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Chapter 134 - Even If You Speak, We Can't Believe It

This time, Yang Chen had to invest a fully matured thousand year old ginseng, as well as some other, normal herbs. But, in return, he had been able to establish friendly relations with a Da Cheng stage expert and had also obtained a favor from her. Other people did not realize this now, but he had also obtained the gratitude of the one who would be known as the snow white fairy in the future, and he had still received a blood phantom vine, which had sucked on a Da Cheng stage expert’s flesh until it was full.

It may be true that Hua Wanting passing her tribulation at that time was convenient for the upper echelons of the Clear Sky Sect, but Yang Chen also knew that, even if he hadn’t used that ginseng, people who could pass their tribulation would pass it regardless and it would still have been the same for these people, but it would not have been as good as the current situation for him, investing a little bit to get so much in return.

Hua Wanting had promised Yang Chen a favor immediately after passing the tribulation because she had discovered that Yang Chen had used a thousand year ginseng for her. That, for her, who was weak in health, was the most suitable tonic. For this favour, she had to owe him.

Very quickly, the sect master of the Clear Sky Sect realized that Yang Chen, this outsider, was still on the scene. Stopping her conversation with Hua Wanting, she walked over to Yang Chen and sincerely expressed her thanks.

What did the number of Da Cheng experts in a sect imply? Everyone clearly knew this. This time Yang Chen had not only resolved the matter regarding the blood phantom vine, but he had also helped in increasing the strength of the Clear Sky Sect.

In return, Yang Chen had also gained a benefit which could make anyone jealous, the gratitude of a Da Cheng stage elder. Even if elder Wu ascended immediately, Yang Chen would still have the cover of a Da Cheng stage expert. Other people still wouldn’t dare to touch him.

When looking at the general situation, the sect master of the Clear Sky Sect had to look at the larger picture when compared to other elders of the Clear Sky Sect. Originally, she still had some suspicion towards Yang Chen, that he had come here to create trouble, but the instant Hua Wanting passed her tribulation, she realized many things. At least her own thoughts had become much clearer.

Within the sect master’s eyes, Yang Chen’s great fame was by no means a fluke. First was elder Wu, now elder Hua Wanting, two Da Cheng stage experts had shown such consideration towards Yang Chen. Who would believe this was just a coincidence?

Even if it was considered fortuitous, the sect master did not care much, she would not refuse to establish friendly relations with such a fortunate person. Moreover Yang Chen had come from a sect, famous for it’s righteousness, so he would not create any trouble for the Clear Sky Sect. Especially after she had found out that Yang Chen was a third grade pill concocting master at this age, she would care about other things even less.

“These are the rewards we had previously agreed upon!”

The sect master handed Yang Chen a qiankun pouch. The qiankun pouch contained twenty thousand duplicated jade slips of the scrolls from their library, which had been previously agreed on.

Initially they had only agreed to let him browse through them, but now the sect master had directly gifted him duplicated copies. It could be clearly seen from this, that the sect master was completely satisfied with Yang Chen this time.

Sun QingXue had also become the disciple of Hua Wanting, so Yang Chen did not need to be anxious that her dantian would be injured when crippling her cultivation or whether her future cultivation would be smooth or not. Since nothing necessary remained and Yang Chen didn’t have any intentions of seizing the opportunity to use Hua Wanting to make more connections, he said his goodbyes.

Yang Chen taking his leave was also agreeable with everyone. Apart from Sun QingXue being slightly reluctant on parting with him, the other people were very satisfied towards this youngster, who knew when to advance and when to retreat. Nobody had a big urge to keep him. Sun QingXue volunteered herself to see Yang Chen off to the outside of the Clear Sky Sect.

“Elder brother, will you still come back to meet me?”

Currently, Sun QingXue adored Yang Chen to an extreme, naturally she hated to part with him.


Yang Chen smiled towards Sun QingXue:

“As soon as I have free time, I will come to find you. If you want to meet me, then you can also come to the Pure Yang Palace to look for me.”

Under Sun QingXue’s reluctant gaze, Yang Chen finally left the Clear Sky Sect and started his journey back home. The outcome this time had already exceeded his expectations and Yang Chen was eager to return home.

After departing from the Clear Sky Sect, Yang Chen immediately went to a region devoid of humans and took out his flying shuttle. After that he rapidly began to fly towards a distant location. He hadn’t carefully distinguished the direction of the Pure Yang Palace, instead he was just flew in a random direction.

After flying for a long time, Yang Chen stopped at a small valley, which was seemingly concealed. There he looked everywhere to confirm that there wasn’t anyone else. Afterwards, he took out the bottle of the medicine garden from the Achievement Ring and quickly entered the medicine garden.

The blood phantom vine had already been moved into the medicine garden, but was only stuffed in, because he was pressed at that time, so Yang Chen couldn’t plant it perfectly. One of the reasons why he had departed to suddenly was because of this. He wanted to properly settle the blood phantom vine before it would deplete elder Hua Wanting’s flesh.

The blood phantom vine required very harsh conditions to grow, but fortunately, the medicine garden was capable of imitating such environment. This was because of Yang Chen cultivating both yin and yang of all the five attributes but at the same time it couldn’t be done without the formidable spirit power supply of the medicine garden. Naturally, the most crucial point was that, within Yang Chen’s memory, there was a method to grow a young blood phantom vine.

Time was pressing, the blood phantom vine had already started to wither. Yang Chen hastily transplanted the blood phantom vine to a place which perfectly imitated the harsh surroundings required for its growth and soon after that he controlled the spirit power of the medicine garden and, in accordance with the method he remembered, began to pour the spirit power in, to nourish the blood phantom vine.

Since it couldn’t consume blood, the spirit power requirements of the blood phantom vine were double, or even triple the normal. But fortunately, during the trip to the ocean, Yang Chen had completely filled the bottle of the medicine bottle to the brim, so there was no worry about spirit power being depleted.

Only after spending several hours was Yang Chen able to perfectly plant the blood phantom vine, which had been at its last breath and could assure its survival. Looking at the blood phantom whose vitality had been restored again, Yang Chen finally revealed a slight smile.

The crucial first step had been completed and the blood phantom vine had survived. Afterwards, as long as he could subdue and refine it, it would be as good to Yang Chen as getting a helper comparable to YuanYing stage experts. What tempted him most was that, after being subdued, the blood phantom vine would even attack people according to Yang Chen’s thoughts and he also didn’t need to worry about it spreading uncontrollably after a fight.

But this was still not the complete picture: the blood phantom vine was a divine object of the second wood attribute, so with the support of this fierce blood phantom vine, Yang Chen’s second wood attribute spirit power would completely transform.

These were all matters for the future, Yang Chen also knew that such good deeds could not be accomplished easily. Looking at the blood phantom vine’s restored growth, he was extra relieved and gently retreated from the medicine garden.

Just as he was about to return to the original world, Yang Chen discovered something strange. It was as if he had suddenly been bound by a formidable force and he was unable to move even a single step. He also didn’t have any opportunity to return to the medicine garden.

What made Yang Chen most terrified was that his spiritual awareness had also been completely sealed. Initially Yang Chen intended to use the blood river’s killing intent to defend himself, but now he was completely powerless.

There was never a moment, when Yang Chen had thought that he would be as powerless as this.

His spiritual awareness was sealed, his spirit power was sealed, the movement of his body was also sealed, only Yang Chen’s senses still remained. He was able to see and hear everything in the surroundings. To discover what was wrong, Yang Chen swept a through the surroundings and immediately discovered that he was trapped within a type of sealing spell formation.

The most astonishing thing was that this grade of sealing formation required at least a YuanYing stage expert to use it fully, so why was a YuanYing stage expert dealing with him? Moreover, why would a YuanYing stage expert require a sealing formation to deal with a Foundation stage youngster like him?

But one thing was clear, the enemy did not want to allow him to die, he did not even want to allow him to struggle. Yang Chen immediately concluded this because of his countless years of experience in fleeing and fighting.

Since he would not die immediately, Yang Chen felt slightly relieved and his mind also quickly calmed down and began to ponder which person could deal with him like this.

“Humph, looking for you is really troublesome!”

A voice suddenly appeared in Yang Chen’s ears and soon afterwards the person it belonged to appeared in front of Yang Chen. It was not just one person, but seven and taking the lead was a familiar woman.

“You are the elder from the Clear Sky Sect?”

Yang Chen recognized her in a single glance. This was unexpectedly the elder who had haggled with him and in turn had increased the price at the Clear Sky Sect.

“You recognize me? Unfortunately it is of no use!”

The woman sneered:

“I know that you are Pure Yang Palace’s Yang Chen, but surely you do not know my name, I am known as Mo Qian and am an elder of the Clear Sky Sect. The cultivation method of little Xue which you have discovered was also my doing!”

“Because she was hindering your grand disciple’s road?”

Although he couldn’t move his body, Yang Chen was still able to utter a response. Hearing Mo Qian’s words, Yang Chen immediately replied to her.

“That’s right!”

Mo Qian did not have an ounce of fear when confessing all of this to Yang Chen:

“What, you wanted to get my confession? You think I will allow you to leave alive? I just wanted to know somethings before you die. So if you have anything to ask, ask away, I will tell you everything I know.”

“How did you find me?”

Yang Chen’s formidable mental state basically allowed him to read between Mo Qian’s words without being worried about his life and death, since the other party had sealed him like this, they must have some plan and once he knew their plan, he could concentrate on saving himself. But then again, first he had to unravel some mysteries.

“Speaking of which, youngster, you travel very quickly. In such a short time you have already travelled such a long distance, which grade of flying sword do you have? Ah well, after you die, it will also belong to me.”

Mo Qian didn’t answer directly:

“Just to let you know, the jade slips which you received from the sect master, among them, at least half have been tempered with, so wherever you go, you cannot escape my trailing ability.”

Hearing Mo Qian’s words, Yang Chen immediately had an urge to slap himself. He had faced this kind of circumstances many times, so how could he forget this lesson.

Regarding this, Yang Chen hadn’t been cautious enough. At that time after taking those jade slips filled bag from sect master’s hand, he had put them directly into the qiankun pouch which he had gotten from his great master, Wang Yong, so that the various elders would not find out about his Achievement Ring. But he had forgot to put them into the Achievement Ring even after coming out and had thus provided Mo Qian the loophole to make use of.

“Your presence disappeared somewhere around here, so surely you also have an immortal cave which you can carry around or a magical tool, like a medicine garden. It seems my luck is not bad!”

Mo Qian said, feeling proud of herself. The female disciples behind her also didn’t have any favourable feeling towards Yang Chen and were only calmly looking at the exchange between Yang Chen and Mo Qian.

“The Clear Sky Sect does have some good methods!”

Yang Chen again sneered:

“Secretly killing the sect’s benefactor so that in the future I cannot use this favor.”

“Just accept your death!”

Mo Qian was not at all enraged hearing Yang Chen’s sneering:

“In fact, this matter has no relation to my Clear Sky Sect, I just want you to die.”

So it was not Clear Sky Sect’s conspiracy and instead Mo Qian’s conduct. Yang Chen was quickly trying to think of an idea, incessantly trying to rouse his spiritual awareness or rouse his spirit power, but no matter how hard he tried, he was unable to break away from the current circumstances.

“You are a Foundation stage youngster and first you helped elder Wu refine the Heaven Seizing Pill, soon afterwards you dealt with the blood phantom vine and you moreover also refined third grade Foundation stage pills!”

Mo Qian slowly walked towards Yang Chen while she continued to speak:

“The Pure Yang Palace is not a sect focussed on pill concocting, yet you have created so many wonders in pill concocting, explain, how did you do that?”

“As you have realized, I have an amazing item related to pill concocting!”

Yang Chen said as if he had slipped, but he wasn’t flustered or frightened because of being sealed:

“However, do you think I would keep that with me at all times?”

“Then we will all go together to find it.”

Mo Qian slightly raised her corner of mouth:

“You are not an idiot, why would you carry such a precious object with yourself? Moreover, I still think you won’t easily tell where it is concealed, isn’t that right?”

“Naturally, you will not let me go, informing you means death for me, not informing you is also means death for me, then why should I fulfill your desires?”

Yang Chen calmly said this while facing Mo Qian, who was standing in front of him.

“Frankly speaking, you are the first person I have seen who has shown such boldness in such a situation.”

A trace of admiration flashed in Mo Qian’s gaze before disappearing:

“What a pity!”

“I also understand the fact that, before you get hold of it, I am still safe for the time being!”

Yang Chen did not loosen his guard because of Mo Qian showing admiration for him. He replied, coldly staring at Mo Qian and the people she had brought together.

“I think I must introduce you.”

Mo Qian suddenly stepped aside revealing the six women she had brought together:

“They all are my disciples.”

“You must be curious regarding why I have introduced them?”

After Mo Qian had introduced her disciples, she confronted Yang Chen again:

“They are all JieDan stage experts and the most important thing is that their spiritual awarenesses are in complete harmony. If mine was also added with them, we barely have the qualifications to cultivate an extremely strange cultivation method together.

“You and I both are cultivators, so naturally you also know that knowing the things in other people’s minds is an impossible matter.”

Mo Qian revealed a complacent smile:

“But fortunately, this cultivation method which we can cultivate together can directly invade your spirit sea and fish out all of your memories, one by one.”

“In other words, whether you speak or not, it basically makes no difference to us.”

Mo Qian arrogantly declared her own victory:

“Even if you tell us, we still can’t believe you, we will only be convinced by what we find.”

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