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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 45 Part 2

Over at the base of the CK team, Jian Yang was sitting with both of
his knees bent on his chair. His hand was on the mouse but he wasn’t
playing any game. His head was resting on the knees and he was simply
clicking randomly with a stone face-- --There was a woman’s voice coming
from his computer saying something like ‘forcing myself on him’ from time
to time. After listening for a while, he seemed a bit annoyed and, with a
frown, clicked the ‘x’ on the upper right hand corner to turn off the stream.

The base quieted down all of a sudden.

Come Good Luck glanced at him then poked Old Wang: “What’s wrong
with him now?”

Old Wang: “Watching his ex-girlfriend’s stream.”

Come Good Luck: “What!”

Old Wang shook his head: “Tsk, tsk, our jungler can’t stop himself from
indulging in his feeling for the opposing team’s mid. If you like her so
much why did you break up with her…...I just can’t understand. Now she
joined ZGDX and sits right next to Lu Sicheng, it’s like a lamb in a tiger’s
den. If I was a girl, I would like Lu Sicheng!”

Butterfly glanced at the team’s support: “If you were a girl, who wouldn’t
you like?”

Old Wang: “You! I’d dislike you.”

Butterfly sneered.

Come Good Luck: “Our bot players can’t get along. Our jungler goes crazy
over another team’s mid. Our team is doomed.”

Old Wang: “You can’t put it that way. Last time we lost to ZGDX so badly
wasn’t entirely Yang God’s fault. He still did a decent job, at least I felt that
he was on equal footing with ZGDX’s  jungler……”

While the others were chattering, Jian Yang turned off his computer and got
up from his chair, saying “out for a smoke.” Then he turned to walk out of the
base, leaving his teammates looking at each other, speechless.

They didn’t realize that Jian Yang wasn’t going to stay outside and smoke.
On the contrary, once he got out of the house, he irritably stuffed the newly
opened pack of cigarettes into the trash bin. Then he got on a taxi and went
straight to the ZGDX base.

Once he arrived, he didn’t have the courage to go directly in and spent some
time in the nearby bar. Until the sun had set and night had fallen, he came out
of the bar and walked over to the residential area. He was stopped by the security
guard at the gate and told the guard he was visiting.

The guard was afraid that he was there to make trouble since he was quite young
and had been drinking. The guard asked whom he was going to visit and told him
to call the person-- --Jian Yang reached into this pocket for his cell phone but
remembered that Tong Yao had blocked his number. He apologetically smiled and
told the guard that he forgot to bring his phone. In the end, the guard lent him a
phone. The phone rang twice before being connected. It was a familiar voice to him-- --

“Hello, how are you? Who’s calling?”

Tong Yao asked politely and reservedly, though her voice was gentle.

Jian Yang was quiet. He heard the other end said hello twice and mumbled:
“Strange, no one there.” Then he could hear in the phone a male voice from afar
coldly say: “Hang up if no one’s there. Your minions have entered the turret, see?”
Tong Yao screamed.

Jian Yang laughed: “Yaoyao, it’s me. I’m at the gate to your base. Can you come

The other side grew silent. After a long while, Tong Yao spoke in a different tone:
“Have you been drinking? Where are you? At the gate of my base?”

“En.” Jian Yang used a pitiful voice like a puppy whimper: “The guard won’t let
me in. I’m at the gate.”

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