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Although Yang Chen's body had been nourished by the essence of tens of thousands of Divine Immortal life essence, it did not mean that he had no impurities. In fact, because of this, Yang Chen's body had the most impurities . After all, the Divine Immortal life essence with different attributes were all absorbed by Yang Chen.

It seemed that Yang Chen does not have any problems, but it was only because of his low level of cultivation. When his cultivation began getting deeper and deeper, this hidden danger would gradually emerge.

In the final analysis, the Old Demon Yi’s Demonic Art was still magical, and the beginning was easy. The future cultivation would become more difficult, and this hidden danger would gradually emerge.

But now it was completely different. With the Mysterious coral liquid, even if Yang Chen couldn’t exhaust the impurities at one time,Yang Chen could do it gradually.

This was what Yang Chen realized after discovering that his body’s impurities were much more than Xiao Tian. At that time, Yang Chen was very strange. Xiao Tian’s bloodline was stimulated by the Howling Celestial Dog Blood Essence postnatal. How could it have less impurities than the impurities in his body? After trying to understand this, he began to have a cold sweat, even wanting to cry out in alarm.

It seems that the Heavens wanted to let Yang Chen sit back and relax, so they sent the Mysterious coral liquid to Yang Chen. This kind of gift was one hundred times better, and Yang Chen would not refuse.

“You are really my lucky star, Xiao Tian!” Yang Chen couldn’t help but hug Xiao Tian, and happily said.

Xiao Tian also noticed the joy of Yang Chen, and was also very happy to wiggle in Yang Chen's hand. The dark impurities on the surface of their body were messed up.

Splash, a stream of water appears out of thin air, just like the last time when building the foundation, Yang Chen controlled this stream of water, washed the impurities of himself and the body of Xiao Tian, and quickly collected it into a jade bottle. This kind of impurities from the body was the best medicine for chronic poisons.

The two magic weapons were good things that made Yang Chen too shocked to jump up. Yang Chen couldn’t wait to see what else was left.

What disappointed Yang Chen was that the remaining five jade cases were left with only one jade whose restriction coursed resonance with Xiao Tian and shined.

This time it was still a blue light, but Xiao Tian only took a mouthful and swallowed it up, as if it had eaten a lot that needs to be digested.

The performance of Xiao Tian made Yang Chen very helpless, no way, the level of Xiao Tian was too low, having swallowed up two Restriction Dragon Qi,, it was estimated that it was almost at it’s limit.

The third was naturally slower to absorb.

However, Yang Chen wanted to know what it was more and more urgently. But he couldn't do anything about it, he could only communicate with Xiao Tian using the Beast Controlling Secret Art to promise it a lot of benefits. This allowed Xiao Tian to devour the Dragon Qi with more vigor.

Even so, when the third Restriction Dragon Qi was absorbed, it still couldn't resist the feeling of inhaling too much dragon qi. In Yang Chen's hand, it slept directly. .

Yang Chen carefully sent Xiao Tian back to the medicine garden, and placed the Bright Light Sword and the Blood Phantom Vine sword around it, and then released a dozen pieces of magic weapons, which came out.

The azure jade cup on the jade case was carefully taken by Yang Chen in his hand and placed in it front of his eyes. The azure jade cup was not empty, just like the gourd, but the azure jade cup was not spatial,it was filled with some transparent and clear liquid, which was colorless and tasteless.

what was this? Yang Chen cautiously did not dare to shake it even a little, for fear of dumping that little liquid. He sniffed it, it was nothing special, He wanted to input spiritual power to try, but when he remembered the golden bell, Yang Chen held back, and began to explore with his Spiritual Awareness.

His Spiritual Awareness very easily passed through the azure jade cup, without the slightest pause. Yang Chen was startled, this was an unprecedented matter, was this azure jade cup not a magic weapon?

He tried it again, but his Spiritual Awareness still very simple passed through the azure jade cup, it did not stop. Yang Chen suddenly realized what he was doing. He carefully placed the azure jade cup on the ground, closed his eyes and tried to explore with his Spiritual Awareness.. As a result, Yang Chen became shocked.

Since Yang Chen started cultivation the Three Purities Secret Art, his Spiritual Awareness has risen sharply, and he had also absorbed the Immortal Executioner Stage killing intent, after fusing all kinds of flame he also absorbed many other treasures in addition, now his Spiritual Awareness has already reached the standard of Nascent Soul Middle Stage. Moreover there was the Three Purities Secret Art formidable Spiritual Awareness thread(s), including the Great Ascension stage Old tree monster, most good at hiding their personal appearance, were discovered by Yang Chen.

However, Yang Chen now closed his eyes, but couldn't find anything in front of him. If it wasn't he himself who put the azure jade cup there, Yang Chen would have thought that there was nothing there.

It's was miracle to obtain good materials that could ignore Spiritual Awareness. If you used this material to make a piece of clothing that covers the whole body, then doesn’t that mean that others couldn't find you with Spiritual Awareness?

However, Spiritual Awareness couldn’t explore it, and it is even more impossible to mark it. How could this be refined? For the time being, Yang Chen could not think of any method.

Another thing that made Yang Chen wonder was what the colorless and transparent liquid in the azure jade cup was.

In Yang Chen's memory, there was no obvious memory on it. This was very strange. Was it just ordinary water?

He was very careful to use a silver needle that he made with his hand to penetrate into the jade. After a little liquid was on the tip,he slowly pulled it out.

As soon as it left the half-foot range of the azure jade cup, Yang Chen suddenly noticed a pure and powerful Tenth Water spirit power from the tip of the needle. The spiritual power was so pure that the Tenth Water spirit power in Yang Chen's body was directly attracted and began to fluctuate.

“This! This!” Yang Chen carefully felt the pure spiritual power, in his mouth, he made two more incredible sounds.

Where was this clear water, clearly it was the pure to extreme Tenth Water True Essence, the essential true element in the cultivation of “«Tenth Water True Secret Art»”, it was also the most original source of water.

Now Yang Chen had no idea how to describe his feelings. Apart from Yang Tianxiao, there seemed to be no other way of expression it. However, there was no one here. Yang Chen's laughter was a bit ugly, and Yang Chen had to suppress this impulse.

With the Tenth Water True Essence, Yang Chen could cultivate the true Tenth Water True Secret Art, and let himself go further toward the completion of the Great Yin and Yang Five Phases Secret Art. It was also possible to greatly improve his cultivation, which was exactly what Yang Chen was currently doing.

However, now Yang Chen was somewhat worried. In the jade cup, there was only such a small amount of Tenth Water True Essence, would it be enough for the cultivation of the Tenth Water True Secret Art.

(To be continued)

*Yazi or heavenly roar= Xiao Tian
So after my attention was drowned to it
I made some research on Yazi and found that Yazi was a kind of species or breed
The previous translator used Heavenly roar as it name 
But I believe that Xiao Tian which means sky roaring is more of a better name

If you also see something that you want to draw my attention to just leave it in the comments

I am still researching the cultivation realms

Thank You

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