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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 49 Part 2

Those posts were the direct reaction from people who were in the audience
watching the match------

During the first round, Ah Guang died when he tried to steal from the enemy’s
jungle and barely left a scratch on the enemy.

During the second round, Ah Guang only farmed in the jungle and did nothing
else. He was almost nonexistent in the game. It was as if King was playing a 4
versus 5.

That was the most obvious thing that the audience could see. Therefore,
Ah Guang received the most nasty comments.  

Tong Yao: “......”

She found one of the most derogatory comments and was going to write a reply
to it. When she finished typing and sent it out, Little Fatty came to look for her:
“Why didn’t you follow us? Hurry, we’re going to have a party. Xiao Rui is buying,
Korean food!”

“Oh, I’m coming.” Tong Yao put her cell phone away and stopped at the restroom
on her way out: “You go ahead. I’m going to the restroom.”

Little Fatty answered: “Come quickly.” Then she turned to go in the restroom. After
she finished her business, washed her hands, and was walking out while wiping her
hands, she suddenly heard a weird sound coming from the men's restroom next door
-----It sounded like someone was dragging his feet on the floor inside the restroom.

…...These restrooms were basically for the players from the competing teams. At
the moment, the teams for the next match had just come in and the teams that just
finished playing were leaving. Who could be in there?

Out of curiosity, Tong Yao took a look inside the men’s restroom as she passed by.
She noticed from the reflection on the dark colored tiles on the floor that there was
someone squatting against the door of the first stall-----

That position was exactly the same as the squatting position of the ghost kid in the
closet from the movie, The Grudge.

Tong Yao: “? ? ? ? ? ?”

Tong Yao thought she had run into a ghost and the thought almost made her hair
stand on end. As she stood there, stupefied, a flash of white light lit up right in front
of the squatting shadow-----

Obviously, it was someone who was playing with his cell phone while squatting
down on the restroom floor.

Tong Yao: “................”

Tong Yao: “Who’s there?”

With the sound of her voice, the light from the cell phone abruptly turned off. The
person nervously moved a bit and lifted his head to look out…...Tong Yao in the
meanwhile had already started to walk into the men’s restroom with light footsteps,
slightly bent forward-----

There was no one else there.

Except a young man, squatting in front of the first stall, who was looking up at her
in confusion-----He still had his backpack on his back with all his equipment inside.
He had a cell phone in one hand and a half-burned cigarette in the other. His body
curled into a ball. When he looked up, his red bloodshot eyes and red nose like the
Santa Claus were all telling signs that he had been crying just a few minutes ago……

-------He was the King’s Jungler, Ah Guang.

When his eyes met with Tong Yao’s, both of them were embarrassed.

Under the confused gaze from Ah Guang, Tong Yao pulled the straps of her backpack
then pointed to the outside: “I just passed by and saw someone squatting down here
but didn’t look like he was going to the bathroom……”

Tong Yao stopped half way through her sentence. She blushed out of embarrassment.
Ah Guang kept looking up at her with a strange look in his eyes. After a while, he
suddenly burst into laughter and turned his head away: “I have embarrassed myself.”

He extinguished the cigarette.

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