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Chapter 169 - The Attackers Become The Nourishment

19 Nov 2016

Since last time, after she had performed the pair cultivation with Yang Chen, she had started avoiding Yang Chen with the excuse of refining his flying sword, because she was afraid of meeting Yang Chen.

But this time, in the campaign against Lin Chenghe, Gao Yue feared for Yang Chen having an accident. She knew that Yang Chen had the tendency to invite disaster, so she had been sticking to Yang Chen’s side, sternly and carefully looking after him; in short: trying to avoid having Yang Chen harmed by anyone.

But when Cheng Wencai tried to underestimate Yang Chen, and with Gao Yue’s disposition, she naturally became angry and immediately lost her self control. All of a sudden this had become a matter of honor for master and disciple.

Only after that did Cheng Wencai and his party leave, laughing loudly and feeling proud of themselves. Gao Yue turned to Yang Chen and asked:

“A bet is a bet. Because of you I had to agree, so how do you intend to win?”

“Just wait for the meat pie!”

Yang Chen was unable to give an adequate explanation to Gao Yue, but he could say this:

“In any case, only a hair of Lin Chenghe is at stake, which I can easily obtain with the help of old man Gui!”

Initially, Gao Yue still had some doubts, but once she thought of Gui Shanyu’s formidable strength, she nodded, feeling relieved. For a Da Cheng stage expert like him, maybe killing Lin Chenghe would be difficult, but getting a hair during the fight should be very easy.

“Then what should we now?”

At this moment, Gao Yue absolutely did not appear like a master and was instead just following Yang Chen’s commands.

“It’s a good opportunity to practice my newly obtained magic weapon!”

Yang Chen mysteriously smiled and spoke. While speaking, he clutched the sword embryo made from the Blood Phantom Vine and inserted it into a thick tree on the side.

“What kind of magic weapon is this?”

Gao Yue suspiciously looked at Yang Chen’s actions and asked in bewilderment:

“How can it be used?”

“This is a wood attributed magic weapon which hasn’t taken shape completely. It needs to absorb a large amount of first wood spirit power to form completely!”

Yang Chen casually told a lie:

“If it started absorbing, normal trees wouldn’t be able to bear it and I also don’t want to harm those trees of the MeiQing mountain so I thought of using it to absorb some of the larger trees here.”

There was wood attributed spirit power surrounding it, so Gao Yue wasn’t able to discover if it was first wood or second wood spirit power at that moment. But since Yang Chen had explained everything without any hesitation, she didn’t have any suspicions.

Although Cheng Wencai had left, he had left behind a foundation stage disciple of the Greatest Heaven Sect to keep an eye on Yang Chen. That disciple had clearly heard Yang Chen’s words, but he did not think about it much, sneering at Yang Chen for a moment.This large tree was thick enough that it could not even be encompassed by both arms, but it had very low spirit quality, what use would there be to absorb such trees?

Following this, under the gaze of that disciple filled who was with contempt and astonishment, Yang Chen and Gao Yue continued the way they had planned. Gao Yue was following after Yang Chen, going from place to place, looking after such large trees and then inserting the blood colored sword embryo into the trees to absorb their spirit power.

The attitude of both people was very casual and completely relaxed, as if treating the matter of Lin Chenghe as just another incident to gain knowledge and experience.

Only for the sake of appearances in front of other people, did they not do anything unusual. Let alone Yang Chen, who was just a Foundation stage expert, even the JieDan expert, Gao Yue, was not of much use in this ‘Great Calamity of Devil Cultivation’. They were just two voices among the shouting of the crowd present.

While the two people were relaxing, the day of Lin Chenghe’s tribulation arrived. When the Yin Fire tribulation descended, all of the cultivators within a radius of several hundred miles of that region immediately sensed that formidable power.

The cultivation of that old devil was so formidable that the power and momentum of the Yin Fire had exceeded the expectations of those experts, who had intended to jointly attack him from a distance.

Those experts who had been feeling complacent with their plans previously began to grow nervous under the formidable Yin Fire Tribulation. Even those Da Cheng stage experts did not dare to advance lightly before this tribulation. All of these people even had the thought that, if they advanced, they would also be targets of the tribulation.

Even though these Da Cheng stage experts had already passed their Yin Fire tribulation, because they had already experienced it once, they knew how formidable the Yin Fire was. They hadn’t anticipated that the tribulation triggered by Lin Chenghe would be so formidable. The more powerful a heavenly tribulation was, the more formidable was the cultivation of the person.

After thinking of this, everyone had almost given up all hopes. If they could not use the time of his tribulation to attack him, then with this kind of cultivation, after passing the tribulation, he would definitely come to kill everyone who had attacked him, which was something nobody wanted to see.

In such a situation there was only one way, which was that those Da Cheng stage experts, together with the YuanYing stage experts, would attack Lin Chenghe, who was undergoing his tribulation with their most powerful magic weapons. Even if their magic weapons were destroyed by the effect of the heavenly tribulation, they had to distract Lin Chenghe.

The heavenly tribulation had already started and the occasion demanded immediate action. At this moment, those who had suffered this bitter pain of this great calamity clearly realized that trying to kill Lin Chenghe after he had passed the tribulation would be even more difficult.

Especially those sects to which those Da Cheng stage cultivators who had cultivated the Long Tai Spirit Supporting Secrets belonged, would be unable to bear the loss of these Da Cheng stage experts after Lin Chenghe had reached the Da Cheng stage. Countless JieDan and YuanYing stage cultivators had already proven that, as long as Lin Chenghe’s cultivation exceeded their’s, their cultivation would certainly become a tonic for Lin Chenghe, without exception.

Under such circumstances, the few sect’s experts joined together and, taking out their magic weapons and destined magic weapons, under the leadership of a Da Cheng stage expert from the Greatest Heaven Sect, who had cultivated the Long Tai Spirit Supporting Secrets, they all took out their magic weapons and rushed to attack Lin Chenghe within the perimeter.

In this matter of finding the region where Lin Chenghe would undergo his tribulation, the old tree demon, Gui Shanyou had played a pivotal role. And at the time of attacking Lin Chenghe, the old tree demon uprooted a small mountain and smashed it into the location of Lin Chenghe.

But although he was very formidable, he still couldn’t be compared to those experts who had their destined magic weapons with them. He couldn’t be blamed however. Even now, he still didn’t have a destined magic weapon. Being a demon beast, he had an inherent weakness regarding the refining tools which everyone knew about, so he couldn’t be blamed.

Within the rumbling sound, the most powerful attacks of those YuanYing stage and Da Cheng stage experts, with their most powerful magic weapons had triggered a fluctuation in the energy of heaven and earth, which made all of the ordinary people and animals within a hundred miles radius immediately lose consciousness.

Within a ten miles radius of Lin Chenghe’s location, other than those YuanYing and Da Cheng stage experts, none could enter.

Under the bombardment of countless magic weapons, even Lin Chenghe was distracted, having to deal with them. But the Yin Fire Tribulation helped him greatly.

As long as something approached the region of the heavenly tribulation and was affected by the spirit power in the region, the tribulation also spread to it. Once those magic weapons entered the region, they immediately began to burn from the Yin Fire.

Countless YuanYing experts had to bear the pain of their magic weapons being burned by the Yin Fire. Their cultivation was not sufficient to trigger the Yin Fire tribulation, but they still had to bear at least twenty percent of the Yin Fire tribulation. Those magic weapons which were bearing the brunt also began to burn immediately.

Everyone had realized that, this time, those magic weapons would not return. Although those magic weapons were precious, compared to a sect’s prosperity and their own lives in the future, they could be abandoned at any time. Even if they sustained such a loss, but were in turn able to inflict heavy losses on Lin Chenghe, it would still be worth it.

The figure of Lin Chenghe was suspended in the air within the tribulation. Lin Chenge was a devil cultivator and the most prominent characteristic of devil cultivation was that, although it was very easy for a devil cultivator to start on the path of immortality and his cultivation in the earlier stages would also increase quite rapidly, as the devil cultivation reached the later stages, cultivation became more and more difficult and under the continuous attacks of heart’s devils.

Within the short time of one year, Lin Chenghe’s cultivation had risen from the qi layer to the peak of the YuanYing stage. Not to mention a devil like him, even if it was Yang Chen, someone who had been reborn and whose mental fortitude exceeded even those of the Da Cheng stage, he still wouldn’t remain completely unaffected.

It had to been said that the techniques of dao sects were completely fine. He was already unstable to begin with and then at the time of his tribulation, he suffered from a joint attack by everyone. Even if Lin Chenghe had two lives, he still would be swallowed by the tribulation.

Lin Chenghe was extremely formidable, but everyone had attacked him together, pouring their complete strength into this one attack. Yet this reckless attack was of no use.

Although the attack had created large complications for Lin Chenghe, at the same time they had also given him a huge opportunity: The magic weapons of countless YuanYing and Da Cheng stage experts had scattered a majority of the Yin Fire tribulation’s strength.

The instant the attacks reached his body, Lin Chenghe had a sensation of certain death, but when he had completely relinquished everything and had accepted his certain death, he was surprised to discover that the Yin Fire tribulation had lost the majority of its strength.

What was most surprising for Lin Chenghe was that, when he had believed that he would certainly die, it had made him forget all of the distracting thoughts and lose sight of the attacks from all these people, making him feel completely relaxed, which had made him achieve a sudden enlightenment at the time.

To be able to use this cultivation method to cheat so many people, Lin Chenghe was an extremely intelligent person. During this flash of realization, it made him discover the method to overcome the heart’s devils. Moreover, he also had countless magic weapons suffer the burden of the heavenly tribulation, so even though initially, he had lost all of his spirit power and was spitting blood, appearing to be at his last breath, at that moment, he was tenaciously bearing the test of the Yin Fire, while at the same time also shedding impurities.

No one had anticipated this, including Yang Chen. He only remembered that Lin Chenghe hadn’t died because of everyone’s attacks while undergoing his tribulation, but he didn’t know the complete story.

Meanwhile everyone was going all out to resist the Yin Fire burning their magic weapons and were weakly attacking Lin Chenghe, with the expectation of Lin Chenghe being burned to ashes by the Yin Fire. With each attack of Yin Fire on Lin Chenghe, his figure became more and more dispirited, with each attack, everyone could see him madly spitting blood.

This kind of appearance made everyone become even more hopeful, so everyone pooled their strengths to resist the Yin Fire. Their magic weapons were moving with difficulty, trying to attack and slice through Lin Chenghe’s body. With every attack, Lin Chenghe continued to deteriorate steadily, appearing as if, with just one slight attack, he would immediately fall and turn to dust.

Only a trace of life seemed to be left within of Lin Chenghe in everyone’s eyes and in their spiritual awareness. By this moment, all of them had become completely confident that Lin Chenghe would die at any moment.

A Fifth attack, a sixth, a seventh, an eighth, a ninth… In front of everyone, continuous attacks of Yin Fire fell upon Lin Chenghe’s body, but, like a cockroach, Lin Chenghe remained tenacious, with just that trace of vitality.

By the time of the ninth tribulation fire, that Da Cheng stage expert of the Greatest Heaven Sect couldn’t help but rush forward, towards him with a speed comparable to lightning.

Lin Chenghe ought to be in the weakest state at the instant the tribulation had just ended and, seeing Lin Chenghe’s appearance, with just a small attack, the mission of eliminating the devil to defend the dao, would be accomplished, while his fame would reach new heights.

But, just as the elder reached within a hundred feet of Lin Chenghe’s body, Lin Chenghe’s eyes suddenly opened and two rays of light, completely bloodshot, directly shot towards his face.


The Greatest Heaven Sect’s Da Cheng stage elder suddenly discovered that the spirit power in his body had gone out of his control and had begun to disappear rapidly, but Lin Chenghe’s vitality on the other hand began to grow stronger and stronger.

For Lin Chenghe, those cultivators who had cultivated the Long Tai Spirit Supporting Secrets were simply the best kind of potion. Moreover, this elder of the Greatest Heaven Sect had delivered himself to his doorstep at this most dire time.

Before the other people could respond, the elder of the Greatest Heaven Sect had already lost the ability to move and was completely under the control of Lin Chenghe. Within a short time, his outstanding cultivation became a potion for Lin Chenghe. His original appearance of a middle aged man had quickly turned into that of an old man.

The situation happened too fast and by the time others realized, Lin Chenghe had already reached his peak condition. His bloodshot eyes glaring at everyone. Suddenly he started sneering, while flying in the air.

“It’s terrible! Elder Liu has fallen under his evil schemes! Everyone attack immediately!”

Another elder who had also cultivated the Long Tai Spirit Supporting Method also realized the imminent catastrophe in front of him and hastily reminded everyone.

Unfortunately, he was already too late. He had just yelled this when he suddenly lost control of his body. His body started to decay in front of his eyes and very soon he became an old man with a white beard, at his last breath.

Soon after that, Lin Chenghe continued to smile mischievously. In front of him, spread in the radius of a hundred miles were several ashen faced YuanYing stage experts.

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