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Chapter 129 - You Have To Change Your Master

04 Aug 2016

Although releasing wood attributed spirit power was no big problem for Yang Chen, Yang Chen didn’t do this. Currently Sun QingXue didn’t have any confidence, but she was a person with a full wood attributed spirit root. If she really saw a fire attributed cultivator releasing wood attributed spirit power, then maybe her pathetic confidence would take an even greater hit.

“Give me a good reason!”

Yang Chen shook his head while speaking to Sun QingXue.

Yang Chen’s gaze made Sun QingXue lower her head, as if not daring to be face to face with Yang Chen. Just when Yang Chen sighed, Sun QingXue raised her head again and, looking towards Yang Chen, earnestly said:

“Elder Brother, you are right, my master’s vision is indeed limited, other than being good towards me, she doesn’t have any other merit.”

As long as Sun QingXue had said anything, Yang Chen would have been able to accept it. Hearing that Sun QingXue had perfect knowledge of her current situation, Yang Chen was completely satisfied.

“Master has gone to look for someone to discuss, she will certainly return without any results.”

Sun QingXue slowly shook her head, her mood was very gloomy:

“With this matter, it is still unknown if I will be able to reach this level again after I had abolish my cultivation, even my life is not guaranteed. I do require some kind of miracle to happen to increase my confidence.”

“As long as you want, any kind of miracle can happen!”

Yang Chen clearly understood Sun Qing Xue’s desire. What she needed at that moment was not confidence in her cultivation, but rather the self confidence to keep moving forward, regardless of whatever happened.

A vigourous and robust spirit power suddenly rose in Yang Chen’s hand. Within a moment, after Yang Chen had moved, Sun QingXue sitting in front of Yang Chen immediately sensed the extremely pure essence of first wood. She could not help but open her eyes widely, looking at Yang Chen as if looking at a monster.

“Carefully study it, this is pure essence of first wood spirit power!”

Yang Chen immediately pulled Sun QingXue’s little hand and passed the first wood spirit power through it, making her experience this properly.

Sun QingXue was still in shock that a fire attributed cultivator like Yang Chen could produce wood attributed spirit power like this, when Yang Chen pulled her hand. She didn’t respond and just looked at Yang Chen as if she was looking at a monster. Her small mouth opened slightly, as if not daring to believe that she was seeing.

Yang Chen slightly fluctuated the spirit power he was emitting, to rouse Sun QingXue from her shock. After waking up, the first thing Sun QingXue did was to use that other hand, which hadn’t been grabbed by Yang Chen to cover her small mouth because of her surprise.

“What are you doing?”

Sun QingXue was not only extremely shocked but also terrified. Yang Chen was a fire attributed cultivator, a person with a fire attributed spirit root had suddenly produced such pure wood attributed spirit power, which was even more pure than hers, who was purely a wood attributed cultivator. How could it not make her extremely shocked?

“Just the miracle you need!”

Yang Chen smiled and continued to placate her:

“Carefully sense it, this is pure first wood attributed spirit power.”

At this moment, Sun QingXue had finally gotten over her shock and begun to slowly experience it. Actually, even Zhou Sulan could have allowed Sun QingXue to sense first wood spirit power, but Yang Chen’s was different. His first wood spirit power contained the essence of PengLai Divine Wood and was thus many times more formidable than Zhou Sulan’s. Allowing Sun QingXue to experience it would have many benefits for her.

“So pure first wood spirit power is like this!”

Sun QingXue muttered after sensing it for a long time. Compared to her current heterogenous spirit power, Yang Chen’s spirit power was much more formidable.

“No need to be discouraged, as soon as you abolish your current cultivation and cultivate from the start, when you use the wood attributed third grade foundation stage pill, you can also have similarly pure spirit power.”

Yang Chen consoled her. He could see that Sun QingXue had already come out from the depression she was in just a moment ago, apparently allowing her to look at this trick had really provided her with great encouragement.

With regards to this, Sun QingXue was very clear about her current situation, but the most painful thing was that her master was not of much use. It was even possible that if Yang Chen hadn’t come, she would have never even found the problem with her cultivation method.

But this was also good. At least knowing where the problem was and trying to find the method to solve it was many times better than confused people who did not know what they had to do.

“This is second wood spirit power, you should also sense this, but it is not as formidable as the first wood spirit power.”

Yang Chen was someone who perfectly understood his cultivation. The first wood spirit power had been refined by the PengLai Divine Wood’s essence, but the second wood spirit power was absolutely ordinary, maybe it would even be inferior to Zhou Sulan.

But Sun QingXue was very grateful. Zhou Sulan had never instructed her like this before. She very carefully, even greedily, experienced the spirit power Yang Chen was passing over, her two beautiful eyes closed shut.

Sun QingXue was someone whom Yang Chen had to try to rope in with vigor. He even had to help her cultivate, but the current situation didn’t allow Yang Chen to feel relieved. But when he was saying that his second wood spirit power was inferior, a thought suddenly flashed within his mind.

“Have you thought about changing masters?”

Yang Chen suddenly asked.

“Changing my master?”

Sun QingXue was startled. After she had been shocked by Yang Chen’s body possessing both first and second wood spirit power, Yang Chen’s every word was like an imperial edict to her. The matter of changing her master had caught Sun QingXue off guard all of a sudden:

“How is that possible?”

“Even a person who has a fire spirit root like me can cultivate wood attribute spirit power, then why can’t you change your master?”

Yang Chen used Sun QingXue’s own argument to refute her own question. Since even the most impossible of matters had happened in front of her, then why were other matters impossible?

Sun QingXue was startled again, but suddenly a smile emerged on her face. This was the kind of smile that appeared after all pressure on her had been released. Yang Chen had already allowed her to look at an impossible miracle, so if he said that anything was possible, then it had to be.

“Your words are correct, your master will certainly return without any good results.”

Yang Chen smiled:

“Her temper is really weak, in the future you will continue to get bullied. Exchange her for a master who is a little bit more powerful. Only then can you establish yourself firmly. Rest assured, I will take care of this matter. With this I will also solve the problem related to my second wood spirit power.”

As for Yang Chen’s words, the first ones were still normal, but the later ones did not make any sense. Sun QingXue was puzzled. How could changing her master have any relationship with Yang Chen’s second wood spirit power?

But he did not explain Sun QingXue’s doubt anymore. Yang Chen still remembered the goal he had come here for:

“In the future, if you run into a cultivation method which allows rapid progress and is applicable for all attributes, by all means, do not cultivate it! You must never spoil your foundation.”

After he finished saying this, Yang Chen suddenly thought of something. Sun QingXue had been so shrewd, could it be possible that in her previous life, she had deliberately cultivated that cultivation method? But there was no way to verify this.

“I know, elder brother!”

Sun QingXue replied, just like a meek wife.

“The cultivation method has no problem!”

Zhou Sulan who originally had gone in a rage had returned dejectedly, her behaviour while facing Yang Chen was also not very good:

“You evil person made me go back for no reason and make such a slanderous accusation!”

Looking at her behaviour, she had already been convinced by someone and had conversely begun to blame Yang Chen and Sun QingXue. She certainly cherished Sun QingXue a lot, so the majority of her hatred was towards Yang Chen.

Such a person who could change what she was insisting on so easily… It would only be a miracle if she could instruct Sun QingXue properly. Even if Sun Qingxue was a heavenly talent, being taught by a mediocre person would also make her a mediocre person. Looking at this situation, Yang Chen was even more sure of his decision to convince Sun QingXue to change her master.

If separating her from the Clear Sky Sect was not a bigger problem, Yang Chen would have wanted to take Sun QingXue back to the Pure Yang Palace. But unfortunately, Sun QingXue had already been apprenticed there for more than ten years, she absolutely could not quit.

Yang Chen was even more resentful towards Shi ShanShan now for pushing Sun QingXue into this living hell. Although Sun QingXue had been in the Clear Sky Sect even in his previous life, the occurrences before the tragedy still hadn’t changed.

“Senior. Junior’s cultivation experience is finite and shortsighted, so mistakes are unavoidable!”

Yang Chen politely apologized, the following matters still required Zhou Sulan to act as a middleman, which could not be done without eliminating her anger.

Zhou Sulan was in a very bad mood, but Yang Chen had himself admitted his error, so she had no reason to flare up. Yang Chen was a guest who had come from far away and had never said that he had a vision like her, a JieDan stage expert. Moreover, Sun QingXue’s spirit power really was the problem, so Yang Chen saying that there was some problem with her cultivation was not false at all.

“Don’t mind it, don’t mind it!”

Zhou Sulan helplessly shook her head.

“Ai, little Xue’s comprehension is really very weak, she can’t even comprehend the most basic of the cultivation methods!”

“Senior, apart from taking a look at little Xue, this youngster still has one more favour to ask.”

Hearing that Zhou Sulan had again concluded that the problem was with Sun QingXue’s comprehension, Yang Chen did not talk with her about it and started talking about his other aim, which he had thought of a few moments ago.

“What do you still want?”

Zhou Sulan again her brows again. What a shameless person, he still wanted to open his mouth.

“Junior wants to read in the Clear Sky Sect’s library.”

Yang Chen smiled while stating his request:

“Senior must not misunderstand, junior is definitely not asking for those books related to cultivation of the juniors of the Clear Sky Sect, only those which are not important. Junior just wants to increase his experience.”

Yang Chen reputation of reading everything in the library of the Nine Earth Manor had also spread along with his reputation of refining the Heaven Seizing Pill, so this requirement was completely consistent with his behaviour.

But Zhou Sulan was not in support of this. Yang Chen’s shortsightedness had caused her to suffer humiliation in front of her master and the sect leader. If it were not for the face of her cherished disciple Sun QingXue, she would have never seen Yang Chen again.

“Why do you want to read the collection of my Clear Sky Sect?”

Although Yang Chen’s request was in accordance with his nature, it was not in the interest of the Clear Sky Sect, even if the material Yang Chen wanted to read had no relation to the cultivation of the Clear Sky Sect.

“Junior is willing to invest a sufficient price.”

Yang Chen said very honestly:

“I’m exchanging this for things the Clear Sky Sect requires.”

“You are a trifling Foundation stage cultivator, what kind of things can you take out, which can catch the eye of my Clear Sky Sect?”

Zhou Sulan said disdainfully. The Clear Sky Sect had as many as thousands of JieDan experts, so why would they be interested in anything a trifling Foundation stage expert like Yang Chen could offer? Yang Chen was really someone who did not know his place.

“Junior has a method to deal with the blood phantom vine, but I don’t know if it will be sufficient to gain me the qualifications to enter the library?”

Yang Chen said with a smile as if he hadn’t seen Zhou Sulan’s complexion. At the same time, he also gave a reassuring glance to Sun QingXue.

“The blood phantom vine?”

A tremor passed through Zhou Sulan’s entire body. Luckily she was a JieDan expert, so she was able to control her mental state in time. But the instant Yang Chen had said these words, she almost jumped on the spot:

“You know a method to deal with the blood phantom vine?”

Zhou Sulan could not help being terrified: A peak YuanYing stage expert of the Clear Sky Sect, Hua Wanting, was suffering from the complications caused by the blood phantom demon. His situation had already continued for many years now and initially Hua Wanting had been the most promising person for rising to the Da Cheng stage in the past hundred years, but the last time he had gone out to train, he had been attacked by a blood phantom vine and afterwards had fallen asleep to this day and had never woken up. If Yang Chen really knew a method to deal with a blood phantom vine, that would just be like sending charcoal to the Clear Sky Sect in snowy weather.

Yang Chen hadn’t intended to raise Hua Wanting’s matter so early. Although the complications received by the blood phantom vine had been too many, because of the constant struggle with the blood demon vine for a hundred or so years, Hua Wanting’s cultivation was also crazily improving. In his previous life, when Hua Wanting had forcibly won the struggle with the blood demon vine and thrown it away, he had directly entered the Da Cheng stage after waking up.

This matter was something that would happen after 20 years. Yang Chen had planned that he would go back after ten to fifteen years and then rescue Hua Wanting and gain the friendship of a Da Cheng stage expert, but since this had already been shifted to an earlier date, Yang Chen was no longer sure if Hua Wanting’s cultivation would still be able to attain the Da Cheng stage.

But because of Sun QingXue, Yang Chen decided to shift Hua Wanting’s rescue to an earlier date. Although he could completely free himself without any help from Yang Chen, how could Yang Chen let go of such a matter which didn’t cost him anything? Perhaps, by some mystery, Hua Wanting may not be completely unconscious and if Yang Chen saved him only after ten to fifteen years, he may say that he had already done most of the work. Moreover, saving him currently may just be the right time.

Sun QingXue completely didn’t know what had happened. When she had heard Yang Chen say the words ‘blood phantom vine’ and had seen Zhou Sulan’s reaction afterwards, it made her completely suspicious, but nobody explained anything to her.

At this time, how could Zhou Sulan remember that she had an apprentice waiting for an explanation? She directly took a step forwards and fixed her attention on Yang Chen:

“Is what you are saying true?”

“Senior, do you think junior would make a fun using this matter?”

Yang Chen rhetorically questioned. Who would dare to make a joke of a matter concerning the elder of the Clear Sky Sect. Not to mention Yang Chen, perhaps even the palace master of the Pure Yang Palace would not dare to speak about this matter casually.

“So many experts do not know, how can a junior at the Foundation stage like you know?”

Zhou Sulan was still somewhat skeptical, the entire Clear Sky Sect couldn’t find a method, but suddenly a Foundation stage youngster appears, saying that he could resolve this, how could someone not be skeptical hearing this?

“At the time of refining the Heaven Seizing Pill, there wasn’t anyone who believed that we could refine the Heaven Seizing Pill!”

Yang Chen revealed a mysterious smile:

“Junior has already said that this junior is fond of reading miscellaneous things and has also read a lot, so it is completely normal that many times I know things that others do not!”

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