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Chapter 170 - Surround And Kill The Devil

23 Nov 2016

Numerous YuanYing stage experts had their destined magic weapons destroyed and had sustained injuries. The other YuanYing experts who didn’t have a destined magic weapon also had their most powerful magic weapons destroyed by the Yin Fire, which had greatly lowered their strength.

But unfortunately, at this frightening time, in front of them was this frightening devil, who had just passed the Yin Fire tribulation. The fact which made the situation even more hopeless was that two of their most powerful experts had been turned into his cultivation resources.

The only remaining expert was Green Jade Immortal Islands’ elder Min Huafeng, as well as Pure Yang Palace’s Gui Shanyou. Obviously, elder Min Huafeng had become everyone’s last hope.

But before elder Min Huafeng could do anything, that Da Cheng stage elder of the Greatest Heaven Sect, who was the first to attack returned. With his body gradually getting older and seeming to be hanging by a thread, like a puppet, he quickly returned to everyone’s side.


Under everyone’s gaze, the bodies of both Da Cheng experts suddenly exploded. Pieces of flesh filled with a crazy amount of energy came flying towards the YuanYing stage experts.

The countless YuanYing experts weren’t on their guards and they hadn’t expected that Lin Chenghe could be so malevolent that, even after stealing their cultivation, he would also explode their bodies.

Since nobody was on guard, those YuanYing experts didn’t have a presentable defense and just when everyone was going to be injured by this ruthless attack, everybody was covered by a huge net, which firmly held those pieces of flesh outside.

Actually the old tree demon Gui Shanyou had tried to stop the attack, by trying to stop those pieces of flesh, but even then cracks started to appear in some of the branches of the network. Those YuanYing experts who were exposed, started shuddering and spat blood.

With just this one attack, the disparity in strength between the old tree demon and Lin Chenghe was clear. The enemy still hadn’t attacked directly, but the branches of the old tree demon had already suffered damage. Clearly the difference in strength was not small.

Only, at this time, nobody made any cynical remarks. This time, the old tree demon had obstructed this attack and saved the lives of countless people. That precisely was comradery, and comrades who have anger towards a common enemy should deal with it together.

Then Green Jade Immortal Islands’ elder Min Huafeng directly rushed towards Lin Chenghe. Regardless of how many people’s cultivation he had stolen, he had just reached the Da Cheng stage and should still be weak. He also hadn’t consolidated his realm, so even though he appeared to be extremely formidable, he still couldn’t completely cover up his injuries.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Countless violent sounds started to echo in the surroundings. The violent fluctuations in the air made those YuanYing stage experts shiver.

“Heal yourselves quickly!”

The old tree demon’s voice echoed in the ears of every YuanYing stage expert in the group:

“I can’t support you for long!”

Following the words of old tree demon, one by one, small medicine bottles began to fly towards those YuanYing experts.

Within the bottles were third grade yuan cultivation pills refined by Yang Chen. Although the effect on severe injuries was not much, it was very good against regular wear and tear. Everyone was conscious of the situation, so nobody showed any modesty and directly took the pill, healing on one side, while watching the battle on the other.

One can easily imagine how berserk a battle between two Da Cheng stage experts would be. The aftershocks of that crazy battle was even reaching their location and even those branches of the old tree demon, which were protecting those YuanYing experts, issued cracking sounds with some small branches directly disintegrating.

Wise people also noticed something: at the beginning, people were still afraid of the Da Cheng expert of the Pure Yang Palace, but now, although the old tree demon was far more powerful than them, compared to genuine Da Cheng experts of the dao and devil sects, the disparity was too large.

Not only did he not have any destined magic weapon, but he was also being harmed by the aftershocks from the battle between those two experts. These facts added together with some more things, like him rushing in without caring for himself and then providing everyone with pills in their time of need, made everyone quickly acknowledge him.

Originally, he was only invited to the campaign as a formality, but right now, since he wasn’t a great threat and would also not influence the harmony of the sects, moreover he had indeed shown great valor, the fact that Gui Shanyou was a demon beast didn’t seem so outstanding anymore. Thus, Pure Yang Palace’s Eccentric Hall was genuinely accepted by everyone with its hall master.

The effects of Yang Chen’s third grade yuan cultivation pill was astonishing. Very quickly these YuanYing experts discovered this anomaly and after their bodies had recovered, they rushed out of the old tree demon’s confinement to join the battle. Only a few experts, who had suffered severe injuries to their spiritual awareness because of their destined magic weapons being destroyed, remained behind within the protection.

If he was really pitted against Lin Chenghe, then with his profound strength, the old tree demon could easily match or maybe critically injure him. But after hearing Yang Chen’s explanation, he understood what was going on and did not show much of his strength.

In any case, after finding Lin Chenghe’s location without any losses, the Pure Yang Palace had already gained the greatest glory. Now the mission of destroying the devil to protect the dao should be handled by these big sects, so that they could also save face. This method was beneficial to everyone.

From the time when he was at the Greater Mountains, Gui Shanyou had learned the art of patience. He had concealed himself so well at the Greater Mountains that he wasn’t discovered by anyone for several decades. Playing the role of an expert whose cultivation was not completely pure was an easy matter for him to acquire the trust of these people.

“Currently, he hasn’t properly consolidated his realm, so attack fiercely! We must not allow him to reach his prime!”

With the addition of several YuanYing experts, the pressure on Min Huafeng had decreased greatly and she also began to organize their attacks.

Everyone knew that, if they did not take advantage of this situation, eliminated this old devil and let him escape, then he would certainly become a nightmare for all of these sects in the future. That’s why nobody shrunk back, even if it was a battle between Da Cheng stage experts, they still rushed forward to attack.

Immediately, casualties began to appear. Initially, the battle was between two Da Cheng stage experts who were both equally matched, but after those several YuanYing stage experts had joined in, the battle was completely different.


One YuanYing expert was beaten and thrown out of the fight, flying on one side, while puffing blood. One of the old tree demon’s branches rapidly grabbed him, brought him back and forcefully fed him a yuan cultivation pill.

At the same time, elder Min Huafeng’s attack fiercely hit Lin Chenghe, making that cunning devil recoil, raging again and again.

The scene immediately grew lively, but those JieDan experts outside of the hundred miles confinement simply could not come in. Not to mention people like Yang Chen, who were farthest outside and had just come to broaden their horizons.

Still, Yang Chen was not very concerned about the situation inside. In any case, that stupid Lin Chenghe would finally die because of the backlash caused by the surplus in spirit power he had consumed, so Yang Chen wasn’t worried even a little about him remaining alive. Absorbing other people’s cultivation was nice and easy, and the cultivation would also increase very rapidly, but absorbing the cultivation of two Da Cheng experts, moreover with both of them having different attributes, was just a surefire way to die quickly.

Apart from Yang Chen, perhaps only Lin Chenghe understood this point. The present him, had to be regretting that he had become so overwhelmed by the pressure that he had completely absorbed the cultivation of a second Da Cheng stage expert as well.

The spirit power in his body seemed to be boiling. Both experts had different attributes and thus a completely different cultivation method, which were basically the opposites of each other. So the inside of Lin Chenghe’s body was currently also like a battlefield, with spirit power crazily fighting itself.

For the onlookers, although he was dealing with the Green Jade Immortal Islands’ elder Min quite proficiently, he himself understood the trouble with his spirit power.

If he had only absorbed the cultivation of one Da Cheng expert, then maybe the problem would not have become so large, and he would have been in advantageous state. But the only one to be blamed was Lin Chenghe’s greed. Together with his usual habits, with those Da Cheng stage experts in front of him, he just had to absorb their cultivation, no matter how many people were in front of him.

There were not many YuanYing stage experts who had cultivated the Long Tai Spirit Supporting Secrets, but there were still a dozen of them. Although they also had different attributes, they contained all attributes, so a balance could be formed. But unfortunately, there were only two Da Cheng stage experts and their attributes were such that one attribute restrained the other, which finally made him taste the punishment for his greed.

Although he had been able to forcefully bear the damage caused by the interference with his tribulation and had been able to hide the damage, but after he had absorbed the cultivation of these two Da Cheng experts, who had opposing attributes, in order to recover, Lin Chenghe was just a spent force.

Although elder Min of the Green Jade Immortal Islands’ hadn’t thought of this point until later, once she noticed, she was sure that passing through the tribulation was not that easy for him.

With the attack by the group of experts in coordination with the elder, they very quickly forced Lin Chenghe into a corner. This time, everyone could see that, even though Lin Chenghe had many remarkable abilities, he still couldn’t escape the net of so many experts.

Lin Chenghe’s condition had become very bad and the spirit power within his body had already started revolting, together with the force of many people attacking him with their weapons, this has incessantly been consuming his strength. Furthermore, whenever he attacked a YuanYing stage expert with the intent to kill, he would always be blocked by the old tree demon just after he had injured the YuanYing expert and wanted to finish the job.

The injured YuanYing stage experts would somehow always bump across the old tree demon’s attack and when Lin Chenghe wanted to escape from the entrapment by using the confusion it created, he would be stopped by the attack of the old tree demon at the most crucial time and then his entire effort would be ruined. After several tries, Lin Chenghe almost went crazy because of his anger.

This time, he also did not dare to hold anything back before thinking of leaving here alive. Suddenly he clenched his teeth and loudly shouted, signifying that he had used some forbidden technique.

Within the mother son devil cultivation, there was a Demon Body Cultivation Method which would increase the cultivation of a person rapidly in return for a heavy price, including a decreased life span and vitality. Lin Chenghe had unleashed precisely this forbidden technique.


Suddenly everyone who was surrounding Lin Chenghe discovered that his speed had increased. Those YuanYing experts who were only daring to attack him from a distance were caught off guard, as nobody had anticipated this kind of development and many of them immediately went to the netherworld after being pierced by Lin Chenghe.

Previously, elder Min had planned to attack with several YuanYing experts and slowly kill that devil, but when such a large number of casualties appeared suddenly, elder Min became furious and immediately renounced that plan. The furious elder Min was even planning to charge in without caring for her injuries and take down Lin Chenghe together with her.

But after using the forbidden technique, Lin Chenghe’s speed became terrifying, moreover, it was clear that his cultivation had also increased greatly. But he still didn’t want to tangle with elder Min and instead wanted to deal with those surrounding YuanYing stage experts.

Seeing that the turn of events was far from encouraging, the old tree demon also joined the fray, but he could only protect a few YuanYing experts in time and these people were only YuanYing experts from sects which Yang Chen had repeatedly reminded him about. As for other YuanYing experts, they were frantically hunted by the raging Lin Chenghe.

Within just a few moments, many YuanYing experts had been killed by Lin Chenghe. But by the time they were killed, elder Min had also caught up with him and began to crazily attack him.

At this moment, Yang Chen was inserting his sword embryo, formed of the Blood Phantom Vine, into the huge tree trunk of a very old tree. This old tree was many times thicker than those trees which Yang Chen had found earlier.

“Within three to four hours, they should be done, right?”

Looking in the direction of the ferocious battle and sensing the fluctuation in the energy of heaven and earth, Yang Chen asked himself.

This was already the hundredth tree which Yang Chen had emptied, so after some thought, he reached the conclusion that, after this tree, he would not need to expand a large amount of effort but this magic weapon was also essentially completed.

“Let’s wait a second!”

Gao Yue also looked in the direction of the battle. Equally concerned, but not knowing what to do. The wager between Yang Chen and Cheng Wencai still hadn’t been completed, yet Yang Chen hadn’t shown any traces of worry and this baffled Gao Yue.

After killing the YuanYing experts, Lin Chenghe sensed that he wouldn’t be able to fight for long. If he did not run away at this moment, later he would not get any chance to flee.

“I have been greatly entertained today and this Lin is grateful for that, but this Lin will now take his leave!”

Lin Chenghe sneered and turned into a ray of light, entered the ground and disappeared from everyone’s view.

Mysterious Devil Five Phases Blood Evasion. This was the most powerful escaping technique which Lin Chenghe had mastered. Using this method, his body would turn into a ray of light, and regardless of the attribute of the material, he could escape through all.


Elder Min also chased after Lin Chenghe’s presence, pursuing him closely and the old tree demon loudly shouted, releasing all of the experts, after which his body flashed once and he also chased after him.

How could Lin Chenghe still even dare to think of fighting with two Da Cheng experts, while continuing to crazily use the devil cultivation? He couldn’t even pick a proper path in his panic.

During the whole journey, Lin Chenghe had sensed the presence of dao sects’ JieDan cultivators just above him. He sneered within his heart, but didn’t appear openly and simply immersed himself deeper to escape.

Rapidly, he had reached the outermost layer of the perimeter formed by the dao sects. Lin Chenghe didn’t have any more worries after he had left Gui Shanyou and elder Min far behind. Sensing the presence of younger generations ahead, he looked for a large tree between them and escaped.

Yang Chen ony sensed a trace of someone’s presence and immediately pulled Gao Yue behind him and retreated. Soon afterwards, everyone saw a person’s silhouette rushing away from the top of a tree. But the silhouette had barely ascended a few meters, when it suddenly separated into two parts and fell down.

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