Tech­nique, and other times, he would be holding a jade slip. Looking at the roots, very regular.

Although the name of the wine was well known in the Blue Cloud Sect, but no one had come to disturb Yang Chen, exactly like how Elder Huan had told him. Yang Chen was also happy to take a break for reading and cultivation.

During this period, Elder Hua Wanting had also been there twice. Her courtyard was next to the Sun Qingxue's Courtyard. The mas­ter and dis­ci­ple were close to each other, and it was convenient for Sun Qingxue to ask for advice. In fact, Elder Hua was not here, but she knew exactly what Yang Chen was doing.

Elder Hua some­what sighed with emo­tion. Young people like Yang Chen who could be so calm, even in the outstanding disciples of the Blue Cloud Sect, were rare. At least even Hua Wanting herself could not give the cup of Four Seas Mys­te­ri­ous Coral liquid to Sun Qingxue as casually as Yang Chen did, and it was still given to people who had nothing to do with their own sect. This was even more rare.

The only explanation was that Yang Chen deeply cared about Sun Qingxue. Anyway, Sun Qingxue had already expressed her intentions to be a Dao Com­pan­ion to Yang Chen. Yang Chen said that he would consider it. However, such a large cup of Four Seas Mys­te­ri­ous Coral liq­uid seemed to have explained Yang Chen’s attitude. For this lover who Sun Qingxue chose herself, Elder Hua was more and more satisfied.

Yang Chen not only was a life-saving grace for Hua Wanting, but also was so calm at such a young age. His Alchemy Tech­nique almost had no equal in the world, his future was boundless, such plan­ning by Sun Qingxue. It seemed that Lit­tle Xue vision was quite good.

If Yang Chen knew that when he was only planning to give Sun Qingxue a small gift and to be associated with so many things, he would definitely feel ashamed in the face of Hua Wanting. He was not reluctant to give more of the Four Seas Mysterious Coral liquid, the key was that Yang Chen was afraid of misunderstanding. He knew that he could secretly give more to Sun Qingxue. No one would know, and there wouldn't be so many troubles.

Because of the big cup of Four Seas Mys­te­ri­ous Coral liq­uid that she drunk, Sun Qingxue was a sleep for ten days. Naturally, her body would also discharge a lot of impurities. At the moment, there was Elder Hua Wanting to take care of her, so there was nothing to worry about.

When Sun Qingxue appeared again in front of Yang Chen, she had a different expression. Hua Wanting had already explained to Sun Qingxue what the Four Seas Mysterious Coral liquid was, and how precious it was. In the face of Yang Chen, Sun Qingxue was extremely grateful.

“Thank you, Big Brother Yang!” This ex­pres­sion of grat­i­tude,was definitely from the heart of Sun Qingxue. At the same time, it was also mixed with an unusual joy. This Four Seas Mysterious Coral liquid that Yang Chen was willing to give her, indicated her status in his heart. Sun Qingxue couldn't ask for anything more,It was enough to have these.

“Why are you being so polite,after becoming so good-looking!” Yang Chen stared at Sun Qingxue and looked at her up and down. He was very satisfied and nodded. After removing the impurities in her body, Sun Qingxue’s skin was more white, energetic and more youthful. Sun Qingxue's words of thanks, Yang Chen would not put it in his heart.

"It seems that the auction of the Blue Cloud Sect will start soon?" Yang Chen saw that Sun Qingxue was somewhat shy, and naturally changed the topic: "would you to take me there?"

“The auction will open tomorrow, and i am al­ready pre­pared.” Sun Qingxue said and took out a piece of jade slip, and handed it to Yang Chen: “This are the things to be auctioned tomorrow, Yang Da Ge,take a look, whatever you want, I will buy it for you.”

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