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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 49 Part 1

Tong Yao carried her backpack back to the resting area for players. Most of the
people, including the staff, were packing up and ready to leave. The teams for
the next match were on their way here. Little Fatty asked Tong Yao why she had
come so late.

“My keyboard wires got tangled up with the computer’s. It took me a while to
separate them.” Tong Yao, while talking, swept all the empty lunch boxes on the
table into a trash bag. “Shall we take this with us?”

“Oh, oh. Damn, I almost forgot about it.”

One of the staff hurriedly took the trash bag from Tong Yao-----There was no
cleaning crew to keep the resting area tidy when there was a competition going
on. It relied on each team’s staff members while they were using the area to keep
the place clean.

Lu Yue: “Queen of class in the esports circle.”

Old K: “I feel like our team is a classy team-----strong, and with class.”

Little Fatty: “Perfect.”

Old Cat: “Hello? I just asked you guys whether we should put those boxes away
and no one paid attention to me! I’m going to the esports committee to file a complaint
about your gender discrimination!”

Everyone jokingly pushed the unhappy Old K to get out of the resting area. Tong Yao
was the last one to leave. She turned to see that Lu Sicheng was still in the middle of
the interview and hadn’t followed them------She wasn’t worried that the team would
leave without their captain. She took out her cell phone to check her messages……

There were many unread messages. Tong Yao received praise from her brother, the
support from her mom, congratulations from her girl friend, and compliments from friends
all over.  She replied to all the messages and logged on to check Tieba……

She was planning to see if there was anyone singing praises of her performance in
the match.

It was a total shock for her to find that no one really mentioned about her, but rather all
about the other team------


Tong Yao: “......”

Her finger kept flipping upwards and all she saw were similar titles. Almost all of the
posts were busy talking about the 5 players from King-----

Some said King’s ADC moved like a snake charmer nine out of the ten seconds team

Some said King’s Support was invisible, not even bothering to use exhaust. (One of
Summoner’s skills, able to halve an enemy’s attack speed and damage.)  

Some said King’s Mid was behind Tong Yao in farming minions and could only stay at
his own turret trembling. He could farm only when Tong Yao would let him.

Some said King’s Top didn’t contribute anything as if he didn’t know what he was doing……

The one who received the most ridicule was certainly King’s Jungler Ah Guang.

Ever since Ah Guang got killed at the beginning of the match when he tried to steal
ZGDX’s golem, his movement throughout the whole game seemed to have been
exposed to ZGDX-----To be an effective jungler, one should move about in stealth and
ambush the enemy to create an advantage for his teammates in the early game. For
a jungler who could only farm in the jungle in the early game then disappear from the
jungle, it was no wonder that he would be criticized so badly!

And that was exactly how Ah Guang was behaving during the second round.

------He disappeared from the jungle in the early game. Then when he finally showed up,
the match was already a goner.

Tong Yao figured that King must have discovered the problem after the first round of the
match-----But it must be very difficult to immediately come up with a new strategy to counter
the situation. Therefore, in the second round, Ah Guang, knowing that he couldn’t gank
anybody, could only devote himself to farming and grow stronger, waiting for a team fight.
There wasn’t much else he could do……

However, those people on the Tieba didn’t care about all that.

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