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Chapter 104 - Beast Controlling Secrets Of The Demon Race

Making the demonic beasts believe that he was also a demonic beast was impossible for other people, but Yang Chen was an exception, especially after he had cultivated to the third layer of the Three Purities Secrets.

The cyan ox had also given Yang Chen a copy of the final stage, so Yang Chen was completely sure that this was not the method of the Beast Controlling Sect, Yang Chen doubted it was something the cyan ox had added. The most unexpected thing was that this section was a copy of its own cultivation method for cultivating its Spiritual Awareness. This small copy of the cultivation method, although it was a method to cultivate Spiritual Awareness, it would also allow him to sufficiently imitate the smell of cyan ox himself.

The most important thing was that Yang Chen wouldn’t even have been able to comprehend this method, if he hadn’t cultivated to the third layer of layer of Three Purities Secrets, let alone cultivating the method. But fortunately Yang Chen had received the cultivation method of the Three Purities Secrets from the Greatest Supreme Elder, and he had also already cultivated it to the third layer.

All of this made Yang Chen feel as if it was planned beforehand, but thinking carefully this was still somewhat inconceivable. If it was the scheme of the Greatest Supreme Elder, he would not involve himself with his mount, the cyan ox, to be sacrificed. Moreover, when the cyan ox had said these words, it could not have guaranteed that Yang Chen would obtain the Three Purities Secrets from the Greatest Supreme Elder. At that time, the Greatest Supreme Elder had allowed Yang Chen to pick his own cultivation method, if Yang Chen had picked a pill concocting method or a tool refining method at that time, then wouldn’t it all have been for naught?

Regardless of whether it was coincidental or planned, for Yang Chen there were only merits and no demerits. It was always good to have multiple skills, most of all this kind of ability, which could allow him to step past the boundary of race. If he could cultivate this it would be a great tool for killing.

As he had obtained the method, he immediately hurried over to the closest big town in the Desolate Valley. There were a lot of big towns in this valley, which were normally also the places where cultivators would go for replenishing their resources. There were both ordinary people and cultivators in these towns. These towns were normally built at the side of an oasis, so that it was convenient for people to live their normal lives.

Inside of this kind of town, the security was much tighter compared to the outside, the cultivators also complied with the rules and caused very few disturbances inside. Even if anyone had a disagreement, they would generally go out into the desert to settle them. Although nobody knew who set these rules and there was nobody who forced people to abide by these rules, still nobody violated these unwritten rules.

The town was not very big and only had a few hundred households, similar to the size of a village. When Yang Chen had hurried to the town, it was already night and once he entered, he immediately discovered that someone had used their Spiritual Awareness to examine him, but this Spiritual Awareness merely examined him and did not have any evil intentions. Yang Chen did not pay much attention to it and hurried to find a room to settle down.

Similar to the cultivators coming here, after finding a room Yang Chen immediately sat down to meditate, like almost all others. Yang Chen’s behaviour was not an exception around here. But nobody knew that Yang Chen was cultivating an ability of the demon race.

To cultivate the Beast Controlling Secret, Yang Chen had to cultivate the cultivation method obtained from the cyan ox first. During the journey here, Yang Chen had already thoroughly researched the whole scripture, he had racked his brain over all of the difficult portions to find the most ideal explanation. Although he did not dare to say that he had fully grasped it, but he had almost comprehended it.

But all cultivation methods in the mortal world were like this, after all the cultivation methods were recorded with images and characters, so even if the description was written accurately, there were still chances of mistakes. The so called comprehension precisely reflected the understanding through these characters and images. If one’s perception about them was high, then it could be said that one’s comprehension was very profound.

Everyone would comprehend the same cultivation method differently, therefore everyone would inevitably cultivate a different cultivation method. Perhaps, apart from the creator of the cultivation methods, no other person could say that they could comprehend the cultivation method completely. This piece of cultivation secret which the cyan ox had left behind was the same, after all the cyan ox belonged to the demon race, so when Yang Chen of the human race would ponder over it, there was bound to be some bias.

Yang Chen was a very careful and prudent person, since the cyan ox had said that the conditions required for cultivation were harsh, in all likelihood he wouldn’t have exaggerated even a little. Even if he had the assistance of the cyan ox, Yang Chen had still carefully evaluated the difficulty for a long time. On the entire journey, he had carefully considered every kind of possibility and only after he reached here, had he started to test it.

Carefully manipulating his Spiritual Awareness according to the cultivation method of the cyan ox, Yang Chen started to cultivate for first time. With the foundation of the Three Purities Secrets, Yang Chen effortlessly completed the the first part, but Yang Chen quickly discovered that, while he was cultivating the next part, his primordial spirit began to split up automatically.

The last time he was cultivating the Three Purities Secrets, Yang Chen hadn’t split his primordial spirit. Because Yang Chen’s current cultivation was very low, splitting up the primordial spirit would definitely divide his cultivation and would also slow his cultivation speed. But currently, the primordial spirit has begun to split up on it’s own, completely out of Yang Chen’s control.

Seeing this, Yang Chen wanted to stop the cultivation, but he discovered that he was unable to stop. It was as if he was already within a trap, unable to get out. This cultivation method was evil, just like devil cultivation, even if one wanted to stop, it was impossible.

Under great alarm, Yang Chen immediately made a decision, since he didn’t have a way out, he might as well throw his heart and soul into the cultivation. While his Spiritual Awareness was dramatically shaking to split up, Yang Chen’s consciousness appeared within his spirit sea within a flash.

The blood colored river divided the Spirit Sea in two as before, in the sky there was the image of the sun and below the blood colored river, magma was flowing, while a tree was rising to great heights, as if linking the heavens and earth, but rapidly the Spirit Sea began to change.

The faint image of two immensely huge and curved ox horns appeared on both sides of the river, together with an arched bridge across the river, connecting the two ox horns. The two ox horns were emitting a kind of wild and unruly essence, just as if a fierce and violent ox was dwelling within Yang Chen’s Spirit Sea. This kind of essence gave him a sense of Deja Vu, it clearly resembled the sinister appearance of the Great Supreme Elder’s cyan ox.

After the transformations in his Spirit Sea were completed, Yang Chen’s consciousness also returned to his body and once again took control of it. Soon after, Yang Chen was surprised to discover that his own Primordial Spirit hadn’t divided completely and only a small portion seemed to have broken away, this portion already possessed the essence of the cyan ox.

Apparently the cultivation method left behind by the cyan ox was already complete, the faint image of the two ox horns within the Spirit Sea already explained everything. According to Yang Chen’s experience, the faintness was clearly because his own understanding of the cultivation method was still not deep enough. The more deeply he cultivated, the more clear the image of the ox horn would be and the essence would also be more and more similar to the cyan ox.

Since this portion was already completed, Yang Chen immediately forgot about the lingering fear and began to ponder over the Beast Controlling Secrets.

Contrary to what the cyan ox had said while giving this to him, the Beast Controlling Secrets were pathetic. Apart from the requirement of the demon race’s cultivation, nothing else was complicated. Since Yang Chen already possessed the essence of the cyan ox, he immediately began to cultivate the Beast Controlling Secrets.

This was an entirely new adventure and the most fortunate thing about it was that Yang Chen had the Three Purities Secrets as a foundation, he had even succeeded in cultivating the cultivation method left behind by the cyan ox without any accidents, as if the Heavens wanted to make Yang Chen cultivate this Beast Controlling Secrets.

Within just one night, Yang Chen had already completed the initial cultivation of the Beast Controlling Secrets. After the Beast Controlling Secrets had successfully accomplished the first circulation of the cultivation method, Yang Chen apparently sensed many types of strange breaths between the heavens and earth.

The familiar breath of demon beasts had apparently turned into a kind of smell, becoming easier to detect for Yang Chen. Yang Chen did not need to use his Spiritual Awareness, but he was still able to effortlessly distinguish the breath of any kind of demon beast in every direction and he was even able to roughly judge what category of demon beast was in which direction and determine their strength.

Even the Beast Taming Sect’s people could not do these things, even if it was the YuanYing stage Fan Shan, he would also not be able to do this. Their Beast Controlling Secrets could at most allow them to establish a connection with all kinds of demon beasts, but that was only after subduing them. The Beast Controlling Secrets which Yang Chen had were entirely different, the ability of the demon race was after all an ability of the demon race, the connection it established with demon beast was somewhat deeper compared to the ability of the Beast Taming Sect.

Yang Chen had only stopped in the town for one night, the next day he departed from the town early in the morning and entered the desert. He wanted to find a demon beast and try the newly cultivated Beast Controlling Secrets.

When Yang Chen caught a sand scorpion, it kept on struggling as before, its tail fiercely trying to pierce Yang Chen’s hand. But when Yang Chen activated his Beast Controlling Secrets, the sand scorpion gradually stopped struggling and soon became motionless.

He had connected with the sand scorpion precisely in order to acquire the distribution of Spirit Power within the extent of it’s influence. Very quickly, Yang Chen’s desire was passed into the consciousness of the sand scorpion and after that, many different kinds of fuzzy scenes started appearing in Yang Chen’s mind. In these scenes, the distribution of the earth attributed Spirit Power emerged somewhat vaguely.


Yang Chen grew ecstatic, although this sand scorpion was small, it had already validated Yang Chen’s opinion successfully. Currently Yang Chen hadn’t informed the upper echelons of the Pure Yang Palace about the huge spell in the Desolate Valley, so, as long as he could manage it secretly, he would absolutely make the people of the Greatest Heaven Sect suffer in silence.

Now Yang Chen did not wanted to waste much time, god knows how long this huge spell had been maintained and to what extent the fifth earth True Qi had been gathered, if under this situation someone else reaped the benefits first, then wouldn’t he regret it to death?

Carefully interacting with the breath in the surroundings, Yang Chen quickly found a big demon beast and flew towards its direction. It was actually not very difficult to distinguish the domain of a demon beast, because the more powerful the demon beast was, the bigger its domain; very simple.

In this direction was an earth attributed beast which had lived for countless years. Although its nature was mild, its strength was really powerful, so the cultivators did not provoke it easily and ordinary cultivators did not even dare to touch a hair of this huge demon beast and they lived together in harmony. Usually this earth attributed beast was concealed under a sand dune, cultivating and resting, even the people passing above did not notice it.

Because of the temperament of the beast, this area was usually considered relatively safe, so people passed through there frequently. When Yang Chen appeared there, there were also three other cultivators passing through.

“Oh, isn’t this a Fellow Daoist from Pure Yang Palace?”

A seal of Pure Yang Palace was pinned on the belt which his Great Master, Wang Yong, had refined for him and it could even be seen from far away. The youngster leading the three people immediately recognized Yang Chen’s sect from this sign and so his words were rude.

“Where is he going so hurriedly? Could it be that he is looking for the sect’s traitor, Chu Heng? Isn’t he worried after the previous incident?”

After Chu Heng had injured the four Law Enforcement Hall’s disciples and had them carried back, the Pure Yang Palace was already a target of ridicule in the cultivation world. The Pure Yang Palace had dispatched more than ten JieDan stage experts to look for Chu Heng, but in the past year they hadn’t been able to find any trace of Chu Heng. Because of this the disciples of the Pure Yang Palace had not been able to raise their heads anywhere they went.

Within Yang Chen’s eyes, a bright light flashed and looking at these three people flying over, he was also not very polite. The youngster in the lead did not care at all, he casually placed his qiankun pouch, which was branded with the mark of the Greatest Heaven Sect in an area where it was easily noticeable, with the intention that Yang Chen could see it clearly. The two people behind him also complied with him and slowed down the speed of their flying swords and with a mocking gaze they looked at Yang Chen but did not say anything.

Sometimes, this kind of silent insult was most humiliating, these three people clearly had this intention. Yang Chen was only a initial foundation stage cultivator, while the the worst of these three people was at the upper foundation stage and the other two both at the peak foundation stage. No wonder they did not put Yang Chen in their eyes.

Although he did not like the three people, Yang Chen was not an impulsive person. Many times strangers meet by chance and it was not necessary that they had to kill each other on the spot. Although they were people from the Greatest Heaven Sect, Yang Chen would not kill them immediately, he was calmly waiting without saying anything. As soon as these three left, he would attend to his business.

“Oh, it’s Fellow Daoist Yang himself, could it be he has come to wipe out the shame?”

That Yang Chen did not say anything did not mean that the enemy would let him off easily, especially after the person leading them had discovered Yang Chen’s identity.

Because of Chu Heng’s matter, the name of Yang Chen, apart from the Heaven Seizing Pill and pill refining had turned into a joke at the Desolate Valley. Most of all among the people of the Greatest Heaven Sect. Because of Yang Chen, the Pure Yang Palace had demanded that the Greatest Heaven Sect admit their crimes and apologise, so how could the disciples of the Greatest Heaven Sect, which was considered as the most righteous sect under the heavens endure this? Meeting with Yang Chen, how could they allow him to leave without mocking him?

“Nonsense! This Yang’s matter is not important enough for Fellow Daoist to pay attention to!”

Yang Chen coldly said in a rude way. After saying this, he did not say anything more and as before with a steady speed he flew towards his destination.

“Nonsense? How can it be nonsense?”

With a laugh, the youth leading them waved his hand and the three people started following Yang Chen with a loud laugh and while laughing, he said to Yang Chen:

“If you are seriously injured by Chu Heng, then you don’t even need to ask, we will save your life and definitely will deliver you back to the Pure Yang Palace!”

Suddenly, Yang Chen, who was also controlling his flying sword came to a stop and nimbly turned around. Facing the three disciples of the Greatest Heaven Sect, without concealing the smile on his face he asked:

“Could it be that Fellow Daoists know the location of Chu Heng? Is he still within the Desolate Valley?”

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