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Chapter 184 - Mere Worldly Possessions Are Nothing To Worry About

26 Feb 2017

For Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling, this was the first time someone was targeting them. Gao Yue was still fine compared to Gongsun Ling. She had experienced someone attacking her at the Great NanHuang Mountains, but Gongsun Ling never had such experience.

The experienced Gao Yue hated such actions even more, especially right now, when these people were targeting Yang Chen. Unconsciously, both Gao Yue’s and Yang Chen’s minds were set on each other more seriously, thinking that they could allow themselves to be hurt, but not the other person.

Moreover it was Gongsun Ling’s first time facing a life and death battle within the cultivation world. Although she had already experienced the sect’s martial art competition and had also tempered herself at the Immortal Falling Well, this was her first time fighting a true life and death battle. What astonished Yang Chen was that, even under these circumstances, Gongsun Ling didn’t seem to be the slightest bit nervous, instead she seemed to be looking forward to it.

The thirst for battle was perhaps fostered in the Immortal Falling Well, but at that time Gongsun Ling had only faced underground spirit beasts and hadn’t thought of targeting cultivators. Right now, that thirst for killing evolved from the bottom of her heart had been rekindled after her discussion with Yang Chen. Perhaps Yang Chen had confidence that Gongsun Ling would walk even further in this life.

After discovering the enemy’s presence, under probe of Gui Shanyou’s spiritual awareness, everyone knew what kind of tricks the enemy had planned. Spell flags were placed properly, but they couldn’t hide them from this formidable Da Cheng stage expert.

Naturally, Yang Chen was the one who told the others everything, as Gui Shanyou’s existence had to be kept hidden from them. Yang Chen absolutely didn’t want Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling to think that they had a support, otherwise if they walked into battle knowing that they would never be defeated, the opportunity to temper themselves would be meaningless.

“That is the coiling spell.”

In the field of spell formations, if Yang Chen didn’t have the knowledge of a Great Principal Golden Immortal from his previous life, then the most formidable among them was Gongsun Ling, who identified the spell formation of the spell flag with one glance:

“It is used to capture people, not kill them. I can’t arrange such a formation, at the moment.”

Having enough insights but not enough strength was a normal thing. Neither Yang Chen nor Gao Yue found it strange, but Yang Chen intended to temper Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling, so he didn’t say anything, moreover this entire battle was just for the benefit of his master and his senior apprentice sister.

From another point of view, it would seem that Yang Chen was instructing his master and senior apprentice sister. Just from the aspect of seniority, this was in reverse order. It was an extremely strange affair. Even more than instructing, he seemed to be testing them.

In their personal opinion however, it was not strange. Yang Chen had long ago proven that his battle experience and ability to battle was much higher than theirs, not to mention others, just the number of qiankun pouches which Yang Chen had obtained after killing enemies was sufficient proof of everything. Let alone the life and death challenges which he had won against people stronger than him.

“What should we do?”

Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling was frantically thinking about their approach. Yang Chen had already told them about the enemy’s strength, three JieDan stage experts, three Foundation stage experts and a few qi la

yer cultivators which shouldn’t be much of a problem, but the first six people were formidable, so regardless of anything, they had to be defeated first.

Taking another way was also an option, but that would certainly make them look cowardly. Moreover, both women understood Yang Chen’s intentions, and didn’t want to step aside. They also realized that if they conceded there, if a similar situation happened in the future, it would be very troublesome and having such matter gnawing at their mind would certainly be detrimental to their cultivation.

“I can tell you my appearance hiding spell formation, but we still won’t be able to break away from the entanglement of the coiling spell formation.”

Gongsun Ling spoke about the things she could handle:

“I have another spell formation which can restrain the coiling spell, but my cultivation is not sufficient. Even if I stake all of my spirit power in it, I would still be unable to resist it. But if aunt master Gao helps me, then maybe we can do something, but she will be unable to protect herself from enemies.”

After thinking of everything, they understood that breaking a high grade spell flag could only be done by relying on another spell formation to break it. Just relying on Gao Yue who only had the strength of the initial JieDan stage, they simply would not be able to handle three JieDan stage experts, but if they used spell formations, they may be able to trap the enemy and then kill them or cut off their limbs, and everything would be easy.

There was only one problem: their spirit power was insufficient. Even if the spirit power of Yang Chen, Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling was combined, it still wouldn’t be enough to match up with the three JieDan experts. Clearly, they were in a disadvantageous position.

“If you just require spirit power for the spell formation, I may have a way.”

Yang Chen was not worried much about Gongsun Ling failing. As long as they had a method, he would do everything he could to help with it. Since Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling had both agreed that this was the best method, Yang Chen would naturally support it:

“If the spirit power for the spell formation is not enough, use spirit stones.”

“They are spell flags refined by three JieDan stage experts, they also have spirit stones. We will not be able to compete with them.”

Gongsun Ling shook her head. She wasn’t very optimistic regarding Yang Chen’s suggestion to use spirit stones to solve the problem of their spirit power being insufficient:

“The spirit stones used by the two spell formations will be finite, we would have to use at least two whole pieces, possibly it would also be completely exhausted. This is no good!”

“There are no certain things in this world. Maybe it will work!”

Yang Chen smiled and took out two whole spirit stones and placed them in front of Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling.

“Just spirit stones won’t work, we require……….”

Gongsun Ling could only speak half the sentence and then couldn’t say another word. On the other side, Gao Yue was also looking at Yang Chen in astonishment, not daring to believe what she was seeing.

Two pieces of top quality spirit stones, each seemed to be around one jin, twinkling brightly within Yang Chen’s hands like two bright pearls, attracting the attention of both women.

“These spirit stones should be enough, shouldn’t they?”

Yang Chen asked with a smile.


Gongsun Ling replied a little sluggishly, taking the two jin of top grade spirit stones, that were actually equivalent to two hundred jin of high grade spirit stones, twenty thousand jin of middle grade spirit stones and two million jin of low grade spirit stones. With this much, forget about dealing with some JieDan stage expert’s trifling coiling spell, even if a peak YuanYung stage cultivator had been there, in terms of spirit power, they still wouldn’t be at a disadvantage.

“So, what’s next?”

Yang Chen pulled Gongsun Ling’s little hand and pushed the spirit stones in her hand.

“Do you really intend to use these two top grade spirit stones?”

Even with spirit stones in her hand, Gongsun Ling still couldn’t dare to believe it. While holding them, she clenched her hands as tightly as she could to feel that sensation of the spirit stones, ready to overflow, and sense the extremely smooth and soft surface, only then could she believe it. But when she was allowed to use both of the spirit stones immediately, she still hesitated a little.

“These are mere worldly possessions, as long as we can obtain victory, this is not too high of a price to pay.”

Yang Chen nodded his head, as if instructing both of them and continued to speak:

“At the crucial time, even if it is your destined flying sword, you should be ready to abandon it. Always remember, your life is far more precious than these mere worldly possessions.”

The argument was quite easy to understand but when the time came, it may not be so easy to follow it. Even Gao Yue, who was a JieDan stage expert, had never seen a top grade spirit stone before.

Just these two spirit stones easily surpassed both Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling’s entire wealth combined, at least by a hundred times. So when they were suddenly asked to use such a large amount of wealth, they could not help but feel astonished.

Gao Yue quickly understood something and subtly raised her head, glancing at Yang Chen, just when Yang Chen was looking straight at her with a smile dancing in his eyes. A trace of a smile also blossomed on Gao Yue’s face. Looking into Yang Chen’s eyes, she felt very grateful.

After another moment, Gongsun Ling also finally looked up from her internal struggle and took a deep breath, but her expression clearly conveyed that she had been relieved of some burden.

“I understand, younger apprentice brother Yang!”

Gongsun Ling faintly nodded her head towards Yang Chen:

“I used to believe that I was already unaffected by worldly possessions, but after seeing right now, it seems that was not the case before.”

Tossing the spirit stones around in her hand, Gongsun Ling smiled without any worries:

“Then let’s see how formidable the spell formation will be after being propelled by top quality spirit stones.”

Gao Yue was also thinking of the same thing. Cultivators should never have to worry about worldly possessions, only then could they completely free their minds. But, in the end, cultivators were also people and knew the importance of wealth and companionship. While everyone was vying for these, they could also subconsciously get caught up in the worries for mortal treasures.

Yang Chen’s lesson allowed both of them to undergo a small baptism for the first time. Their mental state blossomed even more, which naturally would be very beneficial towards their cultivation.

Although Gongsun Ling’s research of that senior’s illusion spell was not complete, she could already make a lesser imitation. As for another spell formation which would resist the coiling spell, it was simply the five phases sword attack spell formation. As long as the attacks were sufficiently incisive, regardless of what kind of entanglement it was, everything could be cut.

The JieDan expert monitoring the three people didn’t dare to get too close and kept looking at the three of them talking from afar for a good moment, then he sat down on the ground to rest. Afterwards he disappeared from where he had appeared in a flash.

The JieDan expert suddenly felt something amiss and could not help but rub his eyes. When he looked again, he became certain that the three people had certainly disappeared from their original place. Greatly alarmed, the JieDan expert didn’t even care about covering his tracks and directly rushed to the place where those three had disappeared just a moment ago.

Yang Chen and both women had entered the illusion spell arranged by Gongsun Ling. Although this illusion spell didn’t have any killing power, it had a strong invisibility effect. The people using it couldn’t even be discovered by using spiritual awareness. They could only be discovered if someone walked into the region.

The three inside the spell could clearly see the figure of that JieDan stage expert rushing over. Seeing the silhouette, Gongsun Ling faintly laughed and with a tremble, the spirit stone embedded in the spell flag fell to the ground.

She was very fortunate. Under a large amount of stress, that JieDan expert directly entered the killing spell and basically didn’t have any time to respond.

But still, the reaction of that JieDan expert was quite fast. He immediately summoned a magic weapon. The magic weapon was called out hurriedly however. In front of the attack power of the spell formation, driven by top quality spirit stones, the defensive magic weapon was simply like paper.


Just as the armor took shape on his body, it was directly crushed into pieces by the powerful attack of the spell formation. As for the expert himself, his body trembled violently and he began to puff out blood madly. With great injuries, he wasn’t able to maintain the armor anymore and many formless flying swords pierced his body as if it was a sieve.

“So simple? How is it possible?”

Gongsun Ling simply didn’t dare to believe what she was seeing. A JieDan stage expert hadn’t even been able to stand up in front of her. The difference between their strengths and the actual result was very shocking, which put Gongsun Ling at a loss for a good moment.

“The five phases sword spell formation which only has offensive strength is the most simple spell formation and perhaps because it is the simplest spell formation, it can use all of its strength on attacking and can also make the most efficient use of spirit power in the spirit stone.”

Yang Chen lauded:

“The choice of spell formation is quite good!”

Gongsun Ling was both frightened and delighted. Admittedly, killing this JieDan expert had a hint of a sneak attack, the enemy basically didn’t have the time to respond, but it also clearly showed that it was not necessary that only a highly complex spell formation would shine in battles. Sometimes the simplest spell formation used correctly could reveal astonishing strength.

This kind of real combat was a completely different experience for Gongsun Ling. Compared to killing those underground spirit beasts who didn’t have any intelligence, by attracting them to the simplest traps, it was more complex and completely novel.

Their enemies were a few JieDan stage experts, moreover they still didn’t know anything, so this was the perfect time. The illusion spell made by Gongsun Ling allowed the three people to noiselessly approach those people who were waiting to ambush them. At this point of time, the ending those people desired had become a dream.

“Isn’t such a method despicable?”

Gongsun Ling still hadn’t completely accepted this method and could not help but ask Yang Chen, who was hidden within the illusionary spell some distance away from her.

“So is it righteous, that those people have sent so many JieDan stage and Foundation stage cultivators to attack us three people?”

Yang Chen didn’t reply directly, but rather asked a rhetorical question.

“So, even if we won by using such a method and this method worked again in the future, would it also be usable at the time of a tribulation?”

Before reaching the Foundation stage, Gongsun Ling had been deeply influenced by the academics of the sect and hence still resisted launching a sneak attack.

“I am not asking senior apprentice sister to use this kind of method every time.”

Yang Chen gazed into Gongsun Ling’s eyes and sternly said:

“I only wanted to let senior apprentice sister become aware that such methods can also be used. Moreover, this method was thought of by you yourself, senior apprentice sister, isn’t that so? What kind is to be used at what time is entirely up to you.”

After saying this, Yang Chen seemed to be wanting to continue and added:

“Senior apprentice sister, actually the heavenly tribulations are not passed by using the same method. All of those seniors who passed the heavenly tribulation didn’t use only one method.”

“I understand!”

Gongsun Ling was worthy of being considered a genius and quickly understood Yang Chen’s intention and was no longer confused.

Gao Yue standing near them didn’t say anything, quietly listening to their dialog. Although the conversation between Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling was quite simple, the content was not profound, it still created much for her to reflect upon.

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