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Chapter 128 - How Can I Make You Believe Me?

03 Aug 2016

“It was me, why?”

Zhou Sulan was startled, she hadn’t thought that Yang Chen would call the cultivation method of the sect in question. But this matter concerned her favourite disciple, so she did not care that much about Yang Chen’s tone, which lacked the proper courtesy and she asked him with knitted brows:

“Why, is there some problem with this cultivation method?”

“First wood is first wood, second wood is second wood. Senior, aren’t you making Sun QingXue bite off more than she can chew? What about not making her cultivate many cultivation methods? Why are you making her cultivate a cultivation method which contains both first wood and second wood together?”

Yang Chen turned around and asked Zhou Sulan in an extremely discontent tone.

“Cultivating first wood and second wood together? How is that possible?”

Zhou Sulan asked with great alarm:

“This clearly is a first wood cultivation method!”

“It is?”

Yang Chen watched attentively while staring at Zhou Sulan, extremely suspicious of her. He even believed that Zhou Sulan was doing it on purpose, deliberately using such a cultivation method to destroy Sun QingXue. Or maybe she just didn’t understand, but how was this possible? How could a JieDan stage expert not understand the difference between first wood and second wood spirit power?

“Little Xue, pass me your spirit power for me to see!”

Yang Chen’s gaze made Zhou Sulan feel extremely insulted, she could not put up with this youngster, who had just reached the Foundation stage and was questioning her knowledge and experience. But this also made her think: previously, apart from checking Sun Qing Xue’ body, they hadn’t checked her spirit power and cultivation method, because according to her, how could there be any problem with sect’s cultivation method?

Sun QingXue gripped Zhou Sulan’s hand tightly and began to slowly pass spirit power, but after a moment, Zhou Sulan’s complexion turned deathly white. Just as Yang Chen had predicted, she was a wood attributed JieDan expert and clearly knew the difference between first wood and second wood spirit power. Inside of Sun QingXue’s spirit power both first wood and second wood were mixed, nobody could deny this fact.

Since she was a new disciple, it was was pardonable that Sun QingXue didn’t know the difference. From the beginning she had only practiced one cultivation method, training in it all the time. Whenever she found a problem, she consulted her master, but her master and the people of the sect called her comprehension into question, which had created a lot of pressure on her, leading to the current situation where she had no self confidence.

Indeed, she had been Zhou Sulan’s disciple for more than ten years, but surprisingly the problem was with her disciple’s cultivation method, which needed an outsider, a youngster who had only recently reached the Foundation stage to point out. This was simply an extraordinary shame.

“Senior, have you personally chosen this cultivation method?”

Taking that opportunity, Yang Chen began to question Zhou Sulan. He and Sun QingXue didn’t have any relationship in their past life, but since they have intersected in this life, naturally he had to allow her to have an even better development.

“Yes, Uncle Master Mo has chosen it personally, saying that it was the most suitable cultivation method for little Xue!”

At this moment, Zhou Sulan had been shocked by the discovery on Sun QingXue’s body and completely hadn’t realized, that currently her thoughts were completely in Yang Chen’s hands. She was even replying to any question asked by Yang Chen without hesitation.

“The cultivation method is not much of a problem, as long as little Xue stops it and is taken to some senior for examination.”

Yang Chen smiled, so as to ease up the mood, but he immediately asked:

“This Uncle Master Mo, does he have some disciple or grand disciple, who has some talent and is considered valuable within the sect?”

“Uncle Master Mo’s grand disciple Zhu Yanchun had reached the Foundation stage five years ago and was the one who had the best talent among the disciples of that generation and was also considered to be the number one disciple among the official disciples.”

Following Yang Chen’s train of thought, Zhou Sulan quickly answered.

After she had finished speaking, Zhou Sulan suddenly thought of something. Opening both of her eyes widely, an unimaginable expression spread across her face. Staring at Yang Chen like she was looking at a ghost, she stammeringly said:


“I haven’t said anything, it’s just that I have seen things like this many times!”

Yang Chen faintly shook his head. No wonder that Sun QingXue’s power had exploded only after her cultivation had been crippled in his previous life. Inside of a big sect, everyone was like a huge family, so there were bound to be many scheming matters. Even if the person was an immortal, he would also be like this.

“But, Uncle Master Mo, she…….”

Zhou Sulan only said these words, but could not continue. She was that much of an idiot, that she wouldn’t understand the relationship between them even now. But Uncle Master Mo destroying a talent like Sun QingXue just in order to get her own grand disciple out of a predicament, this kind of thing was too much for her to accept.

“I think, as fast as possible senior should have a discussion with the sect leader of your sect about this matter! With senior’s status, you alone can not solve it.”

Yang Chen faintly smiled and called this to Zhou Sulan’s attention.

At this moment, Zhou Sulan was completely shocked, she was agreeing to anything Yang Chen was saying, after all, if this kind of matter came out, it would really shock people. It didn’t need to be said, she could only go to the sect leader for guidance.

“What should I do?”

Sun QingXue also understood everything. Looking at her master and Yang Chen, she asked in a low voice.

“Abandon your cultivation progress, change your cultivation method to a proper one and start anew!”

Yang Chen had finally become clear about why had Sun QingXue’s talent had exploded only after it had been abolished by Lin Cheng1, as her spirit power was not pure initially.

Yang Chen’s words made Zhou Sulan and Sun QingXue go dumb. Sun QingXue knew she had a problem, but she hadn’t expected that it would be so big. She would even have to dispose of her cultivation and start anew.

Zhou Sulan had wanted to refute and was just about to open her mouth, but she suddenly discovered that she didn’t have anything to say. Sun QingXue’s currently accumulated spirit power was heterogenous, which could not be changed just based on cultivation. But abandoning a few decades of cultivation progress was really pitiful.

The knowledge of the two people wasn’t sufficient, initially Sun QingXue was very happy hearing that the reason had been found, but hearing this information, both master and disciple didn’t know what to do.

Yang Chen didn’t believe that Sun QingXue’s cultivation could be saved, so he had already begun pondering about how to abandon her cultivation progress without injuring her innate qi. It had to be known that, in the previous life, because of cultivating the LongTai Spirit Supporting Secrets, Sun QingXue’s innate qi was damaged and that’s why the Snow White fairy could not match the Snow Plum fairy’s cultivation. In this life, Yang Chen would certainly not let that matter happen again.

This was the main intention of Yang Chen finding her. He wanted to warn her to not cultivate the LongTai Spirit Supporting Secrets, but since he had found the reason for her cultivating that cultivation method, there was naturally no need to be anxious about future matters.

After pondering a lot, Yang Chen found a method and that was precisely to use seventh metal and eighth metal spirit power to consume the heterogenous spirit power in Sun QingXue’s body and then afterwards break her meridians down to make her incapable of using the original method to restore it.

Naturally, it should be just right, although it was destruction, her dantian could not be damaged. This required an expert, but Yang Chen was sure that with the influence and power of the Clear Sky Sect, there had to be many people capable of doing so.

“Little Sun, listen to your master’s plan, if you still have further complications with your cultivation, then I have something for you!”

While saying this, Yang Chen took out a third grade Foundation stage pill, containing the essence of the PengLai Divine Wood and gave it to Sun QingXue.

“What is this?”

Sun QingXue didn’t have as much knowledge and experience as the Palace Master of the Pure Yang Palace. Although she knew that it was a precious pill, she did not dare to be certain what it exactly was.

“This is a third grade wood attributed Foundation stage pill!”

Yang Chen very confidently replied:

“As long as you are able to cultivate to the peak of the qi layer, it will definitely allow you to reach the Foundation stage!”

When Yang Chen had taken out the pill, Zhou Sulan had already opened her eyes widely, but because of the formidable first wood spirit power, she did not dare to say anything. Hearing Yang Chen speak with such confidence, she was amazed and happy beyond measure at the same time.

“With this thing, little Xue does not need to abolish her cultivation!”

Zhou Sulan immediately said that. Since it was capable of guaranteeing the Foundation stage, then there was no need for abolishing her painstakingly accumulated cultivation progress.

But Sun QingXue heard another meaning from Yang Chen. Yang Chen had clearly expressed that if there was another serious complication in her cultivation, that meant that her current cultivation would certainly have to be abolished. This was completely different from Zhou Sulan’s opinion. Sun QingXue looked at Yang Chen and then looked at Zhou Sulan again, really not knowing how to make the decision.

On one side was her own master, on the other was her elder brother, who had already brought hope into despair not once, but twice by now. Sun QingXue was sure that both were thinking good for her, but they clearly had different opinions.

Hearing Zhou Sulan’s words, Yang Chen deeply sighed within his heart. She didn’t think far enough, the level of Sun QingXue’s master was ordinary. No wonder, she couldn’t find the cause for several decades.

“About whether to dispose or not dispose of your cultivation, you must ask your sect’s elders!”

Yang Chen did not want to dispute Zhou Sulan on this question, so he pushed it onto the elders. Naturally Sun QingXue’s own wish also had to be taken into consideration:

“Additionally, also see what little Xue wants!”

Zhou Sulan wasn’t someone who had her own fixed views, so hearing Yang Chen’s words, she did not raise any objections. With the elders making the decision, she also would not have to make any efforts. Just when Sun QingXue was about to leave, Yang Chen smiled towards her and said:

“Senior, this junior has not met with little Xue for so many years and still has many things to talk about, what do you say…”

“Actually I was the one who had forgotten her manners!”

Zhou Sulan awkwardly smiled, Yang Chen had come and hadn’t talked much with Sun QingXue, but she had directly followed behind her. The concern she had for her disciple was indeed real, but she was really looking after her very tightly. She turned around to instruct Sun QingXue:

“Little Xue, you reminisce with fellow daoist Yang, I will go and find master to make a report!”

Following Zhou Sulan’s disappearing figure with her eyes, Yang Chen stood at the gate. All of a sudden, he said to Sun QingXue:

“Little Xue, don’t blame me for blabbering, but this master of yours is mediocre. Her achievements are finite, do not delay yourself for her.”

Hearing these words, Shu QingXue only glanced at Yang Chen and didn’t refute, only said bowing her head slightly:

“Master is very good to me!”

“Her vision is finite. Although abandoning your few decades of cultivation can save innumerable years of future, she can’t even see this and could only see a few decades of hard work and could not even make out other people’s schemes. I am very worried.”

Yang Chen pulled Sun Qing Xue back to the visitor’s courtyard to sit:

“If you are not happy, I will give some pointers to you!”

“Master is very good to me!”

Sun QingXue repeated these words. Apparently, apart from Zhou Sulan’s achievements being finite, she had shown a lot of concern to this disciple, otherwise Sun QingXue would not have emphasized this.

“Then you take care in the future!”

Yang Chen did not push this topic any longer and only warned her repeatedly:

“You are someone born at an official’s home. You must have seen many scheming fights in your house. The cultivation world is not so different from the secular world. When you stick out, other people will try to conceal you, so that they are not engulfed in your limelight and you can only fight with them. There are fights between sect but there are also fights within the sect. You must take care!”

Glancing at Yang Chen’s figure, Sun QingXue nodded heavily. At this moment she was completely able to sense Yang Chen’s concern for her.

“If your foundation is not good, everything in the future will be shaky.”

Yang Chen continued to speak:

“There is no method to purify heterogeneous spirit power, other than cultivating again. You must not distress over a few decades of cultivation, don’t dwell on what can’t be changed. Cultivators must be clear about what they want, their vision must be long-term.”

Nodding her head again, Sun QingXue had already made her decision. Regardless of how much her master insisted, she had to dispose of her current cultivation and cultivate again. Yang Chen had not come this far to harm her, she was extremely clear about this point.

“You must not allow other people’s opinion to influence your confidence!”

Yang Chen emphasized this point gazing fixedly towards Sun QingXue:

“You are a cultivation genius, even a Great Principal Golden Immortal cannot deny this. You must always keep this point in mind.”

Yang Chen’s words were absolutely not empty. There were not just one or two Great Principal Golden Immortals who had died at the hand of Sun QingXue in his previous life, this was a clear cut fact.

“Am I really not bad?”

Sun QingXue had really formed some kind of mental barrier at the Clear Sky Sect. The sneering of the people for such a long time, has possibly led to a hit on her confidence.

“Believe me, as long as you are willing, there will be no one who can surpass you in wood attributed cultivation!”

Yang Chen heavily nodded his head:

“You absolutely can!”

“Elder brother, can I trust you?”

Sun QingXue had as if again turned into the shy little girl at the execution ground, her two eyes some blurred.

“Do I have any reason to lie to you?”

Yang Chen smilingly asked.

“No you don’t!”

Sun QingXue said this, but lowered her head and clearly still hadn’t completely believed these words of Yang Chen. This made Yang Chen feel frustrated. If Sun QingXue didn’t have any confidence, then it will prove to be a big hindrance in her cultivation. What is a heart’s devil? This is exactly an example of a heart’s devil.

“Speak, little Xue, what do you need in order to believe that you are not stupid, compared to them?”

Yang Chen also knew the root cause, but frankly speaking, it was his first time enlightening someone, so he basically didn’t know how to do it and could only use the method of directly provoking her.

“You have a fire attributed spirit root, but if you can also cultivate wood attributed spirit power, I will believe you!”

Whether unconsciously or deliberately, Sun QingXue had raised this seemingly impossible request.

“Are you sure you want this as the proof that you are not stupid? To make a person with a fire attributed spirit root cultivate a wood attributed cultivation method, is supposed to prove that you are a wood attributed heavenly genius?”

Yang Chen asked this, not knowing whether to laugh or to cry.

“Are you not asking me to believe you? As long as you can achieve it, I will completely believe you, big brother!”

Sun QingXue nodded without the slightest hesitation, clearly stating her line of thoughts.

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