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How Could It Be

Yang Chen was treating Sun Qingxue like she was his little sister. If there were any good items, he would not be stingy towards her. He had shared the third-grade foundation building pill with her, as well as the Undying Wood.

However, he was a little hesitant now. He did not think it was not the right time to give her the Dark Coral Liquid of the Four Seas yet. Though she might not have any knowledge about it, Hua Wanting would surely recognise its nature. Yang Chen was afraid that his good deed would turn around and stab him in his back if her greed took over.

Sun Qingxue was cheerfully showing off the items she had obtained. However, she still needed to wait until she had reached the peak of the foundation building stage to use them. Slightly dispirited, her face was filled with regret.

At that moment, Yang Chen suddenly realised something while looking at her expression. Her teenage innocence and excitement were mixed with a tinge of grievance. Yang Chen then understood that she was actually trying to repay his gratitude. She purely wanted to treat him well, so there was no need for him to avoid anything.

Even if Hua Wanting did not know about the Dark Coral Liquid of the Four Seas, she also knew that he could concoct the Heart Questioning Pill. Compared to the Dark Coral Liquid of the Four Seas, it was the latter that would interest her more. Since Hua Wanting had treated him this way, there was no difference for whether or not he took the Dark Coral Liquid of the Four Seas out.

"You just happened to stumble upon it. You did not know about it prior to this." After thinking it through, Yang Chen's face revealed a smile once again as a jade cup suddenly appeared on his hands. He then said to her sternly, "This, is the gift that I have actually wanted to give to you for a while now."

"What is this? Is it another kind of nice wine?" she asked. She hopped towards him while staring at the jade cup. Nevertheless, hearing that Yang Chen had given her yet another present, she could not stop smiling.

"Don't be too bothered. Just drink it." Yang Chen only gave her a smile and did not want to reveal it. He then presented the jade cup in front of her.

Seeing that the purplish liquid was shimmering with fluorescent lights, her eyes were wide open. They were filled with curiosity as she was trying to figure out what the liquid was.

After hearing that Yang Chen had given Sun Qingxue a present, Hua Wanting was delighted as well. She pampered her disciple Sun Qingxue very much and would not let her go through any hardships, not to even mention she would not let her be harmed at all.

Although she trusted Yang Chen that he would not lay a finger on Sun Qingxue, she still wanted to check out what he was giving to her.

When she had a glance at the purplish liquid, she was instantly stunned. There were no items which had those characteristics in her memories. It was purple and even reflective. When she used her spiritual awareness to investigate, there was no spirit power in it. Just what is this? she thought.

Instantaneously, a name popped up from bottom of her heart. She was suddenly enlightened. How can it be? Can this possibly be the legendary Dark Coral Liquid of the Four Seas?!

She could not prevent herself from being shocked. The Dark Coral Liquid of the Four Seas was extremely precious. Even if someone had it, it would only exist in drops. Nobody was able to even contain it with a big cup. There was already approximately a hundred millilitres of it inside Yang Chen's jade cup. It seemed untrue looking at him with such an immense amount.

If people had a few drops of the Dark Coral Liquid of the Four Seas, they would already treat it like it was a precious gem. Unless they were forced to, they would only add a drop of it, the most being two drops in the middle of an important pill-concocting or tool-refining process. Only a reckless wastrel would consume such a valuable item.

"Wait!" Hua Wanting exclaimed when she saw that Sun Qingxue was about to take the cup and drink from it.

He must be joking. Drinking the Dark Coral Liquid of the Four Seas would only cleanse the wastes inside the body. For a person who had a full wood spirit root like Sun Qingxue, the effect on her would not be significant. But if it was used to concoct pills or refine tools, perhaps an unparalleled pill or an unmatched magical item could be crafted. It would be a huge waste to just consume it like that.

"Master, why?" Sun Qingxue turned her head, looking at her master with a puzzled look on her face. She had never suspected that Yang Chen would harm her, so she was curious why her master had asked her to halt.

Hua Wanting had an imposing look on her face which Sun Qingxue had never seen before. Suddenly, Sun Qingxue thought to herself, Can the purplish liquid be something extraordinary?

"Yang Chen, that is too valuable. You must not do this!" said Hua Wanting nervously to Yang Chen, not giving any explanation to Sun Qingxue yet. She had no idea how Yang Chen could get his hands on such items. But regardless of which sect it had been stored at earlier, no sect would give out such a substantial amount of Dark Coral Liquid of the Four Seas away for no good reason.

Elder Hua still had some wild hopes within herself. She was hoping that Yang Chen did not know what the liquid was and what the liquid could be used for. Perhaps he thought it was just some liquid that could be drunk to nourish the body, that was why he had given it to Sun Qingxue as a beverage. If so, maybe she could still admonish him to store it away.

It was not that Elder Hua was not interested in the Dark Coral Liquid of the Four Seas; the relations between Pure Yang Palace and Clear Sky Sect was simply too close. The long-term benefits of Hundred Thousand Mountains were more significant than the few unparalleled pills and unmatched magical items which could be produced using the Dark Coral Liquid of the Four Seas.

Of course, if she could exchange the Dark Coral Liquid of the Four Seas using something else, that would be even better. However, she could not just let Yang Chen unknowingly give it to Sun Qingxue as a drink.

"It's just some Dark Coral Liquid of the Four Seas, not too big of a deal," said Yang Chen, causing her to be shocked. Some? Not a big deal? Yang Chen's choice of words had stunned the Dacheng expert.

"Is it very precious, Master?" Sun Qingxue questioned her master as she was completely clueless.

"It is a thousand times more precious than you imagine," Hua Wanting answered without any hesitation.

"Oh…" She did not expect such an outcome and dared not simply accept such a precious gift. She raised the jade cup and was contemplating on returning it to Yang Chen.

After observing Hua Wanting's behaviour, Yang Chen sighed in admiration. It was indeed not by pure luck that the Clear Sky Sect had become so successful. Elder Hua managed to resist even the temptation of the Dark Coral Liquid of the Four Seas. Just this disposition of hers alone had made her a thousand times better than Mo Qian.

"Yang Chen, don’t you know the rarity of the Dark Coral Liquid of the Four Seas?" Elder Hua looked at Yang Chen and insisted on returning it to him. She persisted, "It is better if you just take it back."

"Thank you for your care, Senior." Yang Chen was extremely grateful towards Hua Wanting's intention. However, he already had his own plans for it. He then replied, "But, if this is in my hands, do you think if I can store it safely?"

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