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Chapter 185 - Your Flying Swords Are My Responsibility01 Mar 2017

The reality didn't allow Gongsun Ling to insist on using just and honorable methods. She was a Foundation stage disciple and the enemy was a JieDan stage expert. If she confronted him openly, then that was not persisting on principle, instead it was plain foolishness.

When Gongsun Ling's five phases sword spell formation suddenly started attacking the JieDan stage expert responsible for the coiling spell, Gao Yue quickly revealed herself to obstruct another JieDan expert wanting to help to his friend.

As for those Foundation stage clansmen, they were all delivered to Yang Chen. Although nobody knew how Yang Chen would deal with them, Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling had never doubted once that Yang Chen would not be able to easily take care of them.

Yang Chen indeed took care of the three Foundation stage clansmen with the second wood flying sword. At the moment when Gongsun Ling started attacking, he immediately got rid of the closest person and soon after that, the other two were also covered in a huge blood-red net.

Although the master root and the master vine had been removed from the Blood Phantom Vine, under Yang Chen's meticulous care and the nourishment from two Da Cheng stage experts, it had already recovered a portion of its strength. Even though it still couldn't be compared to the Blood Phantom Vine flying sword, but for two Foundation stage youngsters it was still enough.

The qi layer disciples scattered within the ten mile radius were already marked by Gui Shanyou with his spiritual awareness. Regardless of where they would escape to, they could be easily traced. Yang Chen wasn't worried about them escaping in all directions. Even if they were given a day's headstart, the old tree demon could easily catch them. Moreover, what Yang Chen wanted to know at the moment was this group's whereabouts, where their base was located.

The JieDan stage expert fighting with Gao Yue absolutely hadn't anticipated that she could still use her JieDan stage cultivation in the fight with him. Suddenly, after one move he asked her in complete astonishment:

"Didn't you seal your cultivation? How are you still at the JieDan stage?"

"I only seal my cultivation when cultivating, no one ever said that I had to seal it while fighting!"

Gao Yue sneered and continued showering the enemy with attacks.

While on one side, Gao Yue was engaging the JieDan expert, on the other side, Gongsun Ling had completely released all of her techniques, one after another, spirit formation after spirit formation. Although the difference in realms of both sides was large, the top quality spirit stone completely made up for the deficiency.

The coiling spell was perfectly prepared to ambush Yang Chen and his group. Although Gongsun Ling had mounted a sneak attack, the coiling spell was also roused, and under the control of their spell flag, both spirit formations fiercely collided.

Countless formless threads of the coiling spell were densely coiled around the five phases sword and were sliced cleanly, which were then replaced by newly formed threads again. The main principle behind the coiling spell was the same, it would exhaust the spirit power of the people trapped inside and then capture them without injuring the trapped people.

If the person trapped inside the spell formation had a lower cultivation than the person who arranged it, then it was extremely hard to cut those formless threads. Only if the person had a powerful magic weapon or some spell formation which could destroy other spell formations, like Gongsun Ling was using, would work, otherwise there was no way to come out of the spell formation.

Their original surefire plan to capture the three people by using the spell formation controlled by three JieDan experts had completely failed. Moreover, they also had to face the surprise attack of Yang Chen and his group, while the whereabouts of the expert who had been following their trail previously were unknown and out of the three Foundation stage disciples who were sent to assist, Yang Chen had already gotten rid of two of them and the left over JieDan stage experts had also become fearful.

As for the expert fighting with Gao Yue, he was barely able to evenly match with Gao Yue, but still hadn't gotten an opportunity to push Gao Yue into the spell. What made him even more nervous was that Yang Chen had surprisingly already become free and could help Gao Yue at any time she needed.

Although he didn't know what that weird blood-colored net was, which Yang Chen had used to deal with the three Foundation stage disciples, but something that could deal a fatal blow to two mid Foundation stage disciples was definitely not something a simple.

Yang Chen's gaze was always aptly sweeping over Gao Yue's enemy like a sharp blade. This led the expert to believe that Yang Chen would certainly attack him. In his wariness and distraction, that expert who had a cultivation of the mid JieDan stage, a little higher than Gao Yue, lost the slight advantage he held and the fight became equally matched without any chances of success in sight.

The JieDan expert controlling the spell flag also discovered, with some astonishment, that his opponent, an initial Foundation stage woman, known as Yang Chen's senior apprentice sister, was surprisingly able to control his coiling spell using a simple attacking spell formation and even after such a long stalemate wasn't showing any signs of spirit power exhaustion.

What he find harder to believe was that Gongsun Ling had the perfect opportunity to break the coiling formation controlled personally by him, but she wasn't trying to destroy it. The reason why it was locked in a stalemate for so long was because she had discovered that this battle was helpful in increasing her control over the spell formation and spell flags, and she was not willing to lose this chance to temper herself.

Gongsun Ling had already gained the understanding that, regardless of what method was used, the goal of the battle was to win, no one wanted to lose. But under the current circumstances, she herself hadn't expected that, apart from catching them off guard in the beginning, she would be able to fight the way she wanted, a just and honorable, decisive battle.

As for the sneak attack in the beginning, Gongsun Ling didn't consider that as a sneak attack. It was just dealing with them as they were trying to deal with her group. Could it be that, since the enemy had laid ambushes for them properly, she had to walk into the trap to be called honourable by the enemy?

The spell formation controlled by the JieDan expert was greatly pressuring Gongsun Ling, but with the backing of the top quality spirit stone, Gongsun Ling could easily control the spell formation to a great extent, making the battle reach a stalemate with Gongsun Ling at a slight disadvantage, but fortunately this created a misconception in the enemy's mind that, as long as he added a little more strength, he could easily subdue Gongsun Ling.

The enemy, sorrowful for the loss of one of his companions, was waiting for the instant when Gongsun Ling would crumble. His companion was fighting against two enemies alone, but he could still resist them for the time being. As long as he could subdue this Foundation stage woman, he would get his hands free and teach a lesson to Yang Chen and Gao Yue.

As for those few Foundation stage disciples who had already died, he didn't care about them. As long as they could obtain the pill recipe from Yang Chen, sacrificing the life of a few Foundation stage disciples was not much. Gongsun Ling was getting more and more proficient with the spell formation. She controlled the spell formation to release just the ideal amount of strength.

Under the pressure of the JieDan stage expert, within the intense battle, Gongsun Ling had displayed incomparable concentration. This five phase sword spell had already released more power than it had ever released under her control.

"It is about time, we still have many questions to ask!"

Yang Chen sitting on one side apparently discovered Gongsun Ling's situation and reminded her.


Hearing Yang Chen's words stunned the JieDan stage expert controlling the spell formation. At the same time, he discovered with astonishment that at this instant, all of the threads of the coiling spell had been cleanly cut off.

"How is this possible?"

The JieDan expert controlling spell formation cried out in fear, but was only able to get these words out.

The sword qi as sharp as the point of a spear directly broke through all of the restraints of the coiling spell and beheaded him, effortlessly passing through his body, bringing out a bright light, which dazzled everyone's eyes.

The JieDan expert's body fell to the ground with a loud sound. The used spell flag broke down without anyone to control it, leaving all of the matters to Gongsun Ling. His gaze turned to Gao Yue, who was deadlocked in battle with that JieDan expert.

Three against one. With both his companions dead, the remaining JieDan expert, without hesitation, ducked out of the way, wanting to run away.

Yang Chen was looking at the fight from the sidelines, how could he allow him to escape at such a time? The enemy had been able to go just two meters when he suddenly collided with an ocean of flying swords, and closely packed flying swords started falling down on him.

Yang Chen had once again used the ten thousand sword secrets. When those few thousand flying swords started attacking under Yang Chen's control, even if that fleeing clansman was a JieDan stage expert, he still had to fear the consequences.

Other than controlling his flying sword to fly faster and stop those hundreds of swords one by one, he had no other choice. But the effort he spent to obstruct those swords had already decided his life and death.

A dark red sword mixed among those thousands of sword had passed through his flying sword at some time and was directly pointed at his body.

The JieDan expert was endlessly surprised, but he didn't pay much attention to it. As long as his cultivation was intact, he could easily block this unremarkable sword.

The sharp end grazed his skin a little, but the JieDan stage expert didn't have the chance to do anything. The small pointed end seemed to have some kind of power of attraction and the blood of his entire body was concentrated at that one point where it was grazed.

He didn't have the ability to maintain his cultivation and vitality after his blood had dried up. Like elder Hua Wanting, the JieDan expert could only keep gazing at Yang Chen with endless astonishment and despair and then, as if still trying to escape, he fell to the ground.


Apparently Gao Yue didn't dare to believe it. Just the three of them had so easily taken down three JieDan stage experts and three foundation stage disciples!

"How do you have so many flying swords?"

What amazed Gongsun Ling was the flying swords produced by the ten thousand sword secrets just a moment ago. Surprisingly, not even one flying sword was formed from sword light, all of them were real.

For a Foundation stage disciple, a suitable flying sword was not something which could be obtained easily, otherwise the Pure Yang Palace would not have used a flying sword as a reward for Yang Chen. Even until now, Gongsun Ling had only one flying sword, but when she suddenly saw Yang Chen using literally tens of thousands of swords, she was so intimidated that she couldn't even move from the spot.

"Flying swords?"

Yang Chen was startled, but he immediately caught himself and said with a carefree laugh:

"By killing people!"

These words were no lie. The majority of the flying swords he had were obtained from the Hao Yi Manor, but only Gao Yue knew about that matter, so she hadn't paid any attention, but Gongsun Ling wasn't aware of that matter.

"Several thousand flying swords? Younger apprentice brother, how many people have you killed?"

Gongsun Ling turned pale with fright on the spot:

"Wouldn't it influence your mental state?"

Although in the beginning, she was asking out of curiosity, it immediately turned to concern.

"It is not like, I killed all of them by myself, don't worry!"

Yang Chen didn't want the people at his side to get anxious because of him and replied, playing it down:

"Also, it will have no influence on my cultivation!"

Gongsun Ling wanted to say something more, but seeing that Gao Yue hadn't said anything, she cleverly shut her mouth. This was probably a long story, but right now they didn't have the time for that. Even his master, Gao Yue, hadn't said anything, so she, his senior apprentice sister, had no need to be talkative. But she was still very amazed that Yang Chen had such a great helper.

But this would also explain how Yang Chen could easily take out two top grade spirit stones. The wealth he had collected from killing several thousands of people, all together could even it out.

However, Gongsun Ling still didn't dare to believe that her younger apprentice brother had taken the lives of so many people within such a short amount of time, merely a few decades. Even if Yang Chen was an executioner, didn't it seem like he was just fond of killing?

While the two women still hadn't recovered from their shock, Yang Chen had already begun to sweep the battlefield leisurely. Starting from the JieDan expert who had pursued them at the beginning, three JieDan stage experts and three Foundation stage cultivators, six qiankun pouch were placed in front of the three people.


Yang Chen waved his hand, assuming the role of the one dividing the gains.

Both women didn't have experience in killing people and taking their things, both were looking at each other in dismay and nobody moved.

"It is a simple matter, there is no use of thinking so much."

Looking at their expressions, Yang Chen knew what they were thinking and once again substituted for them:

"Three qiankun pouches of three JieDan experts, one person one pouch, the same goes for the Foundation stage cultivators and dividing the loot is already completed!"

With this, both women had received two qiankun pouches respectively and were looking at Yang Chen as an assistant should, thinking about what kind of treasures were inside the qiankun pouches. Gao Yue was the first one to force a smile. Soon after that, Gongsun Ling began to giggle and then burst out laughing.

"This world is like this. The strong prey on the weak. It isn't merciful."

Without lifting his head, Yang Chen started talking while looking at the spoils of war:

"In the future, many such things will happen, you should form a habit. Don't think too much about it. If they want to kill us and we don't kill them, the ones who are dead will be us. I don't know about you, but I don't have the intention of helping them and dying."

Both women had already taken their loot, regardless of whatever being said. Cultivators should always be optimistic. Since the matter had already reached this stage, then it was not ill gotten gains. Naturally they would have a clear conscience taking it. But experiencing so much after the first time, apparently there would be changes in their ideals, otherwise they would just be their previous selves.

"These flying swords aren't useful for you, so I will repair and use them!"

Yang Chen didn't divide the flying swords with varying grades, and instead tossed them all into his own qiankun pouch.

"Yang Chen, both me and your senior apprentice sister don't have any good flying swords, what do you say?"

Gao Yue said to Yang Chen with a teasing smile, as if making fun of him:

"The Red Sun Metal Soul which I had purchased at a high price was entirely used on your Bright Ray Sword, can't you show even a little bit of gratitude?"

"Be relieved, master!"

Yang Chen patted his chest, taking charge:

"Leave your destined flying swords to me. They will certainly not be inferior to what great master is using!"

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