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Chapter 135 - To Kill Or To Refine?

19 Aug 2016

Yang Chen was stunned by Mo Qian’s words.

Just as Mo Qian had said, wanting to know what the other person was thinking was simply impossible. The most unpredictable thing in this world was a person’s mind, even for immortals it was an impossible thing to accomplish.

But memory was different, if someone released their spiritual awareness, allowed another person to probe it and the other person had by luck grasped some unique spiritual awareness cultivation method, then it was very possible to examine someone’s memories.

The trump card within Mo Qian’s hand was precisely such a cultivation method, but it required the cooperation of her and her six disciples to accomplish it. It could be assumed that in such a huge fight, at least half of the resources would be used to suppress the spiritual awareness of the person the spell was targeted at.

What stunned Yang Chen was that Mo Qian surprisingly had the intention of attacking his spirit sea, wishing to invade his spirit sea with the aim of obtaining his memories. She could choose many bad options, but she actually had to select his spirit sea?

Initially, Yang Chen had believed that he would not have to face trouble this time, but his own carelessness had allowed Mo Qian to find his trace and while he was busy with nursing the blood phantom vine, they had arranged the sealing spell formation to trap Yang Chen. But surprisingly, at such a critical time when he was standing at death’s door, there had been such a favourable development.

Mo Qian was not someone who wanted to talk with Yang Chen. After informing him of the entire situation, she followed through with her words to make Yang Chen realize that nothing could save him. The master and disciples did not talk anymore and under Mo Qian’s command, they quickly sat around Yang Chen, forming a circle.


With Mo Qian controlling the spell formation, Yang Chen’s body started shaking as if his mind was being struck, again and again. Darkness quickly spread in front of his eyes and he immediately lost consciousness.

“Master, I will now remove the restrictions, immediately suppress his spiritual awareness and afterwards invade his spirit sea at once!”

Apparently they had done this many times, so Mo Qian and her disciples were quite familiar with it. With Mo Qian’s command, the disciples immediately dispersed and took their seats in the pre-arranged seats, forming the shape of the Ursa Major constellation.

Yang Chen was right at the position of the North Star and Mo Qian was the person closest to him. The six disciples had each extended their hands, one placed at the other’s shoulder and the final disciple’s arm was placed on Mo Qian’s shoulder.

Mo Qian was sitting in front of everyone, moving her hands to strike both formation secrets, which immediately eliminated the sealing spell formation acting on Yang Chen and he immediately fell to the ground. Mo Qian sneered and pointed her finger towards Yang Chen’s yintang acupoint.

The reason why they had talked with Yang Chen and not directly started their task was because of the spell formation’s limit: that it could only be maintained for a few hours. If they had started directly, finding the correct portion of memories from Yang Chen’s birth until now would be just like finding a needle in a haystack.

As for why the previous conversation was necessary, it was so that Yang Chen’s attention would be concentrated on that matter, which was the same as Yang Chen already keeping the answer ready before they even started, ready for Mo Qian to come and fetch it.

Mo Qian and her JieDan stage disciples had already done this kind of thing countless times and were completely compatible with each other. When Mo Qian’s finger pointed towards Yang Chen’s yintang acupoint, the spiritual awareness of the the last disciple directly rushed towards the disciple sitting in the front.

After the spiritual awareness of these two people combined, it then rushed towards the third disciple sitting in front of her and soon afterwards towards the fourth disciple, then towards the fifth, the sixth, finally it rushed into Mo Qian’s body.

Mo Qian’s cultivation was the highest and she was also the backbone of the whole spell formation. After proficiently combining the spiritual awareness of the six disciples behind her, she forwarded it to her finger pointing at Yang Chen’s yintang acupoint and from where it directly rushed into Yang Chen’s spirit sea.


After the wave of familiar blackness had passed, the spiritual awareness of the seven people reached an unfamiliar location. This was completely different from the vast expenses of whiteness they had seen in other people’s spirit sea. Actually there was only a thick fog of blood and nothing else.

Every person’s spirit sea was different, the seven people knew this fact. With Mo Qian’s spiritual awareness leading them, the seven spiritual awarenesses gathered and rushed into that fog of blood together.

Suddenly, with Mo Qian in the lead of these seven people, it was as if they had seen the most frightening thing in their life. Every person’s face revealed an expression as if their soul had flown away and scattered. Soon afterwards, without saying any words, they directly lost their consciousness. Including Yang Chen, all eight people lightly fell to the ground, losing their awareness.

After a long time, Yang Chen was the first one to wake up. He had only lost consciousness because of the attack of the spell formation. He hadn’t received any substantial harm. Since he was no longer controlled by Mo Qian and her disciples, he automatically woke up.

After waking up, Yang Chen discovered the other people who had fainted, lying on the ground. With a sneer, he first inspected his body’s condition, regardless of whether Mo Qian and others were living or not.

His biggest concern was still that sealing formation. It was really troublesome, they had surprisingly sealed both his spirit power and spiritual awareness. Fortunately, before extracting his memories, they had to make Yang Chen release his spiritual awareness, therefore they had removed the spell formation, otherwise Yang Chen would have been in great trouble.

“Heaven had a road but you chose not walk it, while hell didn’t have any gate yet you still chose to burst in!”

Looking at the elder Mo Qian and the six other disciples lying on the ground, Yang Chen got up and began to bind them, one by one.

Yang Chen was very surprised that Mo Qian was just unconscious, but the first disciple behind her had died in fear. The five disciples behind her had also sustained severe injuries of different degrees, based on their proximity to Yang Chen. Mo Qian had also survived because of her cultivation being higher and although she hadn’t lost her life at that moment, her spiritual awareness had also sustained injuries. If nobody helped her for some more time, she would certainly die on the spot.

“What a stupid attack, absolutely insisting on invading my spiritual awareness!”

Yang Chen said, muttering to himself. This was already the second time within half a year that someone’s spiritual awareness had rushed into his spirit sea.

The first time was Immortal Island’s Guan Yueying, she had been dragged into the river of blood through the spiritual awareness imprint and had been so scared, that she immediately lost consciousness.

The second time was this, the only difference with Guan Yueying was that, at this time Mo Qian had seized the initiative and had led the combined spiritual awareness of her and her six disciples directly into the river of blood.

If just a trace of blood river could make Guan Yueying unconscious, then what would happen if the entire spiritual awareness entered the blood river? The consequences of that could be clearly seen from the state of the disciples lying behind Mo Qian.

While they were still unconscious, Yang Chen used his soul stunning technique on Mo Qian and the five disciples who were alive, making them completely dormant. Other than Yang Chen waking them by his own accord, they could only be saved by someone at the level of Elder Hua Wanting, the Da Cheng stage expert, otherwise they would certainly never wake up.

There was no other option: the enemy was a YuanYing stage expert and even the worst among her disciples was at the JieDan stage. Yang Chen’s cultivation base was quite low compared to them, so he could only restrict them. For additional control, after using his soul stunning technique, they were thrown into the medicine garden.

His topmost priority was to immediately deal with those troublesome jade slips. These jade slips had been tampered with by Mo Qian and had given away his position, so he had to immediately take care of these hidden dangers.

From their previous words, as long as he entered the medicine garden, they would be unable of tracking Yang Chen. Mo Qian knew that Yang Chen had the space of a medicine garden, so they could only lie in wait, deploying the spell formation at the original place.

Yang Chen would not repeat that disastrous policy again. Even if he put these jade slips into the Achievements Ring, Yang Chen could not feel sure, so dealing with them immediately was comparatively better.

Urging on his flying shuttle again, he rushed to another region. After deploying a few spell formations to warn him, he immediately released the sword spell guarding the medicine garden. Only after dwelling in the main hall of the palace in the medicine garden, did he feel safe again and began to carefully inspect those jade slips.

Yang Chen attentively searched each and every jade slip using his spiritual awareness and only after confirming that there were no problems with a jade slip did he put them into the Achievements Ring.

Since Yang Chen cultivated the three purities secrets, his spiritual awareness was very sensitive. Very quickly he found some jade slips with a hidden mark on them. Fortunately these marks were not imprinted very strongly: as long as Yang Chen carefully applied a bit of force, they could be erased easily.

Even if it was not very difficult, Yang Chen still had to spend one entire day on this matter. Only after he had inspected all twenty thousand jade slips did he feel relieved.

This situation was a lesson for Yang Chen. In the future, if he received anything from other people, as long as he could, he first had to inspect those for any such marks which could be used to trace him, otherwise even he himself wouldn’t know how he died.

Finally, after everything was done, Yang Chen felt relieved. He wanted to kill Mo Qian immediately, and after thinking about it, he urged his flying shuttle to another region and then carried Mo Qian alone into the dome of the medicine garden.

Since all of the controls were in Yang Chen’s hand, Yang Chen quickly removed the effects of his soul stunning technique, but he didn’t release her completely, he still wanted to interrogate her properly.


Even after removing the effects of the soul stunning technique, Mo Qian still didn’t wake up, so he had no choice but to use another technique in the same category as the soul stunning techniques and gave a few jolts to her spiritual awareness. Only then did Mo Qian, who had been deeply unconscious, start to wake up.

Once Mo Qian opened her eyes, Yang Chen immediately discovered something wrong. Her listless eyes were not that of a YuanYing stage expert in any way, they were just like a person who had lost her soul.

“No way?”

Although Yang Chen knew that the blood river within his spirit sea was quite a calamity, he hadn’t anticipated that it would be so formidable to make a YuanYing stage expert lose her mind.

“Who are you?”

Yang Chen asked Mo Qian, who had a lifeless look within her eyes.

“I… am… who?”

Replying to Yang Chen’s question, Mo Qian, whose eyes were still without any expression spoke as if she had become demented.

He extended his hand and waved it in front of her eyes, but Mo Qian’s gaze didn’t focus on him and completely ignored his actions. When he used his spiritual awareness to probe her body, it entered her body without any hinderances, as if she had set up no defences against Yang Chen.

Had she really become a vegetable? Yang Chen clenched his teeth and suddenly tore a big hole in her clothes, exposing her smooth skin, but even after this, Mo Qian didn’t even bat an eyelid.

In great surprise, Yang Chen carefully sealed Mo Qian again and afterwards grabbed one of her female disciples. After eliminating the soul stunning technique and giving shocks to her spiritual awareness, he forcefully woke her, only to find out that she had also become a vegetable.

The other four disciples were also forcefully woken up, but Yang Chen was very disappointed that none among these female disciples still retained their minds. Surprisingly all had turned into vegetables who had no capacity to think. It seemed that, after they had entered Yang Chen’s spirit sea forcefully, they had all lost their souls.

This was somewhat uncomfortable for Yang Chen. Originally, Mo Qian had led these people to kill him and steal his treasures, so they were simply enemies. Even if he killed them, Yang Chen would not feel any mental burden. But currently, one had been scared to death, while the remaining six had turned into vegetables.

What to do? The first idea within Yang Chen’s mind was to kill all of them and remove their traces. This was the most straightforward and easiest method and there would also be no problems for him in future. In all likelihood, Mo Qian and them would not have informed anyone that they were going to kill Yang Chen, so even if they went missing, there would be no traces leading to him.

But as soon as this thought came, another thought followed. It had to be known that Mo Qian was a middle YuanYing stage expert, since she had already become a vegetable, killing her would be a great loss.

Yang Chen knew at least three methods by which he could refine Mo Qian into his puppet, without harming Mo Qian’s cultivation base. His success would mean that he had a middle YuanYing stage puppet as his secret weapon. For current Yang Chen, this was extremely attractive.

Similarly, the rest of the five disciples could also be refined into puppets, so that when the time came, the six puppets could form an offensive spell formation with Mo Qian as the core for the spell with the five JieDan stage disciples operating the spell. This would certainly be enough to deal with experts at Mo Qian’s realm.

But this method of refining living people into puppets was certainly a technique of the devil path. If someone found out, Yang Chen would definitely be labelled as a devil cultivator.

The greatest danger was the Clear Sky Sect, if the Clear Sky Sect knew that an elder and JieDan disciples of their sect had been refined into puppets, it would certainly enrage the sect, which was counted among of the top five sects; and they would certainly eliminate Yang Chen. Even the friendship he had developed after healing Hua Wanting would be of no use.

Kill or refine into puppets, these two thoughts were coming and going within Yang Chen’s mind. One moment he would be partial towards one side another other moment he would be partial towards the other. It was really very hard for him to make a decision.

Ultimately, the scene of Mo Qian trapping him in the sealing formation, where even his death was not in his hands, appeared in his mind. That kind of helpless was certainly not very pleasant. Since Mo Qian was so fond of controlling people and reading their memories, then she also had to be ready to pay the price, so death was really quite fitting for her.

Those five disciples were also not any better. Looking at their proficiency in the technique, this was certainly not the first or the second time. Thinking about this, Yang Chen was no longer indecisive.

‘Mo Qian, since you wanted to kill me, then be ready to be killed in turn, if you can’t. Since you wanted to read my memories, I will turn you into my puppets.’

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