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Chapter 119 - What About A Water Attributed Method?


“An instant cultivation method, regardless of the results in cultivation would certainly bring unsteadiness to your mind.”

Gao Yue shook her head:

“The shallower the cultivation, the more serious the heart’s devil. Cultivating quickly leaves behind many dangers, thus the losses do not make up for the gains. This is certainly a cultivation technique of the devil path and you must not be infected by it by any means!”

“Elder Wu had only said there had been some development regarding this matter, but didn’t tell me anything specific.”

Yang Chen was using ambiguous words as much as possible to speak about this matter:

“Do not support the Palace Master’s suggestions regarding this matter, in the future, if this kind of thing appears, try to restrict the disciples of the sect from such a cultivation method by any means, ok?”

Yang Chen’s aim was to make Gao Yue get the Pure Yang Palace out of a predicament. In his previous life, Gao Yue was the Hall Master of the Fierce Yang Hall, but unfortunately she died an untimely death. In this life Yang Chen had to make her the most influential person in the Pure Yang Palace. He had to make Gao Yue aim for being the sect leader of the Pure Yang Palace. But to accomplish this, she had to constantly increase her prestige.

Gao Yue firmly believed Yang Chen’s words, most of all after Yang Chen had revealed the secrets about those matters of the Desolate Valley, she felt that Yang Chen had no reason to lie to her or deceive her, adding to that the effect of the ultimate excuse, Elder Wu, Gao Yue’s trust towards him increased even more.

“This is not the right time, if this matter comes out now, then surely the Palace Master would be burdened many troublesome but trifling issues.”

Gao Yue was not a person person who pandered to others, otherwise she couldn’t have become the Hall Master of the Fierce Yang Hall in his previous life. Now she had begun to slowly ponder the general situation and started thinking thoroughly about handling these affairs:

“Since this is not very urgent, I will speak about it with the palace master in three to five months, at that time it will still be your achievement.”

Gao Yue hadn’t thought about coveting Yang Chen’s credit for herself from the beginning, so Yang Chen sighed gloomily, but then again, if it were not that Gao Yue had shown such concern and care for him in his previous life, why would he have done everything while keeping Gao Yue in mind? Handling it like this was also good. In any case, the future was still far, Yang Chen had no need to be anxious.

“Master, this disciple has a presumptuous request, but I don’t know whether master will approve.”

Yang Chen suddenly thought of a possibility and carefully raised it.

“A presumptuous request?”

Gao Yue glanced at Yang Chen very oddly, and smirked at him:

“Since you know it’s a presumptuous request, how can you raise it?”

“Disciple asks for forgiveness for being rash!”

Yang Chen sighed in his heart with disappointment on his face. But his master speaking with this kind of expression made Yang Chen remember her tenderness increasingly clearly.

“But since you are being so careful, there is no harm in telling me about the matter.”

Seeing the disappointed expression on Yang Chen’s face, Gao Yue put on a very calculative appearance and returned to the topic of discussion, rolling her eyes as if teasing Yang Chen:

“If it is not a very difficult matter, maybe I can also help you.”


Yang Chen raised his head because of that pleasant surprise and looking at Gao Yue’s crafty gaze, he couldn’t help but smile.

“Speak, what is the matter?”

Gao Yue coughed once and again assumed a serious face, allowing Yang Chen to talk.

“Master, can I request you to cultivate another cultivation method?”

Yang Chen carefully arranged his wording and proposed it to Gao Yue:

“Such as… a water attributed cultivation method!”

“Cultivate a water attributed cultivation method?”

Gao Yue scowled and she immediately realized something:

“You are thinking of making me experience other attributes by myself to improve my fire controlling arts?”

Yang Chen was caught off guard with this, but he immediately remembered that he had duped a lot of people using this reason and now even his master completely believed this reason. But this was also good, at least this was an acceptable reason. Thinking about this, Yang Chen earnestly nodded his head.

“I have thought about it, but actually this path of cultivation is not very suitable for me.”

Against Yang Chen’s expectations, Gao Yue surprisingly flat out refused Yang Chen’s proposal:

“You concoct pills, therefore trying to perfect your control over fire is understandable, but I am not the same, I can’t concoct pills, neither am I very good at refining tools, there is no need for me forcefully improve my fire controlling ability.”


Yang Chen hastily called, but before he could say anything, he was forcefully interrupted by Gao Yue.

“I know what you want to say.”

Gao Yue shook her head towards Yang Chen with a smile:

“Although you and I are master and disciple, you have your path, I have mine. What’s suitable for you might not be suitable for me. I want to cultivate like a spirit of raging flames, which would break rather than bend and not gracefully control flames like water, do you understand?”

With Gao Yue’s nature, she would indeed rather die than submitting, otherwise she would not have chosen that kind of option under the Greatest Heaven Sect’s pressure. Currently, Yang Chen had no way dissuade her and could only sigh with regret in his heart. It seemed that this time’s probe had already been defeated.

Fortunately, Yang Chen knew that Gao Yue was not someone who could be easily persuaded. Until he revealed the secret about her postnatal water attributed full spirit, Gao Yue would absolutely not agree to cultivate a water attributed cultivation method. Yang Chen intended to continue to hide this secret for the time being, until he could find some more powerful people to be recruited for the Pure Yang Palace.

This topic was a casual discussion between a master and disciple and hadn’t strained the relationship between them. Yang Chen asked Gao Yue some questions as before and afterwards left her by herself to ponder, and returned to his room.

The elders had long ago departed from the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard, so he had a lot of free time. Finding the time, Yang Chen went to take a look for other people at the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard. Regardless of whether it was Du Qian, Shangguan Feng or Wang Yuan, everyone was diligently cultivating. Such a great cultivation environment like the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard was occupied by these people, every one of them knew the preciousness of this opportunity.

Yang Chen’s four servants had also performed pretty good. Within the time they spent in the Second Fierce Yang Hall, they had cultivated even more painstakingly; and within a period of just two years, they had vigorously forged ahead in their cultivation. Every one of them had stepped into the seventh qi layer. Looking at this trend, within ten years, they would surely reach the Foundation stage.

As for Yang Chen, he had stayed in the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard to consolidate his current realm properly. All ten types of Spirit Power at the Foundation stage required a substantial amount of Spirit Power each day for cultivation. Every day, apart from using Profound Yang Fruits, he still required a large amount of the Di Mai’s abundant Spirit Power at the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard.

But Yang Chen had only cultivated in the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard for one month when suddenly he recalled an important matter.

A cultivation talent in his previous life, the one who had already sowed karma with Yang Chen at the execution ground, Sun Qing Xue, apparently also had cultivated the Long Tai Spirit Supporting Secrets. Since fate had already made them meet and Sun Qing Xue moreover had a favourable impression of Yang Chen, Yang Chen did not mind stopping her from following the same disastrous road again.

Wanting to cultivate quickly, Sun Qing Xue had cultivated the Long Tai Spirit Supporting Secrets, but fortunately her cultivation at that time was quite shallow and only had just reached the Foundation stage. So although it was completely wasted, after spending ten or so years, she was already able to build her foundation again. The lesson she learned had actually tempered her deposition and in the future she turned into an immortal whose name shook all three realms.

But because of this incident the innate qi in her body became insufficient. Although her natural talent was enough to make countless people go green with envy, she still couldn’t compare to Shi Fairy.

Currently Yang Chen was hesitating about whether to let her go through that torment once again, which would resolve her heart, or to prevent this, allowing her to maintain that innate qi, so that she could press towards the peak of the cultivation world.

After much pondering, Yang Chen decided it would be better to prevent it. The trials in life could be encountered another time, but it was not easy to recover one’s innate qi. Moreover, in Yang Chen’s perspective, if he could have formidable assistance who would have heavenly achievements in the future, he naturally wished to have the most powerful assistance possible.

In this life, he had luckily been able to meet Sun Qing Xue before she could become immortal, and Sun Qing Xue was moreover grateful towards Yang Chen. This kind of opportunity had to be be grabbed firmly. Previously he wasn’t able to go out easily because he was at the qi layer, but he currently did not have that kind of restriction. This was just about the time when Sun Qing Xue should have been expelled from the Green Jade Immortal Island and before she would enter the Clear Sky School.

But before he left, Yang Chen did not forget to refine all of his magic weapons once at the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard. Last time, just after he had reached the Foundation stage in all attributes, he had heard about the matter of Chu Heng insulting his master, so in his anger, Yang Chen hadn’t even refined his magic weapons and directly left for the Desolate Valley.

The Profound Spirit Furnace, the Immortal Executing Blade, these two had to be refined. Currently Yang Chen’s fifth attribute Spirit Power had been completely changed to fifth earth True Qi, and the first wood attribute had also assimilated the formidable properties of the PengLai Divine Wood. After refining this time, the crazy growth of these two magic weapons would be visible to the naked eye.

Adding onto that, the Profound Spirit Furnace had already absorbed a portion of Profound Cyan Metal Crystal, its resistance against fire could astonish anyone. Pouring in the formidable fifth earth True Qi again, the Profound Spirit Furnace had a completely different appearance after four layers of the Heavenly Stars secrets and Six layers of the Earth Fiend secrets had been refined.

At this moment, Yang Chen could finally proudly claim that the Profound Spirit Furnace was a middle grade magic tool. Compared to the time when he had obtained it, it had been upgraded by an entire realm. It had two types of flames inside, which allowed Yang Chen to refine even more powerful and higher grade elixirs, and was furthermore not limited to pill concocting.

The Immoral Executing Blade was put into the Profound Spirit Furnace, the Cyan Profound Metal Crystal could not be refined so easily, it could only be refined by using a powerful flame like the Real Sun Fire. Again, one tenth of the Cyan Profound Metal Crystal was added into the Immortal Executing Blade, making its grade rise even higher.

After the four layers of the Heavenly Stars secrets and six layers of the Earth Fiend secrets were refined, one hundred different paths of Yang Chen’s thousand and eighty Spirit Threads were already illuminated, almost ten percent. Although Yang Chen was currently consolidating his realm and hadn’t tried to increase his cultivation, his attack and defense had improved considerably.

It took two months until all of this was complete. During this time, the Greatest Heaven Sect had also delivered the compensation to the sects.

The Five Phases Sect had obtained the complete Fifth Earth True Qi, and the Greatest Heaven Sect not only had to give compensation to the Five Phases Sect, but also had to offer an apology. As for the losses of the Greatest Heaven Sect in the war, nobody raised that topic. Who asked them to go against reason and steal someone else’s belongings.

The few sects, as well as Elder Wu, who had mediated between the two sects, had also received their respective benefits. At least Yang Chen had known that Elder Wu had received a bottle of fifth earth True Qi from the FIve Phases Sect before it was over. As for the compensation given by the Greatest Heaven Sect, that was every sect’s secret, nobody made it public, but it was sure that everyone had obtained some benefits, because tightly holding on to things and not releasing would probably be a deadly offense for the Greatest Heaven Sect.

The Pure Yang Palace had also received compensation and an apology from the Greatest Heaven Sect because of Chu Heng’s matter. The Greatest Heaven Sect had to take care of this matter with extreme care if it wanted to maintain its previous position as an upright and honest sect.

The four gravely injured disciples of the law Enforcement Hall, who had been carried back, had received four Lingzhi Gyokuro Pills in addition to a defensive magic tool. This could be considered as a huge price, even for the Greatest Heaven Sect. One Lingzhi Gyokuro Pill could heal any kind of injury for cultivators under the YuanYing stage, as long as he was not completely crippled. This was certainly a precious object which could not even be bought at an extreme price. The four Law Enforcement Hall disciples could be said to have profited from this disaster.

The apology for the Pure Yang Palace was even more generous: a cultivation method for each phase after the Foundation stage, five recipes for pills and at the same time also materials for refining various sorts of tools, but it just so happened to be enough for all Hall Masters, the Palace Master and the elders’ use.

When receiving these things, the Palace Master was not happy, instead his face was absolutely grim. The Greatest Heaven Sect surprisingly did not even need to ask what kind of materials the elders needed and had taken everything out easily, apart from a compensation, this was also a demonstration of their power.

Everyone was clear about the underlying meaning, we know everything you want and what you can’t find, we can easily give to you, regardless of whether it was public knowledge or inside information, the Greatest Heaven Sect was something to which a measly Pure Yang Palace could not compare. They should just take these things, shut up and understand their position.

Naturally, since they had admitted their mistake, the disciples who had committed the crime would be punished. The two pitiful JieDan disciples who had already died were made into scapegoats and all the blame was pushed onto them, including the matter of Chu Heng. Teaching him to manipulate the Spell Formation, leading to Chu Heng attacking the YuanYing stage ancestor of the Five Phases Sect, everything was the responsibility of the two deceased people.

Since the attack was done by Chu Heng, that greatly reduced the blame on the Greatest Heaven Sect, this was counting chickens before they had hatched and also stopped all sects who received their compensation from being able to say much.

Although crisis had been averted for the time being, the Greatest Heaven Sect had bled a lot this time. Several years of their hard work had gone to waste, and the losses on their side were disastrous, which had injured their overall strength. Recovering to their previous grandness would take at least ten years.

When the Greatest Heaven Sect was clearing up its mess, Yang Chen had happily stepped on the path of looking for Sun Qing Xue. But his good intentions did not persist for a long time and were completely destroyed by the female cultivator of the Blue Green Jade Island of Immortals who was responsible for receiving the visitors.

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