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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 39 Part 2

Jinx usually performed better than the rat, Twitch, at lane in the early game.
Lu Sicheng easily outperformed Butterfly in minion kills and reached level 3
before Butterfly. With all three abilities available to him, he tapped on the floor
as a signal and muttered: “Little Fatty, go forward a bit and waste his two abilities.”
After Little Fatty went up and sacrificed half of his health, Lu Sicheng told him to
move back toward Lu’s position. The enemy was expected to chase after Little Fatty-- --

Just then, Little Fatty turned around to cast Exhaust (a summoner’s spell that
reduces the enemy’s attack and speed by almost half)  Then Lu Sicheng jumped
out of the bush and attacked Butterfly with a combo of abilities. His fingers moved
swiftly on the keyboard and Butterfly’s health began to disappear!

Butterfly tried to retreat, but Lu Sicheng didn’t give him the chance and blasted
Butterfly’s remaining health away and took in the 400 gold for the first kill of the
game-- --

When the system announced Butterfly’s death, Lu Sicheng could hear praises
from his teammates over the headphones-- --

Lu Sicheng didn’t respond to any of them; to him, this was only the beginning.

The enemy’s support, Old Wang, seeing their own adc dead and Lu Sicheng
with quite a bit of health left, decided it would be better to retreat. Lu Sicheng’s
cooldown for his E ability, Flame Chompers, happened to just end. He turned to
toss 3 chompers right in front of Old Wang’s feet. Little Fatty’s ability, Death Sentence,
also finished its cooldown and he turned to use his scythe’s chain to drag Old Wang
towards his direction. Old Wang misstepped into one of the chompers, causing a 1.5
second stun-- --

1.5 seconds was enough for Lu Sicheng to cast all of his abilities on Old Wang
and kill the weakened support!

Double kill!

Though the players couldn’t hear it, the whole audience burst into cheers and
applause for the Little Fatty and Lu Sicheng’s perfect coordination! In the first
5 minutes after the match began, Lu Sicheng already had two kills at bot. He
happily harvested the wave of minions next to him and went back to base to buy
new equipment-- --

Two kills plus the reward for first blood was worth a total of 700 gold. When he
went back to lane, he would be better equipped than the enemy’s adc. It would
be very difficult for the enemy to get ahead!

As bot began to gain an advantage, Tong Yao felt that the pressure on her had
lessened quite a bit. Little Flower on the other hand became anxious-- --about
one minute after Lu Sicheng got his double kill, Jian Yang came up to mid to gank.
Tong Yao used her Q ability to throw cards in his face while running towards the
allied turret. The cooldown time for her W ability finished just in time, she called for
Old K and a cougar lady jumped out of the bush right under Little Flower and
Jian Yang’s noses. Tong Yao applied a combination of all her abilities on Jian Yang
and his health plummeted. It was too late for him to retreat and Tong Yao took
down the third kill for the team!

Little Flower barely made it back to his turret. A large wave of minions attacked his
turret, dying to the turret’s returning fire making it difficult for him to farm. On the
other hand, Tong Yao earned gold from a kill and the advantage was tilting towards
Tong Yao’s side!

Afterwards, though Old Cat’s Rumble had been caught twice by Jian Yang,
ZGDX’s mid and bot had become a hurdle that CK couldn’t get over. Lu Sicheng
didn’t give Butterfly any breathing room and killed Butterfly right under their turret-- --

Lu Sicheng kept the pressure on Butterfly, Butterfly would call on Jian Yang to
come help. But no matter how many times Jian Yang showed up, he would find
ZGDX’s jungler, Old K, also there!

Old K stayed put at mid and bot to make sure the team kept their advantages there.
CK tried their very best to counterattack, but they weren’t able to get any more kills
even though both sides had reached level 6-- --

At that moment, the ratio of kills were 3 to 2 and ZGDX was ahead by about 1,000 gold-- --

The difference in gold was from the minion kills by mid and bot!

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