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Chapter 105 - I Want To Know


Although Yang Chen had a questioning tone, a smile was spread across his face, and his gaze was like the tip of a blade, making the three disciples of the Greatest Heaven Sect, who had kept up with him suddenly feel panic.

“How…… can he be here?”

The leading youth evaded Yang Chen’s gaze and while speaking, he was stuttering. The two people behind him even avoided to look at Yang Chen.

A single use of the soul stunning technique lowered the defense of these three people for an instant and they involuntarily revealed their innermost thoughts. From the behaviour of these three people, Yang Chen was certain that, although these three may not know the exact location of Chu Heng, he was still hiding within the Desolate Valley.

Since Chu Heng had not been taken care off, it was like a blood colored print of a tight slap on the face of Pure Yang Palace, which could only be cleaned by using Chu Heng’s blood. Yang Chen had been shown care at the sect for two lives, so how could he allow Chu Heng to get away? Yang Chen was very clear about this point, so were Chu Heng, the people of the Pure Yang Palace and the other sects, so naturally these three people in front of him also knew this very clearly.

Yang Chen’s question made them remember some taboo. Chu Heng was already the traitor of a sect, this was clearly an inside matter of the Pure Yang Palace, even if the Greatest Heaven Sect was very formidable and Chu Heng was very supportive towards the Greatest Heaven Sect, but as long as the Pure Yang Palace and the Greatest Heaven Sect were not openly hostile with each other, even if it was the Greatest Heaven Sect, it wouldn’t dare to brazenly shelter Chu Heng.

This momentary panic had already answered many questions. Naturally, after the three people had awoken from the effects of the soul stunning technique, they realized their mistake and the first response of the youth was to directly shout ‘awful’ after sobering up.

Although the disciples of the Greatest Heaven Sect were all aware of this kind of big deal, everyone unconsciously believed that their sect apologising to the Pure Yang Palace was not an alarming affair, but this current matter should not be brought up in front of the public. The reason why they had to apologise was that the people of the Pure Yang Palace also helped operating the Heavenly Stairs, so they knew the truth.

If this kind of matter was exposed in front of everyone, that would certainly be far from good. They had not realized this from the beginning, as definitely their cultivation was higher than Yang Chen, but nobody dared to look Yang Chen in the eye, this kind of sensation really made these people feel humiliated.

Their strong egos, together with the scare of that secret being revealed made the three of them have the same intentions. All of them glanced at each other and immediately saw that the others also had the same idea as themselves.

This was a desolate region, far from towns, uninhabited in all directions, they also released their Spiritual Awareness and made sure that, apart from them, no other person was inside this region, it was indeed an ideal place to kill someone, especially because a powerful demonic beast lived in this region, so even if someone discovered the crime someday, everyone would just think that he had lost his life at the hands of the demonic beast and it would not be strange to anyone.

They had heard that Yang Chen was a third grade pill concocting master, so naturally he would have a lot of good things on him. After killing Yang Chen, they would all conveniently pass over to them. Let alone his other things, the belt was already enough to make them jealous just by looking at it.

When Yang Chen saw the killing intent in their eyes, he revealed a smile. He had not wanted to kill these people, but they were courting death themselves, so nobody else was to blame.

“Since it’s like this, then I will not trouble Fellow Daoists anymore!”

Yang Chen cupped his hands towards them, turned around and continued to fly on his flying sword toward the sand dune of the earth attributed beast.

Since they wanted to kill him, Yang Chen did not say much. The three people were about to attack him, but seeing Yang Chen’s flying direction, the three became happy. They had spent a long time at this Desolate Valley, naturally they clearly knew what lied in that direction. Yang Chen was going himself, saving them the labour of transporting him.

Yang Chen in front, the three people behind, they flew for more than half a day under Yang Chen’s slow speed, only stopping at the sand dune which was occupied by the earth attributed beast. This earth attributed beast never took the initiative to attack cultivators, the three people behind him were very clear about this, but seeing Yang Chen land precisely on that sand dune had alarmed them, so the three of them thought of a scheme to prevail over him. The three people divided in three directions, indistinctly surrounding Yang Chen.

Yang Chen acted as if he had become too tired: after collecting the flying sword, he sat down on the sand dune and began to rest, taking out a pouch of water from his qiankun pouch, he began to drink big mouthfuls, not guarding against the three people surrounding him at all.

The disciples of the Greatest Heaven Sect looked at Yang Chen as if he were a fool, they had seen inexperienced people, but they hadn’t seen someone who did not know how to guard himself. If Yang Chen had come out there to train after reaching the foundation stage, it would be a miracle if he didn’t die.

The circle of the three people began to shrink towards the center. Everyone had readied their flying swords with a mutual understanding, in any case they were flying using their flying swords, so they could use them anytime, only Yang Chen, who was not aware of the danger had put away his flying sword and was resting on the earth attributed beast’s back.

Seeing the three people approach him, the smile on Yang Chen’s face became even brighter, he even waved his hand at the leading youth and asked in a loud voice:

“Fellow Daoist, did you remember something and want to tell me?”

“No I didn’t, we merely wanted to rest, do you mind, Fellow Daoist Yang?”

The leading youth said with the most innocent smile. His speed was not very quick, slowly flying towards Yang Chen. Behind Yang Chen’s body, from two directions, the other two people were also flying at this speed, slowly coming together.

Hearing that they did not have anything to tell him, Yang Chen stretched both of his hands and yawned, while facing the leading youth. It seemed as if he did not care about them coming over to rest, both of his eyes drooped and both eyelids also closed, as if he was really resting.

“Fellow Daoist Yang, the Feng Shui of this region is pretty good!”

With their figures already approaching closer and closer, they were already only a short distance away from the edge. At this distance, the three people intended to attack at the same time, not to mention that Yang Chen was an initial foundation stage disciple, even if he was a peak foundation stage disciple, he still wouldn’t have been able to escape.

“Yes! The Feng Shui is really pretty good!”

Yang Chen raised his head to reply and seeing the encirclement in the surroundings, he nodded slightly, then he looked at the leading youth and said with a meaningful smile:

“This is making me recall a sentence which I say rather frequently!”


The leading youth had already begun to store energy, but he still asked Yang Chen with a false smile:

“A frequent sentence? Fellow Daoist Yang, what is that sentence?”

“For every debt there is a debtor, we had no past grudges nor any hatred, Fellow Daoists why insist on walking this road?”

Yang Chen was staring at the leading youth, blurting out his catchphrase.

Hearing Yang Chen’s words, provoking them, how could the three not understand that Yang Chen had already seen through them. The leading youth was alarmed, not able to deal with him anymore, he said in loud voice:

“Let’s fight!’

The flying sword under his feet already separated from him and turned into a sword light, flying towards Yang Chen, who stood in front of them. Two more flying swords, from the two behind him, also flew directly towards Yang Chen’s position. In a flash, Yang Chen would be pierced by three flying swords together.

In the time it took for a flint to strike a spark, the sand dune beneath Yang Chen’s feet began to transform and in a moment rose to more than ten meters high, lifting Yang Chen with it.

The three flying swords issued three ear piercing sounds and under their masters’ control they took a huge turn within the sky and continued towards Yang Chen’s rising body to stab him.


Suddenly from underground a muffled roar was heard, following which a huge foot with a perimeter of several meters appeared in front of them and ruthlessly swatted down from the top. The three flying swords, as if they had hit an invisible protective screen, only issued a soft tinkling sound and fell down to the ground.

At some time, an immense pressure had appeared on the three people, as if Mt Tai was pushing down on them. Under this kind of immense pressure, the three people in the air were not able to fly and like a loose kites they started to fall to the ground.

Regardless of however the three people tried to manipulate their Spirit Power in the sky, they were unable to block this immense pressure. Three people who had never faced this kind of immense pressure, flapped with their hands and feet but heavily fell to the ground. Fortunately for them, the ground of the Desolate Valley was made up of scattered sand and the three of them had been flying just a few meters above the ground, so they weren’t seriously injured by the fall. Immediately after they had fallen down and made contact with the ground, they jumped up on their feet.

But the nightmare hadn’t ended, as soon as the leading youth leaped and stood up, that foot which had swatted away the three flying swords had suddenly appeared, but then another foot appeared from the sand beneath his feet.

When the other two followers saw this scene, they were greatly spooked, they did not even care to pick up their flying swords which had been knocked to the ground, only using the force of the foot to accelerate, wanting to leave this frightening region.

The speed of the follower at the peak foundation stage was very quick, but as soon as he flew slightly into the sky, he suddenly felt everything before his eyes turn black. As if he had entered a huge black hole, he was not able to see anything clearly, the surroundings had a fishy smell, but he did know where he was.

The most lucky among them was the follower with the strength of the upper foundation stage, because his flying speed was a little slow and as a result he saw his last companion burst into the huge mouth of the ferocious beast which flashed and immediately faded away.

This scene frightened this last remaining follower, who was on the verge of losing consciousness. Only now did he become clear what had happened. This was the dwelling place of a well known earth attributed beast, that one foot which had swatted down the leading youth and the large mouth which had swallowed his other companion belonged precisely to the earth attributed beast.

But didn’t that beast have a reputation of not taking the initiative to attack cultivators? Then how else could everything that happened in front of him be explained? In any case, the surviving follower was scared endlessly, the sudden misfortune had already completely destroyed his ability to think. Apart from shivering with fear towards this earth attributed beast, he could not make any movements.

The cruel actions of the demonic beast, together with its frightening body had caused a great shock to him, adding onto that the powerful pressure exerted by that demonic beast, the remaining follower had already been scared out of his wits, not even daring to make any movement. But suddenly he opened both eyes with alarm and saw that the mouth of the ferocious beast was slowly approaching him, its two nostrils thicker than the person himself were blowing out a fishy stench into his face, the minor follower wanted to faint immediately, so that he didn’t have to confront this kind of frightening beast.

Suddenly the figure of a person slowly appeared in his field of view and slowly started to become clear. By the time the follower could begin to focus on the person, Yang Chen had already appeared in front of him.

“Fellow Daoist, the Feng Shui here is really pretty good, isn’t it?”

In the eyes of the follower, Yang Chen was like a demon at this time, just hearing his voice made him jolt twice.

“You… you… gurgle gurgle!”

Facing Yang Chen, the follower couldn’t even speak a complete sentence in front of him. His jaw involuntarily trembled, sending out loud and clear gurgling sound.

“I want to know where the traitor of my Pure Yang Palace is.”

Yang Chen still had the same smile from the beginning, as if talking with a close friend he approached the person who was scared stiff and asked with a smile:

“Can you tell me where he is?”

“At…at…at… Desolate… Valley!”

While shivering continuously, the follower managed to say this in a bumpy voice, but he did not dare to glance at Yang Chen anymore, let alone the huge beast, which had stopped over his head all along, incessantly dropping its thick saliva and puffing its fishy stench steam on him.

“Where in the Desolate Valley?”

Yang Chen continued to ask. This was certainly a pleasant surprise, Chu Heng was surprisingly still within the Desolate Valley, surely someone had carefully hid him, even though the JieDan stage experts of the Pure Yang Palace had searched all around for him, they had supposedly all neglected the Desolate Valley, after all, who would think that he would still dare to hide at the Desolate Valley, which was completely unfavourable to him with regards to Spirit Power? The most dangerous region was the most safe, surprisingly Chu Heng had this kind of insight and courage.

“Don’t…know… the uncle masters might know, perhaps!”

Under the huge mouth of the earth attributed beast, the follower didn’t have the smallest intention of resisting and after talking, he began to speak fluently, immediately revealing whatever he knew, fearing that if he spoke even a little slowly, he would be swallowed.

The follower was a minor person, so not knowing this kind of secret was pardonable, Yang Chen smiled towards him and turned around to walk away. The follower released a breath of relief, but immediately he sensed a heat over his head, following which a darkness spread before his eyes, and when reaching out his hand, he felt a few sharp pillars.

“Partner, please excuse me and raise your foot!”

Regardless of what was happening behind his body, Yang Chen just yelled loudly, without turning his head.

With a rumbling sound, the huge foot began to move, revealing the leading youth at his last breath within the huge footmark. After using some special techniques and swallowing a yang qi pill, the youth released a long breath, lasting for long time and began to get up slowly.

“Fellow Daoist!”

While trying to get up, the youth had just opened his eyes, when he heard Yang Chen’s voice from above his head. It felt completely unreal.

“I want to know about your sect’s arrangements at the Desolate Valley, can Fellow Daoist satisfy my small curiosity or not?”

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