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Chapter 126 - You Are My Heart's Devil


Seeing the indifferent attitude of Yang Chen, Guan Yueying had finally realized that the pressure of the Green Jade Immortal Islands didn’t work in front of Yang Chen. Disappointed, she gave up struggle and unwillingly asked:

“What do you want?”

“I have already said, if you don’t want anything, don’t provoke me!”

Yang Chen said, closing his eyes:

“From the beginning, you didn’t have the intention of killing me, that’s why I am giving you face, but by all means, you must not think that I am afraid to kill people!”

Speaking until here, Yang Chen stretched out his hand.


The flying sword which had been pointed between her eyebrows suddenly disappeared. Immediately after that, Guan Yueying discovered that the spirit power in her body was no longer restricted and she had turned into the omnipotent peak YuanYing stage expert again.

But this time Guan Yueying didn’t retaliate against Yang Chen. Even though, with her strength of the YuanYing stage, she would easily be able to control a Foundation stage disciple like Yang Chen.

It was not simply because of those words about renouncing all hatred which Yang Chen had said just a moment ago, instead it was because Guan Yueying had suddenly discovered that, the instant Yang Chen had stretched out his hand to take back the flying sword, a black imprint had appeared on Yang Chen’s finger. Moreover that imprint clearly had an extremely strange design.

Although Guan Yueying’s cultivation was not high enough to notice that Yang Chen had not stored that flying sword into the qiankun pouch on his belt, but rather in that imprint. But that imprint on Yang Chen’s hand was really extraordinary. Guan Yueying had some vague recollection of such an imprint.

The Green Jade Immortal Islands was a famous sect which had an enormous influence, even in the Immortal Realm. Although passing news from an upper levels to lower level was extremely difficult, some crucial information was still passed down. The design on Yang Chen’s finger was also among that.

A person of the upper realm? Guan Yueying did not dare to judge this, but when she thought of Yang Chen’s achievements, she also couldn’t think of anything else.

If he was not a person from the upper realm, how was he capable of refining the Heaven Seizing Pill at the Foundation stage? If he was not someone from the upper realm, then how could he restrict a peak YuanYing stage expert such as her? If he was not from the upper realm, how could he have a magic tool which even a peak YuanYing stage expert, chasing with all her might, couldn’t catch? If he was not from the upper realm, then how could he have that sort of killing intent?

The more Guan Yueying thought about it, the more certain she became, but she didn’t dare to be completely certain. Transferring even a little information from the upper realm to a lower realm needed a big sect like the Green Jade Immortal Islands to invest a price which made even them feel bitter. How difficult would it be to transfer a person from the upper realm? Even if the Green Jade Immortal Islands used their entire strength, they still wouldn’t be able to achieve it, but then which sect would have such resources to spend? The Pure Yang Palace? Was that even possible?

Therefore, regardless of any evidence, Guan Yueying did not dare to be completely certain that Yang Chen was someone from upper realms. Regardless of whether he was or not, there were still a lot of mysteries which didn’t have an explanation. The person of Yang Chen was becoming more and more mysterious within Guan Yueying’s mind.

What baffled Guan Yueying most was that, all this time after freeing her, Yang Chen hadn’t taken any precautions. These two people sitting so close in front of each other, if she wanted, she could capture Yang Chen in a moment.

Guan Yueying had not been able to understand this matter from the beginning, it had to be known that, in the beginning just by the attack of her spiritual awareness, Yang Chen had sustained injuries and fallen down. Then why… Could it be that he was not worried that Guan Yueying would become hostile again?

“In any case you are an elder of the Green Jade Immortal Islands!”

As if Yang Chen had seen through Guan Yueying’s doubts, he faintly smiled:

“By all means, do not allow me to think that the words of the Green Jade Immortal Islands’ elders are not in good faith!”

The harder a person tried to defend their sect’s reputation, the more he cared about the sect’s reputation. Clearly, Guan Yueying was such a person, otherwise why would she have chased after Yang Chen for several days and several nights, just to make him kowtow and apologise?

“The people of my Green Jade Immortal Islands do not eat their words!”

Guan Yueying coldly snorted, no longer saying anything. She started looking around herself, but was amazed to discover that she was on a sail boat, travelling on the surface of the ocean.

“This is a small world, we will surely meet again!”

Discovering this, Guan Yueying wasn’t in the mood for staying any longer and greeted Yang Chen. Then, calling out her flying sword, she disappeared without a trace.

But even Guan Yueying herself had not discovered that she had already stopped treating Yang Chen as a Foundation stage junior and was instead using proper etiquette and words which she used when dealing with people on the same level.

Seeing Guan Yueying’s disappearing silhouette, Yang Chen released a long sigh. As he did not wanted to kill someone who didn’t have any intentions of killing him, he only had two options: either entice her or scare her, but his status as a Foundation stage disciple of the Pure Yang Palace would rather make her laugh than scare her, so he only had the option of being a fox to exploit tiger’s might and used this method to create more mystery.

Fortunately, Yang Chen knew that the Green Jade Immortal Islands had people in the upper realm, who passed on crucial information to them and moreover, as elder, Guan Yueying knew information like that. The mystery provided Yang Chen with a lot of unspoken arguments.

Estimating that, for the time being, he wouldn’t have a lot of problems from the side of the Green Jade Immortal Islands, Yang Chen took the control of the Flying Shuttle and adjusted its direction, hurrying towards the coast. He still wanted to go to the Clear Sky Sect to find Sun Qing Xue.

Guan Yueying was using her flying sword again. Spending several days, she quickly returned to the Green Jade Immortal Islands. Carefully investigating the circumstances at that time, she finally knew that Yang Chen had communicated with Shi ShanShan and Shi ShanShan had returned to the inner islands to cultivate. There was no need to mention it, Guan Yueying immediately hurried to the inner islands and found Shi ShanShan, questioning her closely about what kind of matter had actually happened.

Hearing about the circumstances of Shi ShanShan making the appointment with Yang Chen, Guan Yueying stood dumbly on the spot. These kinds of groundless accusations, Shi ShanShan had surprisingly believed them to be true and moreover had still demanded that Yang Chen confronted Li QingChen in her presence?

Suddenly Guan Yueying understood the reason for Yang Chen’s anger at the sect’s gate. If it were any other person, they would also not feel better when accused of such actions. At the same time, while she understood Yang Chen’s behaviour, she also felt great despair about her sect’s most talented disciple.


Guan Yueying’s tone had become extremely gloomy, but the meaning within her tone leaked an unspeakable undertone:

“Do you think that our Green Jade Immortal Islands is already an unparalleled sect in the whole world and everyone will give us face at all costs?”

“No, elder!”

Shi ShanShan still had that cool and elegant look on her face, she hadn’t even changed in front of her sect’s elder.

“Then do you think that your reputation is sufficient to give rise to revere within some sects?”

Guan Yueying asked again:

“Can Yang Chen, using your name, command the entire Pure Yang Palace, which has more than ten YuanYing stage elders and hundreds of JieDan stage experts?”

“Disciple does not dare to say that!”

Shi ShanShan’s face still hadn’t changed.

“Then why do you think that Yang Chen could use your name to run rampant in the Pure Yang Palace and moreover still get away with it?”

Guan Yueying could not understand this point. Could it be that the disciples cultivating within her sect did not understand the ways of the world?

Guan Yueying was extremely furious. If it were not for Shi ShanShan being so stupid, she would not have gone to chase and provoke an enigmatic person such as Yang Chen.

“Because of the words of a clansman of elder Li Yunyu, Greatest Heaven Sect’s fellow daoist, Li QingChen.”

Shi ShanShan continued to answer calmly.

“Do you think everything elder Li’s clansmen say is absolute?”

Guan Yueying did not know what to say anymore.

“Everything he says is completely false!”

As soon as Shi ShanShan opened her mouth this time, it immediately confused Guan Yueying even more.

“No matter what he says, like the many other people pursuing me, saying that I am a fairy, a heavenly talent and so on, I will not be influenced by it.”

“Then why did you still want to make Yang Chen confront Li ChenQing in your presence?”

Guan Yueying immediately realized that Si ShanShan had some other plan in mind and asked her with a frown.

“Li QingChen is elder Li’s relative and elder Li was helping him trying to make me his Dao Companion. He comes frequently to bother me and disciple hasn’t found any suitable reason to refuse him!”

Shi ShanShan’s complexion hadn’t changed even now. All along, she had that cool and elegant face.

“If he was exposed in his confrontation with Yang Chen, he would not have any face to come and bother this disciple. As for Yang Chen, disciple will apologise to him at that time!”

In reality the reason why Li QingChen hated Yang Chen to the core was because, whenever Li QingChen came to meet Shi ShanShan, at some appropriate moment, she would bring up the topic of Yang Chen. It was not like she had taken much fancy to Yang Chen, instead she only wanted to know about how Yang Chen, the executioner whom she had given a body refining pill, had been fairing recently.

Each and every time, Li QingChen had smile on his face but hatred in his heart. Whenever he replied to Shi ShanShan, he used the most offensive and shameful words to describe Yang Chen. His cultivation was the lowest among the lowest, his character was inferior among inferiors, he spared no efforts in striking at Yang Chen’s image, but because of this, fellow daoist Li’s character had been clearly revealed.

Shi ShanShan had also become extremely vexed, but unfortunately, because of his relationship with Li YunYu, she was unable to do anything and could only emptily agree. But Li QingChen continued to harass her, he even enticed the senior and junior female disciples in her surroundings, who incessantly praised him, leaving Shi ShanShan with no other choice. In order to completely eradicate this trouble without any after effects, she could only use this kind of method.

Hearing Shi ShanShan’s reply, Guan Yueying had been speechless for a long time. Li QingChen was a relative of Li YunYu, in reality an offspring of one of his later generations. Having such a powerful grandmother, he could come to the Green Jade Immortal Islands anytime and anywhere. Shi ShanShan was not just extremely beautiful, her cultivation talent was also exceptional. Just right for a dao companion in some people’s mind. For this, Li YunYu would naturally like to see one of her offspring become a dao companion of Shi ShanShan.

Shi ShanShan did not have any good defence, since Li QingChen had Lin YunYu’s support, so she was basically unable to break away from his constant nagging. Refusing frankly would have incurred Li YunYu’s anger, so the best method would be to make him withdraw by himself.

Meeting Yang Chen was a good opportunity for Shi ShanShan, with the premise that Shi ShanShan and Li YunYu’s relationship would not be damaged, this situation could resolved perfectly. The only somewhat inappropriate thing was that this matter involved an outsider, Yang Chen.

Qi YunRou was a person roped in by Li QingChen, that’s why she had driven away Yang Chen without thinking of right or wrong. But she was also Shi ShanShan’s junior apprentice sister, who had been punished because of Yang Chen. Although it was not Yang Chen’s fault, in the end Shi ShanShan also put some blame on him, so when she saw Yang Chen, after the proper business was finished, Shi ShanShan meticulously laid out this plan.

If she had not met Yang Chen, Guan Yueying would have supported Shi ShanShan in handling matters this way. Li Qingchen would withdraw, elder Li would have nothing to say and the relationships between everyone would not be damaged. But after meeting and knowing Yang Chen’s mysteriousness, Guan Yueying thought Shi ShanShan had made a mistake.

After being exploited by Shi ShanShan, what use would an apology be? Not to mention the fact that Yang Chen would not only have to face Li QingChen and the Greatest Heaven Sect behind him, but at the same time also offend Green Jade Immortal Islands’ Li YunYu. Even if one forget about these people, why would he let him exploit himself? Shi ShanShan was really taking him for granted too much.

After speaking about all of her apprehensions, Shi ShanShan had gone quiet. Only after a long time did she raise her head and said:

“If you think what disciple is doing is not good that is appropriate, but what has been done cannot be undone, there is no method to change it. Once this matter has been resolved, disciple will offer her humble apology to Yang Chen and ask for punishment!”

“What if Yang Chen asks for you to be his dao companion?”

Guan Yueying gloomily sighed and deeply asked:

“Wouldn’t that just be like having resisted the tiger in the front door while the wolf had entered from the back?”

Apparently Shi ShanShan had not thought about such a possibility. After hearing this, she was rooted to the ground, as if suddenly thinking about what she could do.


Guan Yueying gloomily sighed again:

“Even if Yang Chen does not raise this kind of request, ShanShan, don’t you think that doing something like this is extremely selfish? We are cultivators. The greater our desires are, the more serious the tribulation is. Using such methods after all is said and done…”

In an outsider’s eyes, Green Jade Immortal Islands’ Shi ShanShan was a pretty good talent, but in Guan Yueying’s eyes, this elder of the Green Jade Immortal Islands, she was only a talented youngster. Admittedly, her cultivation gift could alarm people, but her nature had always been a problem.

“Elder, how should disciple…?”

Guan Yueying saying these words in this way made Shi ShanShan break out in cold sweat. These few sentences made her realize the problem with her method. If it had only brought some trouble for Yang Chen, it was still a trivial matter. At worst, she could simply cancel the confrontation and offer him an apology, but the main problem was that Shi Shanshan herself had developed Heart’s Devil because of this matter.

Since she could settle the dispute, Shi Shanshan was unable to cross over this threshold all along, this was certainly not a problem which could be solved just by tempering herself, training outside. Since this had some relationship with Yang Chen, then it didn’t need to be said that the solution could only come from Yang Chen.

Guan Yueying knew this point clearly, but she did not express it to Shi ShanShan. Some things one had to realize by themselves and only then could they get the best results. Since Shi ShanShan had already reached the JieDan stage by relying on her good innate talent, then, one day, she would surely think of this. If she called her attention at this time, Shi ShanShan would not be satisfied.

But Guan Yueying was still somewhat anxious, even when she had confronted Yang Chen, she had been incapable of making sense of anything and Shi Shanshan was a cold and detached person. When the time came, how would she confront him?

“Whoever hung the bell on the tiger’s neck must untie it!”

Guan Yueying mysteriously said, taking her attention once. At least she had given her a hint, but she had not told her the exact details. In reality, she also did not know how to undo this situation, but it didn’t need to be said that they had to take every step carefully.

Shi ShanShan’s clear vision had seemingly also become somewhat blurred, not knowing what she wanted anymore.

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