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Chapter 132 - An Elder Can Also Make Mistakes

14 Aug 2016

When only the master root was left, Yang Chen stopped. This was the most crucial step. As long as he succeeded, it implied that elder Hua Wanting would not have to endure further torment from the blood phantom root, but this was also the most challenging step and he wouldn’t be able to achieve it with just medicinal power and spirit power.

If he just wanted to remove Elder Hua Wanting’s pain and resolve the blood phantom vine, it was still comparatively simple, but the problem was that Yang Chen wanted to use this opportunity and wanted to collect this blood phantom vine’s root, which, although it had sucked the blood of a Da Cheng stage expert, was still only in it’s infancy. This was going to be a lot more troublesome.

Naturally, for Yang Chen, this was not an impossible task. This was a good opportunity to show his friendship towards the Clear Sky Sect, to seek benefits and furthermore an opportunity to conceal his true aim. Otherwise, in case they found out that he had collected the blood phantom vine, it would actually increase his troubles in the future rather than decreasing them.

“This youngster must remove a piece of flesh from elder Hua’s chest, so I must be disrespectful. Myself requests that seniors forgive me for being disrespectful!”

Apart from medicinal power and spirit power, Yang Chen could only use his flying sword to remove the blood phantom vine when it had centralized in one place. Once the blood phantom vine entered the human body, it would certainly never leave and he could only use such a cruel method.

Since he pretended that elder Hua Wanting wasn’t conscious, Yang Chen naturally had to request the elders of the Clear Sky Sect in order to make her understand, otherwise he would be charged with being disrespectful towards the person he had saved for no reason.

Fortunately the elders had already understood his goal and they also knew about the blood phantom vine’s characteristics, so they didn’t have any objection and nodded in affirmance.

“I require an empty qiankun pouch!”

Yang Chen raised this request towards the people of the Clear Sky Sect:

“The courtyard is still highly toxic because of the blood phantom vine, you all cannot go in. If you come in contact with the qiankun pouch containing the main part of the blood phantom vine, you must destroy it immediately, understood?”

Who could say that they wouldn’t? Everyone nodded their heads in agreement. But Yang Chen obviously wasn’t satisfied, so he asked again earnestly:

“Everyone knows this blood phantom vine is a treasure, but even elder Hua Wanting was unable to resist it, I do not think it will be good to try.”

These words clearly had a hint of teaching people, the expressions on the faces of the Clear Sky Sect’s elders turned unsightly.

But Yang Chen was as if he did not care, he continued speaking while minding his own business:

“Perhaps everyone can think themselves to be lucky and may think that keeping it inside their qiankun pouch would not be a big deal.”

Looking around, Yang Chen glanced at the elders of the Clear Sky Sect and smiled:

“I will take the responsibility of informing everyone that the blood phantom vine will break through that qiankun pouch in at most three breaths of time. Within these three breaths, you must completely destroy it. The space of the qiankun pouch being destroyed will turn the blood phantom vine into fine powder. Apart from this, there is no other good method.”

Although Yang Chen’s words were solemn, these YuanYing stage experts did not accept it. All of them were YuanYing stage ancestors, but that one immature and inexperienced Foundation stage youngster, dared to make a show of his knowledge and experience in front of them?

“You must not push your luck at any cost, seniors!”

Yang Chen repeatedly warned them, persuading them patiently:

“Elder Hua’s qiankun pouch has already been smashed into pieces, I wonder if she thought she would be lucky and was instead entangled by the blood phantom vine. I have said all I could, seniors can think for themselves, this junior will immediately shut up!”

From the qiankun pouch, he fished out two porcelain bottles and walked to Sun QingXue and handed them to her:

“Little Xue, of these two porcelain bottles, one can make the blood phantom vine avoid you and one can bring you relief from the high toxicity of the blood phantom vine, take them.”

Placing them into her hand, he warned in a loud voice again:

“If something happens, use them immediately, your cultivation is the lowest here, so don’t try to act bravely!”

Although it appeared that he was repeatedly warning Sun QingXue, in reality he was warning the elders of the Clear Sky Sect in disguise. If an accident happened, it would also be an insurance for Sun QingXue.

Once he had completed this, Yang Chen extended his hand towards the sect master of the Clear Sky Sect and handed over his qiankun pouch. Then he entered the courtyard again.

“This is the last and most crucial step: if senior can hear me, then please prepare properly.”

Yang Chen said to Hua Wanting:

“The blood phantom vine’s master root is isolated, so senior must immediately circulate your cultivation to dissolve junior’s eighth metal spirit power and force the medicinal power out of your body. Without the blood phantom vine, that medicinal power will erode your body.”

Hua Wanting’s finger slightly moved in response to Yang Chen’s proposal. This was her first movement since Yang Chen had expelled the blood phantom vine. Thanks to Yang Chen getting rid of the blood phantom vine from within her body, it left her with some strength to gain control over her body.

Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness had covered the entire region so he had acutely discovered this point and was immediately pleased beyond his expectations:

“Having senior’s cooperation, junior holds much more assurance.”

That kind of friendly tone, let alone speaking of the current moment, even if Hua Wanting had ninety nine percent control over her body, she would still be unable to hear any deceit even she heard this face to face.

“For clearing away the master root of blood phantom vine, this junior will have to remove a part of flesh above your heart. This will hurt even more, so senior, please be careful!”

Yang Chen first reminded her before starting his work.

With just this last step left, Hua Wanting absolutely did not want to give up and slightly moved her fingers two times, affirming Yang Chen’s words. Seeing this, Yang Chen also began his preparations calmly.

The needle was directly inserted into her heart and began to pour in medicinal power and eighth metal spirit power. But this time, the master root of the blood phantom vine didn’t shrink back rapidly like the other times, instead it slowly formed a small ball, but still occupied a corner in the heart.

This was still near the chest, so Yang Chen carefully inserted it even deeper. The huge amount of medicinal power and spirit power started to pour in, which made the blood phantom vine leave most of the heart and concentrate in a very small section.

Suddenly, Yang Chen’s hand moved rapidly, a sharp flying sword directly penetrated into Elder Hua Wanting’s chest, following along the root of the blood phantom vine and rapidly sliced off a part. Immediately following this, Yang Chen threw it into a qiankun pouch, following which, the blood phantom vine which had been filling up the courtyard, was like it had suddenly received a great pull and began to concentrate on Yang Chen’s hand.

During this commotion, nobody noticed that the master root of the blood phantom vine had entered the Achievement Ring on Yang Chen’s hand. The majority of the blood phantom vine was directly sucked in by the Achievement Ring and only a small part was actually placed into the qiankun pouch.

Originally, with Yang Chen in everyone’s field of view, nobody would have thought that he could cheat. The blood phantom vine which was spread everywhere in the courtyard had all been squeezed into the qiankun pouch and no traces of it were left within the courtyard.

Yang Chen also rushed directly to the edge of the restriction and hurriedly used the method to open it and threw that qiankun pouch outside.

Once he threw out the qiankun pouch, Yang Chen no longer stayed and directly rushed back to Hua Wanting, whose body was finally free from the vine. In midair, a porcelain bottle had appeared within his hands. Once he stopped, the porcelain bottle had already been opened and the medicinal powder was quickly sprayed on elder Hua Wanting’s chest wound.

Being sucked dry for almost a hundred years by the blood phantom vine, elder Hua Wanting’s body didn’t have even a drop of blood, so even with such a huge wound, not even a drop had trickled out. Her face was incomparably pale, resembling a corpse.

Once the medicinal powder was sprayed on her, the wound began to heal and a trace of flesh began to grow rapidly.

Not having even a single free moment from the beginning, Yang Chen had finally finished the process. Furthermore, under his observation, drops of blood had already begun to seep out of that wound, which clearly implied that elder Hua’s body had already begun to recover the blood making function.

Strictly speaking, elder Hua had forcefully suppressed her production of blood using her cultivation, so that the blood phantom vine could not suck it. Currently, without the restrictions of the blood phantom vine, it had begun to restore immediately.

Now that there was no major restriction on elder Hua’s side, after the blood phantom vine had been thrown out, it was the same as getting rid of mortal worry for her. The only thing left now was nursing her back to health. With elder Hua’s cultivation, Yang Chen was certain that, within a few months, her cultivation would be restored and would even be able to increase more.

Only then did Yang Chen have the time to look at the qiankun pouch he had thrown out. Not out of his expectations, even after his repeated warnings, someone had tested his luck in trying to collect the blood phantom vine.

The instant the qiankun pouch was thrown out, an elder reached out her hand to catch it and without hesitation, her spiritual awareness immediately entered the qiankun pouch.


Clear Sky Sect’s sect master yelled, but was unable to prevent the elder’s movement.


Like the blooming of a rose, following the elder’s spiritual awareness, more than a dozen blood phantom vines immediately came out of the qiankun pouch and engulfed the elder who had released the spiritual awareness.

Meanwhile, six elders, together with the sect master had already attacked the qiankun pouch. The seven YuanYing stage elders’ combined strike made the qiankun pouch directly explode into fragments, turning the blood phantom vine inside into powder.

The unfortunate thing was that because of the greediness of that elder, more than ten vines had escaped. These vines were like living animals and, perceiving people’s presence, they began to pounce towards the people in the surroundings.

The reason why the blood phantom vine was so terrifying was because within a short time, even if they were separated from the main part, they would not die and as long as they had access to fresh blood, these vines were capable of coiling around the source and enter the skin. After entering the skin, they would give birth to more roots, forming a brand new vine.

Of the people on the scene, everyone had the necessary knowledge about the blood phantom vine. Apart from the knowledge that the blood phantom vine could follow their spiritual awareness, they were clear about other things. Therefore, everyone attacked the small vines left behind.

Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng!

Several sounds echoed. A few elders, turning pale with fright, had successively attacked several small roots, but two or three had still escaped their attacks and began to pounce towards other people.

Sun QingXue’s cultivation was very low and she was also one of the targets included. But she was not even a little flustered. When Yang Chen had given her the medicine bottles earlier, she knew that Yang Chen would not do anything useless, therefore she was always on alert. When Yang Chen threw away the qiankun pouch, she had already opened the medicine bottle and had sprinkled the medicinal powder on her body.

When that one vine throwing itself towards Sun QingXue suddenly sensed the medicinal power, it stopped midair and was immediately crushed.

The medicinal bottle within Sun QingXue’s hand immediately disappeared and appeared within the sect master’s hand. Soon after that, a large portion of medicinal powder was sprayed towards two more elders whom the vine was going to attack. The two vines immediately fell to the ground and began to twist around.

The several elders didn’t dare to be careless and immediately attacked the vines which had fallen down just a moment ago, which made them turn into powder. Only then did everyone take a sigh of relief.

But the matter was far from over, the blood phantom vines, in addition to coming out, were also extremely toxic. Initially, the restrictions had sealed the toxicity of the blood phantom vine in the courtyard. If, in accordance with Yang Chen’s words, they had destroyed the qiankun pouch, this kind of matter would not have happened, but unfortunately that elder wanted to fulfill his evil schemes.

The result of his evil schemes was clear, everyone apart from Sun QingXue sensed a wave of numbness. Even if they did not breathe, the blood phantom vine’s poison was still going to corrode their body.

The sect master suddenly sensed something was abnormal and immediately learned from Sun QingXue and swallowed the powder inside the medicinal bottle before spraying it over her body. Immediately, the sensation of numbness began to fade.

After knowing that there was nothing wrong with the medication, the sect master immediately divided it for all other elders on the scene. Nobody dared to be neglectful and hurriedly swallowed it, which brought relief from the numbness, causing everyone to relax. It seemed that everyone had escaped from mortal danger.

Everyone’s gaze the focused on the elder who had been rash just a moment ago. Apart from Sun QingXue, everyone’s gaze was filled with contempt, especially the sect master’s, which even had a trace of anger.

Even after Yang Chen’s repeated warnings that they were not to be careless and try to push their luck, that elder still couldn’t accept it. If it were not that Yang Chen had left that medicinal powder with Sun QingXue, they may have lost three or four people at this moment. Saving Hua Wanting but losing three four people in the process, if such a thing had really happened, that would certainly have been a disaster for the Clear Sky Sect.

The mistaken elder also knew her fault and had lowered her head in guilt without saying anything. This time, whatever punishment the sect master gave her, she would abide by it without any resistance. If it were not for her reckless actions, this kind of matter would have not occurred.

After giving a fierce glance to the elder, the sect master turned her gaze towards the courtyard again. Yang Chen was still carefully providing medicine to elder Hua Wanting, seemingly without having looked over there. Rejoicing, the sect master suddenly had a feeling of not being able to confront Yang Chen. This was her first time coming across such a feeling after advancing to the YuanYing stage.

Even the sect master did not know why she felt that way towards Yang Chen, whether it was because Yang Chen had saved an elder of their sect or because Yang Chen had left a surplus of medicine powder with Sun QingXue. In any case, what the sect master wanted to do right now was precisely to wait for Yang Chen to come out and then express her gratitude properly.

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