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In any case, Yang Chen still had to collect this Tenth Water True Essence first. He worried that if he did not, he might accidentally drop the jade cup and lose it.

Preserving the Tenth Water True Essence was not a simple matter. Jade bottles were a requirement. In addition, many formations and talismans were needed in order to avoid making the Tenth Water True Essence dissipate.

In order to gather this Tenth Water True Essence, Yang Chen had to do detailed preparation work first. It was no surprise, with his shallow cultivation base, it had taken him a few decade's time to gather the Seventh Metal True Essence.

Of course, Yang Chen did not have to prepare for such a long time. After all, the Tenth Water True Essence was already in the Jade Cup. All Yang Chen needed to do was pour it into a jade bottle to collect it. Therefore, what Yang Chen mainly needed was those talismans.

Although the required preparations were reduced, Yang Chen still made at least three times as many talismans as insurance. His cultivation base was low and could not be compared with Scarface's. As such, he could only make up for it with the quantity of talismans.

Carefully, he picked up the jade cup and then placed it against the mouth of the jade bottle. He tilted the jade cup slightly and poured it into the jade bottle, striving not to waste a single drop of the Tenth Water True Essence. It could not be helped, the jade cup was the size of his palm and the Tenth Water True Essence shallowly covered the bottom. Even with such a small jade bottle, only half the bottle was filled. If even a single drop was wasted, it would make Yang Chen distressed.

When the Tenth Water True Essence fell into the jade bottle, Yang Chen immediately put down the jade cup. He quickly made a series of movements with his hands and attached dozens of talismans to the jade bottle.  

This set of actions Yang Chen simply did was the electro-optic flint, there was no pause, until everything was completed, and the jade bottle did not have the slightest water to leak, did Yang Chen become relieved.

Once he had poured everything into the jade bottle, Yang Chen picked up the jade cup to collect it but was immediately stunned. At the bottom of the jade cup, there was still a trace of moisture.

Yang Chen had just dumped everything from the jade cup. Yang Chen would never make such a mistake. He recalled that he had really poured out all the Tenth Water True essence so there shouldn't have been any moisture left in the jade cup.

After realizing that there was a problem, Yang Chen did not simply store away the jade cup. He had to examine it. What if the jade cup was a magical treasure?

Waiting was very difficult. Yang Chen cultivated the Three Purities Secret Art, the Yin and Yang Five Phases Secret art and then even cultivated the Yellow Turban Strongman Body Refining Technique. Even after cultivating, he saw that there was still no obvious change in the jade cup. Finally, he took out the gourd and poured the Mysterious Coral Liquid blended wine, drank until he was full, and then lay down satisfied on the Nautical chart.

In Yang Chen's body, there were indeed too many impurities. After drinking the Mysterious Coral Liquid he once again fell asleep as his body greasy black liquid seeped from his body.

Yang Chen was not afraid of any danger in the treasure house of the Dragon Palace so he slept comfortably. This time, he slept longer.

It was only after sleeping for five days and five nights that he woke up. Yang Chen refused to even take care of his greasy body before looking directly at the jade cup.

At the bottom of the cup, there had been a magical reappearance of the liquid. Although it was less than only one percent of the original amount, it was obviously there.

Suppressing his excitement, Yang Chen carefully took a silver needle and dipped it in the liquid. Immediately, he felt the pure and authentic aura of the Tenth Water True Essence.

Sure enough, this jade cup was actually able to condense the Tenth Water True Essence. Considering this point, coupled with the fact that Spiritual Awareness could not explore it, this jade cup was a peerless treasure.

The Tenth Water True Essence was originally a water of the sea. Now that he was in the East China Sea, Yang Chen could wait here to collect enough of the Tenth Water True Essence needed to cultivate the Tenth Water True Secret Art before going back.

Taking advantage of this time, Yang Chen also used the Mysterious Coral Liquid to completely discharge the impurities in his body. If he did not, the hidden dangers would still be there and later cause him a lot of trouble. The Dragon Palace Hidden treasure house was so safe that he was not even worried about sleeping here.

Although the other houses in the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard were equally safe, the old tree demon was now refining and absorbing the Penglai Divine Wood. His avatar was still sitting in the hundred thousand mountains, and was unable to divide many spirits to protect himself.

The environment here was also suitable for cultivation, and would not cause many people doubts. It was just the right place for Yang Chen.

Yang Chen never thought that there were so many hidden dangers in his body. After the fear subsided, he also felt fortunate. If he had not obtained the Mysterious Coral Liquid this time, he would not have realized how many impurities were hidden in his body. From this point of view, Yang Chen was still very lucky.

While he was waiting for the jade cup to absorb the Tenth Water True Essence in the East China Sea, Yang Chen had enough time to drink at least dozens of cups of the Mysterious Coral Liquid and also slept for more than two hundred days.

At the beginning, his body discharged greasy, black fluids. Slowly the color of the fluids began to fade, gradually becoming gray. By the end, there were very few impurities discharged. Even so, the Mysterious Coral Liquid was also good for treating disease. Drinking it could develop a strong immunity to disease so drinking more was not a big problem.

The jade cup continuously condensed the Tenth Water True Essence which was poured into the jade bottle, little by little.

Finally there was enough Tenth Water True Essence for Yang Chen to cultivate the Tenth Water True Secret Art.

During this time, Xiao Tian has been sleeping. It seems that the third Restriction had indeed exceeded its limits and he could not digest and absorb the dragon qi easily.

Yang Chen had stayed in the Dragon Palace Hidden Treasure House for almost a year. He would have to leave this place as his disappearance for nearly a year may have made his sect worried. Moreover, he still had a few promises to keep. He had to teach the palace master, he had to go out and travel with Sun Xiaoxue, and he had also promised to visit the Blue Cloud Sect.

Fortunately, he also was qualified to participate in Blue Cloud Sect's auctions. Blue Cloud Sect was a big sect and there were always some good things to auction. Perhaps he could catch up with it and see if there were any good things to buy.

Yang Chen's flying shuttle appeared again in the depths of the sea as he left the Hidden Treasure House. Suddenly his heart moved,

Leaving from the Hidden treasure house, when Yang Chen's flying shuttle appeared again in the depths of the sea, suddenly his heart moved, the imprint that those guys who tracked him planted to tremble in a few Qiankun bags.

After he left the Hidden Treasure House, Yang Chen opened a gap in his Spiritual Awareness' bindings and secretly examined the Spiritual Awareness Imprint of the opposite party. With just this little action, Yang Chen immediately felt the Spiritual Awareness Imprint begin to tremble slightly. This showed that the other party was still searching for his trace.

For a moment, Yang Chen was speechless with anger. This kind of tracking, it was true that when the young master was muddy he can’t make it .(this final sentence may be a poem)

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