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Chapter 120 - Today's Disgrace Must Be Repaid


“You are Yang Chen of the Pure Yang Palace?”

That female disciple of the Green Jade Immortal Island had a huge change in her complexion after hearing Yang Chen’s name. She wanted to confirm whether he really was Pure Yang Palace’s Yang Chen.

This time Yang Chen did not want to cause any trouble, he only wanted to cultivate peacefully and had come here to meet with Sun Qing Xue1 while passing by, to warn her not to covet a quick increase in her cultivation by cultivating that Long Tai Spirit Supporting Method. This was his only concern..

On the whole journey Yang Chen was entirely content by himself, on one side observing everything and sensing the changes in heaven, earth and natural laws, and on the other side, hastening on his journey.

In order to show his respect for the Green Jade Immortal islands, Yang Chen didn’t even use his flying sword to cross the sea and instead employed a fishing boat and personally showed the way to the Green Jade Immortal Islands.

Since its name was Green Jade Immortal Islands, naturally it was located on an island, cut off from the rest of the world, but with plentiful Spirit Power. An exceptionally good location for cultivation. Strictly speaking, the area of the island was not that big, but the countless small islands in a thousand miles radius were all under the influence of the Green Jade Immortal Islands.

On almost all of these small islands, disciples of the Green Jade Immortal Islands had immortal caves, some high level experts had even established their water mansions below the sea.

Yang Chen was hurrying precisely to the small island nearest to him. This small island was also the gate of the Green Jade Immortal Islands to the outside world. If someone had come for a formal visit, then they had to first be admitted to this small island.

The Green Jade Immortal Islands stressed more on taking in female disciples, almost ninety percent of the disciples were female, so the person responsible for receiving a visitor was also female.

Normally speaking, Yang Chen who had slowly ferried over there and hadn’t even used his flying sword in the area of influence of the Green Jade Immortal Islands, was already giving more than enough face to the Green Jade Immortal Islands, but this female disciple seemed to think of Yang Chen as a personal enemy. If it were not that she was responsible for receiving visitors, maybe she would have already attacked him.

“Precisely that is myself!”

Yang Chen was very puzzled, he had clearly stated his identity just a moment ago, but this female disciple still had to ask again. Could it be that all disciples of the Green Jade Immortal Island were forgetful like this?

“The Green Jade Immortal Islands does not welcome you, get lost!”

After hearing Yang Chen confirm his identity, that female disciple revealed her anger and shouted towards Yang Chen standing at the gate.

In this life, Yang Chen was not that benevolent and forgiving. How could Yang Chen endure this female disciple, whom he had never met before, pointing her finger at him and insulting him?

If it was any other person getting this kind of treatment, he would have first definitely stormed out and then argued. But Yang Chen was not like that. That female disciple wanted Yang Chen to get lost, but Yang Chen did not make any movement, sitting upright at the same place and coldly snorted towards that female disciple:

“Has the Green Jade Immortal Island issued any kind of decree, that among all the people in the world, this Yang must not be allowed to enter?”

The female disciple did not dare to fabricate a rule of the Green Jade Immortal Island. Although she actually wanted to affirm this, she couldn’t say anything and only glared at Yang Chen, full of rage, as if staring at her mortal enemy.

“If the Green Jade Immortal Island hasn’t decided this, then this Yang is just a guest, but you haven’t even offered a cup of tea. Is this how the Green Jade Immortal Island treat their guests?”

The other party was fuming with rage but unable to tell any underlying reason, so Yang Chen immediately realized that there had to be some ulterior motive. Then he sat even more casually, putting one leg over the other and began to argue about etiquette:

“You shouldn’t talk like this, even if we were mortal enemies. But still, I paid my respects to your sect, shouldn’t the Green Jade Immortal Island return basic courtesy like other big sects?”

Sparks were coming out of the female disciple’s eyes, but what each word Yang Chen had said was spot on. She had no choice but to accept that what he was saying was correct. But she had been receiving visitors for many years now and was extremely experienced in this matter and immediately thought of a proper response:

“This is the territory of my Green Jade Immortal Island, it’s not in the hands of an outsider like you to teach my sect about treating guests. The Green Jade Immortal Island does not welcome you, please leave!”

The female disciples tone was extremely polite and she had even used the word ‘please’, but the intention of a strong refusal was clearly conveyed. This time, if Yang Chen didn’t leave, he would certainly be the shameless one.

Standing up, Yang Chen turned around to leave. Although Yang Chen was baffled about the attitude of the people of the Green Jade Immortal Island towards him, this was their sect. Investigating too much was not proper.

Wanting to meet Shi Shan Shan was perhaps not possible for today.

Even if Yang Chen’s temperament was even better, he still couldn’t have suppressed the anger of being insultingly driven away by the people of the sect without any good reason. Sitting at the edge of the island, at one moment, Yang Chen had even intended to release the blood colored river within his Spirit Sea and use it to scare all people of the Green Jade Immortal Island.

“Ehh? Grandmaster Yang?”

A sudden cry of surprise reached Yang Chen’s ears from not too far away, and when he looked at the direction of the sound, he saw a familiar male on a flying sword.

Addressing him as Grandmaster Yang could only be someone from the Immortal Falling Well. Yang Chen pondered about it again and immediately determined the person’s identity, he was precisely the first person who had asked Yang Chen for these two foundation stage pills, Heavenly Sword Villa’s Foundation stage disciple, Yong Zhu.

“So it was Fellow Daoist Yong!”

Yang Chen stood up at his position, calmly waiting for Yong Zhu2 to fly over.

“What happened, Grandmaster Yang?”

Seeing that Yang Chen’s expression was not good, Yong Zhu was completely puzzled and curiously asked.

“I have been driven away by these people!”

Yang Chen did not care about anyone looking at his embarrassment, in fact until now he hadn’t fully understood what the matter was.


Yong Zhu turned his head around to look at the gate of the Green Jade Immortal Island and that female disciple was still fiercely glaring at Yang Chen, as if she would only let the matter go after Yang Chen left. After turning back, Yong Zhu asked with astonishment:

“Grandmaster, how have you offended the Green Jade Immortal Island?”

“How should I know?”

Yang Chen shook his head, he was unable to make heads or tails of this mystery and didn’t know where to release the anger he was holding. Yong Zhu’s question only added hail to the snow.

“Could there be some misunderstanding?”

Yong Zhu wrinkled his brows; even after much deliberation he couldn’t think of anything. After Yang Chen had come out of the Immortal Falling Well, apart from the incident involving Chu Heng, his name had not come up a lot, he did not even have any kind of relationship with the Green Jade Immortal Island, so why was he driven away by them?

Since Yang Chen had come here, he had to have some matters to attend to, so Yong Zhu immediately found an opportunity and hastily said:

“Grandmaster Yang, wait here for a moment, I will go and make some enquiries, perhaps there is some misunderstanding.”

“No need!”

Yang Chen shook his head:

“This Yang will not go as far as to insist on this, this day’s insult is certainly a great lesson. Fellow Daoist Yong if you want to, assist me in making some enquiries about the situation of a person which Shi Fairy had brought back ten years ago, Sun Qing Xue.”

He still hadn’t entered the sect but was driven away, he hadn’t provoked or angered anyone, so how could Yang Chen swallow this insult. But the Green Jade Immortal Island was one of the big sects, Yang Chen could also not be too arrogant and start killing people at another sect.

But killing people was not the only way of exacting revenge against a sect. Yang Chen had plenty of methods for this. Just like the loss of the Greatest Heaven Sect at the Desolate Valley, if they would have known earlier that it was because of Chu Heng, they would absolutely have been ready to exchange ten Chu Heng’s if it would stop the incident from occurring.

Turning his head around to take a last look at the gate of the Green Jade Immortal Island, Yang Chen stepped on his flying sword and departed at lightning speed. Leaving behind Yong Zhu by himself, and that female disciple of the Green Jade Immortal Island in the distance still giving him angry looks.

Making Yang Chen go away without paying any attention to rights and wrongs, this kind of insult was something Yang Chen had to pay back and moreover make the Green Jade Immortal Island bleed to the soul, but still be unable to say anything. If they knew who did it, they could take their revenge, but it they didn’t know who did it, they would be forced to suffer in silence. That was the most depressing thing.

Flying on the flying sword for a while, Yang Chen’s anger still hadn’t dissipated when he was looking at the great ocean with violently surging waves beneath his feet and he suddenly thought of something. Unable to bear the urge, he steered the flying sword to turn around and flew towards another direction.

The Green Jade Immortal Island was located in the ocean and a place Yang Chen remembered was not very far from there. To be more precise, approximately two thousand miles away. Yang Chen rushed the flying sword with all of his strength and only had to spend three or four more days. This was nothing much, the flying sword which Yang Chen was using currently did not have a very fast speed.

These few days, Yang Chen had almost stuck to flying near the surface of the sea, originally there were many rogue cultivators in the vicinity of the Green Jade Immortal Island, but after Yang Chen had flown one thousand miles, there wasn’t any signs of human presence. By the time, he had flown two thousand miles, apart from Yang Chen, only seabirds were present.

He continually released his Spiritual Awareness to look for the signs of human along the journey. The whole journey was several hundred miles long, only after finding small reef shapes did Yang Chen stop.

These several reefs illuminating the ocean surface was precisely the location he had been looking for. Yang Chen again confirmed that nobody was present and then he removed the flying sword from below his feet and directly fell into the ocean, disappeared beneath it in a flash.

After entering, Yang Chen used his Tenth Water Spirit Power; Tenth Water was precisely ocean water. Yang Chen was just like he had returned home, even within the water he was just like walking on ground.

This area of water was absolutely clear, but when one went down the sea far enough, it would turn as dark as night, nothing would be visible. From time to time, a loud, violent noise could be heard, most likely the roars of some unknown sea beasts.

Yang Chen’s entire body was as if it had turned into seawater, blending in with the seawater, submerging effortlessly. He did not even have to make any movements, the Spirit Power in the surroundings was frantically rushing towards him, so for just this trivial action, he absolutely did not need to use any Spirit Power.

With this speed, Yang Chen estimated that the seabed would be around thousand meters ahead. What was even more baffling was that, when Yang Chen was travelling in this water, apart from a few small fishes or some lobsters and such, no formidable sea beasts appeared.

Once he stepped on the seabed, Yang Chen’s Spiritual Awareness had already explored everything long ago, this was precisely the region which Yang Chen had remembered. After he noticed a few oddly shaped sea rocks, a smile was at last revealed on Yang Chen’s face.

“Right here!”

Talking loudly to himself, Yang Chen did not pay the attention to that pressure bearing upon him with the immense weight of a huge chunk of iron, and directly rushed towards that region.

A series of Spell Formations were formed by Yang Chen’s hands and together with the Tenth Water attributed Spirit Power, these Spell Formations acted upon the tens of meters long cliff in front of Yang Chen.


At the center of the cliff, not far from Yang Chen’s feet, an entrance suddenly appeared and a beam of light from the entrance appeared in front of him.

Just at the instant the entrance appeared, Yang Chen had already entered it. Soon after Yang Chen had disappeared within the cave, the traces of the cave entrance disappeared at lightning speed and it transformed into a sea rock covered with huge coral again, nothing strange about it.

Within the cave’s entrance was a long corridor, completely packed with huge rocks. Along the cave walls, some sort of symbol language was twinkling with radiance. Yang Chen remembered something, these were some sort of ancient language, if he had not used the trick just a moment ago to open the cave entrance, these characters would immediately have turned into sharp weapon which would have demanded his life.

After passing through the corridor, he came across a huge open space. The huge space was completely covered with bright floor tiles. The surrounding area was filled with huge night pearls. The light was completely reflected by the floor, so the entire region was well lit, even more so than during the day.

Yang Chen stopped at the edge of that large open space. Within his memories, he went over all of the fine details about it and soon after that he launched a series of signal Spell Formations, together with some Tenth Water Spirit Power to attack the open space.

Immediately some changes began to happen with the bright open space, it no longer had that bright and smooth appearance but in its place a huge Nautical Map appeared. If a high level expert looked at it from high above, he would surely discover that the huge Nautical Map in front of Yang Chen was precisely a Map of this ocean.

On top of the huge Nautical Map, the blue colored sea surface, as well as the islands were extremely clear. With the region below his feet as the center, the entire ocean in the surroundings was included entirely within this huge Nautical Map. All of the Green Jade Immortal Island’s several hundred islands only occupied a very small fragment within this huge area.

On this huge Spell Formation, there were several, continuously extending, bright spots;, some big, some small. The Green Jade Immortal Islands were precisely these bright and small spots, flickering continuously.

Yang Chen simply did not care about anything else and directly walked to the region of the Green Jade Immortal Island and fished out the bottle of the Medicine Garden. Because of the PengLai wood trees last time, the remaining Spirit Power was only one tenth of the original.

He bent down and placed the bottle on the brightest spot and soon after that extended his hand again to form another Spell Formation.

“Without any grievances or hatred, without any cause or reason, you insulted and drove me away, Green Jade Immortal Islands.”

The Spell Formation within Yang Chen’s hands entered the brightest spot.

“I am not a pushover, as revenge I will take away ten years of your Spirit Power, Green Jade Immortal Islands!”

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