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Chapter 125 - Want To Die? I'll Help You!

31 Jul 2016

Within the sky, Guan Yueying did not have to face any attack from formidable sea beasts as, first, they would be unable to catch up with Guan Yueying’s speed, and second, attacks from the water could not reach Guan Yueying within the sky, so throughout the entire journey she hadn’t received any attacks from sea beasts.

The most formidable sea beasts did not come above two hundred meters within the sea and Yang Chen flying speed was even more rapid than Guan Yueying. At the same time, the Flying Shuttle was also able of concealing its traces, so his path within the ocean was even less obstructed.

In the end, Yang Chen still hadn’t restored his spirit sea to the state before the spiritual awareness mark was made. In his previous life, Yang Chen had patiently bore everything, so in this life Yang Chen could also endure facing such a powerful enemy.

After three more days had passed, Yang Chen sensed that, within six days, he had already fled several thousands of miles, but Guan Yueying was still chasing him. Although the distance between them was continuously increasing, she had the spiritual awareness imprint to show the way and hadn’t stopped for even one moment.

Finally Yang Chen’s spirit sea had recuperated properly. At that time, Guan Yueying had struck suddenly and hadn’t caused any irreparable damage to his spirit sea. Under the formidable recovery ability of the Three Purities Secrets and after six days of recuperation, his spirit sea was finally restored to the same state as before.

According to Yang Chen’s perception, the restored spirit sea had become even tougher and stronger compared to before. The frame of fifth earth true qi, the blood river and the PengLai Divine Wood trees had become even more robust. Although there was no large improvement in the overall amount of spiritual awareness, the quality had still slightly improved this time.

Guan Yueying was still persevering in her chase. She had also sensed that Yang Chen was relying on an exceptionally good magic tool to escape from her and his injuries still hadn’t healed completely. But fleeing continuously for six days, without stopping had already won some admiration in Guan Yueying’s heart. There was no Foundation stage junior who could persevere with Guan Yueying chasing them for a full six days and six nights.

Suddenly, Guan Yueying discovered that her spiritual awareness imprint on Yang Chen’s body had been accessed by someone and a voice suddenly appeared within her mind:

“Senior, you and I have no past hatred, is it absolutely necessary to go all out?”

Actually Yang Chen had just used the Beast Controlling Secrets to penetrate that marking with his own spiritual awareness, as, in simple terms, it could be said to be an ability for people to exchange their thoughts and was similar to the time when Yang Chen had communicated with She Kui and Xie Sha in the beginning.

At first, Guan Yueying was greatly startled. She had never before thought that someone could unexpectedly communicate through the spiritual awareness imprint she had made and that it would moreover happen directly within her mind. This sudden shock made this peak YuanYing stage expert cry out in fear.

But after the initial shock had passed away, the only thing left behind was the suppressed anger. Not only had Yang Chen behaved arrogantly in the territory of the Green Jade Immortal Islands, afterwards he had also escaped, fleeing punishment and was now going as far as asking her about going all out. Thinking about this, Guan Yueying hated that she could not capture Yang Chen immediately and teach him a lesson to the bones.

“You have behaved arrogantly at my sect’s gate, but I am ready to forgive you for this chase, as long as you agree to seal your cultivation and kowtow at the gate of my sect for one month as a warning for others. Then I am ready to let go of this matter!”

Guan Yueying was an elder of the Green Jade Immortal Islands. Although she was enraged, she had not forgotten the appropriate behaviour as an elder in these kinds of matters. Yang Chen’s crime was not as serious to get him a death penalty and as a cultivator who had cultivated for so long, she would not change her principles just because of a minor offence. She hadn’t thought of killing Yang Chen from the beginning, only capturing him.

Yang Chen completely believed elder Guan’s words, he was convinced that, as long as he sincerely and obediently knelt at the gate of the Green Jade Immortal Islands for one month, the higher ups of the Green Jade Immortal Islands would not look into the matter. But believing her words was a completely different matter from following them.

“Sorry, I am very busy and have no time to delay over here!”

Yang Chen’s intentions were passed on within Guan Yueying’s mind and clearly expressed his rejection.

“Then I will not only capture you, but after capturing you, I will contact your sect and ask them what your master has been teaching you!”

Yang Chen’s refusal made Guan Yueying angry again. This time, even Yang Chen’s sect was implicated.

Guan Yueying hadn’t anticipated that her words would have completely offended Yang Chen. Hearing that Guan Yueying would cause trouble for Gao Yue in the future, Yang Chen exploded with anger and immediately made his resolve.

“Since you have not given me face!”

Yang Chen’s thought, filled with threatening menace was directly passed on through Guan Yueying’s spiritual awareness imprint:

“Then you must not blame me for being impolite!”

The Flying Shuttle suddenly turned around and started rushing towards Guan Yueying’s direction. Hearing Yang Chen’s words, Guan Yueying was also furious. A trifling foundation stage youngster was daring to be impudent in front of a YuanYing stage ancestor? Who did he think he was?

“Youngster, you are courting death!”

Naturally Guan Yueying did not care about Yang Chen’s threat, but since Yang Chen had turned around and was rushing towards her, she had no need for chasing him, she could easily capture him now.

Her fated flying sword immediately flew out. This time, Guan Yueying did not plan on giving Yang Chen any opportunities. The main problem was Yang Chen’s flying tool. Guan Yueying absolutely could not tolerate Yang Chen running away in front of her again and again. When they come into contact, Guan Yueying had to destroy that flying tool first.

At this moment, Yang Chen was also extremely enraged. He had no great hatred with Guan Yueying. If she tried to find the whole story, she could easily see that this incident was caused by Shi ShanShan, but she was hell bent on making Yang Chen kowtow and apologise. But if this could be tolerated what could not? If Guan Yueying was not so deeply settled on teaching him a lesson, Yang Chen would also not have talked in this tone.

The distance between the two people was diminishing very quickly. Originally the distance between them had stretched to several hundred miles in six days and six nights, but with Yang Chen and Guan Yueying’s speed, the distance between them had now almost dropped to zero.

Guan Yueying had already prepared properly. She had to teach this youngster, who did not know the immensity of heaven and earth, a good lesson and make him know that that Green Jade Immortal Islands were not something which anyone could casually insult.

Without waiting for Guan Yueying to respond, Yang Chen had already controlled Guan Yueying’s spiritual awareness imprint and threw it into the blood river.


That unbounded killing intent which could make even a Da Cheng stage expert frightened stiff, directly invaded Guan Yueying’s mind through that spiritual awareness imprint.

Although Guan Yueying was already a peak YuanYing stage expert, at this moment, she was no different from the people Yang Chen had already killed. This killing intent could scare even the immortal officials of the Heavenly Court, compared to them Guan Yueying was just a mere YuanYing stage youngster of the mortal world, who absolutely didn’t have the power to resist. After an instant of alarm, she immediately lost consciousness.

Elder Guan was flying at high speed, her body still on the flying sword, but she had already lost consciousness. Her natal flying sword suddenly lost control and automatically entered her body. Her white clothes made her seem like a Immortal, forming a beautiful parabola in the sky, similar to the time Yang Chen had entered the sea at the Green Jade Immortal Islands.

Fortunately, by this time, Yang Chen’s Flying Shuttle had also hurried over there and had caught Guan Yueying’s body before falling into the sea. Otherwise, even if Yang Chen had not attacked, Guan Yueying’s body would have been completely devoured by sea beasts. It was not like she would have woken up by falling into water after having been stunned by Yang Chen’s killing intent.

Now a YuanYing stage ancestor was lying not too far from him. The space inside of the Flying Shuttle was big enough for Guan Yueying to lie down.

Although she had already lived for hundreds of thousands of years, she still had a young face. It had to be said that the Green Jade Immortal Islands pay good attention when picking disciples. This elder Guan Yueying would be considered a gorgeous woman at any sect.

But at this moment, Yang Chen was certainly not in the mood for looking at a beautiful woman. He was thinking about how to resolve this matter.

Guan Yueying was not an ordinary person, she was an elder of the Green Jade Immortal Islands and a famous person in the cultivation world. The Green Jade Immortal Islands was a big sect, comparable to the Greatest Heaven Sect. Yang Chen certainly could not offend the Green Jade Immortal Island at this time, otherwise, maybe the sect extermination would happen even earlier.

If he killed Guan Yueying, it would clearly mean that he had become hostile to them. Yang Chen did not want to create troubles for Pure Yang Palace and Gao Yue, but unfortunately, Guan Yueying who was currently lying in front of him, would certainly be difficult to deal with.

Not to mention about dealing with her, how would he manage Guan Yueying after she woke up? He could not kill her, but how could he make her abandon her investigation? That was the most important matter.

Yang Chen had already completely taken care of the spiritual awareness mark made by Guan Yueying. With Guan Yueying captured, things would be much easier.

When Guan Yueying woke up, the first thing she saw was not Yang Chen, but rather a sharp flying sword pointed between her eyebrows, the pointed end already slightly pricking her skin.

After some slight movements, the color of Guan Yueying’s face changed. She could not use even a trace of spirit power as if her cultivation had been sealed by someone. This made Guan Yueying completely terrified. Nobody would like the sensation of being taken advantage of.

Now, she started remembering that, before she lost her consciousness, there was a sea overflowing with blood. It still gave her a shiver. What sort of person could have that sort of killing intent? Surprisingly even a peak YuanYing stage expert like her couldn’t withstand it?

“I don’t want to kill people!”

Yang Chen’s voice echoed in her ears. Afterwards he appeared in front of her, looking at Guan Yueying:

“But I am not afraid to kill people! Do you believe me?”

Nodding her head, although she was a little panicky looking at Yang Chen, Guan Yueying was after all a peak YuanYing stage expert. She had seen a countless number of such spectacles and had also seen many battles. After her initial panic, she quickly regained her calm.

But for some unknown reason, Guan Yueying suddenly thought that the youngster in front of her was very frightening. This was not her logical judgement, it was a reaction from her body.

Guan Yueying’s body suddenly started trembling, that sort of unconscious tremble. Even when meeting a Da Cheng stage expert, she never had this kind of sensation. In front of Yang Chen, she was feeling fear out of instinct.

She absolutely did not think that Yang Chen was just bragging. Just relying on the killing intent which had made her lose consciousness, if Yang Chen wanted, creating a massacre on the Green Jade Immortal Islands was not a difficult matter at all. As for whether Yang Chen was afraid of killing people, if a person possessing such a terrifying killing intent was afraid of killing people, then who wouldn’t be?

“Who are you? How have the Green Jade Immortal Islands offended you?”

Although she was still frenetic within her heart, her body still trembling as before, Guan Yueying still clenched her teeth to ask these questions. Since Yang Chen had not killed her when she was unconscious and instead said this to her as soon as she woke up, it clearly explained that this matter could still be saved.

“Myself is Pure Yang Palace’s Yang Chen, initially I did not have any grudges with your sect, but your sect has tried to bully me, whether it was insulting me or trying to kill me without any cause, do you think this Yang is so easy to bully?”

Although Yang Chen was sitting in front of Guan Yueying, he did not remove the flying sword pointed between her eyebrows.

“This is a misunderstanding!”

Hearing Yang Chen, all kinds of rumors flashed through Guan Yueying’s mind. Afterwards she immediately thought of the matter regarding Qi YunRou driving away Yang Chen, but at the same time she also became clear about everything and hastily said:

“Regarding the matter of Qi YunRou driving you away, I have already punished her and sealed her cultivation and sent her to live in Fang city to temper herself!”

“That is the internal matter of your Green Jade Immortal Islands, it has nothing to do with me!”

Yang Chen looking at Guan Yueying, slowly said:

“I am also ready to overlook the matter of you injuring me, but, there is one condition, next time you shouldn’t provoke me!”

“Are you threatening me?”

In any case, Guan Yueying was also an elder of the Green Jade Immortal Islands, Yang Chen’s words really didn’t give her any face. Guan Yueying couldn’t help but be angry:

“Do you want to make an enemy of my entire Green Jade Immortal Islands?”

“I never do these meaningless matters.”

Yang Chen shook his head:

“If you want to silently disappear, I can help you accomplish that!”

“Kill me. Do you believe you can escape the Green Jade Immortal Islands’ hunt?”

Guan Yueying was fighting for the Green Jade Immortal Islands’ face. Even if she was facing someone she was afraid of, she did not change her intentions.

“You think your Green Jade Immortal Islands have someone who would believe that you, a peak YuanYing stage cultivator have been killed under the hands of an initial Foundation stage cultivator like me?”

Yang Chen bluntly pointed out the flaw in Guan Yueying’s plan:

“Let alone believing this, would those great experts of your Green Jade Immortal Islands be willing to admit that you, a peak YuanYing stage cultivator have been killed by me?”

“But in the end, I have gone missing after I have started chasing you, isn’t that so?”

Guan Yueying already knew that she did not have any support, but she was still trying to appear strong.

“When they find me, I will just say I don’t know!”

Yang Chen gently laughed:

“If worse comes to worst, I can just say that you had caught me and I had promised to kowtow as apology and afterwards you disappeared. Tell me, wouldn’t they believe these words, or would they think I am lying after killing you?”

“Weren’t you against kowtowing and apologising?”

Guan Yueying got even angrier after hearing this. If Yang Chen was ready to kowtow and apologise, what was this chase for?

“Killing a peak YuanYing stage expert of Green Jade Immortal Island would be a great matter, kowtowing is just kowtowing. Not such a great punishment.”

Yang Chen sneered.

“It looks like elder Guan has already planned on dying. Even if you are an elder of the Green Jade Immortal Islands, you are still an elder in my possession. Decide how you want to die and I will help you achieve it!”

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