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Chapter 131 - Expelling The Blood Phantom Vine

Although the people outside could not hear the sound, they could see the situation inside. Yang Chen could only take one step forward before he immediately turned into a huge cocoon bound by the blood colored vine. Not even a little of his figure could be seen anymore.


Sun QingXue had been able to come over because of her relationship with Yang Chen, but she hadn’t anticipated this kind of situation and immediately cried out in fear.

“Who is losing their head? Why has she come here!”

One elder watching the situation inside berated Sun QingXue after hearing her shout.

Only then did Sun QingXue discover, that the huge cocoon formed around Yang Chen was still mobile and was slowly moving towards Elder Hua. Although those blood colored vines had covered Yang Chen tightly, they were only enclosing him on the outside and could not touch Yang Chen’s body.

“How is he able to do that?”

Looking at this scene, nobody had any more doubt about Yang Chen’s ability to handle the blood phantom vine. Although the vine had attacked Yang Chen, it did not dare to get close to his body. Everyone seeing this was baffled. The blood phantom vine, in front of whom even elder Hua had been at her wits end, for which several tens of thousands of disciples of the Clear Sky Sect had been unable to find a solution. How could a trifling Foundation stage youngster accomplish this?

Naturally Yang Chen could not explain this. The blood phantom vine was a name famous even in the Immortal Realm for its dreadfulness. Apart from a few almighty experts, even if it was a Great Principal Golden Immortal, in front of a mature blood phantom vine, they also didn’t have any means to control it. There was only one opportunity to control the blood phantom vine and that was to restrain it in its infancy.

The infant stage of the blood phantom vine was not counted in years, but rather the time before the blood phantom vine had ascended and was able to suck an immortal’s blood. In his previous life, Hua Wanting was able to endure the torment of the blood phantom vine for a hundred years before struggling free from it and throwing it away. Only, at that time, she had been relying on her formidable cultivation, while Yang Chen was relying on some herbs and the essence of the eighth metal spirit power to control it.

The blood phantom vine was classified as second wood, the entire vine class were herbaceous plants, so it could be classified as second wood. Yang Chen previous talk with Sun QingXue in regards to improving his own second wood spirit power was precisely because of this. After he would subdue this blood phantom vine, which had been stuffing itself up with the blood of an expert infinitely near the Da Cheng stage, it would be sufficient to allow his cultivation increase with redoubled power.

The eighth metal spirit power wrapping up his entire body was precisely restraining this second wood. After adding some formidable herbs, the blood phantom vine basically did not dare to come close to his body, even if it did not have a consciousness, this kind of plants had instincts to sense danger.

Although it did not have any contact, the blood colored vine had still covered Yang Chen tightly. But wherever Yang Chen stepped, the vine in that area got out of the away.

Very soon, Yang Chen’s huge cocoon had wiggled to the center of the courtyard, getting close to the region where elder Hua Wanting was sitting upright.

The hearts of the sect master and the few elders watching from the outside were hanging in their throats. This was the most crucial point and although Yang Chen had proved that the blood phantom vine could not injure him for the time being, removing the vine covering the entire body of Hua Wanting was not exactly a simple matter.

Within the darkness cast by the omnipresent vine, Yang Chen walked step by step, closing in on Hua Wanting’s body and then stopped. Using his spiritual awareness, he began to examine the circumstances there.

The blood phantom vine was capable of effectively isolating spiritual awareness probes, so Yang Chen was only capable of using the movement on the ground to sense Hua Wanting’s circumstances.

Hua Wanting was still alive and fighting tenaciously, but the signs of her life had already dropped to a minimum. Yang Chen could not even sense her heartbeat. But Yang Chen knew that Hua Wanting had controlled the systems necessary for living to the greatest extent, because the quicker the blood flow, the quicker the blood phantom vine would suck the blood. At this moment, Hua Wanting’s body had formed a balance with the blood phantom vine.

“If it were not little Xue, I would have not come here to save you!”

Yang Chen said, unafraid that anyone outside would hear it. He knew that the layers of restrictions completely isolated sound. These words were said only for Hua Wanting to hear.

“A talented disciple with an almost completely full wood spirit root, but unexpectedly, just because of someone’s selfishness, someone played tricks with her cultivation method, wasting a few decades of her cultivation and producing mixed spirit power throughout her entire body.”

Yang Chen was as if talking to himself, like venting his anger:

“The Clear Sky Sect is still considered to be an upright sect? Pah! What a joke!”

If someone among the upper echelons of the Clear Sky Sect heard his words at this moment, nobody would believe that he was meticulously trying to save Hua Wanting and would only be under the impression that, since his realm was very low, he was unable to control his anger.

But Yang Chen knew that he was saying all of this for Hua Wanting to hear. Hua Wanting had been sober headed from the beginning and had never loosened control of her body in her fight against the blood phantom vine. Hua Wanting heard every word and every letter of what Yang Chen was saying clearly.

While speaking, Yang Chen’s hand had already begun to extend towards Hua Wanting’s body. Hua Wanting, sitting upright, was naturally able to sense Yang Chen’s movement, but Yang Chen’s casual movement, had almost made her mind lose her defence.

She had reached this equilibrium after a hard struggle, believing that after some more time, she could struggle to the winning position and afterwards slowly take care of this blood phantom vine. But if Yang Chen displaced her slightly, her entire fight of a hundred years was going to be burnt. Unfortunately, despite being anxious, her body was not capable of making even the slightest movement, not even a warning movement or sound. She could also not issue even a trace of spiritual awareness, because she was being blocked by the vines.

Yang Chen’s hand stopped half an inch away from Hua Wanting. The intense medicinal qi and the eighth metal spirit power made the vine surrounding Hua Wanting’s body move a little bit, but not much. This was not as bad as giving rise to backlash from the spirit power inside elder Hua’s body.

Elder Hua’s body was sealed tightly, Yang Chen only knew that this meant that she was alive, but he did not know that what kind of circumstances were under the blood phantom vine. Once the vine displaced, it immediately revealed a crack and Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness immediately rushed in through that crack.

In a moment, Yang Chen knew the exact situation. Just as he had anticipated, the blood phantom vine’s root had already penetrated into elder Hua’s stomach and the master root had penetrated her heart, swallowing the blood produced in her body at all times. No wonder he could not sense any pulse, there simply was no pulse.

But even under these circumstances elder Hua was alive which clearly proved how formidable she was. No wonder she shook the heavens and the earth in the future. After being tempered for a hundred years there, her willpower had become extremely firm and persistent, what else could cause any problems for her?

“I am going to take care of this blood phantom vine, but you have to cooperate with me!”

Yang Chen said this like a doctor giving instructions to a sick person and then suddenly added:

“Ah what stupid thing I am doing? You can’t hear anything!”

In short, he had already warned Hua Wanting to make her preparations but at the same time also cleverly covered his tracks. ‘I believed you couldn’t hear anything, so no one can blame me!’

The blood phantom root’s master vein had already penetrated Hua Wanting’s heart and there were also many fibrous roots filling her arteries. Removing them was not an easy matter.

“In any case, since you can’t hear me, you also won’t mind a little bit of pain!”

Yang Chen said again, but suddenly many long needles appeared within his hand.

These long needles were completely ordinary. Apart from being hollow, they didn’t have any speciality, even the materials used were completely ordinary. Previously, Yang Chen hadn’t thought that he was going to save Hua Wanting this time, so he hadn’t prepared enough and had only refined them while waiting for Zhou Sulan, hurriedly and crudely.

But despite being simple, they were already sufficient at this moment. The main use of hollow acupuncture needles was to input medicinal qi into the body of elder Hua Wanting, so using precious materials would just be a waste.

With one shake of his hand the needle punctured Hua Wanting’s skin. Luckily, this region was elder Hua’s arm and once the needle entered, a portion of dense medicine qi, carrying eighth metal spirit power with it, immediately rushed forth.

The blood phantom vine in the vein where the needle had entered, began to withdraw at a rapid speed. But within a hundred years, these vines had already fused together with elder Hua’s body, so suddenly being forcibly separated produced an immense pain, as if flesh was being ripped apart.

The fierce pain made Hua Wanting almost lose her mind. But fortunately Yang Chen had already warned her, so she was prepared and after enduring these hundred years of constant torment, her capability to endure pain had increased by a large extent. Her mental state had become even more tenacious than heavenly silk, forcibly enduring the pain without budging even a little. Other region’s hadn’t loosened even a little.

Along with Yang Chen putting in the medicinal qi and spirit flow in a constant stream, the blood phantom vine in Hua Wanting’s veins began to slowly pull back and very soon the blood demon vine could neither enter nor control that region again.

As soon as the sensation and control of this region were restored, Hua Wanting’s heart relaxed. Yang Chen really was able to settle the blood phantom vine and was not just making trouble.

Outside, the sect leader and the elders of the Clear Sky Sect had nervously clenched their fists. Until now, everything appeared to be normal and this also made their desire even greater. The closer to success they thought they were, the more nervous they got. This concerned the life of a Da Cheng stage expert. If they had Hua Wanting, Clear Sky Sect would be even stronger than currently.

At this moment, Yang Chen’s movement had been stopped. His spirit power had already been exhausted by being crazily pushed into the body of a Da Cheng stage expert for just a moment. This was not strange at all. Although Yang Chen had already reached the Foundation stage, this was still quite lacking to consume the blood phantom vine, which had caused so much suffering to Hua Wanting.

Yang Chen stopping his movements made Hua Wanting so nervous that her heart had come to her throat. Fortunately, after some moments of rest, Yang Chen again began to push out medicinal qi and spirit power, which started increasing the area under Hua Wanting’s control.

Under the cover of the vines, other people could not see what kind of thing Yang Chen had used, as nobody was concerned about what kind of elixir Yang Chen had used to recover his spirit power. Everyone was only looking at the vine trembling incessantly within the courtyard. This kind of change was something they had never seen before.

The process seemed to be very simple: Yang Chen was pushing his medicinal qi and spirit power into her body, but this process lasted for a full ten days. Only then was Yang Chen able to expel the vine from one arm of Hua Wanting.

The needle with medicinal power and eighth metal spirit power was pressed into Hua Wanting’s vein to block the blood phantom vine from entering again. Hua Wanting had also realized this point, so she didn’t let her wood attribute spirit power appear in that area, fearing that, if she was not careful, she might counteract Yang Chen’s pathetic eight metal spirit power, which could cause all of this hard work to go to waste.

“Ahh, I am on the point of dying, I must go out to recover!”

After inserting the needle, Yang Chen who had completely worn himself out, spat out these words. Spending his last bits of energy, he soon slowly left the courtyard and made his way out of the courtyard at lightning speed. Afterwards, without caring for face or saying anything, he immediately fell to the ground and began to gasp for breath.

The sect master of the Clear Sky Sect appeared at Yang Chen’s side in a flash and immediately squeezed a yuan cultivation pill into Yang Chen’s mouth, afterwards, without making a difference about being male and female, she reached out her hand to explore Yang Chen’s body and passed on her spirit power, assisting Yang Chen in recovering faster.

“How is elder Hua?”

On the side, the elders were worried about Hua Wanting. On the side, while the sect master was still helping Yang Chen recover, one of the elders asked impatiently.

“Shut your mouth!”

The sect master berated the elder. Yang Chen had already strained himself to his limits and was unable to support himself, anyone could see this, so the question was really ill timed.

The elder also realized his mistake and obediently shut up, not saying anything anymore.

With the assistance of the sect master, Yang Chen only needed half a day before recovering fully to having a dragon’s energy and a tiger’s fierceness. Once he opened his eyes, Yang Chen directly stated the conditions inside, without anyone asking:

“It will still require some more time, I have already undone an arm!”

After he finished speaking, without saying anything anymore, he entered the courtyard again, this time changing to the other arm, and continued to work.

First were the four limbs, then was the belly, following which was her neck and finally he focused on the pit of her stomach. Settling all of them one by one, the only thing that remained was the master root in her heart. This entire process had already taken a full three months.

During this whole time, the Clear Sky Sect’s master, together with her group of elders had been waiting outside of the courtyard. Even Sun QingXue was allowed to stay there because of her relation to Yang Chen.

During the process of waiting, Sun QingXue’s complication was analyzed by the group of elders. With Yang Chen’s warning, the sect master and the group of elders could clearly see the problem. Even Sun QingXue’s cultivation method was taken out and researched by the group of elders. What was most embarrassing for them was that, this time they discovered that the problem really did lie with the cultivation method and not with Sun QingXue’s comprehension.

A talented disciple of the sect had been plotted against by someone of the sect and it moreover had been discovered by an outsider. Furthermore, when that person said this in the beginning, nobody trusted him. If it were not for Yang Chen spending so much time resolving the matter of the blood phantom vine and everyone having discovered that her comprehension was not inferior, they would have been unable to find this problem.

Obviously, the one most embarrassed because of this problem was precisely the sect master of the Clear Sky Sect. But the matter of elder Hua Wanting had been urgent, so it didn’t need to be said, Sun QingXue’s matter could only come afterwards.

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